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  1. I am not sure what to make of Rayudu. I have always believed he is useless in ODIs....I guess his IPL form for CSK this year got him the nod. DK is another TTF with that Nihadas or whatever Bangla trophy final over aberration. Rahul's problem is that openers are doing too well at the moment and Kohli is arguably the GOAT LOI bat at that position. We can try Rahul at 4 though. 1)Dhawan 2)Rohit 3)Kohli 4)Rahul 5)Dhoni 6)Jadhav 7)Pandya ... still a little too top heavy for my liking. Dhoni at 4, Rohit at 5 and Rahul opening may make it better, but obviously you don't want to send a proven opener like Rohit at 4.
  2. lol. So pointing out that you guys are sore losers who block outside access when your team is under the pump is now obsession? The irony coming from you posting here is incredible. Speaking of w@nks, you may need to go back to the CT final last year for your quota.
  3. 238 to win would have been 0 if 237 runs were not given and the Pak team were given a plate of biryanis just before the match Btw, 212+22 = 234.
  4. I think he is finished as a batsman, but he is still arguably the best keeper in the country. Do his other aspects make up for his batting? Please vote, I am interested to know your views.
  5. Bangla bros always choke against their former countrymen. They seem to do better against us.
  6. Nothing to lose either - maybe Rayudu and DK got much needed batting practice. FTR, I would not have either of them in my first 11, straight swap for Rahul and Kohli, but given the context of the match it is incredibly stupid to whine about slow batting when a team is chasing 160 odd and is winning within 30 overs lol.
  7. If you've ever played cricket you will know how demoralizing it is when defeat is certain and you have to hang around in the sun. Also, 2 Indian batsmen vs 11 Pak players without even getting into the nitty-gritty of fielding/bowling vs batting dynamics in the sun.
  8. So if Pakistan want to finish quickly, then what is the harm in India tuk tuking? Should India just do what Pakistan wants? It is utterly inconsequential when India finish the match. They just need to win. Keep them on the field as much as possible. I just don't understand Indian fans sometimes.
  9. Oh, you want them couriered? Not sure if you guys have courier service there. Will Immy himself come and take the delivery?
  10. Oops I thought you were from Karachi, if you're in Lahore then maybe go to Anarkali Market and get a few bangles for Sarfu :D
  11. but but but Pakistan have phast bowlers who can bowl like flash
  12. Like the other pisspassion trolls, you have no brain (like your very own fool "MIG"). Pakistan have a better H2H record in kodak, pepsi and kool kool trophies only. India have a much better record h2h where it matters most in ICC tournaments; what is it something like 13-2? This is like a kid doing better than someone in class tests, but getting pwned majorly in the final exams majority of the time. Not even to mention, India have 6 Asia Cups to Pakistan's 2, 2 World Cups to Pakistan's 1 and 2 Champions Trophies to Pakistan's 1. Ab lyari me jaake match dekh cheetay :p
  13. Dil Dil India

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Fakervic's luck is out of this world. I would have actually preferred Nadal to win. What a useless powder puff draw for Djokovic and Del Potro choking like no tomorrow in the second set. Not to mention, the lady chairperson was absolutely terrible, whoever she was. She let Djokovic get away with so many time violations. What is the point of having a shot clock then?
  14. Dil Dil India

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    Not saying Kohli isn't good or that Stokes didn't deserve credit. Point is, at that point in time with 50 odd needed, a little more caution may have been better. Tendy shelved all off drives during his 241* at Sydney, doesn't mean he was bad at cover drives.....Kohli knew it was all on him so maybe he could have showed more restraint and just defended it.

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