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  1. Voice of India - https://youtu.be/PCc_9eLIa_E
  2. Had made the mistake of voting for aap twice (LS n assembly). Realised it. Now as before, bjp.
  3. RIP. 50 soldiers martyred. Sad. Afghanistan, Syria type attack. Worrying signs. Pakistan needs to pay with interest.
  4. In Delhi, more middleclass kids play soccer (not posers or anything, they play) , cricket also they play but less than before...more poorer kids/men Play cricket, some poorer people play Gilli danda also... kabaddi, not played by many in ncr
  5. randomGuy

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

  6. randomGuy

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Ruchir Sharma, head of Morgan Stanley emerging markets equity team believes we might be close to a once in a generation opportunity in EM (india, china come under EM)..currency, stocks (stocks majorly in China)... i agree with him... In a month or so, put all your money into stock market...
  7. The greatest singer of all time has come to Indian idol as a guest today.
  8. randomGuy

    ICF leaving/taking break thread

    Good luck
  9. randomGuy

    Petrol closing in on ton in India

    China will sell 1 million EVs this year, growing at 80% cagr out of 22 odd million total vehicles. Battery cos. Like catl, byd, Tesla , lg chem building capacities.... But the world needs around 6000 gwh annual battery supply to get rid of Internal combustion engine, ICE, totally, and it will produce just arn 400gwh even by 2020. I expect China to declare ban on ICE soon by year 2030
  10. randomGuy

    Asian Games 2018

    I saw it live on Tv... Was dancing and shouting after her race. Great to see from Indian woman.
  11. randomGuy

    After Party Shastri

    Why so much hate? Kumble was a great player but **** as a coach... Just see the results. Shastri hasn't been bad wrt. results.
  12. Attitude wise: Kumble, bumrah, Dravid, Dinesh kartik, bhuvi. Skill wise: 1.kohli n next are Kumble, Kapil, dhoni, Sachin. Kumble makes to both lists.
  13. randomGuy

    Smith vs Kohli vs Root vs Williamson !!!

    1.kohli 2. Smith 3. Sangakara 4. Kallis : : : : 114. Sachin

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