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  1. Dil Dil India

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    I don't see them doing much against our bowling even on flat tracks. I don't have faith in our batsmen apart from Kohli and to a lesser extent Dhawan though.
  2. 1) Rohit 2) Dhawan 3) Kohli 4) Shankar 5) Dhoni 6) Jadhav/DK 7) Pandya + bowlers A joke compared to our 2011 batting but serviceable.
  3. Sharma has been striking at LESS THAN 80 in 2019 ODIs. Let's not pretend there isn't an issue. He's turned into a gun ODI bat (in bilaterals and vs Bangladesh in tournaments) but let's not pretend there aren't glaring holes. The issue is given slow poke Thala and the joke of a middle order we have, Rohit isn't even close to being the most pressing issue.
  4. Not to mention Dhawan overexcitedly shelling it in an attempting to slap his thigh
  5. lol. Can you provide me an instance of any 160(120) innings from him (against a decent side if possible)? I am genuinely curious. He can score 200(150) for sure, but initially he is almost always slow.
  6. Rohit will waste balls all day and plod to 100(120) on such pitches - unfortunately he is the least of our problems with tuk tuk Thala and the rest of the useless middle order. Pant would have wreaked havoc on this pitch.
  7. Beghairat insaan farewell ke baad wapis aa gaya hahahaha lanat hai tujh jaise munafiq pe
  8. Dil Dil India

    Psyche of a Muslim kid

    By keeping up this narrative we are playing into Pakistan's hands, I keep saying this again and again. If you notice their political narrative, they have been very vocal about how (in their twisted, convoluted heads) Indian Muslims will support Pakistan if there is a war (Sheikh Rashid and some other moron said this). Instead of trying to strengthen ourselves internally, we still engage in this stupidity. Now, I like vayuu as a poster and I don't doubt this happened, but as beetle and others have pointed out, this isn't exclusive to any religion. There was a joker called Dhoni fan(probably not even Indian) who posted some chit a few days back. Pakistanis are masters of misdirection and lies. They have already started their propaganda...every such post is like mithai for them.
  9. I really, really hope this is the case. The point is it doesn't really make sense for us NOT to release the evidence now. If our dumbass media hadn't hyped our strikes so much we could have perhaps gotten away without even mentioning it or making a big deal out of it. But now that Pak seems to have the upper hand in the perception battle (see western media sites), it is important for us to expose them once again. I am sure our security forces know what they are doing, but I don't have faith in any of our politicians.
  10. Pakistan doesn't even recognize several sects of Islam; propagates Shia-Sunni clashes; let's not even get to Pak Hindus and Christians who come to India with their tails wagging hoping our government will throw them a bone. Sindhudesh, Pakhtunistan, Azad Balochistan Zindabad!
  11. Dil Dil India

    The Thank You Imran Khan thread

    I have a pimple on my behind which looks like Imran Khan's face. It has been my lucky charm. Thank you Imran Khan.
  12. Dil Dil India

    The Thank You Imran Khan thread

    The thread where we thank Immy. Let me start. Today I farted only twice. Thank you Imran Khan!
  13. Dil Dil India

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    Indian M-21 Pakistani F-16 It was bound to happen. @Gollum @Real McCoy @Stradlater @beetle @maniac @vayuu1 @velu @coffee_rules@zen @Laaloo @KeyboardWarrior : how is my defence analysis prah?
  14. @KeyboardWarrior @KeyboardWarrior @KeyboardWarrior @Asim some lahori defense "expertise" needed poyzzzzz
  15. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3648621

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