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  1. 7 hours ago, Bilal78 said:


    Kaptaan Saab is no longer interested in cricket.


    Reverse swing is a Art that can only be mastered by Pakistani cricketers Which is why you constantly burn on this topic.



    call your father 'hypocrite' .Kaptaan Saab is retired long way back . So he doesn't need  to bother any more about that.Even a great batsman like Smith is severely  suffering in each and every  productive factor  of his    for what he did for not even his own primary discipline 'batting'.Another very good batsman Warner will most probably not play international cricket again.Reverse swing is an 'art'  if any of the Pakistani bowlers displayed in now a days multi camera times  there could be chances of life long bans.

  2. On 4/10/2018 at 9:15 PM, Nikhil_cric said:

    Great points. I didn't mean to accuse anyone in particular of tampering and im sure if the indian team did tamper then it would have been only against Pakistan since they knew Immy and co. would be doing and getting away with it. The point I was trying to make was that teams did occasionally tamper the ball throughout history but nobody has tampered the ball so blatantly as the Pakistanis have done over the years and that would explain the late booming inswinger s bowled by the likes of Imran. It was only after Pakistanis made it the norm, that teams began to tamper in every other match and even then most teams never got the kind of swing that the Pakistanis did. 

    yes... of course...  these Pakistanis were the undisputed no:1 in tampering with Imran the pioneer in those 'pre multi camera and neutral umpires' days.As umpire Holder points out, Indian team  too would have done that  having been forced  to do that in that 89 series to counter these bunch of  repeated  offenders with the 83 series in mind.

  3. 14 hours ago, Bilal78 said:


    You bloody hypocrite.


    kapil was the biggest Tamporer the world has ever seen but he was a truddler so Reverse never worked for him.


    indians just arnt skilled enough to bowl.


    hassan Ali is better than any fast bowler you have ever produced.

    I repeat ...mind your words bloody Pakistani  idiot....  call some of your family members  'hypocrite'. bark loudly to show your frustration

    in that your legendary kaptaan Khan has  been badly exposed as a proven intense chronic ball tamperor.

    The testimonies w.r.t that are numerous.

    Maninder singh,Sandhu,Don Oslear,John Reid,Ian Botham,Robin Smith,Allan Lamb, Sarfraz Nawaz,Aamer Sohail,Shahbaz Shereef,Ramiz Raja,Shoaib Akhtar all have given testimonies w.r.t Imran's ball tampering .And players like Mohinder Amarnath,Shastri etc etc too had  expressed serious doubts .

    Now I find 2 more additions to the list

    umpire Holder & ex PAK player Sadiq Mohammed.





    watch Sadiq accusing  Imran in this video and show your frustration even more. I am yet to come across a player about whom some

    14 players have given testimonies w.r.t tampering as has happend with your legendary Kaptaan.That shows who actually is the hypocrite here.

  4. 4 hours ago, Bilal78 said:


    Just jeloused because Imran was a greater player than Kapil ever could be.


    Imran missed 3 years of bowling in his peak years, keep coming up with the same excuses, a neutral umpire just called out Kapil for tampering you hypocrite.

    you bloody idiot .... call some of your family  members 'hypocrite '. I need not feel jealous  about that chronic ball tamperor Imran  about whom  more than 10 cricket related people have accused of tampering the ball(even fellow Pakistanis like Sarfraz Nawaz,Aamer soahil,Shahbaz Shereef,Ramiz Raja,Shoaib  Akhtar etc etc have given testimonies ) . And what not, flow of his career stats too points to the fact that he was a chronic ball tamperor. Yes... Imran  missed 3 years of his  peak.... but the fact is that  he played  16 non stop tests (which he had never done before in his career till that time) starting from  13 Nov 1981  to  30 Jan 83 ( in just 14.5 months)  , picked as many wickets as possible due to  intense ball tampering ,badly injured his shin due to heavy workload and then paid the price of not being able to play in the next 3 years.You can't have it both ways idiot.


