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  1. 43 minutes ago, maniac said:

    No one is denying that from a total body of work Dhoni is a little ahead.


    However Butler’s knock against the Aussie attack yesterday and also his kncoks in the UAE(which is equivalent of a knock on English conditions for a SC batsman), to maintain that average at that strike rate is pretty impressive.


    Currently absolutely it is Butler hands down.

    Doesn't change my opinion even by a little bit.Just picking a few knocks and gloryfing str: rate does not do. Keep in mind  str: rate is per 100 balls. So Butler's almost 38.5  avg: & 117 str:rate  means  he scores 38.5 runs in  almost 33 balls. Dhoni scores 51.5 runs in  almost 58 balls. So more or less both are same in pure stats. But Dhoni scored those runs a decade back in more bowling friendly conditions in general. And all other things are convincingly in Dhoni's favour. So no comparison as of now.

  2. MS Dhoni by a country mile


    Dhoni has almost completed his full cycle of cricketing career.Butler has not even finished 1/3rd of his career

    Dhoni leads Butler by almost 13 runs in avg:,Butler leads Dhoni convincingly in str: rate though.But Dhoni's stats need to  analysed based on almost a  decade back yardstick of tougher batting conditions though.

    Then come the most important facts that tilts it completely in favour of Dhoni. Dhoni has been a big match player,a great chaser & finisher, a great aggressor towards the end of an inns all rolled into one. To add to that he has been an expert in rotating the strike with tailenders  in chasing and finishing matches. And has been good in alien conditions too.


    And in tests Dhoni has convincingly better record. And he has been a brilliant captain too.

  3. a cycle of abroad tours has been badly influenced by this 'one down' mediocre.Such a vital position  of 'being a bridge between openers and middle order stroke players' getting possessed by such a waste player.And then we wonder as to why we get thrashed in abroad tours.  Frankly I always always wanted this guy  gradually  get dropped out of the team by team management gradually grooming some promising highly talented youngsters.Now he has himself made it easy.

  4. 14 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    Kapil Dev threw his wicket like Pandya in the 1984 home series against Eng when we were trying to save a test,got dropped by Sunny after that incident which sparked a riot like situation in Eden. Fruits and eggs were thrown at Sunny who vowed that he would never step foot into Kolkata again. Read about it in some cricinfo article earlier,dunno about video. 


    In 1987 WC SF again he threw his wicket when we were comfortably placed in the chase, he was also captain in that match. 


    He was very disciplined with the ball and in the field but as @zen pointed out, serial underachiever with the bat. He should have averaged 40+, he was as good as Botham with the bat. 

    we must keep in mind that the incidents you indicated are far different from what Pandya did in the previous test.Yes... Kapil threw his wkt away, but it was his style of play & method.That's why he could score so many quality runs  against high class bowling on a lot of other occasions.Sometimes it fails.

  5. Some people who are blaming Kapil for bloking Sreenath and other youngsters,  need to check Kapil's series wise record towards the end of his career.Kapil was such a legendary all rounder who adjusted emphatically to all adversities he had to cope with thru out his career.When ever he realised(especially towards the end of his career with an aging body)  that the heavy work load & lack of support bowling was not at all going to help him, he took out his one day expertise into play and checked the run rate effectively.That's why I rate him so highly, infact the best of the FAB 4 of 80s.Kapil's bat avg: was not built by playing umpteen not outs when every tom dick and harry could buy some cheap runs especially against weaker teams, but by scoring quality runs in a murderous manner in the company of tail enders  when every body failed & also against great bowling units with the team in dire straits .Nor did he resort to cheap tactics like ball tampering  like the 'padosi Kaptaan' and some others of his times.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jimmy Cliff said:

    Finally up on Youtube probably at the right time considering the shower of shite served up in the 2nd Test. Warning: Don't get your hopes too high as it only features 5-6 fours/1 six from the knock. Kudos to the uploader nonetheless :clap2: .




    @Yantra  @rtmohanlal

    thanks a lot mate.... genuine dashing allrounder taking  the team  from 31/6 (still   trailing by 32 runs or so) to  a lead of some 150 single handedly against great bowling in toughest conditions.That was Kapil dev.Even if a few boundaries, it is worth watching.

