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  1. Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    yeah...one of the reasons to never ever expect a lot from BCCI & CO. Not having even the common sense to assume that chasing any descent total against Pakistan would have been huge pressure and there by opting to chase in an all important final against arch rivals.
  2. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    Moral of the story.....don't place much expectations on these money minded frauds.Then disappointment is the result which has been happening, which is happening & which will continue unless some dramatic changes occur for the good.Let alone experts, every tom dick & harry know that playing some practice matches in more or less similar conditions and pitches immediately before such and important tour would have helped a lot.Instead these frauds chose to play t20 matches with Lanka.
  3. Steve Smith technique

    what I meant is playing quality out and out pace & spin in more bowling favourable conditions. Yes he is convincingly better a test player than other modern day batsmen.Pujara ?????????? it is an insult to others to include this 'waste' along with their names.
  4. Steve Smith technique

    He has got the best method(I won't call that a proper complete technique to counter all conditions & all sorts of bowling by any means). to counter the prevailing generally flat conditions now a days.His supreme hand eye coordination & reflexes make sure his flaws in technique gets converted into advantage for himself in playing on such flat conditions in general.On the other hand the same method would have been his undoing more often if he played on pitches with more pace, bounce.swing etc etc .
  5. drop useless pujara, rohit and dhavan for the good. Play Jadeja too.He along with Ashwin ,Bhuvaneshwar,Saha & Pandya can provide more runs than these 3. Shami,Bhuvi,Ashwin,Jadeja ,Pandya & Bumrah can form 6 bowlers .Then go with 4 batsmen. Going by the averages itself Ashwin+Bhuvi provides the effect of a specialist batsman.Jadeja+Saha forms the effect of another specialist batsman.Hardik is the all rounder.Then 4 batsmen along with 2 specialist bowlers in Shami & Bumrah are only required.
  6. First I thought it to be Smith because of his much superior test record.Almost evenly distributed avg:s in all countries.One negative is the <30 avg: in Bangladesh which is the latest entry into 'non minnow' category.But has scored only 2 100s in the 3rd & 4rth match inns combined.Kohli lags Smith by around 9.5.Also his avg: in ENG: is so pathetic.Kohli has 4 100s in the 3rd & 4rth match inns combined.Just like Smith's over all avg: is convincingly more at home than abroad, Kohli's avg:s too are like that in more or less same proportions. All in all Smith is comfortably ahead in tests.And over all inns they played too is almost the same. But in one days Kohli is far ahead. An avg: difference of 12.5 despite playing more than double the no: of inns than that of Smith.Kohli has 32 100s to Smith's 8. Kohli avg:s 45+ in all countries.Smith has 7 countries where he avg:s <33(In South Africa 1 inns vs Ireland excluded.Also in Bangladesh too he has been paltry even if it was when Bangladesh was minnows). In these days where 50 is the bench mark of greatness in one dayers, this is a very moderate record.More over Kohli's over all avg: is more or less evenly distributed as 58.03 : 54.16 at home : abroad/neutral respectiverly. But for Smith the difference is so glaring.It is 58.8: 32.74.Yes.... Smith has played better impact inns in general when compared to Kohli in world cups , but Kohli too has been brilliant in champions trophy.And Kohli is vastly superior chaser & finisher. And in T20S there is no comparison. Kohli is miles ahead. Though tests carries the most weightage, Kohli's over all limited overs credentials is vastly superior to that of Smith. So it is Kohli for me.Thoughts....
  7. Kohli leads Smith by just about the same measure in limited overs as Smith leads Kohli in tests.Smith scored runs in India. All right, but he flopped in BAN(keep in mind BAN are not minnow any more, they are a lower ranked team) & was just about good in SL. Kohli murdered the same BAN & SL bowlers.'Rank turner' is decided only by 'fielders cooperating with the bowlers'. In that Pune test Smith got not 1 or 2 lives but 6 of them. What would have been a 61 series avg: at the best ended up as 71 as a result. So kudos to Smith, but to down play Kohli, who murdered the same bowlers against which Smith was at the best 'mere good' in the same conditions does not make any sense at all. " Mentos/Hajmola/Kamasutra/Centre Shock/Pan Bahar/Nidahas Trophy" - why such mere senseless emotional statements????? In clutch one day knocks both of them are at par with one another.Both of them played important roles in a world cup final match each.Other than that,if Smith played his role in 2 world cup knock outs, then Kohli also played 3 important knock outs in 'slightly lower to world cup' ICC champions trophy. Apart from that there is no comparison in one dayers. Kohli who avg:s 45+ in all countries he played in, is far ahead.Smith has a paltry 32+ avg: in 'away & neutral matches combined'.And even more paltry is that he avg:es <32 in 6 countries against non minnows.In these batting favourable conditions where 50 avg: is the bench mark, to avg: such less in several countries is a very ordinary track record.And to add to that Kohli is such a successful chaser and finisher of huge totals, a very important feat in inself in limited overs . And in T20S, though much lesser important, it is a no contest. So all in all, as of now I don't find any thing that separates them.
  8. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Things went as expected.Nothing strange. Because this has been happening for years now.A very important tour coming up, greedy BCCI arranges a home series of not only test matches , but limited overs too with Srilanka as a preparation for that tough series ,naturally players have no recent experience of tackling such fast bowling units in adverse conditions and they wilted under pressure. What is so strange in this?Atleast in the 90s , there were some 2 or 3 practice matches with high quality first class teams before tests.
  9. Sri Lanka might have done South Africa a favour