    And now .... one more person added into the list of those coming with Imran's tampering expertise ..... umpire Holder

  5. 9 hours ago, Nikhil_cric said:

    This is because only the English and the Pakistanis knew how to tamper the ball AND use it effectively. Sarfraz was playing county cricket sometime in '68 and that is where he picked up the 'art' of reverse swing which really was just tampering in the real sense. He did perfect it though and passed it on to Imran. Imran devastated India in 1982 with reverse swing and it was only after that Indians too started tampering.

    I think it is not correct to assume that 'Indians too started tampering' just because umpire Holder accused the Indians of that.More over this statement of Holder, though is enough to doubt even a legendary player like Kapil do not have enough in it to prove the repeated offense of Indian players w.r.t tampering.


    Would elaborate reasons from  Kapil's point of view.First of all we need to go thru this link.

    https://books.google.co.in/books?id=VWGMmfRctzEC&pg=PA195&lpg=PA195&dq=kapil+dev+if+i+tampered+with+ball+i+could+have+got+500+wkts&source=bl&ots=5D7kk5plW_&sig=9pZ2VuGFXI4yKjQoy7NKJRvVObs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjFyvurs63aAhVJqo8KHXvfBkgQ6AEIMDAB#v=onepage&q=kapil dev if i tampered with ball i could have got 500 wkts&f=false


            In the 83 PAK series most of the Indian players speculated that some thing was being done to the ball by the Pakistanis.Naturally it can be assumed in all probablity that Indians knew nothing about tampering that time.Soon  in 83 itself Kapil played in the  series vs WI  in India. After that he had his knee surgery.Till that point Kapil's record read at 62 tests,247 wkts @27.72 avg:. Balwinder Sandhu who has played a lot with Kapil dev (even in the 83 WI series in India and also  in that 83 PAK series) has stated with utmost assurance and sincerity that he never would place Imran over Kapil because of tampering  and that Kapil was a clean cricketer.Sandhu being such closely associated with these players and events would know much better than we people, isn't it???So it's  sure that Kapil

    took  247 wkts in 62 tests at a very good avg: of  27.72 with out any tampering.

            After that his knee injury and subsequent surgery came.He didn't take adequate rest after surgery.The result was that  in his next 30 tests  he could  only pick 72 wkts @ 36.25.And more importantly  an avg: of 40.26 in 19 tests at home during this period.

    If he tampered with the ball his figures would certainly have been much better isn't it???

           Then in the  next 2 series in WI and 'NZL at home' respectively Kapil was at his very best.Here too there is nothing to suggest that ball tampering took place because in WI Kapil had always been brilliant and against NZL he could feed of brilliant performance of 2  spin bowlers Ayub & Hirwani.

        After that the  89 series in PAK happend.As umpire Holder points out tampering would have happend mostly with malicious Prabhakar at the lead, keeping in mind as to what happend in that 83 series in PAK .But from all the things mentioned till now , we can assume Kapil to be innocent in this saga despite  surely being aware about what was going around him .Yes umpire Holder has pointed out Kapil's  name too.But we need to evaluate things  based on what happend in the latest Bancroft incident.Even with the aid of 30 or so cameras and such big screens and all ,the field umpires couldn't identify as to what was going on and to be more precise  as to who was the person behind tampering. It took around 1.30 hrs effort of cameras to identify that Bancroft was the culprit.If this is the case  in these much  highly technologically    advanced days, how could a middle aged umpire with out any technical assistance  trace out exactly as to who exactly  was tampering the ball among 11 players  spread distances apart  in a vast ground???Naturally when  ever the ball would have passed on to him, umpire Holder could have realized that ball was  being tampered with.But to think that he knew exactly the culprit behind the tampering  is big folly.Naturally he named the 2 main bowlers in the Indian camp and also Pak camp.One thing which can be agreed upon is that all the bowlers would benefit from a tampered ball  even if tampering  is only done by a single player. But it is naive to think that  Kapil got any benefit  when oppostion score happend to be 699/5  in the  lone inns in the concerned Lahore match.

     Malicious Prabhakar played 39 tests  in total and avg:ed a paltry 37.3.  1st test in 89 PAK tour  was only his  2nd test match.So at the worst case, even if Prabhakar tampered with the ball in all matches played in , there is nothing to suggest that he knew even the basics of proper tampering.Other wise how he could avg: only 37.3??? That means ,even if other bowlers too would benefit by ball tempering  in normal  cases , in Prabhakar's case  that would be practically nil.

