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  1. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    quite a revealing piece of data. 23 bowlers in all.Of these Fleming & Akhtar are a bit over 25.Yet truly legendary stats.And this include 61 runs in 4 inns of his against Ryan Harris when he was in terminal decline period after 2011 world cup.Other wise it stands at 58.65 in AUS, 46.77 abroad & 46.98 overall.Out of the world stats against 23 calibre bowlers.
  2. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    Not aesthetic' alone, if the comparison is between 2 more or less hugely avg:ing batsmen & they are chalk & cheese apart in being attractive, I would provide a consideration of an avg: of 2 in favour of the attractive batsman.For instance if two batsmen avg:s 55 and 57 respectively and the first one is lot more attractive to watch,then I would consider both of them as of same calibre.Ofcourse, other factors like home-abroad disparity,evenly distributed avg:s in all countries etc etc are altogether different matters that need further analysis.
  3. Today’s youngsters quite mature: Dinesh Karthik

    let more mature youngsters come into the team to kick you out of the team for ever.
  4. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    cricket is a spectator sport too.Isn't it? Naturally those who looks pleasing to the eye appeals more to the public.That's why some one like Kallis is never rated as a Lara despite better avg: apart from Lara's other positives. I would sacrifice an avg: of 2 for being aesthetically pleasing.Any way it is a subjective matter.
  5. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    Sachin in his peak scored 13534 runs @59.35 facing 11 or 12 <25 avg:ing bowlers. Smith, in my book needs to avg: 69+ scoring that much amount of runs to surpass Sachin.Why 69+ ??? For 3 reasons, most importantly difference in general quality of bowling,pressure of expectations Sachin had to cope with & aesthetic pleasure element.
  6. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    Spot on.....Several members here evaluate Smith as next only to Bradman based on his recent performances and there by his 60+ avg: .But the general bowling attack in the 90s was some thing else.I don't think the flaws in Smith's technique have been adequately exploited by today's set of bowlers.The likes of Ambrose,Mcgrath,Akram,Warne etc had that level above ability to produce unplayable deliveries in frequent intervals to undo even the best of well settled batsmen.
  7. Best Test Batsman of 2017

    I am not any pro-somebody either.ABDV is still only 33.He is the only batsman with such a balanced record in all countries in both formats of the game.Hence he is the best batsman of the current lot.This is not the case with Smith or Kohli.
  8. right ...SL is not an avg: team. After all they whitewashed AUS and PAK.It is just that India has been too good for them in these conditions.
  9. Best Test Batsman of 2017

    if you are pointing to me then you are mistaken.To stereotype some body as a ' blind Kohli fan' just because he is conveying what he feels to be right is really cheap. For your info: I am not a blind Kohli fan .Infact I am some one who consider Devilliers as the best batsman of the current lot.
  10. Best Test Batsman of 2017

    I think we don't need to read too much into Kohli's one dreadful series just because it was against AUS.The same AUS was whitewashed by SL not so long before. And then this SL attack has been virtually toyed by Kohli.Not only the case with SL, against BAN too AUS conceded a test and Smith was at pedestrian level.So Kohli did wonders against 2 teams in more or less the same conditions against which Smith was below par.
  11. Best Test Batsman of 2017

    Smith closely followed by Kohli.Those 2 stand out. Smith for a brilliant series in difficult Indian conditions.Kohli maintaining 75+ in both avg: and str: rate has been absolutely brilliant.If not for Smith's performance in India, it would definitely have been Kohli by a distance.
  12. I too am eagerly waiting for the video of his innings with mouth watering enthusiam.The great Kapil could play such inns which even ATG batsmen could be proud of.The likes of Jadeja , Ashwin, Woakes etc etc are prime examples of the fact that stats aren't every thing. They all avg: very closer to Kapil, but they can only dream of playing the sort of inns Kapil could play.A genuine all rounder whose bat avg: of 31.05 is easily atleast worth 38 if longevity,aggressiveness, several inns against high quality bowling units etc etc are taken into account.Hope some body would upload his 129 vs SAF video clip one day.
  13. Pace difference between two sides in Ashes

