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  1. GolGappe

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Any videos of Mavi's spell?
  2. I hate frequent comparison between captains but this is such a good contrast from previous skipper. I just couldn't believe it when BCCI granted his wish to skip India's tour of Sri Lanka. This is the Mendis series prior to India's recent domination over SL. SL went on to win it 2-1. Dhoni-Duncan were so passive as India got pummeled overseas series after series. If Srini Mama wasn't in charge, Dhoni's era as a test skipper wouldn't have lasted half as long.
  3. GolGappe

    Dhawan/Rohit Beat Sehwag/Sachin (ODI)

    Dhawan in ODI is still a lock.
  4. It's great to see Indian cricket cares so much about test cricket. Credit to coaches at grass-root levels too who keep hammering the importance of doing well in longer format of the games to young kids. This will be music to Pujara's ears who was earlier singled out for now showing enough intent.
  5. GolGappe

    Pravin Amre - Another lost talent in the 90s

    Kind of hard done by. If I remember correctly, he played couple of domestic seasons in RSA.
  6. GolGappe

    Siraj - not impressed

    Definitely deserves more opportunities. Was struggling with his line against the left handers but atleast didn't come across as a trundler. He will get better once captain throws his weight behind him. Dravid thinks very highly of him.
  7. GolGappe

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    YouTube Link
  8. Ten years from now, we will all look back at middle order of Dhoni-Kaarthik-Rayudu and laugh at it the way we used to laugh at bowling line-up of Mohanty-Prasad-Kuruvilla etc. The only difference is we have inventory of 10 better batsmen right now but back then stock levels were pretty barren.
  9. Gill the reserve opener will be on bench thru out the NZ tour while Rayudu, Dhoni, and Kaarthik will be working really hard to maintain their 20 average at 70 strike rate.
  10. GolGappe

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Pant, Gill, Hardik, Krunal/Jadhav Shaw as backup opener KL should be kept around. He needs to get his head sorted out.
  11. GolGappe

    Rayudu reported for suspect action

    Perfect match for India's saviour. Poor fielding Wasted a review Second ball duck Got reported for chucking Watch out elderly people of Hyderabad. Ambati going to be super pissed when he gets back.
  12. Agarkar calling it as he sees. Dhoni is the biggest hole in the middle order and should be the first issue addressed. How is Kohli putting up with this intentless fossil is beyond me? Just remember what early elimination from world Cup did to Dravid's captaincy legacy.
  13. Who is Rayudu's godfather? How did he become an international player? Limited player with crappy attitude.
  14. Most definitely.

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