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  1. GolGappe

    Probable World Cup Squad Of 15 as of now

    On paper, India looks like a mid tier team and I expect them to perform like a mid tier team. Huff and puff to elimination stage and then get knocked out.
  2. This slow poke will be exposed in Australia and New Zealand and this cluless team management will be back to drawing board looking for a new set of middle order batsmen. Wouldn't average over 25 and would score at sub 80 strike rate.
  3. Then why didn't Dhoni announce his retirement from T20? Read a comment somewhere, If Kohli with so much international experience still requires Dhoni's help as a skipper, than maybe Kohli shouldn't be skipper at all.
  4. I understand horses for courses policy but will the selectors revert back to Mayank as a back-up opener when India plays at home again? This is not a way to treat someone. Utterly unprofessional and morale shattering.
  5. GolGappe

    Double edged sword regarding Dhoni

    He is completing for the title of most shameless cricketer in the history of Indian cricket and is hell-bent on winning it.
  6. How the heck does he get IPL contracts? Such a limited player.
  7. GolGappe

    BREAKING: India's squad for final three ODIs

    Shami is most likely being rested. I don't think or rather hope India's selectors are not this blind.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me. He is extremely fit and extremely motivated. Has an exciting life outside of cricket - married to a movie star, travelling all over the world, and tons of endorsements. Doesn't over rely on hand to eyes coordination. Has a decent technique. BCCI has started to manage his workload - Got rested from Nidhas Trophy and Asia Cup. May get rested for 1-2 ODIs against WI if India continues to dominate WI. The trend will continue. Now, couple of kids, assuming he wants to have kids, may change his drive towards cricket so that may shorten his career slightly.
  9. GolGappe

    I play domestic cricket with same intensity: Rahane

    This guy is so full of himself. Fine line between confidence and head buried in the sand. This guy crossed that line many moons ago.
  10. Would have preferred a 7 ODI series in NZ instead of WI on these extremely flat decks. Better preparation for world cup.
  11. Big NO! Rohit has been tried and tested failure. Invest in the next generation please.
  12. Lot of this deadwood will be brutally exposed when India goes to NZ for one day series.
  13. Kohli the selector - Awful Kohli the captain - Average Kohli the batsman - World Class Kohli the most powerful man in Indian cricket - Disaster
  14. GolGappe

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Left armer Dias 126 kmph - 1 on pads 128 kmph - 2 driven down the ground 127 kmph - 3 defended 125 kmph - 4 same as above 128 kmph - 5 short pulled 126 kmph - 6 tried to guide it to 3rd man but no run No effort. Weak over
  15. GolGappe

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    220 would be competitive.
  16. GolGappe

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Putting IPL aside, watching a domestic game after such a long time. The fitness standards have gone through the roof and batsmen's patience is non existent.
  17. GolGappe

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Chand is like Ahmad Shahzad. Stylist but poor production.
  18. GolGappe

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Deshpande hovering around 140. Kulkarni around 130.
  19. Lara's unorthodoxy made him such a joy to watch.
  20. Brave call to include Bumrah in there. Skills wise, he is up there amongst top ODI Indian bowlers but statistically, he hasn't achieved enough to justify a place in all time India XI.
  21. Too many expectations from the little kid. Will know half way thru the Aussie tour if he is a finished product or still work in progress.
  22. Good heart-warming article. It's good to see few good men who genuinely care about the welfare of Indian cricket without any hidden agenda. Just look at the contrast between Dravid the coach and 8 Crore Cheerleading Queen Head Coach of Men's team. Greatest scam in the history of Indian cricket. Makes my blood boil at the brat who got rid of Kumble.
  23. GolGappe

    Preferred squad for Aus Test series

    The squad picks itself. India will likely pick 17 players like they did against England. Batsmen: Shaw, Rahul, Kohli, Pujara, Rahane Reserves: Vihari, Mayank* Spin: Ashwin, Jadeja, Kuldeep All-rounder: Pandya, Bhuvi Fast bowlers: Shami, Bumrah, Ishant, Umesh. Keeper: Pant *Mayank may get edged out by Vijay of selectors prefer bit of experience in Australian playing conditions.
  24. What a clown show. A clueless selector and an over the hill cricketer.

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