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  1. Came back from injury or not, has was fit enough to play in the match .Lee was more or less the same bowler,Mcgill awful means India played him well.A fully fit Aussie line up too got lucky in that 2004 tour because 1st test got washed out on the last day where Aussies would have most probably lost.And in Nagpur they got one of the bounciest pitches for their liking.
  2. More than that Parthiv dropped Gillespie at the most crucial stage of that match.Ganguly's tactics of declaring too early didn't help either.With India placed at 650/5 at the start of 3rd day morning and Sachin,Parthiv,Irfan,Kumble & Agarkar to bat, the need of the hour was to bat on as long as possible with out any pressure. But Australia just about escaped because of the above drawbacks .
  3. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    a steady-eddy accumulator can't avg: 59.35 even after scoring 13534 runs facing so many sub 25 avg:ing bowlers.In general Sachin 'getting into 900' was denied by him playing so little >=4 tests series in this phase,playing only 11 tests in 2 years of his absolute peak period where he avg:ed 69.92 in 41 tests and there by his one day exploits during this period getting the most benefitted.BTW just curious ,are you 'Putrevus' in disguise? 'steady-eddy' is his introduction.
  4. yes.. the reason might be that all the countries are very near to one another.On the other hand, with AUS,ENG,SAF,NZL it is not so the case except AUS/NZL. But yet it can't be denied that 'generally being fast friendly' is the trait in these countries just as ' spin friendly' is the case with sub continental nations
  5. Sachin's inns. India was on the verge of creating history by being the first Asian team in AUS to win a series there.Sachin who was under tremendous pressure to score(being terribly out of form) rose to the occasion so emphatically.And Sachin's inns came against a slightly better attack.More over that was an Asian batsman scoring a double in AUS(spinning conditions) which is more difficult compared to an English man(coming from far more similar conditions).Cook too was out of form, but the series was already lost is the key issue here
  6. At the first place why are such headlines given so much importance????? It might be that Sachin on occasions would have felt uncomfortable facing certain bowlers. On other occasions he would have taken them to the cleaners.The matter of fact is SRT has balanced record in every condition he played in.THat's all that matters.
  7. Nevertheless the man would have scored a 100+ had he not been run out.Captaincy also was a burden for him at which he was never so natural at the first place. And would have got another 100+ had he been not given out of a big no ball on 92 of Bishop's bowling at Barbados.But then Ambrose was such a nasty bowler who on his day would make any batsman uncomfortable at the crease.
  8. Cook can still go past Tendulkar

    In reality Sachin's record is not the mere test aggregate of his, but test & one dayers combined.This because Sachin played convincingly lesser tests/year when compared to some one like Cook.On the other hand, all the while he has been playing comparatively vast no: of one dayers/year.So, to start at a very young age and then gather so much runs in both versions of the game combined is the record Sachin posses which would not at all be easier to break.
  9. Cook can still go past Tendulkar

    50-50 chance. If he is fit and more or less in descent form thru out the rest of his career he can, because then he could play for another 5 years and England plays more than 10tests/year on the avg: . On the other hand if he becomes paltry in his next Ashes series in AUS(keep in mind he would mostly have been on the verge of dropped from the team had he not played this 244 inns), then I think that would be curtains for him.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    The point is as to whether Schultz created trouble for the batsmen at the crease or not & I think you would agree on that matter . Agreed that Schultz or Bond didn't turn out to be ATG bowlers(the potential definitely was there for both these bowlers though)
  11. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    you missed Brett Schultz.He was nasty and effective than even Donald.It was unfortunate that frequent injuries cut short his career.
  12. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    To me Sachin's twin inns of 241* & 60* are the epitome of impact inns, infact test equivalent of Dhoni's 91* in world cup final match . The man himself being terribly out of form,golden once in a century oppertunity of upsetting the undisputed world no:1 team in their own den for the first time ever in asian cricket history(doubt any asian team has won a series in AUS) comes up with mammoth 301 runs with out getting dismissed(critics keep in mind he would have even got 400+ had he not denied the oppertunities to do so).He sets up the match, he does the required acceleration in the 2nd inns and all he could do.But the keeper Parthiv along with incompetent set of bowlers make sure his efforts go in vain.I would even blame the captain Ganguly for declaring too early in India's 1st inns because when he declared it was only some 5 overs into the 3rd day.What then required was to gather as much runs possible in the first inns itself so that he could have phased the 2nd inns much better depending on AUS first inns.I am sure had some Indian player especially Virat played those inns today ,he would have been glorified to sky high levels for the effort.
  13. Hello admin... please take note of that user 'rasgulla's anti SRT comments.His soul intention is to insult a great player.We all can understand and appreciate constructive criticism.But just deliberately trying to downgrade the great player in each and every comment of his is really offensive to say the least, at the least for those fans like myself who immensely respect that great player.In one of his latest comments he has used the term 'coward'.Hope you take care of such purposely derogatory  comments.

