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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from sarcastic in Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot   
    Have been  of this opinion for a while.Today's 201 while his team was struggling at 59/3 or something like that , that too with  proven top order players Pujara & Uthappa  dismissed cheaply says a lot about his test match temperament. He avg:s a very good 45.12 in 82 first class matches  &  121 inns as of now.if we remove test match stats from these, it comes down to 3647 runs in 50 first class matches & 73 inns with 5 not outs.That means an avg: of 53.63 & runs/inns of 49.96 .This include 4 double 100s of which 3 are tripples & a total of 8 100s. Another important fact is that,  of his 15 not out scores  10 are in test cricket & 5 only in other first class matches .Yet avg:ing a mammoth 53.63 shows his very good  big inns temperament  which has until now been not properly utilized in test cricket.And he is not yet into his peak years. More over he is a left hander too.
      On the other hand Ashwin, whose first class avg: is more or less the same as his   test avg:  is being  played at the 6th slot.Ashwin avg:s 35.2 
    in  first class matches other than tests with only 2 100s while Jadeja avg:s 53.63  in  first class matches other than tests with 8 100s.  Sample size  for Ashwin is 53 inns & 13 not outs where as it is 73 inns & only 5 not outs for Jadeja.And runs/inns  of Ashwin is 26.57 while that of Jadeja is 49.96 !!!!!!!!!! So basically the first class record (other than tests) of Jadeja is far better compared to that of Ashwin.Yet he plays below Ashwin in tests despite being a left hander too.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team   
    Zaheer Abbas
    Afridi  // bottle top Khan  discarded.Afridi was a great one day leg spin  all rounder 
    Akram //both Akram & Waqar despite aided by some levels of tampering are still good enough than any other choices.
    reserves : Sehwag,Yuvraj,Imran,Dravid
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from velu in Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?   
    Not  the greatest.... but definitely one of the  greatest.
    An ATG one day batsman  especially a brilliant chaser & finisher, a good test batsman, a great wicket keeper, a  great captain - All combined he is definitely one.But he is behind
    Sunil in that order...
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from SK_IH in Pakistan vs Sri Lanka - Test Series - UAE 2017   
    Lanka deserves a lot of credit.....especially beating Pakistan in UAE is not an easy job.Seems like Lanka played with a nothing to loose mentality after that series loss with India.  Herath.... old wine ....a champion bowler....
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from LORD_analyst in Cheteswar Pujara's overseas form   
    Should be dumped for the benefit of the team for ever.Baring SAF he has been a failure in  AUS,ENG & NZL.This after playing 50+ tests.If his home record is the justification for his inclusion, then  another player  with slightly lesser home record but with far better  away record  is the better option because the allrounders in the team would cover for his extra performance in home conditions.As if there are no replacements in domestic.!!!!!!!!  Even in 2nd division he is poor...that says a lot.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Samcric in Yadav's 71-4 or Kumar's 55-0? What would you rather have in ODIs?   
    Can't really understand why this guy Umesh is still  in the one day team??.He has played 71 one dayers of mediocrity.An econ: of 5.94 is  worst even by Indian pace bowling standards.In one dayers  despite econ: being more important, he is mediocre in over all bowl avg: too.Today also  all his wkts came when the Aussies started to hit out after 37 overs or so.As usual he conceeded his expensive quota of runs .Would have been lot better if India left out him  for ever from  one dayers.With the series deceided, a new player could have been tested.     
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Vk1 in Anderson's standing in the pantheon of Test fast bowling legends/greats?   
    some what similar to Kumble. A swing version of Kumble.Yeah 500 wkts is a bloody good achievement.But he had all the support in the world with Stuart Broad  & a  few others in the team .Also a great disparity between home & away performances  just as was the case with Kumble.So at the least a very good bowler. Not definitely in the top 10.... perhaps may be in top 20.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Vk1 in Anderson's standing in the pantheon of Test fast bowling legends/greats?   
    some what similar to Kumble. A swing version of Kumble.Yeah 500 wkts is a bloody good achievement.But he had all the support in the world with Stuart Broad  & a  few others in the team .Also a great disparity between home & away performances  just as was the case with Kumble.So at the least a very good bowler. Not definitely in the top 10.... perhaps may be in top 20.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from putrevus in White Wash ....!   
    and to add to all that, this SL team whitewashed the  Aussies only 1 year back in SL makes this complete dominance a lot more serious  than what it is generally being perceived.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from GoldenSun in Where does Kumar Sangakkara fit in Asia's greatest TEST batsmen of all time ?   