    Nothing more to expect from this crap money oriented BCCI
  10. easy to create blind emotional statements. Sooo difficult to justify claims with logic
  11. For what ??? Just because Kohli was bad in a single test ??
  12. How many warm up matches of the sort I suggested did they play before setting off for the tour?May be one or most probably 2.That's not at all enough.Minimum of 5 to 6 such matches needed to have played in the most fastest of pitches and seam conditions in India.But,despite having all the facilities, they didn't do that, which is the most unfortunate thing. On a side note, never expect much from this BCCI and the core, one will get only disappointed.When money is all that matters, such results are the order, any way.
  13. some knee jerk reactions. Kohli & Smith are more or less of the same level. Smith convincingly ahead of Kohli in tests.In limited overs it is vice versa.Both of them slightly behind ABDV over all.
  14. Always wonder as to why they don't play some 4 day practice matches by making 2 teams from team members itself along with some promising youngsters in the most pace bowling conditions and pitches in India before turning out for such important tours.
  15. Only 3 batsmen in Indian cricket team

    Kick Pujara out from the team or either ask him to open.He kills the whole momentum.The only place has has been successful out side home against a strong side has been SAF. Now he is proving worthless there too.Just because of his track record in Asia he is being played at the cost of ' confirmed team losses'.If India can't win at home even with all rounders like Ashwin,Pandya,Jadeja & Saha in the side along with 5 main batsman & still hence still need the service of Pujara, they don't deserve to play.
  16. So how much we can chase in 4th innings?

    to be aggressive & play the shots at every oppertunity seems the method in this pitch.Out and out defending seems highly ineffective.
  17. Dale steyn wont bowl in this test again

    To be frank ,though feel for Steyn, quite relieved that he is most probably out of the series.This because , other wise it would have been a night mare facing 3 sub 25 avg:ing bolwers + Morkel who has been avg:ing around 22 in this season in favourable conditions for the Indian batting line up.And some things needed to sort out a bit for Kohli's bizare selections too.
  18. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    On what basis are they carrying along the 6' 3 useless Ishant sharma?????
  19. Asian batsmen in South Africa