    the difference in avg: bowling speed is only 5.91 in favour of Australia.That is really a nothing difference when both teams could maintain such high average bowling speeds. That highlights one important point. Those missile deliveries Aussies could generate so often when compared to the English have made all the difference to the over all nature of this Ashes context .
  14. Yet he averages a mammoth 62.8 in these chasing inns in ICC tournaments.Means he has been not at all bad by any accounts.After all 96*,76*,58*,35 have all been quality knocks depending on the context.What he needs is to score 2 or 3 100s chasing in knock outs of remaining world cups or champion trophy matches to close the debate for once and all
  15. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    Even though it might be taking this ' quality of bowling ' factor into account, I doubt as to how much weightage is given to this factor. For me this factor is of supreme importance because of the fact that 'all it needs for a bowler is just a single quality delivery to pack even a super quality batsman back to the pavilion and there by discontinue thru that inns of his for ever'.For instance take Graeme Hick. He was glorified as the second coming of Bradman when he came into the scene because of his penchant for building mammoth inns feeding on the 120-130 km/hr range county bowlers..But all it needed was an 140-150 km/hr Ambrose to make him fade away from the scene even faster than he arrived.In other words, that little a bit difference in bowling speed or quality can make a huge difference to the fortunes of opposition batsmen because of the fact that such high quality bowlers can time and again produce that unplayable delivery thru out an inns that can make the batsman discontinue thru that inns of his for ever .
  16. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    I don't think peak takes into account the quality of the bowling faced on the avg:.Hence , this peak though a highlight of a career is not the 'all important matter'. I wonder, other wise how can somebody like Sachin who faced several ATG bowlers and had an avg: of 59.35 scoring a mammoth 13534 runs(still better than the 2nd highest aggregate of all time of Ponting) had a peak rating of only 898. Another point to note in Sachin's case is that ,with in his best phase of 41 tests where he scored 4335 runs @69.92 avg: he played only 11 tests in 2 years(1998 & 2000 combined . 1998 was the year Sachin was at his towering best in one dayers).So that also counts when we analyse the 'peak' factor.It means Peak is a highlight but not the 'all important thing'. Just saying the point by taking Sachin's example into account.
  17. Agreed.... convincing gap between a world cup final & champions trophy semi.On was SL attack & other was BAN attack despite Mustafizur a caliber bowler though.But there is a big big gap between 96* & a mere 35.Isn't it?? That's why I chose like that
  18. 96*(78) vs Bangladesh - reasons - chasing a mammoth total against a fairly good attack in a big tournament semi final.Not only that he scored a massive 96* too.This is his best attack. Then comes 35(49) in world cup final.Huge score board pressure. Two match winners already back in the pavilion.It was his knock along with that of Gambhir that put Indian chase back on track.Yes.... it was only 35 runs, but with out that India would definitely have lost that final.
  19. In the first test Paul Reiffel(26.96) & Kasprowicz(32.88) aided Shane Warne.If these combined three is atleast not a descent attack, then I don't know what would make it. And the same Kasprowicz was the chief architect of that Bangalore win.Yeah SL not winning a single test in India with Murali(22 avg:),Vas(29.55) along side Mahela,Sanga,Attapattu,Jayasurya(all great to good batsmen) is not a big news but India with Kumble(29.64),Harbhajan(32+) along with these batsmen not winning a series in Lanka(atleast Ganguly led India has 2 drawn series in Lanka & a 1-2 loss & total 3 test wins in Lanka) is a big news.Sorry to tell this, your double standards have no limits.Any way you keep on with your assumptions, I shall stick with mine.No regrets.
  20. But that Ausrtalian team had Shane Warne to operate on the most spin friendly conditions. Isn't it?And even after 'Murali became Murali' as per yourself ,Indians were virtually toying with him except for that 2008 Lanka series.No wonder Lanka could never win a test in India even with 'Murali became Murali'.And every body know as to what was the major factor in that 2008 Lanka series...that was simply ' Ajantha Mendis mystery' .And Sachin had the added 'tennis elbow' problem too which resulted in his undoing on that tour.Not only Sachin, every Indian batsman struggled.Except for Gambhir who had 3 50s, no body scored consistantly in that series. Even Sehwag, baring that glorious match winning 200 could do nothing.So it was the 'Mendis factor' that created the problem.Except for that series Sachin tackled Murali quite well even with his tennis elbow problem.And more importantly ,when a batsman plays so many quality bowlers, it is quite natural that he may find one bowler more difficult than some other bowler. So an almost 70 avg: in 41 tests with 18 100s against so many ATG bowlers is a brilliant purple patch effort . And hence I don't think that fault you find with Sachin is a valid one.
