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  1. T20 2007 final >>>>>>>> CT final 2017 1996 WC QF and 2011 WC SF alone destroy your entire bilateral record. It's funny how you claim kitply and whisper trophies as the "real" tournaments and dismiss WC semis, quarters and ICC games LMAO. I would try to get into how India were responsible, directly or indirectly, for booting Pak out in WC 2003, CT 2013, etc. but you would need an IQ bigger than Inzamam's waist size to be able to understand it. For now, apply some burnol and try to figure out how to beat Bangladesh.
  2. We need to go with: 1) Dhawan 2) Rohit 3) Kohli 4) Rahul 5) Pant 6) Pandya 7) Jadhav 8) Bhuvi 9) Kuldeep 10) Chahal 11) Bumrah get in a seamer in place of one of the spinners if the pitch demands it. Don't push Kohli down the order, he is the GOAT at 3. Rahul can adjust at 4. If we need to tinker with the batting, why can't we move Rohit to 4 (he has experience playing in the middle order) and push Rahul to open?
  3. I say we play parosis and smash them to a pulp and reverse the only thing which paindus still have in their favour over us @Lala
  4. Dil Dil India

    Dhoni's enviable record while chasing !!!

    The biggest problem with "Indian fans" on this forum is that they are fans of players more than the Indian cricket team. If you are a true Indian fan, then you should love Indian cricket infinitely more than any player - be it Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kohli or whoever. Unfortunately, our greats have an embarrassing history of overstaying and ruining their legacies. Kapil Dev stayed on to trundle to break Hadlee's record; Tendulkar prevented a young player from taking up the whites at number 4 just so he could get to 200 tests and we had everyone concerned bending over backwards to accommodate him by shortening a test series in SA so that he could score some cheap runs against a useless WI team at home. Now Dhoni - looks like a tail-ender when he bats; sucks up all the momentum and gets out. He's done it time and time again in the last 2 years now. It is blatantly obvious that his time is up. This middle order will definitely cost us the WC and we may even lose our WC streak to our useless parosi team if Dhoni and co. stink up the middle order. Dhoni should just do the honourable thing and f-off. He has been a great servant to Indian cricket and has done a lot for us over the years, but time is up man. 37, will be close to 38 during the WC. Enough of the torture already. Stats such as the ones in the OP are great to appreciate what MS has done for us over the years, but at a time like this they mean nothing.
  5. @AhmedArzoo @Lala @cric_fan @Iconoclast Hope this teaches you to be humble and not shoot your mouths off next time.
  6. lol tune pakka gayab ho jana hai Friday k baad; aise hi bakwas kartey ja. Agar aaj ghalti se bhi Bangladesh ne tum logo ki maar di toh aayiyo match k baad mard banke :D
  7. Dil Dil India

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Promote him where though? With Dhawan, Rohit and Kohli there is no place in the top 3...so the highest he can bat is 4.
  8. Let's discuss the outcome of this match: India destroyed Lyari land India tied Afghanistan Therefore Afghanistan >>>>>>> Lyari land.
  9. Dil Dil India

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    I used to think (and still think) that Rayudu sucks, but I must say he was very impressive in IPL. If he does manage to get a decent score in the final, I wouldn't mind giving him a chance.
  10. Bht wkhe hn tujh jaisay jaani..tere pisspassion pay bhi :P
  11. Pehlay Bangla bros ko tou harao. Agar Shakib ne Aamir ki keh ke le li tou tujh jaisay faarigh log yahan aglay saal tak nahi dikhengey
  12. Obviously, delivery tou teri hi hougi na paglay
  13. Dil Dil India

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Bhai, I don't want to get into any Tendulkar vs Dhoni debates; for me they are both legends I respect, but for me they both overstayed their welcome. India comes before any player for me :) Tendu should have retired immediately after the WC in 2011 in ODIs; you're right he didn't play that much after that, but his last 2 years in tests were mediocre to put it mildly and he really should have walked off in 2012; all the SA series shortening to play West Indies at home just so he could get his 200th test at home...anyway I don't want to discuss that here and sidetrack your thread; I was just making a sidenote. I don't really care about t20s apart from World t20 so won't comment there, but Dhoni has been alright in ODIs up until the last 2 years. He somehow managed the odd innings like the one vs England where both Yuvi and him turned back the clock for a game and managed to justify his place in the side just when the voices were getting louder and louder. At the moment, Dhoni is playing like a tailender - he is actually batting like a tailender in the middle and for that reason he has to go.
  14. Dil Dil India

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    What if the top 2 go quickly? Why play to Pak's strengths? Those paindoos cannot chase anything.
  15. @Lala and his paindoo Lyaris @AhmedArzoo celebrating a tie by another team vs India reminds me of an impotent man in Rawalpindi celebrating his wife's pregnancy.

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