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  1. GolGappe

    Humbled Lehmann looks to New Zealand culture

    Give them 6 months to come back to their old habits. Josh Hazelwood will be spitting out "friendly words" to batsman after every delivery. Warner will be replaced with another attack dog. Aussies will be "head-butting" the line instead of crossing it and trying to take a moral high ground as always.
  2. GolGappe

    David Warner the mastermind

    Facts bending to protect Saint Smith's battered reputation. Does anyone really believe that the Warner could have convinced an idiot to tamper with the ball without getting a full buy-in from captain, coach, and other players in a cramped room? Was Warner also responsible for Smith's brain fade in India? These guys have been playing dirty under Smith and Lehmann and finally all hell has broken loose because of damning video evidence.
  3. I am enjoying hypocrites stabbing each other in the back. I still don't want these thugs to walk away with $2.1M IPL pay cheque.
  4. 100% agree. They shouldn't be allowed anywhere near IPL during the duration of their international ban.
  5. This one was as pathetic as Smith's press conference after getting busted. I am afraid Sutherland has poured more gasoline on an out of control fire.
  6. The other possibility is that Aussie players have some dirt on James Sutherland like his tacit approval for similar shenanigans in the past, and Sutherland himself would get thrown under the bus if more Aussie players get hurt by this.
  7. Full on damage control from Cricket Australia. James Sutherland has been CEO of Cricket Australia for nearly 20 years and should be held responsible for the mess Australian cricket find itself in. Cricket Australia allowed subsequent Aussie teams to turn into a bunch of thugs as long as trophies were brought home. Yes, I believe you Sutherland. Brain fade DRS was the first time Aussies tried to cheat the DRS system. Sandpaper gate was the first time Aussies tried to f@@k with the ball. Australian bowlers were taking nap in the pavilion while Smith and Warner were planning this during the lunch break. Lehmann was singing lullabies to 12th man over walkie-talkie. The whole organization is corrupt to the core and whoever thinks Cricket Australia will investigate its own mess sincerely is living in la-la land.
  8. These Aussie cricketers will have nightmares about this tour for a long long time. They've been pounded on and off the field by everyone involved with RSA cricket. This is what Aussies used to do to demoralize visiting sides.
  9. Steve Smith sacrificed himself to save Bancroft. In case URL doesn't work: https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/cricket-australia-steve-smith-cheating-scandal-conspiracy-theory-that-captain-covered-for-cam-bancroft/news-story/ef56fadf3af886e9b6af2759b38b4b68
  10. GolGappe

    Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    India's 2nd-tier bowling attack looked pretty toothless in recently concluded T20 triangular. Plenty of play time available for fringe players with new rotational policies in place. Good to see Aaron getting this opportunity.
  11. Even without these two, Australians will continue to be a very tough side to beat at home and slightly above average side away from home. I anticipate Lehmann will be gone tomorrow, Smith will get a 6 month ban and barred from holding any leadership position ever, and Warner will be gone for 1 year.
  12. GolGappe

    Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    I very much doubt this will lead to life-bans but the gravity of the situation is very different. This goes much deeper than relative straight forward case of ball tampering. It was per-planned although poorly executed. A junior player was asked to do the dirty deed. Smith's press conference really poured gasoline on a raging inferno. He didn't understand the gravity of the situation and was concerned about his captaincy instead of showing true remorse. Nobody bought his "this was my first time" narrative. He got away with "brain-fade" in India but South African broadcasters had the f**ker by the balls this time around. He blamed "leadership" but apparently Starc and Hazelwood weren't involved with planning this at all.
  13. The India RSA test series would have followed a very different script. South African batsmen can't handle pressure.
  14. I don't care about Binny's intentions but Pandya that batsman was a big disappointment. Poor technique coupled with lack of situational awareness. Pandya at 6 and Saha at 7 makes me really nervous on spicy pitches abroad. I can imagine typical scores of 220/4 to 235 all out against Starc and companies with these guys. Pandya will be a giant in subcontinent conditions where he can be a good-enough second fast bowling option should captain decide to play 3 spinners and his batting inadequacies won't be exposed as much.
  15. Should have lost captaincy and his spot in ODI team after Pakistan drew test series in India and thumped India 4-2 in one-dayers. If memory serves me right, that was John Wright's last series as India's coach. Chappell did this Chappell did that but majority of Ganguly's problems were self-inflicted.

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