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  1. Thanks Mariyam ji. May God give you all that you desire.
  2. Maine Suna hai Mariyam ji... you see it all the time in youtube comments etc. as well. If an Indian Muslim says it let's assume 5/10 times, then a Pakistani Muslim would probably say it 8/10 times.
  3. Good that some people are coming out. Pathetic people are always there to criticize or to try to threaten them.
  4. Oh come on. Why does 'Allah' come out of their mouths all the time instead of God? May Allah bless you...Kabhi to 'may God bless you' bhi bol do English me Non-Muslims ki tarah....jab Urdu/Arabic me bolo tab 'God' word mat bolna bhale.
  5. Apart from the terrorists, I blame the religion rather than muslims as individuals. I respect and love a Muslim at the level of an individual just as much as I respect and love a non-Muslim, knowing at the same time that Islam is a toxic ideology that has destroyed countless lives. It's not the fault of a Muslim that he/she was born in Islam.
  6. If my religion was the cause of 99.99% religious terrorism happening in this world , I would definitely not blame others for looking at it with suspicion. I would think it as totally normal and warranted.
  7. When they both mean the same thing, isn't it odd that they prefer 'Allah'? When a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew etc. Speak in English, they don't say 'Bhagwan' etc. They say 'God'. You guys should try to say 'God' more(when saying in English). given that 99.99% terrorists who do it in the name of religion, are Muslims. It will help you guys mix up with other religions/people better.
  8. Any muslim can answer, why do you guys translate all other words in English but not 'Allah' . Is it because Allah is not equal to God and Allah > God?
  9. why does 'Allah' remain 'Allah' in English? Why don't most Muslims write or say 'Praise be to God' or 'Praise be to the Lord' etc. when writing in English?
  10. Iski making me maza aaya hoga inko. :D
  11. Maybe we can add Himachal (and Uttarakhand), since that's also a hilly state. You get Hindu majority state of Himachal Jammu Kashmir.
  12. Ordinary post hai yar.
  13. Thx bro. apologies to all for the shameless bragging :D This is good. TFS. It had already come to my mind. I had seen a possible issue with measuring the ‘Return on Relationships’ (ROR). As many of us believe in giving only for self-satisfaction, not for competing or for its reward points...remember 'neki kar aur kuwain de daal' etc. Not as a bill afaik but talks were there I think. these figures are my own , based on random ~30/- per day.
  14. other subsidies will have to be cut of course. An annual amount of 8k-10k per Unemployed adult having less than 'x' bank balance (10k for metro, 8k for non-metro ) should probably be decent I guess (keeping in mind the possible impact on inflation, on fiscal deficit, how many people avail this obviously will have direct bearing on how much can be disbursed per person)....Both wife and husband can claim if both are unemployed...Bahut help ho jaega...probably will alter their decision to move to a metro in search of non-existent employment... Probably will save cities from over population, will give basic dignity in life to the poorest, saves from exploitation, desperation etc.
  15. Exploitation, desperation etc. Rest, people have to lower their expectations on future job prospects.... Unemployment has to be seen like it's normal. In future, I see jobs only in Medicare, agriculture and processing, tourism and hospitality, restaurants , food joints sector. IT, manufacturing, infra, construction, finance etc. jobs won't be there like they used to be.