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  1. BlueBee


    Season 4 of Better Call Saul is on Netflix now. Excited
  2. That'll be devastating for the nation and the economy. It's foolish to wish for a full fledged war..
  3. BlueBee

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    His captaincy was abysmal, of what little I saw, in the last match when we were under pressure.
  4. Okay RESTING Rahul is okay but why not select Pandey? He's in amazing form. IIRC he didn't get out in that quadrangular series at all with 2 100s and 1 50
  5. Rahul is our best #3 option when Kohli isn't playing. Is that so hard to understand for this dumb management?
  6. 1 Boundary and still 6 runs in that over. He needs to rotate the strike
  7. BlueBee

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    This is some bollywood level comback https://i.redditmedia.com/k19ojBy59y6ge2LHAt2YwgxlASdKoFNCfA-8JTNjhCY.jpg?fit=crop&crop=faces%2Centropy&arh=2&w=640&s=91cf90f63e711ac07bb06179954a6b49
  8. BlueBee

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    So, Anderson didn't get Kohli out even once this series. Now that speaks something, yeah he's had some drop catches but it's all part of the game.
  9. I think Kohli should be sacked from Captaincy. He's an ATG batsman but the same can't be said about his captaincy, him being the captain has only made the atmosphere in the dressing room bitter and that has a direct consequences on the performance of the players. It's for the greater good.
  10. BlueBee

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    No wickets but horrible run rate this
  11. Kohli won't do that. Remember Broad v Pant? And Kohli's reply?

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