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  1. Gross Injustice to drop Vihari after an exceptional performance in Oval test .With a fifty & 3 wickets ,what more did a debutant had to do to justify his selection ? We keep dropping performing players and rewarding non-performance . If overseas performances are " rewarded " in this way, God save us in Australia tour . Rahane and Dhoni should be asked to play in domestic cricket and get the runs and confidence back to justify & cement their selection in Test & ODI squads respectively.
  2. Soorma_Bhopali

    Maha bewakoof Kohli

    If we were not defeated that day, Chahal & Kuldeep would have never got the chance in ODI & T20 team also .
  3. Soorma_Bhopali


    Did they even see the match ..blaming Jadhav for the run-out at the non-striker's end ??
  4. When has Indian cricket started being driven on performances ? No - you will see Khaleel warming the bench tomorrow just like Karun has been twiddling his thumbs for last 2 years after striking a triple century and despite Rahane failing at home and away consistently .
  5. And these buggers couldn't make 30-40 runs extra each fto win those test matches in England ..here, rank amateurs are flogging them with 150+ partnership and no wickets.
  6. We made 48 in last 10 overs ..lowever middle-order collapsed against these part-timers ..THis is pathetic
  7. I admire people like Cook ..retired at 33 when he lost little of his mental edge and he admitted.. here , we have so many who are living on borrowed days ..Dhoni, Rahane and team environment seems to have become toxic ..looking at these players, it seems they suffer from fear of failure and are just playing for their own spots ..
  8. I tell ya ..the day Virat got Kumble sacked and brought Shastri in ..the degradation has started and now rapidly in process ... #Shastriout
  9. We need to give Mayank Agrawal and Lokesh Rahul a go as openers ..I think Dhawan & Vijay are out of red-ball cricket . Rahane & Pandya also need to be dropped with specific feedback on whaT THEY NEED TO IMPROVE UPON.lET THEM MAKE ENOUGH RUNS IN DOMESTICS TO FORCE THEIR WAY BACK IN SIDE. Pandya needs to score some big hundreds beforec deserving a no.6 position in batting .
  10. Current form is also taken into account ..since that selection, Quadrangaular series between India A - India B - Aus A & Aus B also happenend . Nothing new there ..in England 2016 tour - Haseeb Hameed was England's find of the series as an opener and even in last match , he played a fighting 60 odd innings while injured. I thought his name is firmed up as England opener for some time. Tell you what, he had a horror county season start for Lancashire and selectors had no option than to wait for him to hit form again in 2017 start of the season .That has not come yet and he is still out of the team.
  11. I agree.. backing talent means to give them a go for 5-7 test matches and giving them the full tools to succeed ..not keep dragging them when they keep making the same mistakes again and again and coaches are clueless or imcompetent to help them get it fixed. IF after a decent run, they do not learn and keep getting exposed such as Rahane to off-spinner or lapses in concentration,Shikhar Dhawan to outside off-stump and same with Pandya , then we should do what England did with Moeen Ali ..sentd him in domestics with specfic feedback on what to improve upon and take them once they fi that issue . England dropped Malan after one game when he kept repeating the same way of getting out as it was in previous series. Same with Ben Duckett to off-spinner in 2016 series. WINNING GAMES NEED TO BE PRIORITY RATHER THAN THIS "PROCESS" /"ATTITUDE" BALONEY WHICH DHONI AND NOW KOHLI KEEP ON GIVING EXCUSES FOR
  12. Soorma_Bhopali

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Yes ..Adelaide 2014 - 48 runs while chasing 450+ target in fourth inning , Srilanka (Dambulla or Kandy) 2015 ..lost by 20-30 runs chasing 171 target , Birmingham -31 runs and Southampton -60 runs . I somehow can see the Sachin syndrome developing in this team while chasing 4th innings score or high targets in ODI's a-la Champions trophy final . Openers and lower order always go missing in tests and so does middle-order in ODI's .Need more batting leaders .
  13. Soorma_Bhopali

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    I reckon he has graduated from Sehwag school of batting ..don't think he could have survived if he tried to defend only . 0 (29) is not his game. At 20 year old , pressure to carry the whole team's chances is unfair .It's Rahane and Dhawan like fuddus who deserve the flake.
  14. Soorma_Bhopali

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Gayi bhains paani mein ..Anyway, well played Pant ..still it would be a miracle if Jadeja and Ishant can save the game.
  15. Soorma_Bhopali

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Draw would be sill an encouraging result ..it will teach a lesson in terms of 4th innings batting ..Win was a possibility only if Rahul & Pant were still at crease with 10 overs to go ..right now, Jadeja being new at crease and new ball taken , it will take him time ot get into the groove ..forget about him scoring at 5 an over.

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