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  1. Because Harbhajan was previously privately warned by Symonds and Ponting for using the word monkey as a sledge against Symonds. Harbhajan knew a simple word would rile Symonds up. I have no sympathy for Symonds. He was a thug on the pitch and got away with lot worse.
  2. There is no doubt in my mind Harbhajan called Symonds a monkey. An Indian calling an Aussie a monkey has very different undertone than a white man calling a black man a monkey. Symonds started the whole fiasco and ran to Ponting when Harbhajan replied back. Australians have been the most classless cricketers and have used all sorts of abuse (racism, family tragedies, failed relationships etc) to get under the skin of the opponents. Australians can dish it out but can't take it back.
  3. Jake Ball got 5 in a row at Gabbba. Anderson even walked up to the umpire to remind them of the rule.
  4. He is already up there. Looking at his predecessors, Sachin/Azhar - Nothing to show. Maybe a series win in SL. Ganguly - Won a series in Pakistan and a commendable drawn series in Australia. Dravid - Series wins in England and WI. Dhoni - Series wins in WI and NZ. Additionally, one hard-fought drawn series in RSA? Kohli - Already won two series in SL and one in WI. One more series-win in England, RSA, NZ, or Aus would really cement his legacy. Couple more would push him to the very top of list of India's greatest test captains. If I remember correclty, Kohli also captained two test matches in Australia and both matches were drawn while India lost the other two under Dhoni.
  5. Raina clears the YoYo test.

    Past his prime but it's not like India's T20 team is full of prime-times!
  6. England does whine a bit. However, I can understand 1-2 well-directed bouncers followed up by a pitched-up delivery to set up a tail-ender but when you bowl 5-6 bouncers in succession aimed at tail-ender's head, you are literally trying to kill the dude. Australians have no moral compass. They would run over their own father in order to win a test match.
  7. Today’s youngsters quite mature: Dinesh Karthik

    How the heck did he get into both ODI and T20 team?
  8. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Sign me in. Selectors are powerless and clueless. Kohli doesn't think very highly of him - How can someone who was branded Kohli 2.0 end up losing his spot in all 3 formats of the game in such a short span?
  9. Dinesh karthik's character...

    India is stuck with Kaarthik and Rahane until next world cup.
  10. Pujara goes into shell when bowlers are on top. This sort of stuff worked in 90's when you can scores at 2 RPO and still eek out draws or wins. But times have changed, can't be in survival mode at all times. Pujara faced lots of balls in Australia but had very few runs to show for it. Dravid suffered from the same disease but he made up for those with daddy hundreds overseas.
  11. Rahul's stock has fallen so quickly. If Dhawan survives couple of sessions, he can do lot of damage but I'd still prefer Rahul over him any given day.
  12. Best inning of pull/hook shots by an Indian batsman

    Laxman's 167 in Sydney during Tendulkar led 3-0 disaster.
  13. Three bowlers with brains capable of cranking up to 150kmph if situation demands on a juicy WACA pitch. Fascinating cricket.

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