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  1. Here is the points table for 1992 World Cup. 2019 World Cup follows the same format but has one additional team. If you win 6 out of 9, you are in pretty good shape. 5 out of 9 wins, you may have to rely on favorable results from other matches.
  2. The other challenge for India is the schedule. India's first 3 matches are against RSA, Aus, and NZ. 3 very strong ODI teams in English conditions. India needs to ideally win 2 of first 3 or at least 1. You lose first 3, all of sudden you are under enormous pressure to win remaining matches to get to semi final.
  3. Has Dhoni announced publically that he will step away from international cricket after 2019 world cup? Give that every third ad during cricket matches features Dhoni, I still can't imagine him walking away. If India does well in the world cup, he could stick around for little bit longer like Tendulkar did after 2011 glory.
  4. No sympathy from my side. I hope all 15 of them get booked under section 307.
  5. That's some serious stuff. Life ban from cricket would appear trivial if these charges of attempted murder stick. 10 years prison under section 307.
  6. GolGappe

    India Under 19 vs South Africa Under 19

    I don't think we will ever see the class of 2018 - MNP* - as far as India U19 fast bowling is concerned. *Mavi, Nagarkoti, and Porel.
  7. GolGappe

    Should Kuldeep be exposed in the IPL?

    Might as well disband the league?? BCCI has no right to instruct any of the club owners to rest specific players. They can request owners to rest critical players in unconsequential games but if playoff spots are at stake, BCCI babu's will be told to f--k off.
  8. Tanveer barely touching 125 and drifting onto pads frequently.
  9. GolGappe

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Rajpoot 134.5, 139.3, 135.1, 135.2, 132.5, 136 Very docile pitch. Kishan collecting everything at knee level.
  10. GolGappe

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Tanveer hovering around 125
  11. GolGappe

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Are you serious? You really think he should be allowed to play ODI's? There are 20 better batsmen available to selectors than him in limited overs format of the game.
  12. GolGappe

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Stop calling me your daddy you f-cking idiot. Career average of 40 for someone who plays half of his innings in sub-continent is pretty dismal. Complete sh!t-stain in 2017 and 2018. That's not a poor patch, that's 1/3rd of his career. 2019 Sydney test - Same story. Average 35 home and 45 away. Take out WI and BD and that away average also starts to look very average. Although can't see him doing much against present WI bowling attack either. One meaningful inning per test series to hold onto his place in the side that's pretty much the story of his career. He has been shockingly poor as supposedly's team second best batsman. Dhoni pretty much told the world that he has no place in limited over set-up 4 years ago and yet the chairman of selectors think he is good enough to be considered amongst top 15 limited overs players in the country.
  13. GolGappe

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Watched first session. Mayank looked so much in control from ball one. He is going to be a boss in Indian conditions. If Rahane belonged to a smaller less influential state, he'd probably by in some sort of low level management position at a local bank by now. Here he is, guaranteed pick in test XI and almost on the verge of making the world cup squad.
  14. Hard to disagree with any of these selections on lively tracks. One of the spin legends to replace either Zaheer or Srinath for spin friendly conditions.

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