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  1. Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    Liberating Muslim women from triple talaq, halala etc. A hard stance? Having Muslims as cabinet ministers and prominent leaders hard stance? Trying to protect own territory, exposing religious indoctrination in kashmir, Kerala (few isis recruits from here) hard stance? Keep internal politics and Pak supported terrorism separate if you don't want to dilute the issue of terrorism.
  2. Twitter messages

    No no. Atleast 40%(random guess) of India is like that. Just have to hear the puke worthy indian accent of English.... The Rajiv masands, Harsha bhogles, all the private school kids n parents taking pride in themselves speaking that kind of content and/or accent. Edit: although on tweet issue, I am on nobody's side.. One would not want to hurt someone talking about his fixing past.. On the other hand what Gibbs did was wrong... Coz he probably doesn't know Ashwin and gibbs does have a weak spot (fixing past) that he should think that people can target..
  3. Twitter messages

    Tamils defend their movie stars.
  4. Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    My friend, you would not find a more respecting and a more friendly person than me in real life. I am not even important. The fact is, Your country, your countrymen (a very big percentage of those) support terrorism. Innocents die because of their actions. You being touchy on this matter is less important to me than the lives lost due to terrorism .
  5. Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    You see, even a North Korea wouldn't indulge in open support to terrorist groups. Pakistan gets hatred because of its terrorist groups JeM, LeT, Hizb., Haqqani, Afghan taliban etc ... It shows the mindset of a large %age of Pakistanis... Fix ur own country and ur own people. Indian hatred for your country will get automatically fixed.
  6. Is cricket rivalry very racial ?

    Yes.. Except that myself n a Pakistani are same race... What I wrote is fact. Unfortunate but true..
  7. Is cricket rivalry very racial ?

    India Pakistan - it's terrorism unfortunately. We dont want to play with them because of terrorism, n when we play, we do not want to lose. Imagine the 'rivalry' if it wasn't a terrorist country.
  8. ^^ then how 50 crore Muslims in Indian subcontinent? Many of them burqa wearing lol. These guys converted during Islamic rule.
  9. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    Or we can say that when yogi will be about to become PM if all goes well :D
  10. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    Till October - 2010, he had just 2 100s So 56-2=54hundreds in 7.5 yrs https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_cricket_centuries_by_Virat_Kohli
  11. Fast bowling all-rounders are anyways great to watch. On top of that, he is an amazing fielder and a great team-man, plays according to the game situation and up for any task at any time in the game.
  12. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    This thread is going to run for a looong time.
  13. Dhawal kulkarni > shardul
  14. Face it man. Lots of Indians attach sentiment value to Sachin without even realizing.. Like he was part of their growing up, back when india was weaker side relatively , gaad of cricket etc. etc.
  15. Icf votes on sentiments. That's why Sachin gets these many votes... Neutral followers will tell you kohli is far better.
  16. What a fantastic multi talented girl she is
  17. Karma strikes! What goes around comes around.

    Those fellows are hardwired... But humans mostly have a choice.
  18. This Torture must end !!!

    Manish Pandey.
  19. Pandya superb.. Wtf is wrong with kohli lol
  20. http://indianexpress.com/article/delhi/man-stabbed-to-death-by-girlfriends-family-5048967/ The article doesn't give religion details though

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