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  1. Poll : Is Sachin the Greatest batsmen to have played the sport?

    the problem here is that your "basic criteria of being ultra dominant" has no sense what so ever But in 1992 world cup( where even 225 runs in 50 overs was enough to win matches) in which he batted in middle order , Sachin avg:ed 47.16 @ 84.73 str: rate . And his 2 best scores in the tournament came against eventual winner and also a semifinalist.And his 35(44) while chasing vs ENG (FINALIST) was very good knock too. Now come with another of your demands.
  2. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    I agree.That's why I rate Sachin so highly.On one hand we are witnessing players like Trott,Trescothik,Prior,Swann etc etc resigning in the midst of a series, not being able to cop with the pressure of a single series.And it is in such scenario that Sachin coped with pressure of expectations of billions all thru his career.But yet playing with out a helmet is playing with life( playing with your 'being alive' on this earth). And hence it has to be Viv
  3. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    Hardik needs to be persisted with...that happens...he is already a handy bat.Allow him to improve his bowling.If he plays in a positive frame of mind , he will be worth his place.Has the raw talent to succeed
  4. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    I would never be into this sense less emotional chats with any body at any time. Viv is my 2nd best batsman and Sachin 3rd best of all time.I do firmly believe that the 'sense of head protection and hence the confidence to play with out fear' that helmet brings in is huge.That's why Viv is better in my list.If you do not believe in it, so be it.
  5. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    It is not as to whether Sachin would not have succeeded with out helmets or not. It is as to whether he would have succeeded in the levels that turned out to be in the end.That is the question.Keep in mind Viv's era was much more bowler friendly in every sense.I think you are well aware of the treatment ENG batsmen especially Brian Close got from the 1976 Windies bowlers.My opinions on Viv and Sachin are based on those sorts of matters.
  6. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Viv over rated??? Do you sincerely feel that the likes of Sachin & Kohli would have been as successful as they turned out to be with out helmets????
  7. 1. Sachin Tendulkar ( 3rd best batsman of all time) 2. Kapil dev(3rd best all rounder of all time) 3. Sunil Gavaskar( best test opener of all time) 4. Vinoo Mankad(ATG all rounder) 5. Rahul Dravid 6. Mahendra Dhoni(2nd best wkt keeper batsman of all time) 7. Ganguly 8. Sehwag 9.Anil Kumble 10.Virat Kohli(would most probably end up as 2nd or 3rd best,even a slight chance of being the greatest)
  8. The basic problem with 'Putrevus' is that if an individual inns(even if it is an opener who gets the chance to play the maximum balls) that touches the numerical value of '100' in a pucca batting pitch with team scoring so heavily in a first inns total against a team with one 'atg' bowler in a bilateral , then for him that inns is a great one.The only criteria is that it should touch '100' with one ATG bowler in the opposition team .All other criterias count for nothing.Such a sense less foolish way of analysis!!!!!
  9. Yeah ...Waqar was only around 32 & Wasim 36..... Last legs ?????? Tell that to kids....And Akhtar was at his menacing best too.And now another of your senseless demand comes .... "it was not a knock out match. India was going to semis even if it lost." For your info: Sachin scored 91 & 117* in 2 finals in AUS against Lee(certified one day ATG),Bracken(very good bowler and certainly an ATG if not for lack of longevity) and Johnson(very good one day bowler). I think you too have access to cricinfo site. You can check other brilliant score of Sachin yourself.Mcgrath owned him????If Mcgrath got the better of Sachin on a few occasions, Sachin too scored bucket loads against Mcgrath.But then based on your 'sense less ' criterias,you are not going to get satisfied any way.
  10. This criteria of yours , i mean ' just looking for 100s with out any context' does not look sensible to me at all. For instance Sachin's 98(75) vs PAK in SAF in world cup is far far better than any 100 vs them because of the 'world cup, chasing,str: rate,vs PAK factors.And Sachin has got 11 100s vs non minnow away means you are contradicting your selves.
  11. it is not about that numerical value '100'.And your above question is sense less any way because Sachin does have 100s in the places you mentioned. Now... I am not going into each and every inns Sachin played because it is not difficult for you yourself to trace that.But the most important factor is the context in which the runs are scored.Sachin started from 89 Nov itself with huge amount of pressure of expectations right from the start of his career. One day cricket in general became more batsman friendly only from the mid 90's .And captaincy was an additional burden to the already hugely burdened Sachin.And keep in mind, a player can relieve himself of captaincy and still remain as a very good player if he is feeling the load too much , just as Amla did.With pressure of huge expectations there is no such escaping route. And there are several factors too like the status of the knock,first or 2nd inns,the batting position at which the inns was played,whether the batsman remained not out,inns str: rate etc etc that determines the quality of the knock, not numerical value '100' alone .And it is based on such contexts that we need to evaluate the big inns played by Sachin. For instance take his 54*(62) vs PAK at Sydney. IND-PAK match has always been big pressure match.And in world cup the lesser said the better. It is in such a scenario that this <20 year old teenager played a crucial not out inns from 5th batting position at such high str: rate in a very low scoring match against a bowling unit that eventually won the world cup.For me that inns is worth lot more than a 100 scored in a pucca batting friendly pitch in a bilateral against any lower ranked team. Another is his 65*(70) in West Indies in 97 tour.This inns came in a match where Prasad and Kuruvilla of all people became virtually unplayable and Windies got all out for 116. Sachin made a mockery of the chase by dominating Ambrose,Walsh & Bishop on such a pitch in which Prasad was unplayable and remained not out. Like wise there are several inns of his.And to me the impact of this 'pressure of expectations' factor was no better revealed than in that Diana Memorial match. Sachin chased a mammoth 274 or some thing against Mcgrath,Donald,Srinath & Kumble to score a match winning 125 of just 114 balls at Lords. So while evaluating Sachin the batsman I take into account all these factors.
  12. Poll : Is Sachin the Greatest batsmen to have played the sport?

