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  1. Should be vijay and Rahul but I have a feeling they'll select dhawan and Rahul
  2. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    VVS looked at his own career, he was a better batsmen then dhoni, after two successive poor series in 2011 he retired....what's your point?
  3. If pacers perform well- it will build up pressure for ashwin and he'll be more of a threat overseas
  4. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Vinay Kumar's 6-34 vs Bengal in the 2014 Ranji trophy. Hostile and intimidating pace bowling at its best.
  5. Why the push to field players in all formats?

    Ishant at age of 20 was roped into a full schedule of IPL, tests, ODIs and T20Is- it was relentless pressure on his shoulders, not sure what other bowlers given similar conditions would have gone on to achieve
  6. Why the push to field players in all formats?

    Harsh Bhogle pushes for Bumrah in Tests http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/13524/jasprit-bumrah-should-play-tests-in-south-africa-england-harsha-bhogle Sunny roots for Bumrah and Chahal in tests https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/jasprit-bumrah-and-yuzvendra-chahal-are-ready-for-tests-sunil-gavaskar-1772948 Akash Chopra- Bumrah ready for tests http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/video_audio/1125616.html Despite the above, hope BCCI sticks to their guns and plays him in only one format.
  7. Why the push to field players in all formats?

    I forgot to mention how Chepu and M Vijay's batting techniques temporarily took a dip after trying to expand their games for t20. As I said, cross format players should be reserved for very special circumstances.
  8. Why the push to field players in all formats?

    Sadly I wouldn't put it past them
  9. Will Pak v Ind tests ever match the Ashes?

    No, never. Political agendas and vendettas more beloved to both countries.
  10. A lot of Indian fans, including some credible ICFers are calling for players like Jaspreet Bumrah to play tests which would mean he would be fielded in all 3 formats. I do think Bumrah would be ok in test cricket but do we really want to excessively 'milk the camel' and send him to the illustrious list of Indian trundlers? Recent examples of potential world class bowlers who India killed off through burn out and confusing them between different formats include Irfan Pathan and Ishant Sharma...selectors mismanagement set Indian cricket back by about 5-10 years. Dennis Lillee has previously moaned that Indian bowlers over train and bowl for too many hours and that this holds them back. By implication- same things can be said for over playing them. Also remember, all players will want to play in the IPL and so the stresses on an Indian cricketers workload is greater than ever. I say stick to specialists for each format except for in exceptional cases. I can currently only think of two atm who we can not do without in all formats: Virat and Hardik. They are also having to be rested mid series which looks a weird (but necessary); imagine a whole lineup being rotated in this manner. It would be very unappealing as a player.
  11. Hardik Pandya rested for Sri Lanka Tests

    maybe they only want to try him in Indian conditions if India are winning the series 2-0 by then. I would have preferred he sat out the all the t20s and ODIs and played the last 2 test in preparation for South Africa. I think its cruel to thrust him into the XI in South Africa with minimal test exposure.
  12. Exactly. Especially after Anil Kumble saga he came out looking bad (im not sure what he did wrong but there was a huge uproar) and doesn't want to repeat the same mistake again.
  13. "Bumrah ready for test cricket" - Harsha Bhogle

    I generally prefer specialists bowlers for tests and Odis as it keeps them fresher, more injury free and makes the first class scene stronger (e.g. Currently chepu, shami etc playing) for developing new talent. Also enables them to practice bowling similar lengths more consistently.
  14. "Bumrah ready for test cricket" - Harsha Bhogle

    yeah...let's do that..burn another bowler into the ground by over bowling him

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