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  1. Should be dropped. There is absolutely no need to make excuses such as transition BS. Dropped due to poor performance. End of the story.
  2. GolGappe

    India should have better prepared their No.4- Yuvraj singh

    They kept on betting on the wrong horses. Rayudu has no power game, takes forever to get going, and struggled against high quality fast bowling. Rahane - Limp and no power game. Manish Pandey - Inept. Vijay Shankar - Too raw. Dhoni - Too fossilized. KL Rahul was not a bad option. He doesn't get bogged down against spinners and can hit effortlessly but Dhawan's injury killed that short-lived experiment. Pant with 40 games under this belt would have been a much better option.
  3. GolGappe

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    When Dhoni goes, middle order will auto-settle. KL will be asked to go to 4. Pant and Hardik will marshal 5 and 6. Jadeja will get lot of mileage out of his semi-final knock and will probably slot in at number 7. This allows captain to play 4 regular bowlers and rely on Jadeja and Pandya to cover 5th bowler's quota. All of these guys are young enough to go on till the next world cup. There are enough back-up options available to cover all of these slots with Gill, Iyer, Vijay, Ishan, Krunal etc as long as team management and selectors show bit of vision and handle these young players properly. I am not giving up on wrist spinners. They have a huge role to play. Kuldeep needs to get over this slump. He is a reliable fielder and knows how to hold a bat. Chahal is just hopeless. Good bowler but completely useless in other 2 dimensions. Captain shouldn't have to worry about hiding a fielder who is under 30 in this era of competitive cricket. Everybody knew India had serious middle order issues after Yuvi and Raina lost their mojo and Dhoni's technical limitations got severely exposed but India think tank completely muddled the situation and just bet on top 3 bailing India out every time. India will face similar dilemma for the next world cup with the top 3 approaching or passing 35. Kohli is supremely fit but other 2 worry me and given the culture of hero-worship in Indian cricket fraternity, I don't expect selectors to make any bold decisions. Neither Dhawan nor Rohit have a textbook technique and rely greatly on hand-to-eye coordination and brute power. These reflexes begin to slow rapidly as you approach mid 30's. Fast bowling is bit of an unknown. Bumrah is solid. Can Bhuvi and Shami be relied upon to form the core of next world cup's squad? Saini looks promising but hasn't gotten any opportunities. Nobody else has really grabbed my attention from the reserves. Mavi and Nagarkoti are no where on the radar.
  4. Hard to disagree with him over Rayudu and DK. Selectors had 20 better options than these two.
  5. GolGappe

    Expect Kohli to cling onto Karthik if Dhoni retires

    TTF - Tried Tested Failure
  6. They are still a pretty good team. ODI and T20 belong to younger hungrier player. Don't oversell experience and maturity. Nobody outside of Indian selection panel and team management would have picked the likes of Jadhavs and Kaarthiks over Pants Gills etc. Additionally, they allowed the Dhoni issue to drag on.
  7. GolGappe

    Cannot stand the sight of DK...

    Selectors should have realized 10 years ago that some great domestic players aren't good enough for international cricket.
  8. Yes. Champions teams bring silverware home. No point in keeping a 70+% win record if the trophy cabinet is bare.
  9. GolGappe

    Our best team against England? (assuming we play them)

    My preference: Rohit Mayank Kohli KL Pant Hardik Bhuvi Jadeja Kuldeep Shami Bumrah. I know the fossil will never be dropped, so most likely XI : Same as last match.
  10. GolGappe

    Adios Pakistan

    Won't matter. Pakistan can't theoretically get ahead of NZ if BD bats first. It's game over the moment BD Openers walk out to bat.
  11. What happened to those skills when they were asked to chase a decent total against SL, Aus, and Pakistan? Toss has been a very critical factor.
  12. Incredibly lucky England - Won tosses in two must-win game and put the game beyond opposition mid-way thru the game.
  13. GolGappe

    Adios Pakistan

    Decision to bowl first against India and Australia was the most important reason behind Pakistan's elimination. Getting walloped by West Indies and letting Afghanistan game get to the last over of the match didn't help either. They have a decent batting core and will probably get better as a limited over side.
  14. My two favorites 1999 and 2003

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