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  1. Tennis :2017 season

    At Wimbledon it is not even up for debate. Peak Federer takes it in 4 sets max. AO would be closer on plexicushion, but given that grandpa 35 year old took a set off absolute peak Novak there, his 04, 07 avatars at the AO would be more than a match for Novak...even 05 AO Fed and 09 Fed probably.
  2. Wimbledon 2017

    Equivalent age for Federer (i.e 2011): Federer stopped an absolute peak Djokovic in his tracks at the FO and nearly again at the USO; destroyed Nadal en route to the WTF. Djokovic this year: getting spanked by Istomin, Kyrgios, Kyrgios, Goffin, Thiem bagel, Berdych, Zverev....clearly he's not Federer.
  3. Tennis :2017 season

    Hope Nadal doesn't vulture an undeserved number 1.
  4. Wimbledon 2017

    Anyone without an agenda knows that Federer is slower than he was at his peak. You only have to make him run from side to side and it is noticeable. Most of the field today is incapable of doing that. The only one who could do it in the last few years has been Djokovic at his absolute best and guess who Federer lost most of his big matches to in recent years....
  5. Wimbledon 2017

    So this Wafa fangirl says Federer is better physically than he was at 25 and calls me a retard. Hilarious! It's what Roger's results have done to the collective fanbases of both the MTO abusers and time wasters. Federer's is so good physically that he skipped the entire clay season and has to schedule smartly in order to remain fit. Really sound logic. About par for those who make sly insinuations and then back out when called out on it. I love the salt. What a time to be a Federer fan!
  6. Wimbledon 2017

    Ignore him. He's a Nadal fan troll in absolute ruins over the result. It is pretty obvious what he is trying to imply without having the guts to say it openly.
  7. Wimbledon 2017

    The GOAT. Thankfully, despite all the MTO abusing and abuse of time violation rule, he has left Djokovic and Nadal in the dust. Looking forward to see those 2 so-called mental warriors and strong era champions find out what it is like to be 30+. Bones and other Djokovic fans (including some Rafa fans) kept saying Federer's losses to Djokovic from 2014-2016 was not age related at all. in 2011, when Federer was as old as Djokovic now, he cleaned the ball bouncer's clock at RG and should have done so again at the USO and this was ball bouncer at his absolute peak. Novack at a similar age is getting destroyed by Kyrgios, Berdych, Thiem, Istomin etc. Hoping for some more of the same.
  8. Wimbledon 2017

    Number of slams Djokovic won when Federer was aged 30 or more: 9 (out of 12) Federer's age when Djokovic first beat him in a slam final: 32(almost 33) Federer's age when Djokovic finally got the h2h lead: 34.5 Federer dominates both where it matters. Has more Wimbledons than both the time wasters put together(7 vs 5) Has more USOs than both MTO abusers put together(5 vs 4) Has more WTFs than both combined (6 vs 5) Has won multiple AOs on both surfaces unlike moonballer and gymnast who could only win on plexi. I understand that Nadal fans and Novak fans are in absolute ruins over this. Hopefully #8 on Sunday will send them back into their caves forever.
  9. Wimbledon 2017

    Look I agree there is no real debate even now, but another Wimbledon would zip up the rabid Novak fans and Rafa fans for some time at least.
  10. Wimbledon 2017

    Reading social media posts, Djokovic and Nadal fans have gone into an absolute meltdown. How I wish the time violation rule was strictly enforced and the courts were not horrendously slowed down and dubious MTOs disallowed, both of them would have won at least 5 slams less.
  11. Wimbledon 2017

    19 would shut the GOAT debate once and for all. Let's go Federer!
  12. Why have you started talking to yourself on a public forum? :o
  13. Pakistan in West Indies 2017

    4 tareekh ke baad tunay idher say gayab hou jana hei, chorr bhai kyun pangay ley raha hei.
  14. This is not true over a large sample size. If you're good enough over a career you will definitely have the stats to show for it. Stats which have matches won as a criterion in them will be biased if a good player plays for a weak team, but overall individual stats are representative. Aamir averages nigh on 32 over 28 tests. That is definitely representative. In fact you could even argue that it flatters him. He's bowled in 6 countries and aside from the current series against a woeful West Indies side and one in England before his ban in extremely bowling friendly conditions(which YK conveniently skipped) he has done jack diddly squat. His lowest average outside of England(and this current West Indies series) is 36+. He's played 10/28 matches in England which is disproportionate. His stats will only get worse.
  15. I never said YK as a batsman is comparable to Ashwin or Rohit Sharma. I said outside the SC he's as close to Rohit Sharma as he's to Dravid and again, outside the SC he's in the same class as Ashwin. There are very few batsmen better than him at racking hundreds in 600 vs 600 drawn test matches in Lahore and Karachi, there's no denying that. Sangakkara is an interesting case. He has only as many 40+ averaging series as Rahane (give or take) outside the SC and that is an incredible stat. I'd rate Dravid comfortably above Sanga, he averages almost a full 10 points outside the SC. Amla is definitely in tier 3 and not tier 2. Agree with the rest though.

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