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  1. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    when analysing players like Miller we should also take into account the other factors ( adversities & advantages) related with them.For instance he played only 55 tests in a period of almost 10.5 years.So he lacks longevity & had enough breathing space between matches(not much work density).More over the bowling support unit he belonged to was immensely strong.The bowlers who played along with him all thru his career had a combined bowling avg: of around 26. Keep in mind it was some 37.5 for a player like Kapil.And there were some 8 batsmen during his times who avg:ed over 48.That means batting was not generally difficult either.And to add to these Miller was virtually untested in subcontinent. From the 'ball count' of list of available test inns of Miller, he was not an aggressive batsman either.So can't be predicted as to how he could have adapted to 'one day format' where 'econ:' & 'str: rate' are the keys.No doubting the fact that Miller was an ATG all rounder. But in rating players these factors do count.Just my cents.
  2. What happened to Hemang Badani?

    Not good enough.... as simple as that
  3. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    It has a lot with the general relationship between the two countries. On one side both nations are politically & historically bitter enemies of sort.But people share almost common cultural traits.Because of these cultural similarities,most Indian players who have played against Imran share good relationships with him.And these players are not sort of street rowdies either to go on public personnel mud sligging with Imran. And some Indian players have severely criticised PAK in general w.r.t tampering too while others have expressed their serious doubts w.r.t this. In short not all are 'Manjrekar type'. They just don't go over the top because of the above said facts.That's all.
  4. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Not sure about others , but there is nothing other than to suggest that the players i specified in my earlier msg:s who criticised Imran were not for tampering .And for me players who didn't resort to it like Kapil & Botham, how ever lesser be in number, deserves lot more credit. Any way each to their own
  5. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Ofcourse there might be some players who suggests that to be legalsied(some might have actually involved in it & some might have witnessed other bowlers doing it) & some other are there who strongly condems that too. Any way , using other tools to alter the shape of ball is unethical & unfair & cheating what ever way you look at it. it doesn't matter x, y and z did it. Quite naturally some body who didn't resort to it have to get more credit. That is my point of view.
  6. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    I have put forward some names in my earlier posts.They all were Imran's contemporaries too...For your info:, they accuses Imran in varying levels .
  7. Fakhar Zaman was disappointed with Dhoni

    These Pakistanis so desperately want whole of India to cry & sing their glory songs w.r.t this defeat so that they intend to get lot of mental satisfaction.
  8. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Perhaps I can't recall the instance of Hadlee stating 'tampering should be legal' or I am hearing this for the first time. Any way if it has to be believed, then this indicates to one more thing. Hadlee too was guilty of involving in this illegal exercise at least in minimal levels when compared to Imran.Other wise, if he was cent percent saint in this matter, he would have vehemently opposed to such an unethical matter.That is just psychological. In the late 70s & early 80s there were a handful of world class bowlers in Lillee, Thompson,Hadlee,Imran,Wasim,Kapil, Bohtam ,Willis,Underwood,Marshall,Roberts,Holding,Garner,Clarke,,Walsh etc etc. Of these the only one bowler who played a lot 86 tests,with out any bowling support & yet ended up with an ATG average of 22.31 was Hadlee. I often wondered about how a bowler could end up that good against such a load of adversities and marvel about his quality as abowler. Now that I come to realise this statement of his, I am forced to firmly believe that he too had his fair share of this evil .That inturn raises the esteem of both Kapil & Botham in my mind even more.Kapil was clean w.r.t this factor.Botham too, despite having issues w.r.t some drugs discipline etc etc was clean in this matter .So both gets even more credit in my book.
  9. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    'Botham spoke about how hard it was to restrict the book to 50 personalities and even expressed a desire to write on 50 greatest sportsmen of his time.Asked by the interviewer whether Pakistan great Imran Khan would be in it, Botham said: "No, he wouldn't get close. Wasn't good enough. It's not a personal thing. He just wasn't good enough." It can be recalled that Botham sued Imran Khan over ball-tampering in 1996 and lost. ' The above anecdote clearly indicates as to how Botham indirectly denotes the point of Imran's tampering by claiming 'Wasn't good enough' despite being well aware of the stats of Imran & also being a little cautious w.r.t not going over the top in order to avoid further controversies.
  10. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Botham ,Lamb & Smith does not rate Imran that high.Sandhu has clearly said that he doesn't consider Imran as better to Kapil. Maninder has severely criticised the PAK bowling of 83 IND series for tampering.Mohinder & Sastri expressed their serious doubts w.r.t Imran's effectiveness in that 83 series. People like John Reid has made a mockery of Imran. And all these names I have mentioned, never have till now come up with their lists of all rounder or some thing like that any where..So I am not sure about you claims here.
  11. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Bradman is an exception so far ahead of his contemporaries, and that too in test cricket(i mean not only in first class cricket alone).So he is proven.Lillee... i am not sure... whether he would come out on top in comparisons with proven all conditions bowlers like Marshall. Players like Procter,Rice .... no...they don't have even decent sample size in test matches..I just can't ... this because of the proven fact of so many players who were found wanting outside their comfort zones at international level like Sehwag,Warner,Mahela,Kumble etc etc.Any way... each to their own.
  12. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    My stance on this matter goes in these lines.I just ask my conscious as to what to do with a player, let alone several of his contemporary opponents or other game related people, even whose country men came forward with statements in public that he was seriously involved in this unfair tactics of tampering.That means he was unethical & unfair & cheated. My stance always is to discredit such credentials & credit others who were always fair. If I still am to rate Imran so highly, then I should just accept that it was Ben Johnson who won 100 mtrs in Seoul Olympics & not Carl lewis.And I just can't accept both of their credentials.
  13. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    It is not a matter of 'being nice' mate .... it is a matter of 'confusion' & a matter of 'some sense'. Any way 'tampering' has nothing to do with his batting.That being the case i go by my 'sense of analysing' in that he would have ended with some where in the range 28-30 with out tampering(the work density & support bowling factors still counts as such though). More over this 'tampering would have hugely influenced his one day bowling too .Any way I think, still with his batting credentials so superior to that of Hadlee in both formats & his captaincy credentials, he would just get a little ahead of Hadlee. Just my thoughts.
  14. Is it time to try Krunal in place of Jadeja?

