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  1. Moral of the story : 'do' all the activities off screen that can be against morality. But don't 'speak' about that in public. Then that will become 'severe offense'. Effect of hypocrite undeserving feminist pigs to be in contact with BCCI. And a severe awakening to all 'males across the nation as a whole' too.
  2. Rayudu should have given a mouthful to morons Prasad and Shastri. Not justifying Rayudu's place in the side by any means, this because there are better multidimensional players than him waiting for selection. But the way he has been treated is highly incompetent and comical to say the least. Firstly if he was to be selected , that should have been in his prime at much younger age.Got it wrong there. Then he was selected unexpectedly & undeservingly almost towards the end of his career. And then dropped.What is all these circus? Kartick has always been a mediocre cameo player more suited for t20. He was firstly selected undeservingly , then dropped mid way and selected again now. What are these morons Prasad and Sastri doing??? Hope Iyer,Nair,Manish Pandey too joins Rayudu to give these jokers mouthfuls.
  3. how could you vote for both Lara & Viv ?
  4. rtmohanlal

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    Ambrose's worst bowling avg: was in PAK where he avg:ed a mere 25.2 . Though he didn't play in India , his avg: of 22.5 from 6 tests in 'PAK + SL' proves his supreme ability to perform even in the flat wickets of sub continent. I have provided enough reasons for all other conclusions of mine, I suppose. Wasim,Waqar and Imran took the art of reverse swing to heights of the divine - No ...... all of them especially Imran took the art of reverse swing to depths of the devil thru intense ball tampering.
  5. the most important matter is that Mayank deserves his chances. If Rohit Sharma & Rahul with their respective list A records were credited with one day spots, then Mayank with convincingly better list A record than both of them deserved his chances in the team more than both of them.As simple as that. Whether he turns out to be better than both or not in ODIs is different matter altogether.But he deserved his chances a lot earlier and incompetence of 'Sastri, Prasad combo' denied him that.
  6. Mayank looked lot more compact than Rahul in the few chances he got at the highest level. To score 76,42,77 in the 3 inns he got to play in AUS at the highest level that too as an opener shows me what I firmly believe in is correct. Mayank can always provide those starts irrespective of formats or conditions as an opener.
  7. all i said is Mayank is better eqvipped than Rahul
  8. rtmohanlal

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    Ambrose is too good in this regard with a 3.43 econ: .Even Mcgrath had around 3.85.
  9. rtmohanlal

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    for me , it has to be Curtley Amborse ..... belonged to an at the best 'good' team. Yes.... Walsh,Lara,Chanderpaul and him made the team 'good'. His record has been mighty impressive in both the formats. In one dayers his econ: is 'out of the world'.Has enough longevity too .So it has to be him. Omissions and reasons: Steyn .... despite having great record in both formats, especially in these comparatively better batting friendly conditions, his one day econ: is too large for a great bowler.Also, have high doubts that some times he deliberately chucked. Mentally was not that tough either on crucial occasions(a SAF trait) Mcgrath - belonged to an ATG team in which being 'very good' was the minimal standard of every player.So he could feed off from other great players performances, especially that of another legend Warne's . Warne provided such variety to the team. Donald - faltered when pitted for the 'top spot' vs Aussies FAB 4 of WI - They too complimented each other. Marshall & Roberts were not that greats in one of the formats either. Walsh .... was more of a work horse whose avg:ed bordered around that 25 mark .Consistancy rather than ' being lethal' was his strength. Also very moderate in one dayers too. Bishop - lack of longevity.Not great in one dayers either. Hadlee - despite having a great record in both formats & being the lone strike bowler in the team , he too can be suspected a lot of having involved in the evil practice of tampering. His interviews reflects that a lot. Lillee - his records in sub continent are not at all convincing . Wasim & Waqar - Don't take the track records of these 2 as such any more for a start, due to tampering. They were quality bowlers despite that , no about. Imran - one who benefitted the most from ball tampering.So can't take his track record as such by even a bit. others are either too young or too old to provide adequate conclusions. Old era players played only one format. Current era players need to play a lot more. On a side note, laughable to see Kapil getting votes as the best fast bowler .I am one of the biggest admirers of him as any one can ever come across. Infact I rate him far higher than what his 'stats reveal' due to the contexts he played in.To me, he has been 'the bowler ' who deserves the highest marks than what his stats reveal, but yet to place him as the best is stretching it too far.
  10. 'list a' track record is a reflection of a lot of factors w.r.t abilities of a player. Mayank and Rahul are chalk and cheese apart.
  11. the problem with Rahul is that he can flop miserably in pace bowling friendly conditions more often than not because he has a far from adequate technique . Mayank is technically far better and lot more compact.
  12. If it is tests only then it is Sachin,Lara,Viv in that order. Over all it is Viv,Sachin,Lara in that order
  13. rtmohanlal

    Kohli's team building is the worst in Indian history?

    Can't blame a captain much because he already would be loaded with enormous burden and responsibility of leading from the front, working strategies on the field etc etc. And Kohli has done reasonably well w.r.t to all these. He is the best by far in leading from the front,strategically ok etc so all in all he is a decent good captain, not exceptional though because he lacks man management skills. But to compensate for that there has to be competent coaches and selectors who don't need to do any thing on the field but only behind the curtain duties. In that regard Sastri and Prasad both have been utter wastes. That is why India took this much to find a regular opener in tests after Sehwag-Gambhir. Both Rohit-Dhawan were played in ODIs non stop.Sastri-Prasad just simply have been so far off from adequate w.r.t to trying fresh talents in a timely manner and managing them both mentally and physically.
  14. Both Shaw and Mayank are better choices than Rahul for sure. Mayank boasts of a record such as 75inn 1 n.o 3605runs 176HS 48.71avg: 3579balls 100.72str: 12 100s 14 50s Rohit Sharma's record baring international matches is as follows: 67inn 8 n.o 2242runs 38.00avg: 3 100s 13 50s The discripancy in the quality between these 2 players is not even marginal. Mayank has been way ahead of Rohit as a one day player.Yet such is the incompetency of the moron parasites Sastri,Prasad etc etc that Mayank has never been given enough chances to prove his mettle. Now he is 28+. Good 3 years wasted. Mayank may not be a Rohit in pucca roads to build mammoth 200s , but he is lot more equipped to give 50 ball 45s in all conditions when compared to Rohit. After all he has proved to be a way better test player than Rohit .Better late than never.Good 10-11 years left in him. Prithvi still is young. His chances would arrive.
  15. Thilan Samaraweera would be thinking now that Ian has gone mad because of old age. Let Ian live for at least 3 years in PAK and come out alive at the end of it, then he can not only be believed but can be bestowed with the most precious universal award for bravery. PAK may be lagging in all other ball games, even in their most prestigious 'cricket' as of now, but no body can beat them when it comes to 'bomb' ball game .The investments,resources , preparations etc etc that PAK had been under taking in this particular game for decades at the expense of all other ball games can compete even with ' US in the matter of defense'. No wonder they had produced several wonderful talents and world beaters like Dawood,Ajmal Kasab, Azar etc etc in this particular game.

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