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  1. helperononline

    CSK - Only Undefeated team so far !!!

    Chalo u have jinxed it they are losing it today
  2. helperononline

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    https://www.thequint.com/news/politics/rahul-gandhi-speech-translation-tamil-nadu-rally Check out @RB_tweeetz’s Tweet: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2056250171078183&id=203794959657056
  3. helperononline

    I am confident of playing the World Cup: Ajinkya Rahane

    We cannot have too many tuk tuks in our team let him comeback after dhoni retires
  4. helperononline

    Chargesheet filed against Mohd. Shami .

    Ok good don't allow him to play IPL let him be fresh for WC
  5. helperononline

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    People are going crazy behind that one wrong statement That was nothing when compared to this
  6. helperononline

    Captain Clueless

    Captain Clueless se better Captain Intense or Captain Furasted orCaptain Confused jadha suit kartha hei he looks confused with his fields and bowling changes most of the time
  7. helperononline

    So without Dhoni....we cant win?

    Every team needs a senior player who can guide the youngster when dhoni's captained the team he had Sachin sehwag to guide him with. now dhoni is doing the same with kohli.
  8. helperononline

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

  9. Lol someone check dhoni's dot ball stats before pouncing on Rohit I am sure you will get heart attack
  10. helperononline

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    No need to press the panic button he might have bowled badly due to DEW only two matches back he won it for us with his exceptional death bowling
  11. helperononline

    What is the plan of TM with respect to SHankar?

    Well Kohli sometimes help his RCB mates more
  12. helperononline

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Becoz he tried to copy dhoni he was giving lot of advice to spinners and even one run out he tried like dhoni without looking at stump and missed it Crowd got irritated and soon he missed a stumping and crowd chanted dhoni'name it was really bad he is our player not some opposition player https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thequint.com/amp/story/sports%2Fsports-buzz%2Fcrowds-chant-dhoni-after-rishabh-pant-mistakes-india-vs-australia-4th-odi
  13. But today's match lost due to poor capacity and dew We have never had stronger bowling line up in the last 30 years Bumrah- Yorker specialist Bhuvi-Swing and occasionally bowls good Yorker Shami- Reverse Swing specialist Never we had two medium pace all rounder Vijay Shankar and Hardik We have two leg spinner ,one off spinner in the form of jadhav and left arm spinner in Jadeja We have complete bowling attack but they are not getting utilised properly we need a bowling coach
  14. helperononline

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Bring him back atleast as a water boy our spinners are looking clueless without him
  15. helperononline

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    Dew,Kohli Captaincy becoz he could have used bumrah lot earlier instead he allowed the match to drift and Pant poor.keeping

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