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  1. rtmohanlal

    Indian bowlers struggle at providing support

    the basic problem of not ' keeping on trying talented youngsters in dead rubbers, against lower ranked teams, at home matches etc etc until far more calibre seam bowlers are unearthed'. That's why still the team is forced to play these 2 proven prolonged mediocrities, this time both at the same time.When Shami,Bhuvi( atleast under 30 avg:ing bowlers) & Bumrah(very high potential) are not available together , team is forced to pick both these hacks together. Passionate team supporters need to pour in some sense into those 2 idiots( egoistic Kohli & oppertunistic Sastri) w.r.t this basic matter.After all these are the time periods of social media and all.
  2. rtmohanlal

    Indian bowlers struggle at providing support

    why surprised here????both Umesh and Ishant have been always mediocre as their records suggest.Infact was really surprised when both of them were played in this test.Kuldeep should have been in the eleven in place of either one of them. Never play both of them unless the pitch and the conditions ask to do so.They are very one dimensional bowlers.
  3. disappointed with Kuldeep not playing.
  4. rtmohanlal

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    hope Ashwin+ Pandya can play the role of a specialist batsman to perfection. After all there sum of averages comes to around 65. Easily will be way more than handy than that hack Pujara.And Pandya needs to play his natural 'attacking' game. That is where he is so good at.And then support the pace bowlers in bowling short spells and picking 1 or odd wkts.That's all.
  5. there is another one about which it seemed that , that creature's sole purpose of visiting this site was to downgrade SRT. And after seeing this, hope this is not an epidemic.
  6. another loud mouth.....first perform and then speak...
  7. topic is about MSD. There have been several men to have played the game and almost all of them had drawbacks in their careers meaning they were not at all perfect in every sense.Then bringing Sachin alone into this blame game means????????
  8. rtmohanlal

    Teenagers are no longer making debut for India

    As per you, if looked beyond Mumbai we could have unearthed Bradmans and Viv Richards.
  9. this hack is such a sub continent track bully. 38 tests in Asia with 65 avg: .Means in the other 20 tests spread among 6 tours his average is poor.6 away tours and yet remaining poor and still being part of the team!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. a batsman playing at his position needs to see off new ball and score big when settled.That is very vital for a successful team result(even if it is a close loss).Either this hack must not play at all in this series or if played should do his role so perfectly.But based on his current series of struggles against county level bowlers, some thing miraculous should happen for him to score big against Broad & Anderson. So better not to play him at all.Playing him in just 1 test , then dropping when he fails(almost certain) doesn't do the team good at all.
  11. rtmohanlal

    Breakfast With Champions - Sourav Ganguly - Part 1

    a great captain who stood for the well being of the team.Gutsy,impartial, leading from the front,good man management skills etc all rolled into one.
  12. rtmohanlal

    Teenagers are no longer making debut for India

    as if other experienced matured batsmen in the team were scoring mountains of runs in the series in which Sachin played before he turned 21 years of age.
  13. rtmohanlal

    Teenagers are no longer making debut for India

    a great eye opener. Truly a reflection of what the current team management has been doing.They should realize that greats like Sachin,Kapil,Kumble,Chandra started so young and yet ended up so successful. On a side note, what prevents these stubborn minded people to try talented youngsters in dead rubbers and against lower ranked teams is out of my question.
  14. rtmohanlal

    This will be one of the best series of Umesh Yadav's career

    Umesh is not at all a test level bowler by any stretch, just like Ishant. But it seems ENG conditions are made for him. Similarly Ishant too seems to have ENG conditions as his suited ones and seems to bowl a lot fuller off late too.Hence think both will come good.
  15. Despite not at all being able to accept Kaptaan's 'generally accepted level ' greatness as a cricketer due to his ball tampering exercises and also not at all able to accept him as an ethically good human, one thing for sure is that he sincerely wishes to do something for Pakistan and make changes for the good.This factor should be appreciated. W.R.T improving relations with India, I don't think he can do much even if he wants to sincerely turn around things because ' Kashmir ' is one factor based on which every Pakistani is brainwashed to hate India.I don't think Imran can do much w.r.t to this.For that he need to change the general Pakistani attitude entirely, which is next to impossible.
  16. " I feel I don't have to prove myself to anyone other than myself. " - yes hack.... Indian team batting position is your ancestral property that has been passed over to you by your father.Not only this waste is utter shameless , but extremely arrogant as well. Give a tight slap on his face and kick him out of the team.
  17. Imran Khan: Captain, World Cup winner, Prime Minister - only those positives . .
  18. how badly wish for this hack to fail in the 2nd inns again so much so that he is permanently not allowed to enter any where near Indian dressing room let alone playing a single game in this series. Come onnnnnnn haaack.... just one more of your brilliant performance in ENG....
  19. another proven shameless mediocrity chest thumping about achievements. Avg:ing 35+, his record is pathetic in every major seam/swing country.It would be so better, if these hacks perform even a bit of what they boast.
  20. rtmohanlal

    Greatest Indian Test Captain

    another important point .....in those days captain had not much influence on BCCI when compared to what we sees with Kohli or even with Ganguly, may be because of much worse media influence those days.A captain had no great voice so much so that BCCI played musical chair with Kapil ,Gavaskar etc etc.Naturally it can be assumed that Kapil could assert very less influence on team like selection policies, fixture setting etc etc when compared to a Kohli or Ganguly.It was against such odds that he produced such results.These add even more to his captaincy credentials
  21. because he has got skin thickness that makes even rhino ashamed.Such people do not require any skill to lead even a luxurious life
  22. rtmohanlal

    Greatest Indian Test Captain

    the undisputed best Indian captain for me has been Kapil Dev. First criteria needed is leading from the front. He being himself such a great multi dimensional player ticks that column perfectly.Secondly he always had a mediocre team to lead with .With that team he achieved some great results like 83 world cup, 0-2 loss to the GOAT team WI in tests, a drawn series in AUS(had it not for bad luck IND could have won the series in AUS),2-0 series win in ENG etc etc. Both in WI & AUS and also in 83 world cup, he was virtually great in every sense in all departments.What more is required of a GOAT captain???????
  23. rtmohanlal

    Team management reduces 4 day practice game to 3 day

    If India losses this test series by a wider margin than 2-3 , all the cricket loving public across the country should gather in masses , be it in public demonstrations , social media etc etc and conduct severe protest against these frauds, Sastri in particular.Game loving public deserves the team more than players , because these players are playing in the name of the nation, for the public of the nation.No Sastri or Kohli is above the nation which implies the 'game loving millions as a whole '
  24. no better person to talk about just preceding county experience enormously helping test matches to come.If Shastri allows this shameless hack in the eleven, i would call him the most senseless person one could ever come across.Ashwin can easily contribute way more than this hack with the bat alone
  25. rtmohanlal

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    rahul vijay rahane kohli ashwin pant jadeja pandya kuldeep shami ishant

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