  14. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    the point I emphasize.You just can't accept that your points are proved to be wrong.That is the fact.Still harping on 'never crossing 900' despite getting clarified with crystal clear evidence that Sachin played only 11 tests(so naturally lost out on playing a minimum of almost 6 to 7 tests more which could have enabled him to cross 900 easily) in 2 years during his peak period where he played 41 tests @69.92 avg: Another double standard of yours...... Finding fault with not any of Sachin's inns in wisden's top 100.But, but ,comfortably forgetting the fact that the same wisden placed Sachin as the 2nd best batsman in both formats only mid way thru his career. Yeah... Kohli would surely have chased down 359 against 3 ATG sub 25 avg:ing one day bowlers in the world cup final single handedly on fast bouncy alien conditions coping with 10 times the amount of pressure of expectations that Sachin had to withstand. After all we got a sample of Kohli's capability in the recently concluded champion's trophy final.Isn't it?Now what about Kohli's record in ENG ?It seems Kohli would take his entire career to score the same amount of runs Sachin could gathter in his first series. And your degrading of Sachin's Melbourne knocks of 116,52 is so typical of your grasping things with out taking context into account.He avg:ed 84(top avg: from either side in the match who played both inns) against 4 bowlers in Mcgrath,Lee,Warne & Fleming.By the way,I hope Dravid too is a non great batsman for you because he flopped over all in SAF,avg:ed a paltry 17 in AUS vs Warne & Mcgrath, was pedestrian against Murali in SL. Same way Lara too because he came a cropper in India against Kumble , never scored a 100 in India,never scored a 100 vs either Wasim or Waqar or Donald(3 ATG bowlers).Ponting too, because he has an avg: of 25 in India despite 3 or 4 tours. By the way there are Sachin's twin inns of 241*,60*( a total of 301 runs with out dismissed) amidst added pressure of himself not being in form, yet rose to the occasion of standing up when the series was there for the taking for the first time in Indian cricket history(I think in Asian cricket history) against a qlty attack of Gillespie,Lee & Magill.But the wicket keeper Parthiv along with the incompetent set of bowlers wasted that once in a generation oppertunity.Let us blame that also on Sachin
  15. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    I think you are either stubborn with your views(never going to accept even if you are proven wrong) or some body who can't never be convinced(trying to find faults for each and every thing).Other wise how can a batsman who has scored 13534 runs(still the greatest aggregate of all time) @59.35 can be termed in terms of "don't put him on a pedastal which he does not belong" etc etc? http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/35320.html?class=1;spanmax1=14+apr+2011;spanmin1=29+jan+1993;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting just go thru the page above.Just go thru the country wise averages. 44.67 is the minimum average in any country.Note the home and away avg: .All this playing so many sub 25 bowlers. To add to that take his one day career.There is a reason as to why he is termed as the most complete batsman of all time.There are several batting factors.And Sachin has proved his brilliance in vast majority of factors combined than any other batsman could achieve amidst the huge amounts of pressure of expectations that perhaps no sportsperson ever born on this earth have had to deal with.What you are doing is taking one factor among several,taking example of a batsman who was supreme in that factor,then arguing as to why Sachin didn't was equally brilliant in that particular factor and hence diminishing the over all brilliance of Sachin. And what not, genuine reasons with crystal clear stats w.r.t Sachin's lack of mammoth aggregate series can't convince a doubter like you.
  16. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    So... the basic point is this: Lara got 3.535 times the no: of inns ( 152:43) Sachin got in >=4 test series to build his mammoth aggregates.Not only that , had Sachin played 152 such inns by any chance he would have remained not out in (5*152/43) = 17.67 times.That means almost 18 times he would have been forced to discontinue thru the inns for no fault of his.Thus, this is a 2 dimensional disadvantage Sachin had to cope with all thru his career.I am sure had he got the same oppertunities as Lara, he would have built at the least slightly more number of such mammoth aggregates.And to add to that Sachin played only 11 tests in 1998 & 2000 ( the 2 years with in a spree of 41 tests where he avg:ed 69.92, his most purple patch by far).Let this data be an eye opener for his critics.
  17. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    I think there is no truth at all in this matter too either, if we take into account the following data In his peak period starting from 29 Jan 1993 (before that Sachin was still a teenager) to apr 30 2011(after which his terminal decline started) where he scored 13534 runs @ 59.35 ,Sachin played a mere 6 series of '>=4 no: of tests' where as Lara played 18 such series. the details are as follows: no:of series total no: of tests tests/series total no: of inns inns/test not outs lara 18 85 4.722 152 1.79 5 srt 6 26 4.333 43 1.65 5 The above details need no further explanation.And if we take above details into account there is virtually nothing to separate these 2 batsmen in this factor too, if any Lara was slightly better only.This points to only one factor, that is Sachin was denied by circumstances & factors which were out of his control.
  18. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    But it is a tough task to get each and every detail of the career flow of calibre bowlers.And it is even more tougher to compare great batsmen based on the 'bowlers they faced and their respective career stages' and there by reach conclusions as to who was the better of the batsman. Any way there are lot other factors too' if we are into dissecting stats that deeper.For instance, take Sachin against Akram & Brett Schultz . Akram avg:ed 23+ and is an ATG bowler but Schultz avg:ed only some 20+ while he had to curtail his career.Naturally it would have been a bit easier for Sachin to achieve his bat avg: against Akram than what he achieved against Schultz.Like wise there are several such cases for each and every batsman.Is it easy???? That's why the better option is to go the general way.
  19. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    but then , any way it is better than an ATG bowler- good bowler combination .Isn't it? Two ATG bowlers pair(one may be at his peak & the other in the initial stages) would any way be better than an ATG bowler-good bowler combination at the same stages of their careers.Isn't it? That's why it is a futile exercise to dissect stats that way.For instance Sachin scored runs in 89 PAK series against 3 ATG bowlers in Wasim,Waqar & Imran.The stages in their respective careers is not that important.Any way Sachin was still a 16 year old was another matter altogether.Another case is Botham in that 81 ashes series against Lillee.If we watch the clips we can see that Lillee was in his final stages and no where near his supreme best(infact bowling at far below par pace than his normal self).Yet it doesn't neglect the fact that Botham played that inns against an ATG bowler in Lillee.
  20. Shane Warne on Best Batsman debate.

