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  1. + 1 Rishabh PAnt brings the left-hand option also which is missing in the line-up in absence of Shikhar and makes opposition bowlers to hit line and length at one side of stumps and also clearly know which type of spinners to play. He adds the X-factor also to explode as currently we need an enforcer between 4,5 & 6
  2. THIS IS DISASTER WRITTEN ALL OVER. I am getting the feeling of Ind vs Bangaldesh match of 2007 world cup.Team is heavily dependent on top order -Rohit and Kohli .With no Shikhar , opening itself is bogged down . Sent from my SM-G615F using Tapatalk
  3. Soorma_Bhopali

    Navdeep Saini should be added as cover for Bhuvi

    In fact, I beleive Deepak Chahar was also a standby and was supposed to be drafted for nets.
  4. Soorma_Bhopali

    Navdeep Saini should be added as cover for Bhuvi

    Yes- him and Khaleel are already in England for nets .
  5. Soorma_Bhopali

    What's the deal with score of 153?

    That Dinesh Mongia 159* is not a LOL item ..it won the decider of the 2-2 series against a good Zimbabwe side in 2002 -2003 and probably , it was the main reason for Mongia edging out Laxman for 2003 world cup spot ..
  6. Soorma_Bhopali

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    What psychological edge..we won in Asia Cup three times after thrashing Aamir ..this was in september 2018
  7. Soorma_Bhopali

    ICC is the most useless international sporting body

    Such wretched scheduling will ensure that 50-overs game will die a premature death .
  8. Soorma_Bhopali

    Shankar va karthik

    In place of Shikhar , we should play Shami for next few matches . We have under-utilized Kedar so far and especially on batting wickets, you should be fine with 5 batsmen + 1 all-rounder. This will give more depth to our bowling . If it's an overcast day , then get Karthik to play in place of Kuldeep .
  9. Soorma_Bhopali

    Yuvraj singh announces retirement from international cricket.

    People are only talking about his white -ball record where he was one of the biggest matchwinners and tournament winner India has even produced - Natwest Trophy, Champions trophy, WT20 and WC2011 . However, I think he had good potential to be a good red-ball player also and played some series defining knocks like the 100 in PAkistan in deciding test match in 2004 series . Also , he had that 200+ partnership when India chased down 387 on final day at Chepauk against England in 2008 series .
  10. Soorma_Bhopali

    Yuvraj singh announces retirement from international cricket.

    I think he retired from International cricket. Will he be playing in foreign leagues like Big Bash ,BPL or CPL now ?
  11. Soorma_Bhopali

    Yuvraj singh announces retirement from international cricket.

    India's Michael Bevan . Key player in 2007 WT20 and 2011 WC wins. He could have been a good test match player too but him & Kaif got sandwitched between Sachin generation & Virat generation. Unfortunately, his 40 test caps were mostly sporadic as a replacement for an injured player from Fab 4 . He had a great chance to cement test place in 2011 after world cup win and retirement of Dravid and Laxman in that season. Unfortunately, his battle with cancer came at a wrong time. He would have cemented his test place if not for that rendering him half the player he was.
  12. That would be an atrocious selection. Bring on Rishabh Pant in case Kedar is down.
  13. Soorma_Bhopali

    Shreyas Gopal

    He is definitely worth a go for T20s and ODIs also where our tail starts from no.8 .
  14. Soorma_Bhopali

    We have found a savior for Indian middle order :)

    Azharuddin did share this out-of-box idea, as he deemed it , to solve the middle order issue . He shared it in sports tak show last month especially in the wake of Pujara's form in the test series.
  15. Soorma_Bhopali

    This will be India's 15 man world cup squad.

    I would take DK instead of KL Rahul in this team.

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