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  1. rtmohanlal

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    what is the need of revealing military actions to the public??? I am sure our military would be effectively carrying on the required 'actions' far from public eye.That only is required.
  2. rtmohanlal

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Kashmir is an integral part of India kaptaan saheb.... If you are soooo honest in your intentions , proclaim publicly that 'Kashmir is an integral part of India and hence we do no like to interfere in any other country's internal matters'. If you proclaim like that , then we Indians can realize that your intentions are sincere and straight forward. Other wise you are only doing ball tampering just like you did in your playing days....
  3. central government should give military the power to act using all methods ... it is said that even following the ways of 'adharma' for the success of 'dharma' is 'dharma in itself' . Isn't it??? After all our great epics & religious texts guides us that way which is only sensible. Follow that way. Ask the military to be sooo ruthless towards these anit national elements. Secret kidnapping , ending the life with a bit of 'chloroform & cyanide capsule ' & 'not showing even the dead body to the public' will bring in a lot of changes. Other wise rest assured that these anti national elements will keep on exploiting the emotions of illeterate youth and elderly alike for their own selfish motives.
  4. that is the way .... plain ruthlessness .... kill all these Pakistanie oriented pigs ... I wonder for what is the Indian military waiting for !!!!!!!!.... Having said that , I am sure in my mind that our military would be doing the most effective things that are required as of now, far away from public attention. After all , what is the purpose of revealing their strategies to the fake secular channels and fake secularists ????
  5. Kashmir belongs to not only Kashmiri muslims alone but the whole Indians as a whole .Just because I am born in a particular state in India doesn't prevent me from buying land in far away another state if I have the ability to maintain that. That means the whole of India and there by Kashmir too belongs to the whole population of India. Yes ... we hate those Kashmiris (not every one) who make a living in our land and then support those divisive element terrorists that are backed by Pakistan . If such traitor mentality Kashmiris want to be part of Pakistan they can pack off to Pakistan from Kashmir, no one is going to prevent them.
  6. India should be ruthless in dealing with these terrorist bastards. They should take a leaf out of Israel and Srilanka in dealing with such anti national groups. SL is such a small country when compared to India. India has the largest Hindu population in the world.Yet when the emergency situation arrived, SL didn't take into account that such a big country in every terms is lying close to them who shares the same religion as the offenders(Lankan Tamils).They ruthlessly dealt with it and closed the LTTE case for ever. Smilarly Israel lies in the midst of several of these pagan cult oriented nations. Yet they give back with interest every time they gets something. All these times both SL and Israel didn't have to face any backlash from other major countries. Here we are sitting with the claim of being one of the major military powers. When our soldiers get killed , they most often silently suffers with it. For what , these morons are waiting for? No body will do any thing .Ruthlessly deal with these terrorist frauds using all forces. The vast majority of the population is supportive of it except for some double standard hypocrite so called secularists. Use all tactics to deal with those even kid devils who throws stones at the soldiers. Don't even hesitate in mass killings using every means . Take a leaf out of Israel and Srilanka
  7. no benefit in arguing against evil minded prejudiced mentality people. Yet saying, Pakistan has no business in interfering in other countries internal affairs. Kashmir became part of India as per the rules that existed in those days. And PAK has been sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir ever since.And hence the problem is created by PAK itself.Who are you to judge as to whether the actions taken against Kashmir youth , if any are justifiable or not??? There is a system of law in place in India that can take actions against any person from any part of India if that person has done some crime.In that process that person might even get killed.It is none of your business.
  8. perhaps the GOAT inns!!!!!! Every thing was against him except 'Philander not bowling' . Also a reminder to those who think that SL is a poor team.
  9. rtmohanlal

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    unfortunately there are a few of them ...mash .... they will do any thing for a membership... people with self pride can't take it beyond a limit.
  10. rtmohanlal