  21. Then why don't now a days higher averaging test batsmen have much higher averages when compared to those in the 90s in general? Now I would take 3 examples to justify my case. 1.Ponting(51.85,42.03)-Kohli(53.74, 55.74) 2.Lara (52.88,40.48)-Devilliers(50.46,54.06) 3.Dravid(52.31,39.16)-Amla(49.87,51.25) I have provided the test & one day avg:s of 6 batsmen , 3 each from 90s and 2000s .It carries a common trait.Their test avg:es all lie around 50.But their one day avg:es vary vastly in favour of now a days batsman.Based on that, do you want me to think that 2000's batsmen are more or less the same test quality , but vastly superior one day bats when compared to those in the 90s.?Let alone Ponting & Dravid, do you want me to conclude that the great Lara was such an inferior one day batsman when compared to Devilliers based on their averages??.No , I simply cant'. I would like to conclude like this.They are all more or less equal calibre batsmen comparable to one another.If any, 90's batsmen are lot closer one day batsmen to those of 2000's irrespective of huge average differences, but slightly inferior in general.And they are superior test batsmen when compared to those from 2000s by more or less the same difference level in one dayers, despite all of them having the averages around 50.This proves only one thing.The conditions are so condusive to batting now a days, yet current generation greats can't exploit that to their advantage except a certain Steven Smith.Only Smith with his 62+ is comparable to 90s greats.And generally these greats makes up for that deficiency thru their vastly superior averages in one dayers.On the other hand bits and pieces players and all rounders like Stokes,Woakes Jadeja,Ashwin,Ali,Philander etc etc & wicket keppers take adavantage of these battling conditions to their benefit . Hence the average of test bowlers pales in comparison to those from the 90s.Hope it is clear.
  22. pretty boring to watch but highly effective in these extreme batting friendly days.
  23. Not taking into account Smith's case here. Just taking Sachin's record alone.And 89 Nov to 97 Apr is not 10 years , only around 7.5 years.Even in this period , Sachin was a rookie till Mar 93 ENG series.Sachin's peak period which I filtered out pales nothing in comparison with any of the data of the players in the link you provided. This negates your claim that ' Sachin never had this ability to sustain form and score runs thru out the series '.He scored 2 100S vs AUS in one series.And more importantly when a batsman plays such quality set of bowlers thru out a stretch of time, you can't expect him to score multiple 100s series after series ,even 1 100 per series is great.All in all 70 avg: in 41 tests with 18 100s against 10 <25 avg:ing bowlers is as brilliant a peak one can ever get. And what is this ' Murali became Murali ' ???Agreed Murali would have become a slightly better bowler in the 2nd half of his career, but Sachin too was suffering from his tennis elbow injury during this period, it can be argued.Yet he did reasonably well against post 2000 Murali too. So all in all I think it is not sensible to do a postmortem of this peak period.To me the data i filtered out is absolutely brilliant in every sense.
  24. Sachin's peak is a sequence from 17 apr 1997 to 19 apr 2002 where he played 41 tests, 69 inns scored 4335 runs @69.92 average.And he had 18 100s & 14 50s too.And he played only 11 tests in 98 & 2000 combined.The more important thing here is the set of bowlers he had to cope with.They were Ambrose,Walsh,Bishop,Akram,Waqar,Donald,Pollock,Mcgrath,Warne & Murali.All sub 25 avg:ing bowlers. To avg: almost 70 facing 10 ATG bowlers is the epitome of peak for me.And to think that he played only 11 tests in 2 of those peak period years & also had to cope with huge loads of expectations makes the feat even more memorable.Whether he crossed 900 points or not does not count
  25. I don't think your accusing of Sachin "never had penchant of scoring humongous runs series after series" is true.There are 21 or 22 series in which Sachin scored >=100runs/test. Agreed that Sachin's highest series aggregate was 493 in that 2008 AUS series.But that was not Sachin's fault. It just happend that in his peak(starting from 93 ENG series to 2010 SAF series) Sachin played only 6 'more than 3 tests' test series.And in several of the other '3 or less tests' series Sachin scored hugely.Can Sachin be blamed for those series being so short???????

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