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  1. rtmohanlal

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    not defending Pandya by any means because no doubt he should have done lot better especially with the bat. still feel Pandya is not the problem in the larger scheme of things as of now because he still has performed with the ball & played such a crucial part in the win in the 3rd test .It is not the case of 'all is well that ends well' . Rahul,Dhawan,Kartik & Vijay are the ones who basically lost the series.
  2. rtmohanlal

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    the need of the hour is to find Gangulys & Dravids & even Sachins who straight away become a huge success in their first or 2nd tour to SENA. For that talented youngsters need to be given chances at very young age and trial and error method needs to be done consistantly until we find a few such players to fix the top 6.When tried and tested failures like Dhawan, Pujara & Kartik are given such extended runs, these are going to happen.
  3. Dhawan & Rahul should be kicked out of team ASAP.
  4. has been saying this several times. This team simply doesn't have the all round batting variety & skill to succeed as a unit in all conditions. As of now only Kohli & Rahane are the 2 above par performers having been brilliant in 3 out of the 4 of SENA. All the others in top 6 are far from adequate. And there is not a single player in this batting unit who averages 40+ in ENG. That says a lot. This mainly happend because of the team management's reluctance to test talented youngsters in home matches,dead rubbers , against lower ranked teams etc etc.Instead they persisted with proven failures like Dhawan,Pujara etc.Pujara's name may raise a few eye brows, but he has been far from being consistant in SENA. Only a complete hack left handed batsman in the top 6!!!!! To add to that, treating one day matches as preparation for test matches!!!!! How can this team succeed???
  5. rtmohanlal

    Batting order

    no need of changing order. All players need to perform their roles with a positive frame of mind.That is the best chance to fetch a win. Almost 2 days are left... Both time and no: of overs will not at all be a problem. So playing with confidence is the key.
  6. rtmohanlal

    Guess the margin of defeat for India?

    just hope they play with a positive frame of mind with out thinking too much about the result, the likes of Pant,Ashwin,Pandya seems to put too much pressure on themselves with a negative frame of mind. Seems they are already in a 'loser' frame of mind when they are at crease. THat needs to change. Fight and lose, then no problem.
  7. he would have been taken to cleaners if he came across Ganguly,Gambhir etc That was their class
  8. Rahul & Dhawan -- lot below par as openers Rahane -needed to maintain his avg: of around 33 in ENG( sine he has been brilliant in other 3 of SENA), but a bit off from that Ashwin - lot expected of him with the bat to rise to the occasion but surprised as to what happend to the same man who scored 2 100s in WI and got out to a spinner for 0 Pandya - would forgive him because he won it in the 3rd test, but yet a 20 ood would have been very helpful Pant - for a rookie with an uncluttered mind should have played with utmost positive frame of mind. Instead went into his shell. India still have a chance if they treat 4rth inns as normal because this is not still Indian mine field last day pitch.Having played quality spinners in domestic all the time back home, some one like Moeen shouldn't at all be a problem for them. So this is all about mental adjustment especially by the 2 openers. That would be most critical in 4rth inns
  9. no variety in batting line up .. for a start this batting top 6 is no way near the calibre of Sachin era. So to compensate for that by at least a fair share left hand-right hand variety is needed. And that does not exist.
  10. rtmohanlal

    What can we Chase ?

    spot on ...all depends on these 2 off colour openers who needs to put on a decent partnership of atleast 75. Pitch is not that seamer friendly as of now. If they succeed in this India have very good chance
  11. rtmohanlal

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Big disappointment so far ...And we cannot blame even the team management. They gave him enough chances .Badly wish he played a good 2nd inns so that team have any chance of chasing down set target. Lot depends of him and Dhawan and both of them has been hugely off the mark till now.
  12. rtmohanlal

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    disappointed today. Expected a 40-50 runs from him or Ashwin. Both were off which hurt the team cause. Still he deserves his chances
  13. rtmohanlal

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    he deserves his chances lot more..... yet was extremely disappointed by his approach today. Being a rookie he needed to show that nothing to loose positive approach just like Sam Curran did. Instead he went to his shell as if the entire responsibility laid on his shoulders. And that hurt the team cause too.
  14. rtmohanlal

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    brilliant brilliant from Pujara today , especially the way he build partnerships for the last 2 wkts and took the lead.But he is such an expert on spin friendly conditions and he naturally played his part. Having said that he still is not an assured option for a top 6. His primary kid level running which hurt the team cause a lot and his still over all mediocre record in SENA can't be concealed by today's knock alone and hence deserved all the criticism that came his way.
  15. rtmohanlal

    Is this guy Pujara for real

    this man needs to do it for the team ..... if he can do even 1/3rd(means playing to his full potential) of what the great Dravid did, the entire cricket fans of the nation will be sooooo grateful to him.Tomorrow is such a vital day of the entire tour and he is the most decisive factor. He needs to do it for the team
  16. i don't understand the OTT criticism Ashwin is getting here.Agreed he could have done a bit more, but 246 still is a fine performance by bowling unit. Now it is up to the batting to show up. Put at least 375 on the board and then can have a chance.
  17. rtmohanlal

    Alastair cook is running out of time !!!

