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    psub7262 reacted to vayuu1 in Karnataka v Mumbai : Ranji Trophy QF | 7th Dec   
    Don't want makram charging down the ground to lejhund and hit him over for six like Warner did at perth.

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    psub7262 reacted to Sgattick10 in West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI   
    3 wicket keepers in playing 11 lol
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    psub7262 reacted to fineleg in What is Kohli's prejudice towards Rishabh Pant?   
    Mule Stubborn Kohli has taken over from msd
    at kohli
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    psub7262 reacted to Ultimate_Game in Kohli is a brilliant batsman but has failed against me - Junaid Khan   
    Who's Fakhar Zaman? And what did he say?  
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    psub7262 reacted to beetle in ICC CT | India vs Pakistan, 4th June, Edgbaston.   
    Wkts please guys 
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    psub7262 reacted to MCcricket in False Bravado from the Greenbros   
    Please check dictionary n understand the meaning of the word PAST, think before you open the trap
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    psub7262 reacted to Pollack in Leaked information regarding the 3rd test   
    Why is melody so chocolaty? Discuss.
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    psub7262 reacted to Asim in 3rd T20I: India v England at Bangalore Feb 1, 2017   
    Actual man of the series should be Bumrah who won the 2nd game out of nowhere and kept ind alive for the series...
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    psub7262 reacted to maniac in 3rd T20I: India v England at Bangalore Feb 1, 2017   
    Pant has done everything today.....but he is being mishandled...has the skill and mental strength to rise above it all.
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    psub7262 reacted to Cricketics in 3rd TEST: INDIA v ENGLAND Congratulations team India !!   
    That is his game.He likes to do thatand hit a short earlier to alert Kohli. May be he thought Jayant around the wicket might provide a wicket than Ashwin over the wicket whom England might look to negotiate. 
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    psub7262 reacted to maniac in Project Rohit Sharma   
    Rare failure today but thank god for the talent Rohit possesses that he can more than make up with his world class fielding,catching and criminally under rated world class off spin.
    Project Rohit is like Project Apple...for every IPod shuffle 3rd generation like today's performance, there are IPODs, Macs,IPhones and IPADs on the corner and many exciting products on the horizon.
    Also have to take another look at the dismissal and change n conditions for the dismissal.
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    psub7262 reacted to Asim in If Pakistan wins or draws the test series in England,will that make them the best team in Asia? May be in the world?   
    Probably already Best Test team from Asia...
    Can't become Best in World without winning inside Aus and SA... (Although they can't win inside UAE either)
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    psub7262 reacted to sandeep in India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED   
    Wtf is balbir?

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