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  1. Bura mat Maan aur khush reh meri Jaan..
  2. Socha Ranji ke Naam se chup ho jayega ye Ankit Sharma par ye to uss pe bhi lamba post pel diya..
  3. I have played one Ranji match for my state. I know better than you. That's all I got to say.
  4. I have seen Aniket, shardul n Dhawal bowl. I go on what I see n try to evaluate ability, action, attitude, pace , fitness etc. Siraj n Dhawal don't have that much difference... bumrah is better but you could break his body (due to very tough action) if you play him in tests.
  5. Has potential from what I have seen.
  6. 1. Bhuvi 2. Umesh 3. Shami 4. Ishant 5. Dhawal Kulkarni 6. Bumrah 7. Siraj Aniket n shardul are bad. Haven't seen Navdeep. Bumrah is low in the list coz he is an excellent LoI bowler , has an action that's very difficult on his body. So I wanna rest him for tests.
  7. Even after 7 down? Although they should have declared at 85.4 overs when bhuvi got out, the good thing was that they played for just 3 more overs. But they should have realized at that time that these 3 overs could be the difference between a win and a draw...
  8. I am saying 200 runs. Probably 99% + times, that's an insurmountable score in the time that was left. 150 was not safe to declare.
  9. Not probable looking at previous 4 days. Point is that once you reach what you reckon is a safe score, you shouldnt even play a single ball, to give yourself the best chance of winning.
  10. Yeah. Quite disappointing by kohli today.
  11. Yeah, Bhuvi got out at 85.4 overs, new batsman comes takes time to reach the crease, we declared at 88.4 overs....in this time, we could have bowled 5 overs extra. The game could well have been a draw still but there was chance of a win with 3 wkts to be taken in 5 overs. Edit, lead was 200 when Bhuvi got out, so we were quite safe on declaring.
  12. I was thinking 200 is very safe. After that he might have played for his 100 which is bad
  13. Should have declared earlier by chewtiya Kohli

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