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  1. mancalledsting

    World Cup? What World Cup?

    cricket spectatorship has declined in the UK since they moved all cricket off free to air television and moved it exclusively onto payTV. ECB priding their short term dollars over the long term good of the game in the country.
  2. Bhaji, I think he's had that licence since the last 14 years.
  3. mancalledsting

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

  4. same way dhoni's captaincy made him an ATG batsmen
  5. He was an amazing player no doubt but I felt he was made invincible by playing with an all star batting/bowling/fielding cast and heavily biased umpires that seemed to favour Australia frequently in those days.
  6. mancalledsting

    Only gentleman Pakistani cricketer since new millennium?

    He managed to get a side managed by a useless board to top of test rankings. Not sure what spades you’re looking at here.
  7. slight difference between addition of the USA in t20 and in tests facing Windies in Barbados, Murali in Colombo or Kumble in Eden gardens. If it was just the addition of one testing opponent then fair enough but addition of WI, SL, India, Pakistan (where westerners are tested most) is signficant
  8. mancalledsting

    Only gentleman Pakistani cricketer since new millennium?

    Misbah was a no. 5, VVS, Allan border, Steve Waugh spent good chunks of their careers at these positions. No shame in that. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/11581/scorecard/727929/australia-vs-pakistan-2nd-test-australia-tour-of-united-arab-emirates-2014-15
  9. People who think his bowling is eqivalent to Zaheer Khan just stop for a second and think about what you're really saying.
  10. ok so now we got Instagram posts covered but what about the matches?
  11. mancalledsting

    Any reason why

    id said this for past 18 months- KLR over the (S)Hitman as opener
  12. mancalledsting

    Myth busted: Shahid Afridi's real age

    one of life's greatest mysteries solved. finally now we can move on to establishing who assassinated JFK.
  13. mancalledsting

    Only gentleman Pakistani cricketer since new millennium?

    depends on your perspective, you could also say he was a VVS laxman type who had no Sachin, sehwag, Dravid above him
  14. mancalledsting

    Very predictable selection... Team needed fresh blood

    Fresh selections worked in WT20 2007 and CT2013.
  15. mancalledsting

    Rayudu, Pant, Saini named standbys in India World Cup squad.

    just when I had lost all faith in the selection committee this just shows that there is hope after all......hang in there Rayudu, haters can only keep you down so much

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