       So all in all  ,it can be safely  assumed that 89 PAK tour has been the only instance  of occurance of  tampering in Kapil's career where he was not at all the culprit.


  6. 3 hours ago, the don said:

    Lol you are talking about Kapil dev . Perhaps the most influential pace bowler in Indian history . Sure he did not have any influence . I believe you  Lol.

    Doesn't matter what kapil says . Its irrelevant  . We are discussing what the umpire has said about him .  I was just pointing out his very averge bowling record  inspite of such allegations .

    whether Kapil  had influence or not is the matter.It's just a matter of common sense to assume that  Kapil would have just minded his own business and didn't care about what Prabhakar or others(if captain or some others knew about it) were doing in the match.

    you might believe what you want to believe. But I stand by the word of the  great player himself rather than that of  umpire Holder.

    The reason I repeat is that even in these 30 odd camera days & far better technology aided playing days,  umpires  are not able to trace out players who are actually doing the tampering themselves just as happend in Bancroft's case.Then in those far lesser technology aided playing days it is only natural to assume that  umpires just couldn't trace out the original player tampering with the ball.Here also Holder is just naming  the 2 main bowlers who played for India in that test.And take notice that he is not naming the captain Srikkanth or other bowlers. It just shows it's virtually impossible as to trace out as to who actually is doing the dirty trick  in the ground even with the aid of such advanced technologies. And again I  accept that Kapil benefitted a little bit  in that match from the tampering done by Prabhakar or any other involved though what all he could do was consume 77 runs with out taking a single wicket.


    An avg: of 29.64 after bowling 27740 balls in just 15 y & 5 months with very mediocre bowling support & with out resorting to ball tampering is a very good one.This is because I am not one who just takes avg: with out taking context into account.

  7. 41 minutes ago, the don said:

    Lol umpire holder has specifically mentioned Kapil .

    Kapil wasn't some junior in the side who would be forced to bowl with a tampered ball by Prabhakar .

    I am not dragging his name . Neutral umpire holder is . I am just suggesting that despite tanpering some bowlers still have mediocre stats .

    even in the last ball tampering incident, umpires came to know that Bancroft was the tamperor  only because cameras caught him with substantial evidence. Otherwise even the umpires wouldn't have identified as to who actually was tampering the ball.Isn't it?? That being the case it is only sensible to understand that umpire  Holder could realise that tampering was going on only when ever he got the ball in hand .Naturally he would have doubted each and every bowler with out knowing as to who actually was the tamperor .That is easily understandable.And your claim that Kapil wasn't a junior doesn't make any sense because Kapil after all was only one team member.He wasn't the captain or coach or team manager.Naturally why he  needed to object bowling with the ball ???Yes I agree that Kapil too would have benefitted a little bit from the tampering done by Prabhakar in that particular match because Kapil too would be bowling with the same ball.Isn't it?Other than that there is virtually no like wise incident related even with Prabhakar.

    I have watched the live discussion w.r.t ball tampering where Kapil so confidently states that he didn't ever resort to tampering.And Kapil's series wise stats too back up  that conclusion.All in all the case is so different when compared to the padosi Kaptaan Khan who was a chronic tamperor.Kaptaan's  flow of series wise stats too back  up that conclusion

  8. 53 minutes ago, the don said:

    Kapil has a pretty ordinary record for someone involved in ball tampering doesn't he ??

    Prabhakar wasnt too flash either .

    John Holder saying nothing new here .

    All teams have indulged in the practice in one form or the other.


    Kapil has so confidently and convincingly stated that he didn't  deal with those dirty tactics.Umpire Holder was only pointing to that specific Lahore test where in  Prabhakar also played.Quite naturally even if a single player(Prabhakar)  did  the dirty trick, it is natural that

    his fellow bowlers too  had  to bowl with the same ball. Isn't it?Other than this incident(Prabhakar the culprit in this case)  there is no other incident that even remotely suggests that Kapil did tampering.What not if  you go thru  series wise stats from that 89 series onwards, Prabhakar was mediocre in each and every series he played except for 1 series in SL.All these suggests even Prabhakar might had involved in very little events other than that 89 PAK series.That being the  case it is utter rubbish to drag the name of Kapil in tampering as was the case with  a chronic tamperor like Imran.

