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  1. randomGuy

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

  2. randomGuy

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Ruchir Sharma, head of Morgan Stanley emerging markets equity team believes we might be close to a once in a generation opportunity in EM (india, china come under EM)..currency, stocks (stocks majorly in China)... i agree with him... In a month or so, put all your money into stock market...
  3. For example listen to below from 2:15 for about a minute.... I don't think anyone can match aside from maybe kishor kumar, that too only to an extent.. As per wiki "Kedarnath Bhattacharya, better known as Kumar Sanu (born 20 October 1957), is a leading Indian playback singer of Bengalibackground, popular for rendering his voice in Bollywood movies of the 1990s and early 2000s. " Now @Muloghonto thinks bengalis are great intellectuals. I honestly don't think that's true.Sorry about that, but..... there have been many marvelous singers and music directors from bengal..bengals best gift to the world. With Sanu da being the most marvelous...
  4. The greatest singer of all time has come to Indian idol as a guest today.
  5. randomGuy

    ICF leaving/taking break thread

    Good luck
  6. randomGuy

    Petrol closing in on ton in India

    China will sell 1 million EVs this year, growing at 80% cagr out of 22 odd million total vehicles. Battery cos. Like catl, byd, Tesla , lg chem building capacities.... But the world needs around 6000 gwh annual battery supply to get rid of Internal combustion engine, ICE, totally, and it will produce just arn 400gwh even by 2020. I expect China to declare ban on ICE soon by year 2030
  7. randomGuy

    Asian Games 2018

    I saw it live on Tv... Was dancing and shouting after her race. Great to see from Indian woman.
  8. randomGuy

    After Party Shastri

    Why so much hate? Kumble was a great player but **** as a coach... Just see the results. Shastri hasn't been bad wrt. results.
  9. Attitude wise: Kumble, bumrah, Dravid, Dinesh kartik, bhuvi. Skill wise: 1.kohli n next are Kumble, Kapil, dhoni, Sachin. Kumble makes to both lists.
  10. randomGuy

    Smith vs Kohli vs Root vs Williamson !!!

    1.kohli 2. Smith 3. Sangakara 4. Kallis : : : : 114. Sachin
  11. All his career i supported him. He looked technically good. But somehow failed to deliver in test cricket and some how managed to be inconsistent even in odis.
  12. Enjoyed the video. Vande mataram par politics. Bajpai ji ki condolence par politics. Shame
  13. randomGuy

    Apple closing on 1 trillion market cap !!!

    Thats how many pakistans? :p
  14. randomGuy

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Premium must go to zero at expiry. If we increase trading hours but keep expiry date as fixed, then just rate of change of premiums (represented in premium decrease per hour) will slow down.
  15. randomGuy

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Maybe not as the expiry happens on the same day as before. Premiums are probably decided on 'x' days to expiry, not on 'x' trading hours to expiry.
  16. Quit non veg. I could not make my self eat non veg after the age of 10 for the pain we cause to the animal just for a single meal.
  17. randomGuy

    Indian idol 10 has amazing quality

    i actually wrote neha kakkar's feedback on sonyliv website. she seemed slightly less unbearable yesterday, probably got the feedback... But this year, many deserving winners i think. Great to listen to. i dont prefer thinner voices mostly but ankush bhardwaj, even with thin voice is something else...amazing.
  18. randomGuy

    Indian idol 10 has amazing quality

    This performance is from yesterday(ankush bhardwaj) . I think he has sung better than the original (sonu nigam, neeti). Hats off to the composers (ajay-atul).
  19. randomGuy


  20. randomGuy

    Unbearable XI

    Neha Kakkar - brilliant singer but that overacting, as Judge of Indian idol. Harsha bhogle Salman khan Sanjay manjrekar Sudhir Choudhary (zee news anchor) Anjana om Kashyap (aaj tak) Ravish kumar Mamta banerjee what a #! *@ Manish tewari with his English accent Anurag bhadoria special type of idiot from SP who looks like an idiot, talks over others on tv shows. Sandeep dikshit n other hateful congressis
  21. randomGuy

    List all your phobias !!!

    Claustrophobia – in lifts, i fear if the power goes off and the backup isn't working.... In overcrowded places, where one can't even breathe...i guess in overcrowded places the fear is reasonable because we have seen enough incidents happen.
  22. Speaking of mahabharat characters, Bhishm is my father's name.... When I was in 5th or 6th standard, i had a argument with some kid at school.... He knew my father's name.... And said to me 'O bin byahte ke'.... Coincidently i also knew his father's name which was Shri Mange Ram Khatri... So i replied 'O bhikhari ke'..:D still chuckle thinking of such school memories :D

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