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from sandeep in Countdown to Dhoni's 10K ODI run !!!   
    he absolutely deserves it being the great player he is.Badly wish he played 100 tests too
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from sandeep in Numbers: Averaging close to 60 for the longest period of time   
    Another thing that comes to mind is that does 'impact' necessarily means 'winning' alone especially because there are other factors too like  'some other players too  contributing to the win'.In Dravid's 233  that was Ajit Agarkar.
    A match that is etched in memory of Sachin is that Melbourne test of 1999.He was the captain.He was chasing a mammoth 405 AUS first inns score. Yet he scored 116 against Mcgrath,Lee, Warne & Fleming.In the 4rth inns too he scored 52.So a total of 168 runs & an avg: of 84.He was the top scorer in the match from either sides.Baring Ponting & M.Waugh who remained not outs  in one of their inns and hence avg:ed slightly better , no one avg:ed  higher either.And all the others including Dravid were falling like a pack of cards around him.And what not,  that was the 2nd test of the series where India after loosing the first one  needed to win it so badly. Sachin rose quite emphatically to the most toughest of challenges by all counts.But others all disappointed.So all in all winning has its 'glamour'.But to deceide 'impact' by 'win'  alone is not the right way by any means.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from express bowling in Pujara /Kohli /Rahane /Rahul - who is best test batsman of India?   
    Really surprised to see Pujara leading others by such big margin in the poll. Infact he has the worst record in ENG,AUS,SAF,NZL & WI combined as of now.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years   
    first removing longevity,  Kapils' avg: stood at 28.86 after first  21000 balls.(hope you would agree on this because had Imran went on bowling 27000+ balls as Kapil did his avg: would have reached at far more than 22.81.This  is because of the factor of terminal decline, which is the most severely affected  for 'all rounders' because of their multi tasks in hand)
    So 22.81/28.86 = 79% a bowler to Imran.
    Now just assume that Kapil bowled these 21000 balls  by taking as much breathing space as Imran did between tours(this is most emphatically reflected in Kapil's dip in stats due to not taking adequate rest & there by not getting his injury & surgery completely healed after the knee surgery of his in 1983), with the same sort of support bowling strength that Imran enjoyed(playing in the company of Waqar,Wasim & other calibre bowlers  is vastly different than that in the company  of Binny, Madanlal & co), I  am sure that  Kapil would have ended at around 26.85 avg: .
    So  22.81/26.85 = 85% a bowler to Imran.
    Naturally  when avg: increases as a whole, the avg:s in individual countries too would improve.After that, giving more weightage to str: rate than econ: in tests, most weightage to avg: & str: rate   in best country(Windies), more  weightage to avg:s & str: rates in abroad non minnow countries    than that in home country etc etc, that efficiency increases to lot more than 85%.This because even at 28.86(79% efficiency stage) stage, Kapil's str:rate stood at around 91% as that of Imran,his
    avg: was the better in Windies, his avg:s in other non minnow abroad countries  differed much lesser from Imran's corresponding figures than what was the case with home conditions.
    So all in all, in my mind Kapil was around 87% a test bowler to that of Imran.And in batting I can't place Imran at more than 90% to Kapil because of vast str: rate difference( 47.52:84+), figures in WI, & qlty difference on the avg: w.r.t big inns played.     So Kapil was  slightly better a test all rounder for me because 10% difference in weaker discipline(batting)  is more than enough to over come 13% difference in bowling as the criteria at our hand being 'better all rounder' .
       In one dayers Kapil was better all rounder. Though Imran was slightly better captain, Kapil was even better all round fielder.
    Before considering all the above,take into account ball tampering. That itself is enough  to place Kapil above Imran.   
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years   
    Marshall belonged to perhaps the greatest team of all time, especially bowling wise. Hence he  enjoyed a bit more support  from the 'team work' than the other 3 bowlers in the list.And Marshall was not equally brilliant in both formats like the other 3.He didn't have their longevity either.
    SMG at the best was only a good category batsman in one dayers. He lacked longevity in  one dayers too.
    And w.r.t Imran , as I have always maintained taking the difference between plain bat avg: & bowl avg: is as sense less as it can get.Imran's bat avg: is hugely inflated by not outs.Kapil's murderous str: rate, his record in West Indies & the difference in quality  between their big inns on the average in every sense(which i  have personally analysed very deeply) makes Kapil convincingly better a batsman for me. In test bowling too, Kapil's longevity,support bowling unit strength & work density played a huge part in
    deceiding his end avg:. And in one dayers Kapil was the better all rounder.If Imran was slightly better captain, Kapil was even more better all round fielder.So all in all , for me Kapil was the better all rounder(at the least I just can't accept with some body who considers Imran convincingly superior to Kapil.In other words they were at least on same levels ).