    Samaraweera brilliant.He wiped out his 'flat track bully' tag to a fair extend thru that performance.Sachin the undisputed best in SAF, both longevity and average combined. Virat and Rahane left out??????
  20. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    Yeah...yet some people like you just degrade him unnecessarily thru odd 'nothing related to the topic ' comments .So when you replied specifically to my topic, went a little bit over the top.That's all. " when you are clearly hyping Sachin unnecessarily" - w.r.t your statement of this, I have clearly explained as to the reasons for defending Sachin thru crystal clear stats and the contexts Sachin played in.Infact people like you were belittling Sachin at the first place.I only responded.So you were the instigators, not me. That is not selective criteria... that was the context Sachin played in which I believe to have a lot of sense.You shall not agree with me nor do i compel you to agree with me.I still consider Sachin to be comfortably superior and I have my sets of logics to justify myself.Hence I do not want you to 'make me admit Smith's superiority'.
  21. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    That... chronic Sachin haters like you cannot understand and are never going to accept.Of the 6 series i specified, 5 were played abroad, to be more precise 2 in WI,2 in AUS & 1 in ENG(even tougher than scoring in Asia for an Asian batsman) .All in all Sachin played 22 tests spread among these 5 series, played only 35 inns and remained not out on 4 occasions.That means, even in this relatively much smaller number of oppertunities and much tougher assignments, Sachin played only 31 completed inns in 22 tests. BTW , I am talking only about Sachin here and the reasons for the supposed drawbacks of his , not about Smith or any other batsman.To be more precise, all factors and reasons taken into account, some other batsman may be slightly better to Sachin in one factor, but Sachin would be better to him in some other factor.Like wise, several batting factors taken into account Sachin has lot more boxes ticked than a lot of other batsmen and that's why he is regarded as one of the GOAT.
  22. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    Mate ... i am fed up with your logic to be frank.This because, even after pointing the reasons with crystal clear statistical evidence as to why Sachin couldn't pile up mammoth numbers in the same manner as Smith , you are again into this.Once more and for the last time for you. 1. from 93 ENG series( before that and after 2011 world cup data neglected due to teenager & terminal decline reasons) till 2011 world cup, Sachin racked up 13534 runs @ 59.35 avg:. Keep in mind 59.35 not far behind 63.5 despite Smith scoring only <6000 runs as of now. This Sachin achieved against 15 or 16 <25 avg:ing bowlers that include 11 ATG bowlers.Hence for me this 59.35 is much superior than Smith's 63.5.On a side note, Saeed Anwar and Charles coventry both have highest score of 194(same numerical value) in one dayers, but they definitely are not the same as far as 'greatness' value is concerned. 2. Sachin played only 6 >=4 test series during the above said phase.This, along with the vast number of one dayers/year India was playing had a telling effect on Sachin never crossing 500 runs in a series & never crossing 900 rating points.For instance, in his peak period of a 41 tests stretch where he averaged 69.92,he played only 11 tests in 2 years,that is in 1998 & 2000. Now even after specifying these,if you don't accept with me, then that's ok.Let me stick on with my verdicts.
  23. Parthiv dropped Gillespie to make what followed to happen
  24. India should have taken some risks and carried on and on as they they could into the 3rd day.By the close of 2nd day they were 650 for 5.On the 3rd day both Sachin and Parthiv added 55 runs in just 7.3 overs before Parthiv got out.Still there were Irfan,Kumble,Agarkar to give support to Sachin.At that point of time , instead of sending 'all at sea' Agarkar to company Sachin, Ganguly should have send left hander Irfan to support Sachin and should have scored as much runs as possible in the 1st inns itself.Then taking a chance and making AUS follow on was the need of the hour.But as it turned out to be,a golden oppertunity was wasted.
  25. Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    First of all avoid terms like 'prestige', 'sachinista' etc etc just because some body opposes to your opinion.The problem is that you simply don't understand the basic senselessness in comparing two batsmen whose flows of careers are chalk and cheese apart.Sachin started so early as a mere teenager at 16 years & 235 days or so old.That is so extraordinary because no body ever till to date has debuted so early and yet became 'good' right from the start.Yet he averaged a healthy 41 in AUS,SAF,ENG,NZL&PAK combined even before he turned 20 and that too facing much higher quality bowlers.Keep in mind he didn't even turn into a fully grown up adult by the time he finished his first round of abroad tours. Naturally you can't expect such a young teenager to keep blazing away right from the start.And his peak started from only 93 ENG tour.On a side note , for me the 2nd GOAT batsman is Viv Richards who averaged a mere 50.23 after scoring just 8540 runs or so.If i take phase by phase comparison of Sachin & Viv based on pure stats, that doesn't make any sense.

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