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  1. I'm not saying that Yuvraj should play. But Raina definitely shouldn't play. Short ball can be a problem even in shorter formats on certain wickets with the right bowler. Not the type of liability we should look to carry in our team. Agree that Rohit is not perfect, but he's a cut above raina and has held his own at the top of the order. Next World Cup will be in England and raina played horribly in CT2013.
  2. Raina can't play the short ball...Indian cricket can't carry on with batsmen like this who don't even know their basics well.
  3. It actually highlights why India is still emotionally backward as a society. we got a captain- who has revolutionised fielding and fitness standards chanhed attitude of Indian cricket hierarchy towards fast bowlers Has an excellent record so far and his team have broke multiple records in test cricket has returned test cricket to the primacy in India represnts the country globally and brings honour to Indians worldwide eg harry Kane tweet and Indians are just lining up to bring him down? Once we learn as a society to work towards our benefit and against our petty emotional grudges- then our country will truly flourish. Until then God help us.
  4. Nah, after some introspection you'll probably find that you fall into one of my two listed categories. Virat Kohli's captaincy record so far is amazing. It'd be like Jamaicans 'genuinely' criticising usain bolt.
  5. Butt hurt Dhoni fan boys and Pakistan obsessed ICFers having a field day with kohli after losing the on boys
  6. I think Zaheer Khan would be a good choice. Don't like the sound of Sehwag as a coach.
  7. 1. Indian over confidence 2. Pakistans fierce intensity 3. India's inability to match intensity at any stage of game- why? rohit, ashwin- return from injury kohli, jadeja- burnout (long test series, IPL) dhoni, yuvi- age 4. Poor tactics- pandya bowls an opening bowlers length-but kept for middle overs bumrah bowls death overs length- opened the bowling 5. Poor team and squad selection- msd, yuvi and ashwin- no wrist spinner to be fair we over achieved by reaching the final- but once faced with Pakistan in the final, should have won
  8. Or maybe he was really hurt inside and couldn't bare the agony of defeat- some ppl laugh in those situations- it's like being in denial. If we start picking players/Captains on end of game facial expressions- then some of us have really lost the plot
  9. You can't criticise kohli for not sharing ur hateful prejudice
  10. I was so proud of his performance today and utterly devastated when jadeja robbed him of his century
  11. Congrats...Pak have been through rough times over past 10 years and you still show your face here consistently, even through the bad times....respect for that, but now finally time for you to enjoy. I'm so jealous...but sadly that's life
  12. Jadeja has done a lot for Indian cricket but this was still indefensible. Needs to come out with a public apology to fans and Hardik
  13. No I was watching from the stands- last time I checked the game of cricket was played in the stadium, not in the dressing room.
  14. top order players are always vulnerable to a great spell with the new ball. Two wickets with new ball no big deal with long batting lineup. Middle order players have time to re build as they have the advantage of already knowing that the team is on the back foot. Dhawan got out because of pressure applied by yuvi and ms not scoring at other end- otherwise he was batting beautifully and showed how easy the track was to bat on. Also I attended the semi final in person- Dhoni still acts like the captain and doesn't even consult virat at times over decisions- team can never function with two leaders- even if both are individually good
  15. I think an aged dhoni and yuvi handed game to pak- it was such a good batting strip- with loss of wickets up front we still could have chased that