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  1. rtmohanlal

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    Pakistan has been lot better in ENG and lot worse in AUS and this has been the case for several years now. IND on the other hand has been below avg: in ENG & just above avg: in AUS.
  2. rtmohanlal

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    well played Pant .His performance today cured a lot of hurt caused by the utter lack luster performances of Shastri( useless money sucking senseless drunkard leech moron ),Dhawan(tried and proven waste), Pujara Rahul & Shami(all 3 far off from being adequate) & a regressing Rahane. Wishing all the good luck to him for developing that temperament for coming tough assignments
  3. well played young man ...showed that he has immense talent..... and what could he achieve for the team if he played his own aggressive positive game. Now need to develop lot more grit to handle tough situations , a lot of which can come with experience. Him being a left hander adds more to it.And with a little more polishing he can become that 1 core component of this team.
  4. rtmohanlal

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    for what .... for failing in 9 out of 10 inns there by being one of the prime reasons for loosing beyond 2-3 margin???? If he enabled India to lose 2-3 at least(which in turn would have gone a long way in ensuring that IND lose only a few points there by still keeping the no:1 tag) , I would have defended him. And we can say it was his first AUS tour, it was his first SAF tour, it was his first ENG tour etc etc. The result..... IND keeps on losing series after series .If we want to win or at least lose by close margins, we need more consistant & much more mentally tough players, not dead rubber easy condition scorers who scores when there is nothing to lose .
  5. rtmohanlal

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    or always place very low expectations on this team. Then disappointments and frustrations also will be very less. If a Shai Hope can win a match for Windies in ENG, if an Angelo Mathews can play a come from behind inns to win a series in ENG, if PAK can bat second chasing a very low total and then take a very big first inns lead so that they required to chase very little and win the match in ENG, then I seriously don't know why these hacks can't do a fraction of those things that calls for lots steely resolve.We all can claim that the 1st & 4rth test were very close losses because of having to chase in the 4rth inns, but the fact is that this team failed to take advantage by taking a huge lead in the first inns itself that would have gone a long way in winning the match.WI,PAK,SL all can, but these hacks can't
  6. rtmohanlal

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    another inadequate candidate who seems to be a block for India in further abroad tours. When the series was live and on , he went for a hiding and couldn't handle it .Now coming with a 100 to save his own career at the expense of grief of millions of fans across the country. Yet another Pujara in the making.Unless he scores a 200+ and earns a draw, I don't count him.
  7. rtmohanlal

    Have learnt how to bowl overseas, says Mohammed Shami

    badly wish some of these loud mouths at least do not open their mouths despite such pathetic performance. And Shami is one of the most deserving candidate for that with a >35 avg:
  8. rtmohanlal

    Not a big fan of LAS bowlers in tests in SENA

    must not expect too much from spinners in SENA. In helpful conditions, in helpful circumstances like 4rth inns score board pressure etc etc only spinners will come more into play.But with Jadeja I find a clear 6th position batsman too in him.
  9. rtmohanlal

    Rahane, a regressed player?

    Both Pujara & Rahane need to be phased out .Keep on giving talented youngsters chances at the earliest.
  10. rtmohanlal

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    first and foremost Shastri then Dhawan,Rahul ,Shami need to be dropped for ever, Rahane should not play in WI series If India wins first test test , then drop Pujara too and take chance with another youngster
  11. rtmohanlal

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    hate the waste IPL like any thing. But i don't think that is the reason. BCCI with all its resources can still produce those highly talented players required for the current situation.It has to do with utter crap selection policy. Even if they find that a batsman is a failure after first 2 assignments in SENA, they keep on providing the players umpteen chances.That needs to change.
  12. he was being sarcastic towards those knee jerking experts and 'mad stray dogs who drags Sachin into even Kerala flood discussion'
  13. rtmohanlal

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    do not a lot of non Indian players too play T20 league cricket ????
  14. rtmohanlal

    How to draw the 5th test ?

    play attacking cricket right from the word go... is their any thing to lose now?????? Even if the result is a loss, that doesn't matter by any stretch now.That is the only way even to achieve a draw. But would these crores earning shame less creatures do that????
  15. Before the series started ,there was a topic to select the eleven for the series. I included all the 4 all rounders(that includes Kuldeep) in the eleven.Though that is stretching it a bit too much, based on the matters that turned out to be in the series, I think it would not at all be a bad idea to play all 4 in subcontinent & 3 of them else where(Kuldeep too if conditions favours spin a lot) with Jadeja at no:6. And why Jadeja at no:6 ?? With today's inns , he proved that he can put valuable runs in SENA.He avg:s almost 50 in first class.3 300s means, if conditions favours him , he can play mammoth inns too.Though this avg: cannot at all be a measure of his world class ability like say Kohli or even Pujara or even a Karun nair, him being a world class bowler for the team can make up for his slightly lower avg: if he is to bat at no:6. More over, in the last 2 years he averages 46.29 in tests with 8 of his 9 50+ scores coming in this period.Yes it is highly inflated by 11 not outs in 28 inns, but still if we assume it to be 3 not outs by adding (11-3)*20 = 160 more runs, then also his record of 28 inns ,3 not outs , 787+160 = 947 runs, 947/25 = 37.88 avg: is fairly good for a genuine no:6 batsman. To add to that he is a left hander too which provide much needed variety.And for a spinner, he has about 8 years left too. And this provide the cushion of playing Ashwin & Pandya too to come after him.Yes I know both Ashwin & Pandya could have been a bit more better in the on going series, especially Ashwin with his experience. But still if we take the 'sum of parts ', both of them combined have a batting avg: of around 41.5 & a bowling avg: of around 28.5 .That is equivalent to a specialist batsman + a specialist bowler.This despite the fact of such bad luck with the toss, which other wise could have been convincingly better. Quite sure not all important series can't be this much unlucky w.r.t toss. That means 5 genuine batsmen(ofcourse hacks like Dhawan get kicked out) + Jadeja + WK + 2 all rounders + 2 seam bowlers provide the much needed all round balance for any condition.And in sub continent 1 seam bowler can be replaced by another spinner, probably Kuldeep.Thoughts...
  16. rtmohanlal

