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  1. don't think Bhuvi is an all conditional one day bowler . Khaleel & Siraj deserve to get their chances especially a left hander like Khaleel.
  2. Don't understand the real thought process of the team management..... mediocre Kartik still playing....And Rayudu still.... Shreyas Iyer had been shaping up fine and he is not in the team for some strange reasons....
  3. when will our selectors realize this simple fact that if a certain Kohli can come out from this system, they can trace out at least a few more( if not other 5 of them) of 'very close in calibre to Kohli' batsmen for the top 6 from the same system itself??? Sick of coming across these shame less moron parasite hacks barking out loudly despite earning crores and crores at the expense of very important series losses.
  4. yes shame less moron ....... what you said is just like 'ordinary guys claiming that they too are scoring runs in their near by local cricket matches'. So what is the difference ?' . And we know that shameless parasites like you won't go voluntarily.After all it would be very convenient to keep on earning crores at the expense of extreme disappointments of millions and millions of cricket fans across the country.Isn't it??? Naturally, hope some sensible officials kick you out of the test team for ever for good. If selectors with a little more sense worked with the team, you wouldn't be in the one day team either because it is only a matter of basic common sense to know that there are lots of promising youngsters coming up and there would definitely be a few of them at least who can be those multidimensional all format batsmen at least nearer to Kohli in over all calibre and hence hacks like you can be ruthlessly kicked out.
  5. rtmohanlal

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    India had already done that in 1985 B & H WSC final itself . BTW, surprising that you created a thread to congratulate for a win in a mere league match in a very low profile tournament??? ... embarrassing .... come on man .... there are so many important things in life that needs lots of attention .
  6. i think the majority of the Indians are sensible enough to treat a game of cricket as it is .There are lot more multi level important things in life than this. When compared to those things a game of cricket is worth mere grass value.
  7. this shame less moron parasite keeps on doing what he does best ......hope game loving people from every fraternity in the country come together to blast this moron and throw him out of the dressing toom.
  8. rtmohanlal

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    Both Sourav & Laxman,especially Sourav too had such low passage in their careers. if we have only 5 batsmen now, then we have better all rounders than from the earlier era to provide those extra runs.Yes all the batsmen who played in this ENG series baring Kohli were so better to Rahane. On a serious note, coming AUS tour will be a major indication for me to realize as to whether what I believe about his stats is true or not.Till then I would believe in what I think about him to be true. And again , I am not at all interested in arguing for the sake of it. So , this will be the final point w.r.t this , specifically to you from my part
  9. rtmohanlal

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    w.r.t avg: of 33 , i have already stated the reasons to you before. W.r.t big scores , you need to compare both Sourav's and Laxman 's record not only over all , but also in SENA specifically because both were middle order players.
  10. rtmohanlal

    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    Ganguly is an over rated captain, doesn't mean he was bad either.As a captain what he did was to play the dirty game of taking all the slaps that came his way by himself .This allowed a group of extremely talented players around him to express freely. From that point of view and also because of his lower batting position , his avg: of 42+ with such longevity is not at all over rated for a pure batsman.
  11. rtmohanlal

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    i will start to blame Rahane only if he starts to fail in his strong zones. In the last 2 years he played only 2 inns in SAF, one of his strong zones, But he could play only 1 test in a very bowler friendly series and one of his inns was a top score of team inns which won the match for India.So that is not at all convincing to write off Rahane. From my game watching experience I have went thru a lot where top players would play brilliantly in their strong zones , then will be a pale shadow in their week zone, then again would be like duck into water in their strong zones. For instance Dravid was paltry in 1999 Aus series but in the next ENG series (his strong zone he was virtually unstoppable). Similar was the case with Ganguly too. Similarly Laxman was merely good in both SAF & WI series in 2006. But when the AUS series in 2007 came he hit top gear. Sachin was always playing the catch up game in SAF till his final series in which he rectified his record so emphatically. But this didn't detract him from hitting top gear in almost all other series.Similarly Sehwag was always below par in all except AUS in SENA. But when his turn in AUS came, he rose to his brilliant best except in the last series when he was steadily declining due to slowing reflexes. So several examples are there to prove my point. Based on that, unless Rahane fails alarmingly in next tours to AUS,NZL & saf , I would not write him off.
  12. rtmohanlal

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    who are these others leaving Kohli aside????? Dhawan? Rahul? Vijay? Pujara ? Pujara still has only 2 100s in about 41 inns in SENA. And his recrod in each one of SENA has been 'average to pathetic' at best. Rahane not only has been brilliant in SENA , but has been like that in SL and WI too. Rahane's only problem has been in India , but here too he avg:s around 33.Pujara sucks in WI too.
  13. rtmohanlal

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    our team is rich filled with a top 5 apart from Rahane who has scored mammoth 100s in abundance as of now in SENA . So Rahane when compared to them has been pathetic
  14. rtmohanlal

