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  1. who says that??? How much did Botham average?? He batted mostly at 6th position for his team .Avg:ed only 33.54.
  2. if any thing to go by the last 2 years test stats of Jadeja, he can be that man.
  3. did i point out that only as the reason?????
  4. give him time.... he can at least avg: in low 30s .
  5. rtmohanlal

    Ravindra Jadeja keen to regain spot in all three formats

    always thought to be one vital component of this team.He is the ideal 6th batsman for me.Well played today.
  6. can't Bhuvi being one among the 2 lone pacers i specified enough?? he can contribute useful runs too. I think Bhuvi,Bumrah/Ishant,Pandya,Ashwin,Jadeja can form a potent all condition bowling unit.
  7. rtmohanlal

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    always believed Jadeja should be in the team ....a player with 3 tripple 100s , an avg: of almost 50(if test data removed) in first class,a left hander .....and he avg:s 40+ in last 2 years in tests too.Such a player with <25 bowl avg: can never ever be avoided.,,,and he emphatically proved that today. In hindsight, my gut belief of playing 3 all rounders in the team for this series(Pandya,Ashwin &Jadeja) too seems not at all bad option as of now. Both Pandya & Ashwin collectively played the role of a specialist batsman and bowler each. And now this from Jadeja...
  8. rtmohanlal

    How do we select Test players going forward

    i think we need to keep on with trail and error methods until we get quality all round batsmen(a top 6 with variety for all formats and all conditions as possible as it can get).Never get satisfied with one dimensional players like Vijay(test only player with limited talent),Dhawan(one day player & proving as utter failure in 3 of SENA in tests),Pujara(test player only with not a good record in any 1 of SENA yet),Rahane(test player only with brilliant record in 3 of SENA), Rahul(not good in any format and any condition as of now). Means Kohli alone is the 1 deserving element in this top 6. Then Rahane & Pujara... both needs to be sustained with until adequate replacements are found out.Others need to be permanently dropped from at least tests for ever. Compare this to Sachin,Ganguly,Dravid,Laxman,Sehwag,Gambhir & Yuvraj. What a core group that was!!!!. Laxman was test specialist, Yuvraj was one day specialist , all the others 'brilliant to atleast' good in both. That is what makes a good team. Even the least 'all format player' in that group Gambhir was far better than any one from this group except Kohli.
  9. You yourself can make 2 teams from your team members along with a few promising local players and play a few practice matches....captain .... what not even some highly talented promising youngsters from India too could have been taken along with you and made part of these 2 teams so much so that not only your team members, but these 2 younsters too would have benefitted a lot in the long run by playing along side you ...Now keep your bloody mouth shut...
  10. hope this performance will permanently shut the test door closed on this complete hack....
  11. well said Dada ... kudos to you for speaking against this shame less moron parasite.Hope every ex player with at least a bit of concern for Indian cricket come forward and put this moron in place.
  12. As of now he has disappointed in every country of SENA except SAF .Even SAF record is hugely inflated by just concluded bowler friendly conditions.
  13. rtmohanlal

    Importance of Hardik Pandya

    yes ...both of them needed to have done a bit more, especially Pujara who do not even has one country in SENA where he avg:s over 35.
  14. rtmohanlal

    Importance of Hardik Pandya

    Hardik was not playing in home conditions yet he performed exceptionally well with ball and put some useful runs with the bat. In conditions when even home specialist batsmen are not averaging largely and the home team expects their lower order to do more with the bat when opposition bowlers get tired, to expect lower order batsmen from the visiting team is too much.Yet an inexperienced Pandya and Ashwin collectively avg:ed 41.5 with the bat.The main culprits were the openers with out a doubt.Shami too needed to perform a lot better.
  15. rtmohanlal

    Asia Cup win or Australia Test series win?

