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  1. The ATP Tour 2018

    Extremely happy to see how badly Djokovic is playing. He's very lucky he's not the same age as Federer. In 2012 when Federer was as old as Djokovic now, he was booting peak Djokovic from slams and giving him bagels on HC....imagine what he would do to the current version.
  2. Lucky you dude! Here's hoping you get many such instances to celebrate this year. 2 more slams this year would be great :)
  3. Oh, that's incredible! I did think it would be fairly close to the record given he skipped so many tournaments but didn't check if it was actually the case. Thanks for the info :)
  4. Absolutely! It is mind-bending especially given how few events he actually played. In the same period, Rafa played what, an extra slam, 4-5 Masters more(?) and other tournaments. That's incredible!
  5. I would guess the Fed fans are too busy celebrating, and the Noledal fans have decided to stay away. But yes, arguably the great sporting achievement of all time.
  6. No superlatives are enough for RF. He's above the likes of Pele, Ali, Maradonna, Phelps, Usain Bolt and Bradman for me now.
  7. The Australian Open 2018

    Yet another butthurt Djokotard peddling lies about the roof. The roof assisted Cilic more than Federer and they were just following the rules. If you want to talk about bending rules talking about how fakervic took MTO before Stan's serve at 2016 USO, how he took MTOs in USO 2012, Wimbledon 2014, FO 2015...how he whines when he gets penalized for time violation 1 out of the 5000 times he actually violates the rule...fakervic is extremely lucky that the time violation rules are not enforced more strictly earlier. Here is faker showing his class and screwing Wawrinka out of an important point...Wawrinka would have won this match and probably AO 2013 as well. More recently against Chung, at 11.57 in the video see how he suddenly starts grunting extra loud to put Chung off while being set point down. Pathetic cheat. Faker requested a night match to take advantage of Monfil's fitness and then denied when asked about it in the PC, being the pathetic liar that he is. Some more gems about how Becker helped Novak cheat: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/tennis/novak-djokovic-centre-cheat-row-5960496 Oh and this faker got very lucky as the officials didn't have the guts to disqualify him at RG 2016 https://www.businessinsider.in/Novak-Djokovic-was-almost-disqualified-from-the-French-Open-after-he-threw-his-racket-and-nearly-hit-a-lines-judge/articleshow/52562464.cms Your ruins are amazing. Hope Djokovic gets more and more beatdowns. Karma has caught up with him and his disgraceful fanbase for all his pathetic cheating and vulturing. I am loving it!
  8. The Australian Open 2018

    Again, you continue to display your gutter class mentality. Typical defensive crap of scumbags eating popcorn in their basement. As stated earlier, you are a waste of bandwidth and as irrelevant to discussion boards as Nadal has been at Wimbledon since 2012. Lift your game and try better next time...butthurt nadaltard
  9. The Australian Open 2018

    What on earth are you on about you foul mouthed troll? The so-called apology you refer to was when you tried lying that I said something I didn't...you did what you had to do to save face. Only one exposed here is you...as a vacuous, manner-less, lying troll who is typing away from some basement with popcorn in hand. I don't need to lean on muloghonto or anyone; was just pointing out that he had your disgusting self exposed, following which you tried to deflect attention to me by making remarks which showcase your third rate gutter class. As for the MTF thing, again you are lying through your teeth but at least here you have been clever enough to hide yourself well. You tried to pull off the same drivel with your TTW account and referred to yourself in the third person then, before I exposed you and you had no option but to accept that that was your account. I don't even know why I am bothering with a scumbag like you. You are a sheer waste of bandwidth.
  10. The Australian Open 2018

    More drivel from the vacuous, filthy mouthed, gutter, classless troll. Nadal will never get to Federer. Your butthurt is obvious, zip it zeppy! To add to the butthurt, another troll called Slade got this fool banned from MTF. Butthurt, butthurt hahahahaha. 20>16.
  11. The Australian Open 2018

    Oh so it is only a lie if everyone knows you lied? Nadaltard never fails with crappy logic. The rest of your post with vile language just reflects badly on your class and inability to debate without using gutter language. You should go to padosi forum, you will find more of your ilk there.
  12. The Australian Open 2018

    You had to apologize because you were caught lying through your teeth as usual - that has nothing to do with decency, you were just saving face. Like I said, since 2014 FO - 2017 FO when Nadal won jack diddly squat and gramps was losing all those finals to peak Djokovic, I was always there. Just because I have not made 8262 posts it doesn't mean I only post when Federer wins lol, that's just you lying as usual. Nobody cares what account you have where, or for your ad hominem attacks. You can try to wriggle your way out of nonsense by posting empty stuff,, but it is clear as day what you are upto. You were caught with your pants down by muloghonto here, so you're simply trying to keep up your reputation as the most vacuous troll on the internet by trying to shift attention to me by posting lies, irrelevant nonsense and baiting.
  13. The Australian Open 2018

    Beat around the bush all you want, but you have been thoroughly exposed...and I was always around when Federer lost those finals in a row....I remember all the crap Raghav and you spewed at that time. With your lies, intellectual dishonesty and snide insinuations, your lack of class is very clear. I don't know why muloghonto is even bothering with dishonest and classless Nadaltards like yourself. I guess owning Nadaltards never gets old.
  14. The Australian Open 2018

    lol. Personal attacks are the last resort of Nadal tards such as yourself. They have been thoroughly given a hiding much like their time violating idol. Nadal didn't win zilch from 2014 FO -2017 FO - I barely posted in that time frame, you are lying through your teeth as usual. You are the coward - I know what crap you have been posting at other places. Your insinuations about Federer speak volumes about your character, courage and personality (lack thereof)....hope you're around when Nadal gets kicked out of RG.
  15. The Australian Open 2018

    @Muloghonto not sure why you bother with nadaltards. Bloke's clearly in ruins after Maestro demolished little Rafa's dreams of ending up with the slam record. I am pretty sure there was a statistic which showed no one ever (or was it last 50 or whatever years?) has won a slam without facing a top 25 player (big lol @ 2006 AO, 2007 AO draw comparison, or talking about gassed out, sick, post injury Del Potro as someone who played top 5 tennis lol, only a Nadaltard can do that). Nadal created a new record there. He does need that kind of luck now that he cannot take 40 seconds between every point to rest like a rabbit. Let's see what he does at this USO. If he defends it like Federer did AO this year, then that would be a statement. Given that he has defended nothing outside of his precious clay ever, I won't be waiting with bated breath. Loving the fact that this Nadaltard and many others across social media are in absolute ruins over #20.

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