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  1. Indian State Elections 2018

    Agree with everything but sp, bsp will tie up because they already know what happens when they fight alone
  2. The power of alcohol: Tiger runs away from a gutsy student

    BTW all of us heard the hanuman chalisa.. I am thinking on preparing a honey badger chalisa as well. Little badger can take on 10 lions together.
  3. NA positive votes ki bajae negative votes dilaega.
  4. Indian State Elections 2018

    It's important, which is why they shouldn't have taken him.
  5. Indian State Elections 2018

    Is haramzade Naresh Aggarwal ko kyo le Liya
  6. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Must admit, that a lot of it is luck as well. I have had my share of losers as well.
  7. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    This co. is an MFI player from last 25 years. Regular conference calls etc. I invested at 190/- average for 2500 shares (revealing numbers to show the conviction) . Sold at ~4 lac profit in 1.5 yrs. This Co. Was to reveal price of ccd (compulsory convertible debentures) in the evening in board meeting ... I knew the price will be lower than cmp.... So I sold out in the morning at 349... The price for CCDs was decided 300/-... Which was out in the evening... I may invest again at 270-280/-
  8. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

  9. TFS. Been watching honey badger videos from past 2 days. Honey badger is an inspiration.
  10. East Asian market for Indian movies

    3 idiots, tare zameen par didn't make any money in China but were hugely popular. If they like rajnikant, he should try to release his movies there if he feels the movie will connect. But I honestly think hindi movies will be more appealing to the outsiders than Southern movies because of the way they are made. I could be wrong.
  11. East Asian market for Indian movies

    Read comments for bajrangi on Chinese imdb https://m.douban.com/movie/subject/26393561/comments?from=subject (Translate to English)
  12. Ideally yes. But if we take strongest bear n strongest tiger and if any one of them beats the other very easily then the deal could be sealed in few fights.
  13. What is your Most Unforgettable Nightmare??

    2003 final. Because of the way we played before the final. But full credit to Australia. They were too strong.
  14. Tiger will probably win in a do or die match. But not a foregone conclusion imo due to size of grizzly .. But Tiger will probably prove bit too much of a bad ass....but one fight should be arranged for the enthusiasts :D
  15. 2 massive grizzlies face off https://youtu.be/-6r81UOzIHg

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