    "I just filtered out his 30+ inns in one dayers... he has 22 such inns where he remained not out on 12 occasions.He has such scores every where. Means... if properly utilised at 6 or even 5 he would be able to contribute even more with the bat.12 not outs in 22 inns means , if he settles in he can play long innings. And his 85 str: rate is good enough for a 5th position it seems. I don't think any team baring one or may be two teams at the moment has a no:5 who avg:es 32 @85 and 35 with the ball, i mean both batting & bowling combined.Any why ... just my thoughts " went thru all the replies to the above msg: of mine.Yet I feel that those stats belong to a proven international player. Hence ,if he has regressed off late, a lot of the blame has to go to the team management .On a side note....it still disappoints me as to how the Indian management destroyed almost a certified ATG batsman like Sehwag .All these crores & crores of money, analysts, computer technology etc etc..yet these people do not have even the common sense to bat first in big final against an opposition like PAK being well aware of the scoreboard pressure such a match situation can create.Unfortunately that is what they are..
  15. Is it time to try Krunal in place of Jadeja?

    I just filtered out his 30+ inns in one dayers... he has 22 such inns where he remained not out on 12 occasions.He has such scores every where. Means... if properly utilised at 6 or even 5 he would be able to contribute even more with the bat.12 not outs in 22 inns means , if he settles in he can play long innings. And his 85 str: rate is good enough for a 5th position it seems. I don't think any team baring one or may be two teams at the moment has a no:5 who avg:es 32 @85 and 35 with the ball, i mean both batting & bowling combined.Any why ... just my thoughts
  16. Is it time to try Krunal in place of Jadeja?

    A player who avg:s almost 32 with a str: rate of 85+ after playing 134 matches means he is a caliber played indeed, atleast with the bat.Yes..with ball he might not be an all condition player.But he is a reliable lower order bat in any conditions. Why can't he be given more oppertunities at NO:6 & utilised his 'bowling based on conditions' ?? We must not forget that he is a quality test bowler, a useful lower order test batsman, a brilliant fielder & to project his case a genuine all rounder in first class cricket. Can't find lot of all rounders in any first class cricket who avg:s 44+ with the bat and 23 with the ball.For me , he only lags is in one day bowling. i would blame the management rather than him for not properly utilising such a player with a wonderful career record.
  17. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Playing quality spin in subcontinental conditions is completely different & exacly opposite beast altogether from playing in swing/seam conditions.So i have a big if w.r.t unproven players like Rice.Procter etc etc.Even with Miller that is the case.Any way each to their own.
  18. Is it time to try Krunal in place of Jadeja?

