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  1. Kuldeep would have been brilliant on his own in SAF. But I don't think he would have made a big difference to bowling fortunes because even with out him the bowling unit did a brilliant job. It was the batting as a whole that brought down India.Vijay disappointed.Pujara was the main culprit.Rohit & Dhawan in place of Rahane proved to be a disaster too.
  2. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Pandya's talent is never in question.Otherwise how can some body score 93 runs vs Steyn,Rabada,Philander & Morkel?.The problem is his temperament & lack of confidence to play his natural game.He need to be absolutely fearless at the batting crease just like Gilchrist approached batting and play his aggressive sort of batting.Doing the 'Pujara style of play' will only bring disaster for him.
  3. Might be Kapil was an underachiver considering the batting talent he possessed .But what Kapil actually achieved with the bat must not be analysed by mere avg: alone.Firstly that avg: & str: rate took a beating because of longevity.Secondly , just like an opener's avg: & str: can't be compared to that of a 2nd down batsman with out the context into account,so is Kapil's figures.On another note, the avg: of a 6th position batsman can't be compared to that of a higher middle order batsman by plain averages alone.This because a 6th position batsman do not get that much chances as that of higher order batsman to maintain high avg: .Not only that, he more often would have to score runs in the company of unreliable lower order batsmen.For instance take VVS Laxman .We can't expect Laxman to maintain an avg: like that of Sachin or Dravid.Like wise Kapil's batting avg:, apart from longevity need to be evaluated from the point of view of having to bat a lot along with lower order batsmen with vitually nonexistant batting technique.That is where his huge str: rate of 80.91 comes into play.Kapil on a lot of occasions single handedly did all the scoring in the company of tail enders.This is a hugely under rated batting expertise.With middle order batsmen, you have other reliable batsmen to make for your out of form moments so that you can feed off them to regain your touch and come back to scoring ways. But with Kapil that was not the case on lot more of occasions.
  4. Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    Idiot Shastri at it again.Chest thumping as if we have won the test series.This dude must not forget that Rahane made a crucial contribution in the won test than Rohit who performed below par in both the lost tests.
  5. Virat is unarguably ' the best finisher and there by chaser' of big totals(which implies easy batting conditions). But he has some boxes to tick like performing chasing in world cup knock outs against quality opponents,improve his records in tournament finals etc etc.
  6. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    yes.... definitely
  7. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Kohli raising his one day credentials with every match.But still some way to go to surpass Sachin & eventually Viv.
  8. Time to see if IPL is in interest of cricket: Bombay HC

    All are utter crap.... IPL,Judiciary itself etc etc are utter crap that do not care even a bit about the interest of the ordinary people. IPL is money generating circus which benefits only the organisers , franchise owners,players involved etc etc.It does a lot more harm to Indian cricket than good.Judiciary does not care a bit about the precious time,money , mental peace etc etc of the 'ordinary people preys' that get trapped in the webs of theirs. Judiciary is a set up created to accumulate huge amounts of money for the judges,advocates etc etc involved. If an ill fated person gets illegally trapped in any legal case due to some frauds, it is sure that his life is spoiled for the remaining of his life span.
  9. With brain less hacks like Pujara and repeated failures like Rohit,Dhawan etc etc given chances after chances even in most vital tours, doesn't this guy deserves a second chance?? He is a brilliant player of spin and once he gets going he can be truly dominant.A brilliant player of sweep against spin...Thoughts...
  10. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    some people here are supporting Pujara as if he has done exceptionally well in 4 of the most toughest assignments for an Asian batsman ie: AUS,SAF,ENG & NZL. He had toured SAF 2 times , the lone country were he has been very good.But instead of building on it he set the record straight by getting mediocre in SAF too by the 3rd tour. I am sure there would be very few batsmen from higher tier countries who after playing 57 tests and being mediocre in all of the most toughest of assignments still retaining their place .
  11. Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    Badly wished Kohli played county cricket than this failure.
  12. Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    some people want to post messages just 'for the sake of arguing'.In doing so, criterias which have no relation to the context of the topic would spring up automatically
  13. Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    what has 'top scorer from both sides' criteria to do with this?? Sachin being the top scorer from both sides had happend a lot of times,any way
  14. Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    India had lost a lot of matches in which Sachin scored heavily,especially abroad.Quite naturally that implies that those where the occasions Indian team badly needed Sachin to score heavily because had Sachin got out cheaply on each and every of those occasions India would have lost those matches by even bigger margins.Isn't it so ,because Sachin got out cheaply doesn't mean others would naturally have scored runs??That means you are simply contradicting your self.
  15. I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    It is not as to whether ENGLAND conditions and pitches suit Bumrah or not, it is that Bumrah adds a lot to the variety in bowling unit as a whole due to his unorthodox action and pace.With Bhuvi & Shami lot more conducive to England pitches, i think Bumrah can do the supporting role very effectively.
  16. IPL is a money laundering setup - Bedi