    definitely... Cook still has a slight chance... but for that he needs to hit top gear at the earliest. But if he continues with the current form even till the end of this series, I am afraid it would even be curtains for him.
  18. yes ... there might be some others who would have been destructive in every sense in few series when compared to Sachin .. But for me , if I take each and every batting factor in both formats, give marks to each factor , then take the sum of these marks , Sachin would emerge out on top among all batsmen as of now, baring Bradman & Viv .Any way that's my stance and as you said , it is high time to give a break at least for now
  19. 13500 runs is way way more than 8000 runs, infact around 69% more to compare one another !!!!!!!!. Any way it is what I feel to be correct and as you said it seems high time to give it a rest.
  20. how do we actually define impact??????. Any way when a batsman avg:s 40+ in all countries he batted, i do not have any doubt in my mind that he was such a so called 'impact' player.And if you are indicating to 'win' by impact , I do not believe in that because cricket is simply a team game where others too need to step up. For instance take Sachin's 116 & 52 at Melbourne against the bowlers of an ATG team.For me this performance was the epitome of impact because of being against ATG team/bowlers in their own country,already lost the first test, facing a huge 405 deficit,being captain etc etc. But the fellow top order batsmen contributed peanuts and the match was lost.Similarly his 241* & 60* at Sydney, 68 & 119* at Old Trafford, 47 & 113 at Wellington etc etc too were of such so called 'impact' because of various factors. any way each to their own...
  21. i am not picking peak stats for Sachin... Just stating the obvious factor that Sachin was such an exceptional talent. Normally a highly talented batsmen play enough in first class cricket at around 16 to 21 and then gets elevated to higher test level if they are good enough. But with Sachin, he went one step further in that at the age of 16 y 212 d , he straight away went to the higher test level and then eclipsed all other major fellow batsmen of the team in performance before he turned 20 years. So basically it can be said that Sachin because of being such unbelievably talented, went straight away to level 2 , polished himself in that phase and then 'presented his full potential in level3 with 13500 runs', where as others could polish themselves in level 1 only and showcase their full potential in level 2 only.And that is why Sachin's 13500 runs in level 3 phase is adequate enough to tower Ponting's full 13289 runs.And hence we cannot associate peak factor with this scenario which is highlighted by the fact that 13500 & 8000 and not any wear near to one another for a comparison.
  22. the reasons for these i have already stated..... once again,Don and Viv were soooo far ahead of their contemporaries. Naturally when such batsmen are compared with another great batsman with much larger longevity from another era, they posses this factor as their strength to overtake the batsman with much larger longevity.
  23. First of all , Sachin scored 13500+ runs( still larger than 2nd best Ponting in all time list) at 59.35 avg: in the vast major chunk of his career.And several bowlers who avg:d <25 like Ambrose,Walsh,Bishop,Donald,Pollock,Steyn,Fanie Devilliers ,Akram,Waqar,Asif,Shane Bond,Mcgrath,Warne(baring his last few tests),Stuart Clark,Murali bowled against him during this phase.What not, the 2nd string of Fleming,M.Johnson,Gilliespie,Mcgill ,Akhtar,Saqlain,Dion Nash, Cairns, Streak, Gough ,Cork ,Caddick,Swann, Ntini, Morkel, Vaas, Herath, Lee, Harmison , Hoggard etc is almost similar in potency to the current bowlers group in general.Another factor is that the amount of pressure from various factors that Sachin faced thru out his career was unreal. Players like Giles,Trescothick,Prior,Trott runs away in midst of tours not being able to cope with intense pressure .I would give an extra 2 for Sachin for this pressure factor alone. So for me that avg: needs to be about 68 with 8000 runs.THen I will consider such a batsman better to Sachin in tests. How many batsmen avg: superbly in all 3 formats baring a Kohli.??? If there were several of them, then I would say juggling 3 formats has its effect.
  24. who claims longevity is the only paramater???? But it certainly is a major parameter . Bradman, Richards & Lara .... when each of them are compared with Sachin, there are certain prominent factors that make them comparable with Sachin. For eg: take Bradman... his avg: is almost twice and he was so far ahead of his contemporaries. Similarly Viv .... He was striking at 70+ in tests when every body was doing it in 'lower to upper 40s' ,And in one dayers VIv was so faaar ahead of his contemporaries.So both combined, Viv was faaaar ahead of any of his contemporaries.And take note, these players played in far lesser protective gear era when compared to Sachin.Means Viv & Bradman had other factors working for them to counter Sachin's longevity.I rate both Bradman & Viv greater batsmen than Sachin. Now to Lara... .Him being from same era as that of Sachin, longevity counts because they were from the same playing circumstances.His ability to construct mammoth inns was unparalled. But he was not that good in all countries and against all bowlers like Sachin.And in onedayers he was not that good as Sachin. So all in all he was in the same league as Sachin but slightly inferior.Again keep in mind Lara has adequate longevity in both formats to even start a comparison with Sachin. But with Kohli that is not the case. Kohli as of now has not even scored 38% of test runs that Sachin could score.First let him score at least some 10000 runs in these much batting friendly era. Then only it is sensible to even start a comparison, i feel. Again Kohli definitely is moving in that direction . He has got such high potential to reach those heights
  25. rtmohanlal

    Alastair cook is running out of time !!!

    Seems it is a permanent down fall for Cook unless something extra ordinary happens.It also shows as to how tough it is to maintain high level of performance over longer periods of time. This guy,Pujara ,Vijay etc are struggling in the only format they are playing...

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