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  1. India is the strongest in terms of ODI bowling by a fair distance. If you think otherwise, you're probably not even watching the sport.
  2. Cricbuzz‏Verified account @cricbuzz 4m4 minutes ago More Tragic loss for Alzarri Joseph. He has lost his mother early this morning, but remains with the team through it. Both the sides are wearing black armbands this morning. #WIvENG
  3. Meant to vote for Kapil but voted for Ganguly lol. Kapil Dev because of the WC83 triumph. That changed Indian Cricket and started the religious following of cricket in India.
  4. Lol England were flying high after beating SL. This could be the resurrection of WI cricket
  5. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25850129/pandya-rahul-certainly-role-models-rahul-dravid They already are models, so they have one part covered
  6. BlueBee

    Chelsea FC

    Through to the Carabao Cup Finals beating Tottenham bottlers in penalty shootout.
  7. BlueBee

    Chelsea FC

    Higuain officially a Blue now. https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/1088173150930698241
  8. Watched Glass. James McAvoy's performance was legendary, he deserves an Oscar for this performance. The film is good, critics are just worthless these days. It's a psychological thriller, don't expect superhero ****. Recommended. 8/10
  9. For me GOT reached it's prime with the battle of the bastards and could never get closer to being that good again. It's still very good but it's definitely over hyped now.
  10. BlueBee

    Chelsea FC

    Chelsea are the club on every agent's lips atm. Lots of transfer rumours. Higuain almost confirmed. A much needed signing even though it is for the short term. I'd prefer Icardi for long term but don't think we'll get him this window.
  11. I've watched the episode. He was joking. But yeah very sensitive comments but I didn't see much backlash on Social media. Some people did take it out of context and called it though
  12. BlueBee

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    Hitchcock is an absolute genius. I've not watched a lot of his movies but Psycho has to be on top of his works. Remember that stabbing scene in the bathroom? That was an epic scene, it has 50+ cutscenes in a space of 10 seconds IIRC. Lots of epic scenes in that movie. Technical perfection!
  13. The A team performance should be rewarded. We have so much talented players coming through and playing A tours now. But we keep recycling
  14. Shouldn't have picked Rahul again. It's not good for the team as well as him. Why is Pandya ane Bhuvi in the team if you don't wanna play them? This management is just insane.
  15. So you want to drop Ishant in Sydney because he didn't bowl in Oval 2nd innings which was what 5 months back ?even if he's performing now ? Also BK hasn't played a test since SA tour. To expext him to come back and bowl better than Ishant is absurd.
  16. That doesn't take away from the fact that he's been great in the last couple of years. What's your point? Unless there's an injury, I don't see any of the pacers getting dropped when they are performing well and taking 20 wickets almost every match.
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