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  1. Dil Dil India

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    Not saying Kohli isn't good or that Stokes didn't deserve credit. Point is, at that point in time with 50 odd needed, a little more caution may have been better. Tendy shelved all off drives during his 241* at Sydney, doesn't mean he was bad at cover drives.....Kohli knew it was all on him so maybe he could have showed more restraint and just defended it.
  2. When was the last time your paindoo side even won a test match in Australia? From your posts, I'd guess even before you were born.
  3. Dil Dil India

    Team India in 4th innings under Captain Kohli

    Interesting numbers and you make good points. However, I do think a target of about 200 is usually good enough for the home side. I'm sure the numbers will confirm that visiting teams all over lose when faced with a target of around 200 batting last, far more often than not. That said, I feel the first test vs SA and this one were winnable. Chokejobs by us in both.
  4. I spoke about his lackadaisical attitude during the earlier leg of the tour. This moron slapping his thigh after taking 1 out of 3 catches and batting worse than Ishant Sharma is really pissing me off (and I am sure a number of other Indian fans as well). Please show him the door. Like Rohit he should only be considered for LOIs (of course unlike Rohit he actually has a ton outside of the subcontinent in tests but still). Enough is enough, we need players who play with pride and give it their all. Not these showponies who take 1 catch and think they are God. As much as I think Pujara is useless outside the SC as well, he should be picked ahead of Dhawan as he can at least stay at the crease for a while.
  5. Dil Dil India

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    I agree with you in that Kohli played very well even in the second innings, but playing across the line at that stage of the match was unnecessary in hindsight. It seems too harsh to criticize him for that, but with a bunch of useless people around him, maybe he should have been more conservative.
  6. Dil Dil India

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    LOL! Dhawan can only dream of surviving those spells from Steyn survived by Vijay during the tour before last. Rahul-Dhawan is 50-50 based on records, but Rahul has a higher ceiling based on what he has shown.
  7. Dil Dil India

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    The bolded part is why I can't stand him. Useless test cricketer. The problem is we don't have alternatives.
  8. Dil Dil India

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    Rohit will never be dropped by Kohli/Shastri. I am sure they are trying to figure out how to get him into the test side now, forget ODIs. He got into a test team to SA ahead of Rahane with a test batting average outside the SC lower than Ashwin's on the basis of a series at home against SL....that's how desperate Kohli Shastri are to keep him in the mix....in ODIs where he actually has decent numbers there is no way he will be dropped at least for the next 2 years.
  9. Dil Dil India

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    Spot on. I think over the long term KL will prove to be a better opener than Rohit. Rohit can bat at 4 or 5. The field will be more spread out and it will be easier for him to rotate strike. It is a better move than moving Kohli to 4 because Kohli is arguably the greatest ever ODI bat at number 3 (definitely in the top 5).
  10. ODI series>T20 series if we are being honest...but the main thing is the test series.
  11. Watch your Reham and Maryam show and read about Imran getting intimate with Murad Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi.
  12. Dil Dil India

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    Good point about Rohit. Do you think there is any way to change it now? Or is it too late? Disagree about Dhawan. He could be an easy going guy, but when he plays for India he has got to put in the dives and give his everything on the field. The blue shirt isn't just a license to score 30 and slap your thigh.
  13. Dil Dil India

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    That's a different debate entirely and will sidetrack the thread. I knew people would make it about some other problem we have (see the post by Austin) or assume that I want them dropped etc. So just making it clear at the outset.
  14. Dil Dil India

    Dhawan's lackadaisical attitude and Rohit's dot ball problem

    And I am sure others can create a thread to talk about that too. This thread is about Dhawan and Rohit.
  15. lol Sri Lanka umpire screwing us over no surprise. But Chahal is an idiot - bowls too many no balls. You are a spinner FFS.

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