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  1. The Australian team was jolted badly when David Warner, Steve Smith, and Cameron Bancroft were found guilty of planning and executing the dastardly deed of using sandpaper on the ball in the Cape Town Test against South Africa in March 2018. While Bancroft got a ban of nine months, Smith and Warner copped bans of a year each. Both Warner and Smith made their international cricket comebacks in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2019, when they stepped out on the field against Afghanistan and Warner helped Australia beat the team with a good 89*; while Smith showed his importance against West Indies, scoring an important fifty to rescue the team after fall of four early wickets. However, during the match against India at the Oval, viewers on TV were treated to a sense of déjà vu when leg-spinner Adam Zampa was seen using something on the ball and then pocketing it. It was difficult to see what Zampa was using on the ball and then put it back in his trouser pockets, but one of the viewers tweeted a short video of Zampa in action. https://circleofcricket.com/category/Cricket_World_Cup_2019/38125/cwc-2019-watch-sandpapergate-revisited-as-adam-zampa-pockets-something-after-using-it-on-ball
  2. This match will be thriller. The pitch is flat Aussies will make 330 plus
  3. helperononline

    Kohli's form - A concern?

    Kohli has never lost his form in the last 5 to 7 years U are watching too much of tamasha cricket
  4. helperononline

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Not only Sharma this tournament exposes lot of weakness in Indian batsman I am posting interesting article by ricky ponting Every single player in this tournament will have a weakness against one form of bowling - it might be left-arm off spin, right-arm leg spin, left-arm fast bowlers, whatever it is.” At the core of Ponting’s role is trying to identify this, and exploit it to Delhi’s maximum advantage. "You have to absolutely act on those weaknesses of opposition players when you can. “I'm just throwing names at you - you might know that Rohit Sharma might start particularly slow against right-arm leg spin in the Powerplay. So if he chews up 10 or 12 balls in the Powerplay and only strikes at 60 or 70 against right-arm leg spin then you have to have the opportunity to use that bowler there and then. One, that puts pressure on him; two, it puts a lot of pressure on the guy who’s batting with him at the other end. He knows he’s got to score really quickly in the Powerplay. So little things like that you'll always try and identify - certain guys strike really well off different lengths as well.” Ponting’s observation about Sharma is no mere throwaway; CricViz identifies that Sharma indeed only has a strike rate of 84 against leg spin in the Powerplay. Ponting also uses ball-tracking data “to find out the strengths against certain lengths”; the Mumbai Indians all-rounder Hardik Pandya, he explains, is particularly strong against full-length balls, so bowlers should avoid that length against him. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2019/04/30/ricky-ponting-little-details-have-seen-delhi-capitals-take-ipl/
  5. helperononline

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Not only that his field placement to dhoni, Raina we're also as per their weakness& their favorite shots. he discuss a lot about these players strength and weakness to abroad players. It might go against us one day.
  6. In Tamil Nadu it is usually one way either dmk will sweep or admk will sweep election.
  7. helperononline

    Of Radars and Morons: PM Modi was right, deal with it

    I don't remember reading such news even if Congress is doing it should bjp also copy them,? If someone jumps in front of bus and dies would u do the same ? Don't u have any individuality ?
  8. helperononline

    Of Radars and Morons: PM Modi was right, deal with it

    Radar works under cloud or not It is not correct of modi to use surgical strike to get votes. Would he boost about this if any plane and our soldier is shot down ? Modi should not play with the life's of soldier for getting votes
  9. helperononline

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Rohit is leaking lot of secrets about his teammates to foreign players these day
  10. helperononline

    Watson with blood on knees playing the knock in the final

    Watson playing with blood in his knees,tahir diving to stop a single ,dhoni running hard for singles even though they are aged between 38 to 40 was good to watch their commitment in the field where as Raina once a brilliant fielder now looks a Buffon dropping catch was irratating to to watch throughout the tournament
  11. did u notice Bumrah smiling after a catch was dropped off his bowling? If players are under pressure to perform why was he laughing it a was weird match
  12. End of day fixing or not Mumbai Indian deserve to win they have won 4-0 and they have superior team than CSK congrats MI
  13. Certain things that were fishy in the match 1) toss lost by dhoni and he told he would have bowled first at that time Rohit give reaction like he also wanted to bat second but he has been told to bat first 2) many catch drops like Raina, chahar ,malinga really fishy to so many catch drops Also de jock easy catch missed to boundary The entire match was like script which kept shifting one over mi was winning another over csk I felt like watching a thriller movie

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