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  1. Soorma_Bhopali

    We have found a savior for Indian middle order :)

    Azharuddin did share this out-of-box idea, as he deemed it , to solve the middle order issue . He shared it in sports tak show last month especially in the wake of Pujara's form in the test series.
  2. Soorma_Bhopali

    This will be India's 15 man world cup squad.

    I would take DK instead of KL Rahul in this team.
  3. I agree ..giving free points in WC or Davis cup just hurts us and not them ..they will shamelessly take that as there is no financial downside to it for them. Current strategy of not playing Bilaterals is fine as they do not get a share of any TV rights or ticket revenue for the same.
  4. Soorma_Bhopali

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    - India vs. WI Chepauk 1983 test Sunil Gavaskar 236 not out - India vs. Pak 1983-84 at JLN stadium, Delhi ( Kirti Azad plucking out a victory) - India vs. WI Tied ODI 125 score 1991 - India vs England 1984 ODI series with VEngsarkar scoring 105 - India vs. WI Delhi test match 1988 test with India getting bowled out for 75 and then restricting WI for 29/6 before Richards bailed them out and got them to 127 . EVentually, WI won in a close contest .
  5. It should be the other way round . They had just one broadcaster-Doordarshan and believe it or not, DD used to charge BCCI for the 'priviledge' of broadcasting games on the national network . Gate money receipts were miniscule. That is wy , past cricketers including in the 1980s used to have a job with bank or PSU to supplement their income during off-season . Now, they are getting millions from broadcasters and advertisers and playing Star & Sony in the bidding game every five years to extract a better TV rights contract. I think Test cricket is not marketed well so far. If they give tickets for Rs.200-250 per 3 hour slot and sell it based on morning /afternoon/evening session along with going to schools and giving a nominal package where schools can bring students for free as part of their co-curricular activity periods , they will atleast get half-full or 3/4th full grounds .No one says that Gold tournament lasts for fifteen days and no one has time to follow it. Test cricket will mostly be enjoyed in bits every day.
  6. Soorma_Bhopali

    What was Karthik thinking?

    Rohit is too rigid in his bowling plans ..the momenthe saw the likes of Pandya brothers, he should have tried Shankar or some alternate. I also do not understand why he also tries rolling his arm considering that he has got two IPL hat-tricks.
  7. why is Kedar or Kuldeep not played today?
  8. What the joke is this "rest" policy? He was not in Test team and did not play the first class season . He has just played 8 ODI's in last one month and needs "Rest" . If this is the criteria, we would need rest for entire eleven after every five-day gruelling tests.
  9. Soorma_Bhopali

    Team for World Cup 2019

    FIRST XI 1.Rohit 2.Dhawan 3.Kohli(c) 4.Rayudu 5.Dhoni (w/k) 6.Kedar 7.Pandya 8. Kuldeep 9. Shami 10. Chahal 11.Bumrah Reserves: 12. RAVINDRA JADEJA 13. BHUVI 14. RISHABH PANT (w) 15. KARTHIK
  10. Soorma_Bhopali

    West Indies on verge of rare dominant series win

    I remember in 2011 with WI cricket at it's nadir , our big guns - Sachin and all took break after world cup and even the new team won with Kohli debuting in tests . I doubt we can have people resting during WI test series.
  11. after leading series against nz & england lions by 3-0 and 4-0 , it is strange that such shambolic batting performance came on the same day. Is it players taking the pedal off & taking it easy with dead rubbers ?
  12. Soorma_Bhopali

    We need pant

    Everybody needs "Pants" . We do not want to leave him out of WC squad and us being caught with "Pants" down :))).
  13. Ranji teams had "fans" ? THis is news to me . Good to see as I thought only stray dogs or selectors turned up for these matches. This is good for Indian cricket if passionate fans are coming to watch domestic matches.
  14. Soorma_Bhopali

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Based on a comprehensive model based on analytics for SPECIALIST batsmen and minimum 30 innings , it is Eknath Solkar for tests & Sandeep Patil / Robin Uthappa for ODI's. http://www.espncricinfo.com/blogs/content/story/614599.html (TEST) http://www.howstat.com/cricket/Statistics/Batting/BattingAverages_ODI.asp?Stat=2 (ODI) Eknath was a gun close-in fielder though..probably , the best in Indian cricketing history.
  15. For belters where 350 will be par, I doubt if Jadeja will get batting . His utility is when their is a middle-order collapse and that can happen in grounds which offer little bit to bowling : pace or spin .

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