  9. Umpire John Holder  has come up with this statement off late 'I caught India, Pakistan players tampering with the ball but could do little'

    He was refering to one incident in 89 Lahore test. He even accuse Kapil of doing that. On one side Kapil   in a discussion  w.r.t ball tampering had  so confidently  dismissed that he never tampered with the ball stating in these lines that had he did  those sort of things he would easily have picked 500+ wickets.No wonder that even a honest player like Kapil would get accused when playing along side Prabhakar.It is natural to assume that  even if Prabhakar was the culprit , Kapil  had no option but to use the same ball. I strongly believe that would have been the case.

  10. On 4/6/2018 at 4:49 PM, Lala said:

    Trust me, there is no such a thing like like safety issues in cities of pakistan. So there is not to worry. SL,WI and World XI team already visited so far, nothing happened as such. I would like to see India tour in pakistan too. It is good message to pass to non SC countries like Aus, Eng, SA. My idea is all SC teams should stay together to build good relationship among all of us.

    the last bomb blast  on a church gathering  took place just inside the past 4 months or so.Isn't it? I think it happend on  Dec 17 2017.Some organisation took responsibility and made a statement in the lines that all non muslims are our enemies or so.

  11. 1 hour ago, Hydra said:

    Geez you talk crap the person you are talking about is a match fixer.


    Ask your racist Indians what happened to Singh when he racially abused Symmonds or when that other liar and cheat Tendulkar got away with ball tampering.


    When Tendulkar got caught Indians claimed it was racist and got the match referee sacked.


    When Singh racially abused Symmonds, Tendulakr changed his story in front of a high court judge but you are typical Indian you Indians can never do anything wrong. Then your BCCI threatened to go home mid tour disgusting.



    'racist Indians' ??????? Who are you to generalise???Harbhajan had clarified his stance w.r.t the matter  to the whole world & Sachin had been  cleared by the 'supreme authority' ICC that time itself. Don't make your own stories. On one hand we have chronic tamperors  like Imran who wouldn't have gone on to become even 3/4rth of the player in these mutli camera days....Here you are  accusing a legally 'clean chit' legendary batsman whose legacy had nothing to do with ' bowling'


  12. Of course..... these Aussies always want grilled chicken at 'x' degree centigrade when they tour.if it is 'x-1' degrees, they make all the problems and complaints. On the other hand , there even  used to be a time when  vegetarians in the Indian squad needed to find food themselves in AUS. These factors too  like  hostile crowd,media , verbal abuse etc etc played part in traditional Aussie dominance.

    So enjoying every bit if it when they are on other side of the boat.

  13. No firstly ....life ban  would be  too  harsh a punishment  for a great batsman who  did the cheating just for his fast bowlers  just because of him being the captain.

    Secondly, legendary padosi  Kaptaans are there who   committed much more intense cheating day in day out  to be known as legends in their main discipline.And what not, Kaptaan  Khan had even  higher esteems to conquer as being "the GOAT all rounder +ATG Kaptaan".

    When such chronic criminals are there with their records at least officially intact(their esteem no more the same in the minds of lakhs and lakhs of fair play believing game lovers though) , a great batsman like Smith doesn't deserve life ban at all.A 2 year ban will do.

  14. 7 hours ago, Pace90 said:

    Just visit Pakpassion.net and you will see how cricket followers from different countries, Including India take part in nice discussion ,  without insulting other countries. Here, Pakistan bashing is the the favorite pastime of many members and moderator has no problem with that, grow up folks. Lets talk cricket. 

    yeah .... i have fond memories w.r.t 'nice discussions' there. If you say any thing negative(even a little bit of absolute truth)  w.r.t Pak

    players, your posts gets deleted.And if you question that, you will get banned.That is a sort  of dictatorship, not  'nice discussion'

  15. would like to read the views of Smith defenders now.Weren't they glorifying him as the 2nd coming of Bradman??? Despite all these cheating exercises, he is still a great test batsman.No doubt about that.But to project his  60+ avg: and place all great batsmen of past decades below him based on averages (with out taking bowling conditions into account) has always been knee jerk & foolish. 

