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  1. Dil Dil India

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    I already said he had a great series in 10-11 in SA. That doesnt change the fact that he was thoroughly mediocre after that until retirement in 2013. Retired at least 1 year too late just for the 200 test record.
  2. Dil Dil India

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Not sure if you're trying to troll or serious. Tendu was India's leading run scorer and second highest overall in 2011 WC. Ideally yes he should have retired because he wasnt going to play 2015 anyway but on form he definitely deserved a place. You could say he was very selfish in tests where he stunk it up post the SA series in 10-11 but in ODIs he was ok. Dhoni has been an absolute liability post 2015 bar one innings Vs England
  3. For Pakistan's WC beating at the hands of India.
  4. He'll do that when he bats. He'll come it at 140/5 after 17 overs....but he'll need to consolidate to ensure we don't get all out. At 150/5 after 19.2 overs, Dhoni will attempt 2 big shots and deny singles. He'll hit a 6 and a 4 off the last 2 balls. India will finish with 160 and Ganguly will say "that man MS Dhoni has done it before and he has done it again".
  5. Dil Dil India

    goodbye guys

    ICF is quite lenient and liberal most of the time. Even parosis get away with making despicable remarks from time to time. I had a legit thread about how Pakistan were lucky in 2019 WC deleted for no reason. Don't take the internet so seriously.
  6. Another totally unhelpful reply. But thanks anyway.
  7. Hahahaha typical burger parosis. You'd rather claim fixing and malign your own team than man up and admit you got beat by the better side. Anyway stop hijacking my thread bruh
  8. Probably the best thing one can do actually. Will imagine bewda's face every time I lift.
  9. Lol little shezy burger, you are also on cricstan and another website. I see you burger. I never said India will win in 2023 The only guarantee in 2023 WC is India smashing Pakstan around like June 16.
  10. Why are you ashamed to admit that you are, burger kid? Be proud and say you are from Peepee. Everyone knows which poster you are as well. Start talking when Pak win a second WC bruh. Otherwise it looks foolish. It's like Akhtar saying he'll beat Sam Harris in a debate
  11. Hehe Peepee bhakt doesn't know what burger means? I like your delusion. That is your coping mechanism after all the spankings.
  12. Sounds like a decent idea. Lol. Stop trolling. Seriously?! Yeah I will but I don't think I'll ever take to sport again. This is the kind of answer I should have explicitly stated I don't want, my bad. I appreciate you mean well but we don't support sport teams or players expecting anything in return. Why even bother man? Yes thanks this is the kind of stuff I am expecting. Hehehe lol. Lmfao Yeah burger, I will take your opinions most seriously here because being a Pak fan used to spankings you would know all about this.
  13. Dil Dil India

    Wimbledon 2019

    I think the final doesn't really need a TB. I can understand it for matches before the final as you can otherwise have Anderson like situations from last year. I am still very proud of the way Fed played but I've just had it with the sport. And all sports. I need a long break. At least 6 months-1 year.
  14. 2 losses from winnable positions. I am in ruins. I want to stop following sport. Yes I know "it's just a game". Anyone else feel the same?
  15. Dil Dil India

    Wimbledon 2019

    I am devastated. I was ready to celebrate at 8-7 40-15. I can't believe he lost from being championship points up to Djokovic in a Wimbledon final. He was one point away from securing his legacy in the eyes of even the harshest critics. At 38 if he had won against Djokodal in bo5 back to back it would have been quite something. No excuse for Federer to lose 3 tiebreaks. This result not only means that Djokovic probably has YE 1, he will also break federer's all time weeks record now. Most importantly at 20-16, the GS record is gone as well. It really wouldn't have hurt as much if he had just lost in R1 or even in the F in straights. But to have match points and lose is heart breaking. This is the worst I have felt after a sports match, up there with India losing to Pak in CT 17. At least there I knew that it was an anomaly and that India would keep smacking Pak. Here that isn't the case either. It might sound dramatic but I feel empty, a kind of void. It's almost like a break up or the passing on of a loved one. I am going to give up on sport for a while. I thought Kohli and Bewda screwing us over was bad enough, this just pushed me over the edge.

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