    No sympathy for ‘rude’ Australians from Moeen Ali

    Moin is right . ...... Aussies crosses all the limits...... some antics of players like Warner resembles mad stray dogs. They get too personnel at times. Even their crowds try to mentally break down opposition players along with their media.
  15. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    you believe in what ever you like
  16. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    Ganguly was captain otherwise he would have been dropped earlier.Again We were not a World class side back then but now we are no 1 and have many options.We can't carry Rahane much longer if he is going to struggle at home. ok ... you people believe in what ever you want... even 7,8,9 like Ashwin,Jadeja,Pandya,Kuldeep etc can bat at home adequately enough to compensate for the shortcomings of one Rahane. No: 1...... we all witnessed what happend to the so called no:1 team in the last 2 abroad series. OOOH.... yes options are standing in queue like Rahul, Vihari,Pant etc etc who all average over 100 in SENA as of now...... especially Rahul who has been sooooooo brilliant in all 3 of the SENA series he played till now.
  17. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    i have explained such thoroughly as to why Rahane's last 2 years record don't count much in one of my earlier post.If recent form is all that matters then we can replace Rahane with Wasim Jaffer
  18. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    Ganguly was dropped After Zim tour. but went on to play 113 matches...
  19. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    yes Ganguly was better in other areas.... agreed . But as a pure batsman Rahane's record is of a bit more worth because of his much more rounded record in SENA. And for the prevailing situation in the team with all rounders like Ashwin,Jadeja,Pandya too able to provide with runs at home and in ASIA, I would prefer Rahane over Ganguly as a pure batsman in my team . If Rahane fails in the next AUS series, then it is worth having a discussion. And the most important factor you specified.... replacements ..... do we have as of now????? if there are 5 batsmen who can replace all except Kohli, I would happily drop Rahane from the list.
  20. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    You can't go by past tours.Fact is Rahane is No youngster if after 50 test he avg 40 There is something Wrong.He struggle against Spin are well documented he got 5 tests in England and 4 more to go in aus if he Fails he will be dropped. Ganguly after 50 tests & 86 inns avg:ed 40.97 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/28779.html?class=1;spanmax1=15+dec+2001;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting Would you have dropped him too??????
  21. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    Last 2 years Rahane Has been Poor at home so it was expected he would struggle overseas.No 5 is generally the best place to bat overseas but still he has struggled.If he performs poorly in aus he has to dropped. yeah ...just because he is not that perfect at home to counter spinners, we can automatically assume that he would struggle overseas in dealing with seam/swing( entirely different technique required as against spinners) etc ,despite him having such proven credentials in general in those overseas conditions as of now. I don't understand the logic behind some of the Rahane criticizers. In ENG , he struggled because his technique is not that adapted to counter swing. In this regard the most perfect comparison is VVS. He always was brilliant in AUS , but was only at the best 'good' in ENG.So based on his just preceeded ENG performance, if VVS was dropped from his immediate AUS tour, does it make any sense??? Similarly Kapil was always brilliant in AUS and modest in ENG.To drop Kapil from the team based on his just concluded ENG series would have been as foolish as it can get. .And in 2 inns in SAF , in such a low scoring match,Rahane top scored with 48.You simply cannot associate this performance as a part of his general form in the last 2 years. Even in ASIA in the last 2 years he avg:ed 36+ which is worthy of a 5th position batsman whose main weakness is playing spin. So the fact is ,in the last 2 years Rahane played almost entirely in his moderate/poor zone (ENG & Asia) and hence his stats. We need to keep in mind that a batsman of Rahane's calibre is so difficult to trace out, one who avg: 50+ in 3 out of 4 in SENA. For a comparison just check the records of previous era batsmen. All had bogey countries. NZL,AUS for Ganguly, SAF for Dravid, ENG for VVS etc etc. For me Rahane would always be in my team , because every Devang Gandhi,Jayant Yadav,Sidhu,Sehwag etc etc can be tiger at home, but to be absolutely brilliant in alien countries of SENA is such a rare exceptional feat and such a batsman is extremely rare to find out.
  22. rtmohanlal

    Series positives?

    yeah ...we must expect Rahane to be absolutely marvellous in all alien countries he plays in . He already avg:s 50+ in 3 countries out 4 in SENA, that too from the comparatively lower 5th or 6th position in general . His only modest returns as of now is in ENG with an almost 30 avg: . From the previous era , even the most successful of all of those great batsmen, the legendary Sachin avg:ed <50 in 2 out of 4 in SENA. But with Rahane, any thing less than being brilliant in 4 out of 4 in SENA is a guilt and inadequacy .Isn't it???
  23. rtmohanlal

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    India was competetive with out a doubt this time when compared to 2011 & 2014, but yet the end result read worse than that of 2014, that is 1-4. This is why, what ever excuses the team management puts after the series cannot be justifications or remain as plain excuses. To be more precise, it can happen that a team can lose all tosses and it exactly happend in India's case. Naturally, based on the toss results & there by the decisions of opposition captain based on prevailing conditions , it can happen that a team would be forced to bat by chasing in 4rth inns in the majority of the matches.And that also happend in India's case.Was India prepared to meet such a situation for the series??? Definitely not... And that's where the whole blame lies on the management. They needed to play a set of batsmen who possessed the adequate temperament and technique reguired for such conditions and such match situations.
  24. Yes a lot has been said about Dhawan,Rahul,Kartik,Pandya and their below par performances.All the while this guy has been under performing silently. And he is about to complete a round in SENA . No..... he has played 2 series each in ENG & SAF. So all in all 6 series in SENA. The only series in which he did brilliantly going by at least stats was the recently concluded SAF tour. But if we take into account the bowling friendly nature of the series, even that cannot be termed as a great performances.Means 0 out of 6 performances in SENA where it matters the most.And he has <35 bowling avg: only in SAF of SENA. And at home and against lower ranked teams he has great avg:s .So essentially a mediocre bowler who feasted on conditions.Isn't it time to move on from him or at least use him as 2nd level or 3rd level options????? Discuss....
  25. Shami was one of the main reasons for the big difference of 4-1. As of now he has been only successful in SAF of SENA, that too because of the conditions so helpful to bowling in his 2nd series there. In the first series in SAF he was utter flop too. So , all in all he has been till now the bowling version of Pujara. Proven mediocrities like him are not at all going to help in the process of winning more matches in SENA.

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