    Not the greatest for me.But 3rd in my book 1.Bradman 2.Viv Richards 3.Sachin Tendulkar
  13. absolutely rubbish data with out any sense.
  14. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Kohli is a brilliant chaser(includes finishing job too) of huge totals(naturally easy batting conditions) in bilaterals.He needs to do that in a few big tournament knock outs to have a strong case of out doing Sachin let alone Viv.
  15. Top 20 averages in ODIs !!!

    Must not exclude Zim of the mid 90's where Andy Flower played. They were not minnows. I once did an one-one comparison of avg:s of Zim players with that of NZL players from around the same time period in a few matches. Zim players record in general was superior in all of these matches.
  16. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    The eras Viv played and Virat is playing now are chalk and cheese apart on different aspects.Naturally it is really really difficult to reach on a conclusion based on pure stats.But the fact that Viv never wore a helmet( a unique factor) and being so far ahead of his contemporaries gives Viv the clear edge. Similar is the case with Sachin. 'Huge pressure of expectations' factor,clearly better performances in world cups and tournament finals and being better batsman(chaser too) against high quality bowling makes Sachin the better still for me.
  17. Really heartening to see the 'run machine' Kohli cracking up yet another of his routine 100s.This time a mammoth 160*. May he go on to become the GOAT batsman beating even Bradman( wishing as being an Indian).But still he has a lot to go to surpass even Sachin as an over all batsman.And definitely he is nearing Sachin as an one day batsman,
  18. Kuldeep would have been brilliant on his own in SAF. But I don't think he would have made a big difference to bowling fortunes because even with out him the bowling unit did a brilliant job. It was the batting as a whole that brought down India.Vijay disappointed.Pujara was the main culprit.Rohit & Dhawan in place of Rahane proved to be a disaster too.
  19. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Pandya's talent is never in question.Otherwise how can some body score 93 runs vs Steyn,Rabada,Philander & Morkel?.The problem is his temperament & lack of confidence to play his natural game.He need to be absolutely fearless at the batting crease just like Gilchrist approached batting and play his aggressive sort of batting.Doing the 'Pujara style of play' will only bring disaster for him.
  20. Might be Kapil was an underachiver considering the batting talent he possessed .But what Kapil actually achieved with the bat must not be analysed by mere avg: alone.Firstly that avg: & str: rate took a beating because of longevity.Secondly , just like an opener's avg: & str: can't be compared to that of a 2nd down batsman with out the context into account,so is Kapil's figures.On another note, the avg: of a 6th position batsman can't be compared to that of a higher middle order batsman by plain averages alone.This because a 6th position batsman do not get that much chances as that of higher order batsman to maintain high avg: .Not only that, he more often would have to score runs in the company of unreliable lower order batsmen.For instance take VVS Laxman .We can't expect Laxman to maintain an avg: like that of Sachin or Dravid.Like wise Kapil's batting avg:, apart from longevity need to be evaluated from the point of view of having to bat a lot along with lower order batsmen with vitually nonexistant batting technique.That is where his huge str: rate of 80.91 comes into play.Kapil on a lot of occasions single handedly did all the scoring in the company of tail enders.This is a hugely under rated batting expertise.With middle order batsmen, you have other reliable batsmen to make for your out of form moments so that you can feed off them to regain your touch and come back to scoring ways. But with Kapil that was not the case on lot more of occasions.
  21. Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    Idiot Shastri at it again.Chest thumping as if we have won the test series.This dude must not forget that Rahane made a crucial contribution in the won test than Rohit who performed below par in both the lost tests.
  22. Virat is unarguably ' the best finisher and there by chaser' of big totals(which implies easy batting conditions). But he has some boxes to tick like performing chasing in world cup knock outs against quality opponents,improve his records in tournament finals etc etc.
  23. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    yes.... definitely
  24. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Kohli raising his one day credentials with every match.But still some way to go to surpass Sachin & eventually Viv.
  25. Time to see if IPL is in interest of cricket: Bombay HC

    All are utter crap.... IPL,Judiciary itself etc etc are utter crap that do not care even a bit about the interest of the ordinary people. IPL is money generating circus which benefits only the organisers , franchise owners,players involved etc etc.It does a lot more harm to Indian cricket than good.Judiciary does not care a bit about the precious time,money , mental peace etc etc of the 'ordinary people preys' that get trapped in the webs of theirs. Judiciary is a set up created to accumulate huge amounts of money for the judges,advocates etc etc involved. If an ill fated person gets illegally trapped in any legal case due to some frauds, it is sure that his life is spoiled for the remaining of his life span.

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