    I think for selecting Gilchrist over him as vice captain... any way for that sort of matter ...Not sure though
  21. Shane Warne on Best Batsman debate.

    Several of these players how ever great they were as players had always have severe attitude,ego and even psychic problems.Not remembering clearly, but I had read several years back that Botham has some sort of strange sadistic behaviour .... sort of sticking a burning cigerette point into some other players body parts,pouring hot water ... those sort of things..not remembering clearly.Botham-Chappel feud over a silly childish matter is well known
  22. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    Comparing records of 2 condition dependent bowlers Kumble & Ashwin with that of some past ATG bowlers. Yes... in general these condition dependent bowlers are beasts in their favourable conditions, but the case with past ATG bowlers is that they were beasts in all conditions. waqar home 20.87 abroad 25.96 mcgrath home 22.43 abroad 20.81 ambrose home 21.19 abroad 20.78 warne home 26.39 abroad 24.61 akram home 22.02 abroad 24.61 donald home 21.64 abroad 22.96 kumble home 24.88 abroad 35.85 ashwin home 23.04 abroad 31.75 All the past ATGs in general were convincingly larger threats even at home when compared to now a days condition dependent bowlers at home. W.R.T abroad the lesser said the better.In other words the batsmen who faced these past ATGs didn't have a bit of relief not only abroad but even in home conditions.
  23. Shane Warne on Best Batsman debate.

    His personnel dislike for Waugh and Gilchrist is well known.
  24. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    I think we need not dissect the stats of ATG bowlers to know as to whether it was his peak or some sort of dip in form or things like these.For instance Ashwin avg:ed 27.58 in the last one year & more importantly 28.33 at home, but that does not take any thing away from Smith's performance in India.
  25. Shane Warne on Best Batsman debate.

    These ex cricketers change their opinions frequently.Nothing wrong in that because opinions can change based on further subsequent thoughts and analyses.For Warne, Sachin was earlier better to Lara.Now it is the reverse.For Ponting & Murali, firstly Lara was better to Sachin.Later they reversed their verdicts.So I think we need to only respect their opinions and leave them as such and have our own verdicts based on our thoughts and analyses.

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