    this question is just like asking which is the larger animal between an elephant & a rabbit...
  16. not that painful because of 2 elements .One, luck with the toss. How can you win if you are such unlucky with the toss??? Winning toss can influence a lot in cricket. But even with law of averages, you need to win 2 out of 5 tosses at least . When all tosses are lost, nothing can be done. Secondly even if tosses were lost, there were still great chances of winning the series if the 2 opening spots were occupied with at least good players. Unfortunately the experienced Vijay who was at the most a mere 'good' player went terribly out of form .To compensate for that we needed a great opener at the other side.Instead what we got was a complete hack in Dhawan.Thus paid the price of not at all finding out an already established great opener for such an important away series. Any unluckly the instant replacement for Vijay too proved to be utter failure, that is Rahul.
  17. rtmohanlal

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    time for Indian team to get inspiration from Pakistan's recent Lord test performance.
  18. rtmohanlal

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    for me that was the one moment in Indian cricket history(not sure about any other) where 2 exceptional good talents(one turned great and other at the least 'very good' emerged out together. And then started a golden run for Indian cricket from 2000-2010 with Laxman & Sehwag too joining in. The core of the matter is that we always need that trial & error method to be applied to trace out fresh talents. This team management just gets stuck with tried players.For instance,even Pujara is not at all adequate in the long run. For the moment there is no other option.But team should always look for new talents who can be much better than him in what ever oppertunities they get like trying them in dead rubbers,against lower ranked teams,in home matches etc etc. If that time it was Sachin now there is Kohli. Rahane too is there. Trying Vihari,Gill,Shaw,Iyer and some others if any are the need of the hour.Keep on continuing with complete hacks like Dhawan,Kartik etc will do only harm. More importantly bowling unit is far better than what it was in Sachin era. So, if we get almost near calibre batting unit to compliment this bowling unit, team can achieve great results.
  19. rtmohanlal

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    can a Dravid/Ganguly emerge out of Pant/Vihari/Rahul so that we can take a 1st inns lead of 100+ and eventually win the match??? Badly wish so....
  20. rtmohanlal

    Kohli has lost 7 out of 8 tosses in SENA countries

    any possibilities of foul play with the toss?? that can't be completely neglected
  21. i keep on learning from mistakes and give my best for the nation, but will always remain a mediocrity causing the team lose series after series.It is my birth right to be a part of the team for ever, you people should not complaint and tolerate me - Dhawan
  22. 2000-2010 was the golden period where we drew series in ZIM(was a decent lower ranked team, not at all a minnow) ,in AUS,in SAF,in SL, in ENG. Won series in ENG,PAK,NZL,WI(led by non other than Lara) , lost closely fought series in AUS,SAF(twice),PAK,SL(twice),WI (all of them just by 1 test margin). Never in the history of Indian cricket did our team performed such brilliantly abroad apart from that period.Yet this moron has the audacity to boast about this team's performance who has made merry by beating SL & lower ranked Wi. Infact this shame less parasite is insulting those great-very good players like Sachin,Dravid,Sehwag,Laxman,Ganguly,Kumble,Harbhajan & Zaheer who formed the core of these performances. I wonder as to what they are doing despite coming across this fraud's chest thumping statements.They should all come out in the open & give a mouth ful each to this drunkard so that he would be put in his place. They only can do that.Otherwise they too are contributing to the down fall of Indian cricket by remaining silent , there by allowing this shame less parasite to go on extracting millions at the cost of lot of ordinary game lover's sadness.
  23. Sehwag has always been the way he bats.... speaks with an uncluttered mind.... no thinking about just immediate events or after results.And he applies the same principle in Rohit Sharma case too.The only difference is that Sehwag was that naturally equipped to become such a monster in subcontinent which made up for his inadequacies in SENA while Rohit is not even that.
  24. rtmohanlal

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    success rate in what???? India won in only 4 tests in SENA after Pujara came into the team.He scored a total of 237 runs in 8 inns in these 4 tests, means an avg: of 237/8 = 29.625.It doesn't show extraordinary performance from any point of view, if any only mediocrity.
  25. rtmohanlal

    Importance of Hardik Pandya

    out of this, 8 inns are in ENG ,his nemesis country. Only 2 inns in SAF, where it was comparatively tougher & he was mismanaged that he was a bit lower than his normal self. Hope he continues in his normal self in the next matches

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