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  1. Shami should be the 11th man .... he is turning out to be our Chris Martin
  2. the big problem with Jadeja has been that by the time he gets well settled he would be forced to slog or accelerate for the sake of the team cause there by unnecessarily forcing him to throw away his wkt:. And Jadeja deserves a lot more than that. I can recall 3 such knocks here itself. 2 80+ knocks in ENG & AUS respectively and the 58 in this match. All these 3 abroad knocks , he could have converted into 100s otherwise , because he is a genuine batsman going by his domestic track record . It is so unfair on such a player(he already is a great bowler) to make him throw his wkt: away like that. If used in TOP 6, I am sure he can be lot more effective as a batsman.
  3. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/234675.html?class=1;spanmin1=22+sep+2016;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting this is his record in the last 3 years or so. Averages 45.56 despite trying to slog in the end on several of these occasions for the team cause.
  4. no no .... Rahul still remains the same.... out on 44 once after well settling in . This is his range in tests . He will score big on flat pitches.That too once in a blue moon. This sort of batsman is ok for a nation with far lesser talent pool, not with India. We should keep on trying & testing other talents until we get a Rahul Dravid, not KL Rahul.
  5. superb inns from Jadeja on a tough pitch..... Easily a ' 40+ avg: ' calibre batsman in tests. Hope the team management use him sensibly 'moving forward' atleast.He deserves his chances in 'top 6'
  6. Mental midgets Rahul & Rahane demonstrated all that is not well with this Indian batting order. .... Getting out after well settled.....
  7. now that this chronic drunkard moron is again the coach, it would be better of him to look around and grasp w.r.t how other top teams play test series rather than drinking,bathing & flowing in his favourite intake all the time . Australia is playing warm ups in between tests where as this oppertunist parasite declared before that ENG series that 'playing T20s & ODIs in advance would serve as warm ups for test matches'.
  8. for sensible well balanced people , what all you said are absolutely spot on. Icing on the cake was this moron coach's decision to play mediocre T20case Kartik for such an important semi final despite Kohli giving statements in advance that in the latter phase of the tournament pitches will slow down . Naturally any coach with a minimum sense would have played the much proven Jadhav(let alone this moron coach couldn't groom a much calibre option than Jadhav) in the anchor role rather than this T20 hack Kartick especially keeping in mind that there is 'high chance of chasing' in the semi match too . On a side note, captain proclaiming before a month that they found the solution for 4rth position in Rayudu and then dropping Rayudu altogether from the tourney speaks all about this moron coach.
  9. make no mistake, that time Rahane deserved his spot rightly. He had a great record in SENA. But by the last AUS series, it was evident that he had regressed beyond repair.Now it is time to move on from him. Instead these morons are persisting with him.
  10. As much as Smith's technique is effective to negotiate medium pace bowling ball after ball and score runs his technique is that much inadequate to duck under a short ball aimed at body.With more technically perfect batsmen , they can duck under these balls with at the least a bit of difficulty, but for Smith with his 'trigger movement in advance' it is virtually impossible to duck under a short ball because his body balance is already slightly tilted towards ' leg side shot making'. All he can do is 'be in a position' like what happend against Archer. And this mental scar not only can create more chances of lobbing up catches but then there would be far more chances of getting him plumb in front or bowled with fuller length balls too.
  11. Rahane developing into a liability as time goes on ...
  12. moving forward in remaining matches , I think England's strategy would be to use Archer in 'short spells wholly to Smith '. All out attack against Smith, mixing 'chin level short balls' aimed at his body lavishly , using the Archer weapon lies ahead in the rest of the matches , it seems .That would be a thrilling contest for the viewers especially with Smith not at all comfortable with short pitched deliveries aimed at his body and also with Archer doing the earlier damage already.
  13. yes.... there were several others too like Merv Hughes,Mcdermott, Wittney, Fleming,Fannie Devilliers, Ntini, Ambrose,Akram,Cairns,Merv Dhillon,Walsh etc who 'at the least occasionally bowled' 140+ as per the situations.