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    I was am active member in the padosi site ... openly questioned the double standards w.r.t accusing Kaptaan prime minister of ball tampering . A guy went on accusing Sachin of ball tampering . I strongly retaliated by accusing the Kaptaan sahib a bit more intensely. My messages got banned. Couldn't take it beyond a limit , foul mouthed one admin and got banned .Just departed from that site with my head held high. I couldn't tolerate those hypocrites even a bit . .... such an anti India forum.
  11. Yet another point is , I would even say that we need to think a bit more deeper even in hard core communal lines w.r.t these issues. This is because all the root cause of these problems lies in those 2 books of those semitic religions whether any body like it or not. I am 100% sure , several people from those 2 cults with in the nation , even so called spiritual leaders would be smiling with in their inner selves w.r.t what happend to the soldiers. So we need deeper thinking and uncompromising attitude as a whole moving forward , if such unfortunate events are not to be repeated.
  12. I think BCCI should even threaten to boycott ICC completely if they do not oblige with our demands. Conduct high profile bliateral series independently and give them official status. Many top players from abroad would be lured into such series and ICC can do nothing about that.After all money speaks. Why indirectly hand over the hard earned money of our ordinary people to these bloody terrorist nation devils to kill our own soldiers????
  13. First of all, make arrangements to 'avoid playing against them' as much as possible. What makes ICC to place both countries in the same group in global tournaments at first place? Resist it to the fullest. Even in this world cup it would be worth taking every effort to reshuffle the schedule.I think BCCI has the influence to do that .
  14. I think Sourav is correct. Virat is a batsman , once settled can play with ease on any surface.Naturally he should play at his customary 3rd position and play the maximum no: of balls.If it is a pucca bowler friendly surface, then Dravid type of batsmen are needed. And this is exactly where this moron Sastri has been a failure as coach. That is, he has failed to develop one or 2 such technically solid players. Every inns.... same Dhawan-Rohit ...I have always believed that rotation policy best works with bowlers, then with one day batsmen, then only lastly with test batsmen. Teams like South Africa of the 90s used this strategy of horses for courses batsmen in one dayers and reaped the maximum reward. Current India despite having such large talent pool has failed in this regard. Flat track bullies Rohit/Dhawan have been tried in each and every matches till now.The result has been that when ever there was some juice in the pitch and these 2 got out early, only Kohli with added pressure remained .Now I think Rayudu ,Vijay Shankar and to some extend Dhoni can be relied upon in this regard. But with openers that is not the case.It is a guarantee that if there is some life in the pitch, they both will be back in the pavilion.And unfortunately Sastri has completely failed to groom 2 alternate options for such bowling friendly matches.
  15. Pant too is a batsman who needs time to settle in and then cut loose.Naturally he can't be that '10 ball 25 run cameo' player. For me his best batting position in one dayers is no:4 .
  16. rtmohanlal

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    yet .... after his exploits in AUS, expected a lot from him in the finals , of course keeping in mind his benefit value to India's fortunes in the long course.
  17. rtmohanlal

    Your favorite cricketers

    Kapil - champion all rounder . 3rd GOAT all rounder Sachin - 3rd GOAT batsman Viv Richards - 2nd GOAT batsman Holding - genius fast bowler, so smooth effort less
  18. rtmohanlal

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Pujara seems a totally strange character.... while he was struggling badly in 2nd division county & also with his nursery kid level running between the wkts and there by making his own international future so bleak, he comes up with match winning dominance in the AUS series and that too against a set of high quality pace bowlers. Here again in the domestic, where playing spin is his strength, he can't buy a run ... So awkward...
  19. rtmohanlal

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    Tendulkar for me is the batsman who played the most difficult of shots perhaps in the history of cricket.To be more precise, for his body frame, there were certain shots that were virtually unplayable for ordinary batsmen, for instance the back foot punch of good length deliveries of fast bowlers.A much taller batsman would have played these shots because of the advantage of height, but other ordinary batsmen of Sachin's same height can never play those type of shots to perfection.That was the greatness of this man.
  20. rtmohanlal

    Jadeja or shankar as backup allrounder?

    This topic with out context makes no sense what so ever . Jadeja is obviously a better bowler. Both Shankar & Jadeja are effective batsmen though I would place Jadeja better here too. But the problem I find w.r.t Jadeja is as to what role people expect from him. Let it be clear.... Jadeja is not the kind of an Afridi/Maxwell/David Miller batsman , to hit out right from the start. He needs time in the middle to settle down just like any normal top order batsman. And once set, we know what he can do even to the best of the bowlers, ask Pat Cummins.Can give countless examples w.r.t what a well set Jadeja can do to the bowlers.So if he is in the team , use him effectively, otherwise don't play him at all for one dayers.
  21. over hyping to sky high levels before getting started. Once starts and fails in mere 2 inns, severely criticizing ....can't really understand the thought process of some people here...Give it a break ... he is only 19 ...Can have enough chances to prove his mettle.
  22. rtmohanlal

    DK is Just a cameo player

    DK's basic stats it self shows that he is far from adequate, no more clarifications are needed w.r.t this , i feel ...
  23. rtmohanlal

    Shreyas Iyer and Rahane/Raina must be in WC team

    spot on w.r.t Shreyas Iyer.... Always feel he has been hard done by selectors.... What has this guy done wrong to be neglected this way? Has done fairly well for a rookie. He is performing well in the domestic as of now. As far as my thinking goes , he should be given his fair share of chances in tests too, in dead rubbers , against lower ranked opponents etc. A stretch of 10-12 inns.. W.R.T any rookie ,catch them early even way before turning 22, then give a stretch of 12-15 inns chances not on a trot, but when ever the oppertunity arrives.Do this just simultaneously for 2-3 rookies at the same time. And absorb permanently into the team if any of them meet the required standards... This should be going on .. This way it can be ensured that mentally toughest of them only can get into the team because the chances they get are not continuous, yet when ever get a chance they performs well.This shows their mental side of the matters.
  24. lol.... just because of this , did you lose the series???? it all depends on 11 players that are battling it out on the field ... Just because I or you or any one said any thing, doesn't change it at all.
  25. rtmohanlal

    DK is Just a cameo player

    Spot on ....A 31 avg:ing player with very low str: at the age of 34 still playing after 91 matches of mediocrity..... That too in a nation with a vast talent pool w.r.t batting!!!!!!!!!! Simply unbelievable and can't digest...

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