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  1. Sajid_Rana

    PCB's stupidity continues ...

    Show these 5 footay bangalis their real aukaat. Well done PCB.
  2. https://www.parhlo.com/priyanka-chopra-says-that-her-favorite-time-of-the-day-is-azan-e-maghrib/
  3. Who cares about this overrated singer hack. How about moving away from a mosque idiot??His songs are torture to everybody but people dont complain. Azaan is only a minute or two and it is so soothing to ears. Ask Priyanka Chopra
  4. Blashemy is sensitive topic for Muslims just like slaughtering cows for beef for Hindus.
  5. Sajid_Rana

    Is India a racist country?

    Ask any Indian Muslim land you will get your answer.
  6. You do the crime you do the time. Hang the convicted criminal in public.
  7. Sajid_Rana

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Not true. I was banned here for a month because I posted in what did you eat thread that I eat beef twice in a week. Mod said that some posters dont like that people esp Pakistani eat beef and post on the thread lol. No wonder Muslims get lynched for even transporting cows in India.
  8. Sajid_Rana

    Kohli's generation may go down as the greatest

    Same thing was said about Dhoni and Ganguly generation.
  9. Sajid_Rana

    Muuurrriiiicaaaaa! Hail to the toupee!

    lol.After running from Afghanistan with the tail between their legs US now trying to show off their expensive toys in yet another country with hardly any decent army. himmat hai to Iran or Russia say panga lay kar dikhao
  10. Kashmiris see Pakistan as their only hope for the end of illegal occupation by India and genocide by their army hence the support.
  11. What is head to head count in ODIs & tests? My memory is weak. Can somebody please remind me thx
  12. Sajid_Rana

    Feel Good News

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