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  1. randomGuy

    Indian idol 10 has amazing quality

    i actually wrote neha kakkar's feedback on sonyliv website. she seemed slightly less unbearable yesterday, probably got the feedback... But this year, many deserving winners i think. Great to listen to. i dont prefer thinner voices mostly but ankush bhardwaj, even with thin voice is something else...amazing.
  2. randomGuy

    Indian idol 10 has amazing quality

    This performance is from yesterday(ankush bhardwaj) . I think he has sung better than the original (sonu nigam, neeti). Hats off to the composers (ajay-atul).
  3. randomGuy


  4. randomGuy

    Unbearable XI

    Neha Kakkar - brilliant singer but that overacting, as Judge of Indian idol. Harsha bhogle Salman khan Sanjay manjrekar Sudhir Choudhary (zee news anchor) Anjana om Kashyap (aaj tak) Ravish kumar Mamta banerjee what a #! *@ Manish tewari with his English accent Anurag bhadoria special type of idiot from SP who looks like an idiot, talks over others on tv shows. Sandeep dikshit n other hateful congressis
  5. randomGuy

    List all your phobias !!!

    Claustrophobia – in lifts, i fear if the power goes off and the backup isn't working.... In overcrowded places, where one can't even breathe...i guess in overcrowded places the fear is reasonable because we have seen enough incidents happen.
  6. Speaking of mahabharat characters, Bhishm is my father's name.... When I was in 5th or 6th standard, i had a argument with some kid at school.... He knew my father's name.... And said to me 'O bin byahte ke'.... Coincidently i also knew his father's name which was Shri Mange Ram Khatri... So i replied 'O bhikhari ke'..:D still chuckle thinking of such school memories :D
  7. randomGuy

    Indian Army releases footage of 2016 surgical strikes.

    Which is why some of them speak out the truth sometimes.
  8. randomGuy

    Indian Army releases footage of 2016 surgical strikes.

    Such reports significantly less than Indian casualty reports. It is obvious that Pakistan hides a lot of casualties. This Minister's statement.... Not accepting soldiers' dead bodies in kargil....
  9. randomGuy

    Indian Army releases footage of 2016 surgical strikes.

    Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali informed the house that as many as 66 civilians had been killed and 288 injured as a result of unprovoked Indian firing from across the LoC, but the number of army troops martyred could not be disclosed due to security reasons. “We do not want our enemy to know how many soldiers laid down their lives,” he said. ^^quoting from @FischerTal's post to focus again.
  10. Yes... But I guess many were fooled till the end very rather than forced...maybe they didn't even know that stool under them was going to be removed...one can't be sure..
  11. randomGuy

    Sonali Bendre diagnosed with “high grade” cancer

    "A recent study by Oxford University, looking at how diet affects cancer risk, revealed that vegans have a much lower risk of getting the disease (Key et al., 2014). ... They found that overallcancer incidence (compared to meat-eaters) was 11 per cent lower invegetarians and 19 per cent lower in vegans." Cancer is more prevalent in the west. I guess the reason is non-veg and alcohol. In totality, pollution, non-veg, smoking and alcohol will greatly increase one's chances of getting cancer.
  12. randomGuy

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    He didn't tell you this ki hamare North me chewtiyon ki bharmar hai because he is also one chu...
  13. For defenders, maybe... For attackers, midfielders, i don't think height is a factor.
  14. randomGuy

    Nirbhaya repeat, this time in Mandsaur

    These monsters should be handed over to the public.
  15. randomGuy

    Kabaddi masters tournament

    India beats Iran impressively... My favorite players... Ajay thakur n monu goyat

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