  16. 19 hours ago, TheWall said:

    Aussies r dumb asssss to get caught on camera.. tney have got a lot to learn from pak Phd holders like imran.. akram n co....how to cheat without getting caught...

    Imran knew how to cheat with out caught?????????  It was his sheer luck that he was born in those time periods with far lesser technology w.r.t cameras as opposed to  what we are witnessing now  a days.Poor Banchroft couldn't escape with even a silly small piece of tape like thing even in his first attempt. Then imagine the fate of a chronic cheater who brought bottle tops and the likes into the play ground regularly.I wouldn't be surprised at all  if  i knew that he had  brought even knives  into  play .

  17. 33 minutes ago, TheWall said:

    Imran khan - The Father of Ball Tampering...

    Infact , i don't think  there has been  any other bowler in the history of the game who got directly or indirectly  accused  for tampering by more than 10 people that includes fellow players,opposition players,umpires ,cricket analysts etc etc

  18. 1 hour ago, Khota said:

    That green forum is a very toxic, concentrated hate site. There are some shameless desis who suck up to those haters and get to stay. there are people like me who speak the truth who get banned.

    Any Indian who ever gets a hard on for playing pakistan ever should visit that hate site see the hate and feel it first hand than can decide if they want to play those gifted cheaters.

    exactly .....I  also got banned  from that site for telling the truth.There we  can't utter a word accusing their legendary Kaptaan of ball tampering.Then that post will get deleted.On the other hand they can degrade Indian players to any lower levels. I couldn't tolerate it and retaliated with harsh words that resulted in my ban.As you said there are  some Indians who doesn't mind all  those at the expense of staying there which people with self esteem can never ever cope with.

  19. 6 minutes ago, Turning_track said:

    Padosis are getting riled up by the mention of Kaptaan in ICF in other threads as well.

    To be precise,  opening  threads 'accusing Sachin of all people tampering'  in these moments  is the most dumbest thing a Pakistani  could  ever commit.After all Sachin was legally & officially cleared of tampering  by the ICC  that time itself. Secondly , the legacy of Sachin as a legendary  player wouldn't lose by even a bit  because his credentials are based on the extremely most difficult discipline of the game, ie: batting. His bowling  was just an icing on the  cake.But then.... some of these padosis are as foolish and shameless  as it can get because of not even having the minimum common sense to realise that it is going to boomerang  on  them by the legacy of their  own so called 'legendary phaast bowlers' getting questioned.

  20. And as a matter of 'divine inevitability' threads regarding  'greats of Indian cricket  related to tampering' have sprung up in padosi passion sites.And as always , it getting boomeranging on their own  'legendary phaast bowlers' and hence  some of the 'blasphemy  posts especially related to the great pioneer Kaptaan' getting deleted  is happening there. Uttering a negative word against Kaptaan is blasphemy there.

  21. pathetic highly partial crowd behaviour, sledging like a pack of mad  stray dogs, brain fades and now this. But then ... these shameless Aussies  have excuses for every thing. And foolish 'brain fade' Smith even don't know as to how to   tell  lies with the  watching  

    spectators not  grasping that they are  utter  lies indeed.


    leadership team  .....with out  that thug  coach Lehmaan??????... 100 % sure ... he is one of the chief master minds behind all these.

    And this is the first time?????? No.... every chance that this has already  happend  several times. Now that he is trapped  like a 'hare in front of  floodlight' Smith  do not have any other option but  repent in front of the camera.


    If this is the case in these multi camera days, what would have been the amount of tampering  done by the pioneer  great padosi Kaptaan Khan????Not surprising to imagine that he would have brought even knives along with him every time he stepped on the ground. And all these ,raises a lot in my esteem  the great Kapil Dev who never resorted to those cheap  unethical tricks.

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