    Now taking into account  the fact of tampering allegations against  Imran , that is the final nail on the coffin with even dismissing all the above said matters.This places Botham too above Imran. 
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years   
    yeah... Akram was hugely talented for a fast bowler.He made fast bowling a great entertainment with his loads of variations.
    But strong allegations of tampering against him  take some glows of his records. And surprisingly his record  against top order batsmen paled in comparison to some one like Mcgrath who made a habit of taking top order wickets.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from sandeep in Top 10 cricketers of the last 40 years   
    Firstly I  entirely missed out on Lara at first. How can  this be bias? . Gilchrist, Warne & Mcgrath were the stand out performers in that Aussie line up.They made Aussies one of the GOAT teams.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from JaFanatic in The myths propagated by Sachin detractors   
    the  complete batsman of the 90s & 2000s. had more boxes  ticked than  all other batsmen of his times.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in TOP 5 all rounders of all time   
    I started watching cricket from 1985 onwards.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in TOP 5 all rounders of all time   
    With regard to our topic in hand,i  have pointed out several things  as to why I place Kapil so highly.Similarly you too have put forward several points. We both have the freedom
    to analyse all these points and  reach our own conclusions. Based on that I  believe Kapil was the best of the FAB  4 of 80s. Even if you differ from me , i respect your opinions & conclusions. So what big deal ?   
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in TOP 5 all rounders of all time   
    Law can't always go correct. For instance we can see even notorious criminals escaping from the hands of law even after committing murders just because of the fact that there is not enough eye witness or evidences. Even it must be that, because of the fear of their security  & well being,   people who have actually  viewed the events thru naked eye will not provide eyewitness and the culprit escapes.Here in this case law couldn't punish Imran ,because ICC itself was not at all strict W.R.T tampering those times just like  Olympics governing body was towards  drugs.And to add to that , is it any official rankings  of ICC that places the all rounders in any order as of now?  they are all opinions of different game related people.Hence I too have an opinion about them .And based on the circumstancial evidences in the form of several cricket related personalities accusing Imran of tampering  thru public statements in frequent  intervals  ever since he has hanged up his boots ,  It is my strong belief & opinion  that Imran was a serious tamperor.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in TOP 5 all rounders of all time   
    If you go thru series wise avg:es of Imran , you would notice one thing .Till  81 NOv , he  didn't play at the rate of  atleast 6 tests/year  .From that period he played 16 tests non stop  in a matter of just  13 months or so. Along with his evil ally 'bottle top' & of course with his genuine improvement as a fast bowler , he reaped the maximum benefit one can ever get. He avg:ed around 13 or so in these 16 tests.16 tests on the trot in just 13 months means intense workload. As a result of this heavy work load  & there by putting great strain on shins,  he suffered  severe shin injury.Basically this means Imran put severe strain on his body, reaped the maximum benefit from that in the form of bucket load of wkts and as a result  suffered from the nasty injury.  So  there is no point in saying 'he missed some of his peak years, where he would've lost out on taking wickets etc'. To be more  precise, even if he lost a few years due to injury, he also benefitted  in the form  of 'bucket loads of wkts like never before in his career' from  the immense strain he put on his shins that resulted in injury. You can't have it both ways.Is it?
    And the 'injury & further rest period' is the major difference  between  the cases of both Imran & Kapil.Imran took adequate rest of almost  2 years & 8 months  before turning out to bowl in test cricket again.Since his injury got completely healed,  he could start again with the same effectiveness after a gap of 2 years  & 8 months. Kapil on the other hand just neglected this 'adequate rest matter' and hence his stats suffered  in the immediate 26 tests after his' injury-surgery' period.And i contribute this fall in level of performance to 'heavy work load' factor.A matter of placing country before self.
    W.R.T support bowling unit , I have already  detailed it.