    it is mere thrash. I always hated this and never followed this.What do I get from viewing a Warner playing in one of the teams just for money???It should be dumped into waste basket for the good of Indian cricket
  17. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    i got your point. It's not because of that commonness. While proven sustained failures like Pujara,Dhawan,Rohit etc gets chances after chances Karun too deserves a 2nd chance.Other wise it is simply double standard.
  18. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    I went thru all the matches of Pujara you specified.Baring that Columbo test(which any way is his strong fort) I didn't find any match in which Pujara was 'the' major scorer.And his record in alien conditions justifies my criticisms against him.Any way I would stick on with my opinions about him
  19. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    Him being the least successful.Not every batsman can avg: very good in all countries he plays in baring a few like Sachin,Smith,ABDV etc etc.Naturally Kohli being such a flop in ENG meant some body needed to cover for his deficiencies.After all cricket is a team work.Isn't it?Could India atleast draw a series in any of ENG,AUS,NZL & SAF ever since Pujara arrived into test team?????And he is the most important culprit for that because of his worst record among all top order batsmen.
  20. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    what more evidence other than his stats???? Of all the top order batsmen from the group of Rahane,Kohli,Vijay,Rahul & him, Rahane has the best all round record in AUS,SAF,ENG & NZL combined.Kohli comes next with being brilliant in 3 out of 4 places,Vijay despite being an opener has been brilliant in AUS & ENG combined.Rahul still is a rookie who deserves his chances. Compared to all of the above,Pujara has been successful only in SAF.And he bottled it this time there too despite having toured there twice before.And he has played the most no: of tests baring Kohli.Atleast with Vijay, he deserves his place to ENG & AUS based on his previous tour performances.What has Pujara done so far??????
  21. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    Did i go over the top?????? What he did in the 2nd test was absolutely that.May be he would have won tests in Asia.But he equally is the most important reason as to why we got thrashed in Non Asian conditions.
  22. Karun Nair , doesn't he deserve a second chance?

    Not brain less ?????? Getting run out in the very first ball faced in the most stupidest of manners at a very crucial juncture in the series as if his life depended on it.He not only is mediocre, but as slow as tortoise and as sense less as it can get.
  23. Kick out Pujara...Ashwin & Pandya combined can any way put far more runs than this use less player.So both should play.Apart from that Bhuvi is far more reliable in tough alien conditions. No wonder Bhuvi avg:s over 30 in AUS,ENG & SAF combined.And this is far better than Pujara's avg: in those 3 countries.Pandya should play his normal aggressive game with utter positive mind set.He has the talent for sure.He is a game changer.In bowling too he is a skiddy sort which perfectly suits in ENG where swing can aid him. .
  24. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    To add, atleast 2 high quality left handed batsmen need to be in the batting line up.If it is 3, that much better. Pujara sucks the whole momentum.He can't rotate strike apart from being mediocre in all alien countries.One down is the most important position in test cricket, job being not only play out new ball if opener falls early , but to consolidate as well. And this use less hack is holding the most important position.Can't even score in county cricket.Now we expect him to score huge tons against Anderson,Broad etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind he is no Dravid who straight away adapted to English conditions like a 'duck into water '.
  25. Let Virat set the record straight first.That record is so pathetic

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