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  1. randomGuy

    LED TVs broken in pak after loss

    @Audiophile Aaj NZ ki Jeet ke Baad humdullon ka kya scene hai yar? :D
  2. randomGuy

    LED TVs broken in pak after loss

    Nice one
  3. randomGuy

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Ohh... Didn't know abt rates...my dad buys it and makes the juice. Common chants you would have heard I am sure in Delhi...'kalai kalai phalse, mithe mithe phalse' :D In roohafza, if you add nimbu, then that also tastes great.
  4. randomGuy

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Phalsa is common in Delhi. We make the juice at home.
  5. randomGuy

    Is this the most stylish top 3 in INdian ODI history?

    On elegance KL is up there....but there's simply no comparison with Sachin...on elegance, Sachin is the finest ever.
  6. randomGuy

    Is this the most stylish top 3 in INdian ODI history?

    In ODIs Kohli>>> Sachin Rohit >>> Ganguly KL >>>> Dravid The above was on performance On elegance, Sachin was extremely elegant. Most elegant among the 6 guys mentioned.
  7. Not been keeping track of others, but Hassan Ali looked like a club level bowler
  8. Gavaskar Tendulkar Rohit Sharma And the youngest one Prithvi Shaw I deliberately left out a few because the above ones are different for some reason. The Hunger , the ease etc. Like diminutive Prithvi Shaw who is a solid international batsman, scoring 546 runs in an innings as a 14 yo. Delhi produced some good ones (specially in recent times) but none I would say is 'born for batting' except maybe Kohli and maybe Sehwag (certainly not Gambhir Dhawan Pant).
  9. randomGuy

    Memes of India's win over Pakistan

    Take a look at bumrah
  10. randomGuy

    Pak team were eating burgers night before the match

    Goyat, his name suggests, comes from Haryana... produces best (aggressive n fearless) boxers from India...Amir khan or whoever it is, should be wary..
  11. But it's giving u the liberty to utilise all 10 wkts inside 40 overs.

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