    Imran played as a full bowler only till just over 37 years old.After that, he bowled occasionally only as  his series wise stats reveal.Till his age of 36 years and 2 months he performed  at his ususal best.That means, if any ,this old age factor you indicated could have affected him in only the 4 tests  that he played  in 1989 NOV  against IND in PAK.But Imran can't complain for that even because  after his age of  36 years  & 2 months  he played only 13 tests in a period of  almost 3 months. That means work density was a lot  lower even by his own normal standards.And that isn't enough, Kapil played as a rookie  in his first 13 tests  till  his age of  just 20 years & 6 months(means he was still a teenager) .So as per your  claim  if Imran's stats suffered   due to the 4 tests  against IND in 89 due to old age   & his single test as a teenager  in 1971(total 5 tests), so have Kapil's due to the  first 13 tests he played as a rookie in  a period of  just 10 months. So things goes even more in favour of Kapil there.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from Rightarmfast in TOP 5 all rounders of all time   
    yes ... a point which  i am already aware of  thoroughly and it is  only sensible that you have mentioned it .In a Kapil-Imran comparison w.r.t bowling(even with out taking ball tampering  into acount), if we remove from the equation  Kapil's terminal decline  due to 'longevity' itself, we can see that  after first 21000 balls(the entire ball count of Imran is about 19500) his avg; was 28.86.And at this milestone point, suppose that  we take  Kapil's  avg:es in individual countries.And then categorise into abroad,home & minnow avg:s. Here as we always does give  weightage to abroad , home  & minnow in that order(means avg:S in abroad countries have the   maximum weightage, then avg:  in home country & then only in minnow country. This is the same yardstick by which a batsman like Sehwag is evaluated.Isn't it? If  performances in home conditions  were rated at the same level as those to abroad conditions then Sehwag would have been regarded as GOAT batsman)
    Now  for both Kapil & Imran, sort their  avg:S in 5 non minnow abroad countries (which  carries the most weightage)  in ascending order of the numerical values of avg;s.Now make an one one comparison of these 5 values of both players. You can see that it is Kapil  who comes out on top with the first 2 values.And what not his best value  of 23.11 is in West Indies(best team of their times which carries the most weightage).
    Imran's over all avg: is 22.81
    Kapil's  is 28.86
    Means at this point of comparison Kapil  is 22.81/28.86  = 79% a bowler as that of Imran. And  it is worth lot more than that if we take that weightage factor in individual countries into account. Now assume that Kapil got  the  advantages in 'work density factor(which is most emphatically  reflected in the fact that Kapil's wkts/test ratio of 4 in his first 62 tests fell to 2.6 in his next 26 tests.Had Kapil taken adequate rest after his knee injury & further surgery at this time  & turned out  to play again  only after his injury getting fully healed, his stats wouldn't have dropped by such margin ) & support bowling unit factor in  the levels Imran benefitted.Then for me his avg: would have been at the least lowered by 2. Means 26.86 which takes it to 22.81/26.86 = 85% as that of Imran.Naturally the avg:s in individual countries too would have been improved in varying degree.Then this weightage factor getting added into mix  takes this efficiency a lot more than 85.
    This is based on bowl avg: factor which was 28.86 (79%).But if we split this again into str: rate & econ:(both str:rate & econ: are byproducts of bowl avg: . Keep in mind str: rate carries a bit more weightage in tests and in that Kapil was  at 54.1/59.3 =91.23 efficiency as that of Imran after 21000 balls. )   and do the exercise  by mixing work density & support bowling factor into it , the gap  with Imran reduces even more than what was the case with plain avg:.  
    These all ,with out taking tampering into mix.      
    I myself had roughtly done this exercise some times back and that is why I am so assured of this
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from JaFanatic in "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan   
    then it will be atom bombs,granides missiles, etc etc in the stadium itself.... even a world war 3   can be expected.
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    rtmohanlal got a reaction from JaFanatic in "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan   
    i wonder what sort of pathetic guys are you people. chest thumping over a game of cricket. There are lot more important things in life than a silly game of cricket. Yes...majority of the  game loving Indians were disappointed a bit , but not to the extends you want us to be. And if you think that  this is  THE FIRST instance  in a multi tounrment  other than world cup where all major teams participated & where IND & PAK came head to head in final  you are mistaken.Yes here in champions trophy final  IND got defeated.But PAK was thrashed in the final of B&H 85 seriesby IND. That time even your ATG  kaptaan bottle topper Khan even with his bottle top expertise came a cropper. So  that means not even a matter of slightest 'hurt'. Any way even with out these tit for tat results there are no 'hurts'.This because hurts are often associated with lot lot more serious matters in life.For us  only 'disappointments'. 'Hurts' are  for you delusional Pakistanis because in a nation where bomb blasts in every nuke & corner  almost every other day 'extremes'  in silly games are the order.Hence 'hurts' & 'chest thumpings' for losses & wins respectively. We Indians  have lots of important things to 'get hurt' in real life.

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