    knee jerk reactions on the basis of just a single loss.
  19. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Once again my top 5 are 1.Sobers 2.Kallis 3.Kapil 4.Botham 5.Imran reasons .... i have detailed in OP itself.
  20. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Finds it really strange to place Rice ,Procter etc etc over proven allrounders .Apartheid isolation or what ever it be , just first class record is not enough to evaluate Procter,Rice etc etc .There are so many examples of proven gaints like Sehwag,Hick ,Jayawardene,W.V.Raman, Mark Ramprakash ,David Warner etc etc who just didn't have the calibre to take it to test level or if they did, were found wanting in completely foreign conditions.
  21. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Just by going thru avg:s is as senseless as it can get. Faulkner lacks longevity, he played only in 3 countries(never played in subcontinent) and only played in one format. So finds it a bit senseless to place him along the likes of Kapil
  22. 1 Kohli can't chase & finish with huge mammoth scores at towering str: rates in each & every single game he is playing.After all he is also human.He played 2 chasing knocks in 2 immediate matches before.So he is bound to fail in one match or other.That happend in the final against a quality bowling attack chasing a huge score.So all in all that is not the problem because he avg:ed over 100 in the tournament despite failing in the final. 2. Not with his reputation as a clutch player.This because he has performed in world20s,he has brilliant knocks in champions trophy including finals ,and has chased down mammoth totals.Just need to to do a bit more in world cups & tournament finals.That is all. 3.What Kohli needed to do was to built a platform immediately after Rohit fell early.I mean he needed to be lot cautious,play out a few dot balls in the process and avoiding risks, needed to score some 35 runs of 50 balls before getting out. Then he could have repaired the early loss of Rohit & along with Dhwan could have took the score to say some 65 for 1 in the first 15 overs before getting out.This was the need of the hour. Had he done just that before getting out, the others who followed could have built on from where he stopped.Keep in mind this was just what he did in that 2011 world cup final after the immediate loss of Sehwag & Sachin.Here he got out soon after Rohit & the game ended then & there.And this was most felt when Hardik was going blazing with no one to give adequate support. It was this element with which I was most disappointed w.r.t Kohli on that day.Scoring a risk free ,casual low str: rate 35 or so score that would have got the team back on track. Despite playing so much , he didn't show the sense to do that . Your thoughts.
  23. ***SHOW-RESPECT: Indian and Pakistan Fans***

    yes... it is sickening ..Shamim.... but the root cause of this problem is that 'Kashmir' ... sorry ... can't deny it...When ever there is a period of time where there is a sort of calmness & seems every thing comes back to normal , all of a sudden we hears some disturbing news w.r.t Kashmir in the form of some cross border firing, killing etc etc.That is the main issue.Then this mutual blaiming, mudsligging etc starts again which gets reflected in all fields. Badly wished this 'root cause' could be solved.
  24. India vs Pakistan since 2003 Centurion

    don't forget that PAK bowlers tampering, with Kaptaan Khan taking the icing on the cake with his expertise in bottle top operations have always had considerable effect on the H-H records between 2 countries.
  25. India vs Pakistan since 2003 Centurion

    for me BH win was more emphatic crushing PAK by 8 wkts(chasing) & PAK were beaten by 6 wkts in league match too.you can assume that to 1/9 th or 1/100th but that hardly matters to me.Now w.r.t this match though the margin of defeat is by huge run margin , we have to take into account the factor that IND was chasing which is lot lot more pressure.So that 180 odd margin can't be taken in its face value.In other words, suppose India firstly itself assumed that 338 is almost impossible & that it is most sensible to play out 50 overs then they could easily have scored at least 275. So this 180 odd difference need to be analysed from the view point of batting 2nd and also against all the odds too. That is why i have always thought that w.r.t batting 2nd in one dayers chasing a huge total ,it won't make that much difference whether the end result be by 50 runs or 150 runs.This because chasing huge scores depending on the occasion gets lot lot more difficult than setting a target. on the other hand, i agrees that, if a team losses by huge margin after setting a target, then that loss is comparatively huge just as reflected by the end difference.

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