  7. 4 minutes ago, velu said:

    what are all the other criterias other than carrying the burden of the billion expectations ?

    longevity,more or less uniform record in all countries,more or less uniform record against all countries, a lot of aggressive inns, a lot of defensive inns,  not much difference between home and away record,good track record against all sorts of bowling, great record against best team of their period especially away, brilliant  in one dayers too with almost all said above factors inclusive etc etc .I am sure the list may have a lot other factors too.

  8. 1. Never expect much from these money minded frauds .Going to get  disappointed on more occasions than not

    2.Unless super talented like FAB 5 of  the 90s(even then there was Ganguly & 'Gambhir to some extend'),select a left hand- right hand combination of batsmen(preferably 3-3).It's a basic knowledge that left-right batsmen at the crease make life lot more easier by disturbing the rhythm of bowlers a bit.

    3, Kick out proven failures who has failed in 3 out of 4 alien countries  in their first tours like Pujara,Dhawan,Rohit etc.They are bound to fail than not in subsequent tours too.

    4.Add a few left handed quality fast bowlers to the squad.

    5, Change the mindset of players and make them to  be positive all times at the crease with out worrying about failures.

  9. 1 hour ago, Wristy flick said:

    Looking at the ability(or lack of it) of our team in foreign conditions, u simply hv to b in awe of our batsmen of d previous generation..sehwag,sachin,dravid,laxman,ganguly sm1 put der hand up n scored those daddy hundreds..the sheer inability of this crop ag seam n movement is embarassing to say d least...

    These '5  together' has unarguably  been the best top order India have ever produced.Even the last 2 in the group, Sehwag & Saurav were brilliant in their own. Sehwag though was moderate in ENG,NZL &SAF(a lot of blame has to go to team management for this because it was not lack of talent or technique that caused such record) was literally a beast in other countries.Ganguly avg:ed almost 35+ in AUS,ENG,SAF,WI. In NZL where he avg:ed 27+, it has a lot  to do with that 2002 beastly bowling conditions. This despite being the captain of the team .And the FAB 5 faced much superior bowling attacks in general.


    When compared to these 5, the current group are pedestrians. 

  10. I  agree that players look insecure,scared,uncertain,mentally not upto the mark at the crease etc etc... but I would only slightly blame Kohli for that.This because the players are getting their chances time and again.Even proven failures like Dinesh Kartik,Parthiv,Ishant,Pujara,Rohit,Dhawan etc etc are getting their chances.That means they are always secured of their status as a national player,though not being able to play all the matches or formats.Yet they are not performing means they themselves are to blame.The previous era players were far better in this aspect.Laxman,Yuvraj,Raina,Dravid where not  all format or all match player,yet they were far better prepared at the crease than some of these players.  Kohli's fault is not always getting team combination right,not with players not given enough chances.                      

  11. And to think that all from that group except Laxman turned out to be very good to great one day batsmen too  speaks volumes regarding the fall in standards of current set of batsmen.Except Kohli they are all one dimensional....And Pujara is far from even being at least one dimensional. 

  12. And no  quality left handed batsmen  in the team. Firstly, left hand - right  hand combination at the crease adds to the variety and makes more tough for the bowlers to adjust.That being the case,  top six including  3 left handers is the most perfect .And here not one quality left hander in the team.What is the team management smoking???????

  13. Bowlers deserve all the praises.They collectively performed up to the levels required of them.But batting let us down big time.Apart from Kohli, all have been passengers.Sehwag,Dravid,Sachin,Ganguly & Laxman....they played against far better bowling line ups and performed much better .The dip in the standard has been huge.

  14. Continuous shuffling of the team  w.r.t batting did the damage.Playing proven failures Rohit & Dhawan in place of Rahane & Rahul  proved to be vital.This dented both Rahul's & Rahane's chances to get accustomed to match situations and get into rythm as early as possible.When will the team managament learn such basic things?

  15. Once again underlining the same statement.Never expect much from BCCI & team management.One is bound to get disappointed time and again.They know Saha is the best 'pure keeper' in the country who rarely misses 'chances that can cost lots of runs and negate what ever extra runs a better 'batsman keeper' can put on the board.They knew Saha was brilliant in the first match  as a 'pure keeper'(his primary discipline) and he wouldn't be a failure in each and every outing with the bat in the 6 inns he would get to bat.More over they knew  'getting played in the first test would have helped him a lot for the remaining tests'.Yet they dropped him for the proven failure Parthiv who was the main reason for bottling the once in a century oppertunity in AUS in the 2003-04 series.

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