  14. let us wait and see ... as of now Root has better balanced record than others in the last baring the 'TOP 3'.
  15. i precisely meant those sub 25 averaging bowlers....... not necessarily genuinely quick as Archer. With Smith's technique, no need of Arcer's pace. 140k+ bowlers with control can do the trick if the pitches assist them as they used to be in Sachin's era. That is exactly the reason why there were so many sub 26 averaging bowlers in Sachin's era. I firmly believe that Smith's technique is 'so much off' w.r.t dealing short pitched deliveries.His stance at the crease is always to lean towards the leg when the bowler is about to deliver the ball unlike the ' technically far superior batsmen' who are always well balanced to counter any type of ball. So when pitted against short pitch balls even at 140ks his method would be just as 'what we saw yesterday' rather than ducking into the ball.And this is exactly where his chances of dismissals lie in too.
  16. it is still Root among the current players....
  17. yeah ... definitely ...... that's exactly the reason as to why I have a lots of eye brows when people place Smith over the likes of Viv,Sachin etc based on pure averages. Those batsmen played against the likes of several Jofra Archers in far testing conditions.Viv was such a courageous batsman and Sachin had one of the best techniques ever.On a side note, I have always felt that Smith with this advanced trigger movement would have his balance a bit off so that there is some vulnerability in some area than normal. One of them has been that a prodigious left arm seamer moving the ball away from him at that 4rth stump line on a good length can trouble him a lot. Jofra revealed another weakness of his awkward technique, If we watch that ball by Jofra keenly , we can see that Smith can be in so much physical danger when compared to other calibre batsmen in the same situation. A lot of other batsmen with superior techniques would have bended down in a flash with the ball sailing over their heads . Smith on the other hand got caught in an awkward position just like 'Kallis got out to Sreesanth once leaping in the air completely off balance'.
  18. I think using this short ball strategy as done by Jofra Archer here is one of the most effective weapons against Smith. Smith is not much of a technically strong batsman and hence when he commits to that trigger movement earlier in advance , he would find it that much difficult to move out of the line when faced against a fast short pitch delivery at the last moment.With the more traditional technically perfect & composed batsmen , they can move out of the way at the least with a bit of difficulty .
  19. the talent pool available with these dumb asses is like ' a garland in the hand of monkey' sort of situation.
  20. nothing but disaster .... the same drunkard moron who proclaimed that T20S & ODIs are the practice matches for a very important test series & then lost the series 1-4, who included Kartik for a much important semi final in place of a better equipped Kedar and there by lost the semi gets selected again. High time fans all across the nation protest sharply using every method possible or get ready for the inevitable disasters moving forward.
  21. the dropping of Iyer before the world cup reveals all that is not well with this management. Iyer, only 23 then was shaping up well before the drunkard moron dropped him for no reason. And the team paid for that in the world cup.
  22. should either open or get out of the ODI team. Other wise spoil him by making a slogger at: 7 there by affecting his performances in tests too.
  23. each to their own ....for me the pressure Amla would have carried in the world cup 2019 for various reasons would have been far more than what say a Marcus Stoinis would have to cope with ...Again, each to their own
  24. with 'such amount of hopes' comes huge pressure too .That also need to be taken into account and provided considerations when determining clutch knocks
  25. he is too good a test player to get gradually regressed both in confidence & performance because of getting badly managed. The best way to use him effectively is to make him open the inns in ODI. With field restrictions upfront , he can at the least give these 30 ball 40 cameos.Additional runs from him should be a bonus. This way, he can take the resulting confidence into tests too.Thus the whole team can benefit. Dhawan is almost 34. With Pant being randomly used along with Dhawan, that would be a natural progression.By the time Dhawan gets to 37, Pant still at 24 would be a more polished batsman who can play at high level for at least 12years moving forward . But whether the dumb ass management would allow him ?? That is the big question.
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