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  1. Yadav has been great this season...he's suffered from loads of dropped catches, missed the support of his fast bowling partner and has seen his top spinner decline with end of season fatigue/hernia injury.
  2. alaistair cook before him in 2012, he has capitalised on a tired and worn Indian side at the end of a long season. As a result, Ash is not the same Ash and we are dropping catches left right and centre. Like cook before him, if he comes back when India are on top form, he would be brought down to size.
  3. Let's hope they continue progressing in the right direction....with the decline of Pak, Windies and Sri Lanka- world cricket needs some more decent teams to be worth watching
  4. must be natural variation
  5. True- he should at least be used for training purposes and preparing for quicks in the opposition
  6. Doesn't have fitness to be an all rounder- he'll have less pressure coming down the order and can provide late order cameos
  7. I've been saying this ever since IPL was first formed
  8. South African ATG already
  9. Your brown ass would be one of the first affected if this type of injustice is upheld- think beyond your localised petty issue and instead focus on the wider issue which affects us all
  10. It's a gamble but there is some rationale behind it. he has creativity and giving him responsibility may make his batting more consistent. He is a natural leader and has strong tactical opinions. He would often run to George bailey and give suggestions which largely appeared to be ignored.
  11. I saw the replay again- it actually looks like it hit the bat first. Because the first deviation is downwards and corresponds to the first sound on snicko i.e. Bat first
  12. Good system- get rid of umpires calls and keep it objective as possible. If I was an umpire and wanted to influence a match outcome, I could just keep giving marginal decisions in the direction that suits- this can influence match outcome.
  13. Sorry we don't have any bowler currently that compares to Zak- he was a genius, an Indian ATG and his career figures would have been far better if not for 3 things: playing on Indian roads, multiple injuries and phases during his career when there were a lack of comparable bowling partners- after all, you bowl in partnerships