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  1. BlueBee

    F1 Any1?

    Haven't followed F1 for quite a while. Used to be an ardent Ferrari fan.
  2. I'm okay with introducing new talents as long as they don't replace them right away after a couple of failures. Just give them an extended run, yes Shaw's technique is vulnerable but Vijay, Rahane with good techniques aren't doing zilch either. Pant can't really do worse than DK, can he?
  3. BlueBee

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    What has Gill done to deserve a place in the Test Squad?
  4. Toss has been delayed due to rain.
  5. Here's an alternative commentary if you don't like the Sony/Sky commentary. https://www.guerillacricket.com/ They are good.
  6. BlueBee

    Who Should be Standing at Slips.

    Anyone but Dhawan.
  7. We'd just have to agree to disagree. This topic is old.
  8. I'm a VK fan but I don't think he's there yet. He may have the same or more impact on the opposition but 51 Test centuries, 15K runs against really great bowlers is no joke. VK will definitely surpass SRT by the end of his career is what I'd like to think. PS : I rate Dravid higher than Sachin in tests.
  9. BlueBee

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    Shaw and Mayank should be tried in tests. Give them a long run of 10 tests to prove themselves. We have nothing to lose. Vijay is already 33
  10. We should never bat 2nd overseas.
  11. Some very good individual performances. Who should be the MOM ?
  12. 110/5 at Stumps. 84 more to win.

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