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  1. Atm Pandya seems like like solution and a problem. He is solution to the lower hitting but a problem in the bowling attack ( He is not a bad bowler but weaker than the other 4 seamers)
  2. Competition

    I might still play not sure yet...
  3. Competition

    Probably not playing in CT trophy one.
  4. Competition

    Well played @zakk
  5. Easy to forget he 17. the way he has adapted is impressive.
  6. Top scored for India in all 3 of the matches, the only Indian batsmem to come the series with any sort of credibiltiy.
  7. 142
  8. His bowling did impress me the most, Accurate, Pacy and Movement both ways
  9. India now have a very good crop of emerging fast bowlers to chose from (12-15). Promising signs.
  10. The most impressive young bowler in my opinion have been 1) Nathu Singh 2) Avesh Khan 3) Md. Siraj
  11. This is just quality bowling by Avesh.
  12. The problem is little to no FC experience.
  13. What a waste, Aravind got to play all season