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  1. GolGappe

    Send Bumrah Home

    And Bhuvi too. Not worth getting these guys getting injured playing in this meaningless tournament.
  2. GolGappe

    Are shock defeats painful to this side?

    Quoting "process" in press conferences covers any fu¢k-up.
  3. Definitely, a step up from arrogant Ravi "Head Buried In The Sand" Shastri. Make him director or coaching head and hire competent coaches for individual disciplines. Dhoni gone and Shastri gone. Two birds with one stone.
  4. GolGappe

    No long term vision

    Absolutely clueless selection panel. MSK Timid Prasad will go down as one of the weakest chairman of selectors. These buggers are undoing all the good work Dravid and co. are doing at A and U19 levels.
  5. You can't replace entire batting line up in one go and expect them to be competitive in Australia. Vihari could have gotten a golden pair in his debut test and had his test career ended in England. With the exception of Dhawan, I'd stick with the same batting line up for now.
  6. GolGappe

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    The nucleus of this team is fine. India's so called coaching staff needs to be canned. Dhawan has no test future. Kuldeep comes in for Shradul. Bhuvi replaces Umesh. Pandya and Rahane will most likely retain their places for now.
  7. Australia will be very tough. Their bowling attack is just too lethal in Australian conditions. NZ test your is too short. 2 test matches. BCCI won't even bother with warm up for such a short unprofitable tour. India will be uncooked against a very sharp Kiwi side.
  8. Average of 40 after so many test matches. Massive under achiever. Lucky he is playing in this era. In big 4 era, he wouldn't have made it to India A set-up.
  9. Kohli is talking out of his ass. This is something BCCI can easily negotiate with host boards. Provide us with worthy warm up opponents or next tour gets cut short drastically.
  10. GolGappe

    Rahane, a regressed player?

    With the exception of superman Kohli, name one batsman who has improved in any version of the game under current coaching regime. Rohit and Dhawan are fish out of water in testing conditions in ODI's as well. Rahane and Pujara are fighting their own demons. Vijay's career is pretty much over. Rahul is on the verge of getting dropped. ODI's middle order is in complete shambles and we've the longest tail in test cricket. Ashwin used to be such a reliable lower middle order batsman but he bats like f--king Rambo everytime. Bangar needs to be shown the door. I am sure he is a nice guy and probably works hard but he is not producing any results. If Shastri tries to protect Bangar, he should be kicked out too. If Kohli acts like a little bitch because his chums are losing their cushy jobs, he should be swiftly brought back to earth. No individual is above the team.
  11. Wow. Talk about miserable luck. Didn't he lose all 4 tosses to England when India hosted them.
  12. GolGappe

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Looks like typical bat first pitch.
  13. This. Australian tour is the toughest SENA tour for any touring side. These guys won't give an inch to India.
  14. GolGappe

    Former India pacer R P Singh retires

    So much potential Pathan and RP - What a waste of talent.
  15. GolGappe

    2-3 at the Oval?

    If England wins the toss, it will be same story again.
  16. I can't imagine anyone else in this squad complaining about Kumble's coaching style. Kohli is a fitness freak but lot of other players have also put lot of effort into getting fitter and stronger as well. I believe it was a clash of two strong personalities and Kumble was forced to cave in. Tendulkar's tacit backing of Shastri pretty much sealed the deal. BCCI should have been lot more forceful about selection of coaching squad while letting Shastri enjoy the cushy role of team director.
  17. We don't have a coach. Somebody who sat in an air-conditioned commentary box for 20 years after retirement doesn't become a coach overnight. Tendulkar, Dada, and Laxman let India down badly when they allowed Kohli to rekt Kumble and handpick the next coach of India.
  18. GolGappe

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    Signs of Kambli fiasco? Letting fame get to his head??
  19. lol at this rate, entire squad will be permanently relegated to TNPL by the end of Australian tour.
  20. GolGappe

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    Brute of a delivery But not even a single half century in 8 completed innings. The biggest let-down of the series. Still believe that he can offer more to Indian cricket than Dhawan and should open along with Shaw in dead rubber.
  21. GolGappe

    Indian bowling in Odis for Worldcup - Weak?

    Lack of 6th bowler is a big issue.
  22. GolGappe

    Does Ind need a new captain?

    I still back Kohli as captain. India can definitely use a better coaching staff and a aports psychological like Sandy Gordon.
  23. India at best is a solid mid-tier team when playing away from home. Great teams are not built on the back of one great batsman. India is already a batsman short due to Hardik's selection and Pujara/Rahane haven't been consistent enough to provide enough support to Kohli. Openers have been disappointment away from home. I don't back our last 6 to score 50 runs in a pressure situation. On top of it, India's piss poor attitude towards warm up games, some really bizarre selections, and somewhat bad luck with tosses hasn't helped. But as beetle said, in recent times, not even a single side has been consistently impressive playing away from home.

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