    Cheerleader paid in advance for Eng tour

    to meet the basic food needs of almost 34200 very poor families across a 3 month period wasted for this irritating use less parasite moron drunkard.
  17. definitely it was such a level inns which ' Jadeja was accused of not having the calibre to produce in his life time'. Scoring a 90 at home when all things were in his favour was ok. Scoring 68 when it was even for both teams was better. But to score 86* when the chips were really down against such high quality attack and that too taking the rare oppertunity that came his way speaks about the character of that man.I am sure he is the 6th position candidate.
  18. rtmohanlal

    Kapil as a test allrounder

    that is the basic data. you shall conclude what ever based on that
  19. from a professional point of view , do his personnel problems count?? Especially for some body who earns may be even crores/year , that makes it even more guilty from a 'performance point of view'
  20. rtmohanlal

    Hanuma Vihari

    well played Vihari ....at least you have a name that resembles a legendary figure .So now u need to do justice to your name in the long run.
  21. rtmohanlal

    .... but it is over now

    but having put the blame on various factors, there is one factor about which nothing can be done except pray and hope for the best, that's winning the toss. Losing 7 out of 8 in the most important countries. What more worse can be expected.??
  22. rtmohanlal

    Kapil as a test allrounder

    where did i go wrong???
  23. rtmohanlal

    Kapil as a test allrounder

    Kapil need to be evaluated based on the adversities he had to deal with in bowling and based on the position he batted w.r.t batting. for instance take this one data.In his first 21823 balls(almost similar to Botham's 21815) where he averaged 29.11,Kapil's support bowling unit's combined avg: was only 38.8.For Botham the respective value was only 31.53. See the big difference of 38.8 - 31.53 = 7.27. In other words when ever Kapil played a test till his first 21823 balls, he bowled along with basically 3 fellow bowlers in general(assuming the team combination is 6 batsmen + 4 bowlers in general for the sake of this situation) who avg:ed 38.8 each, where as for Botham it was only 31.53 !!!!!!! Another factor is work density. Botham bowled 21815 balls in 14 y,10 m & 19 d that is 5433 days. Kapil bowled 21823 balls in 11y, 3 m & 21 d that is 4128 days that is a difference of 1305 days or 31.61% Work density of Botham is 21815 balls/14.897 years =1464.389 balls/year. Work densiy of Kapil in first 21823 balls/11.308 years = 1929.873 balls/year. Means 1929.873-1464.389= 465.484.So every year Kapil had to bowl 465.484/1464.389 = 31.79% more the no: of balls Botham had to bowl till his first 21823 balls, which is a big difference.
  24. And the most important factor I think of when playing those 3 and 'even Kuldeep too in Asia' is not all of them to technically & effectively do the 'role of a perfect all rounder' each, but to satisfy the theory that 'the sum of their parts' make up the contribution of specialists . Even in the on going series Ashwin & Pandya together avg: around 41.5 in batting & around 28.5 with the ball, and that is effectively playing a batsman and bowler each.And Jadeja.... as of now he is the best batsman and bowler in the lone test he is playing. And this coming in an alien country gives too much hopes. Just imagine a line up of Jadeja,Ashwin,Pant,Pandya in that order.... 2 left handers, 2 right handers, 1 grafter, 1 'as per the situation' in Jadeja & other 2 explosive batsmen. All 4 being at the crease for a continued period of time can bring in as much variety as one can ask for .Such a line up is the most flexible and effective one to put as much runs on the board as possible.And they 4 together can easily do the role of 2 specialist batsmen & 2specialist bowlers each.
  25. Jadeja avg:s around 50 with the bat and <25 with the ball in first class barring tests. That is being great in both batting and bowling at least in first class.How many world class all rounders who have played the game as of now can boast of such a domestic record??? May be Sobers. Then Kapil? Botham? Imran? no .... they don't have. And these 3 ATG bowling all rounders didn't go on to become 40+ avg:ing test batsmen either.Botham batted at 6 th position on the avg:.With Jadeja he has the added adv: that he is a spin bowler which takes far lesser toll on the body. And in my OP , i gave in detail his credentials. I don't know what more is required to at least give a chance at no: 6 .

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