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  1. mancalledsting

    Dhoni takes 2-month sabbatical to train army parachute regiment !!!

    I hope for soldiers sake he teaches them more than just the process
  2. mancalledsting

    Tribute to the process

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ZVvG6oxB8 I made this thread so that we can all pay our respects to 'the process'.
  3. mancalledsting

    Do you care if Dhoni retires now or not?

    yeah I care if he doesn't retire now.
  4. mancalledsting

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    after the dhoni debacle, Indian cricket team has more utility for comedy purposes than elite sporting achievement. Dhoni's reselection will enable me to enjoy the comedy element even more.
  5. mancalledsting

    Who should be next India coach?

    Assuming Ravi Shastri gets the chop, who would you like to replace him? My pick would be between Dravid and Ponting.
  6. same way I have felt for past 4 years i.e. his reading on the besharmometer is off the charts
  7. mancalledsting

    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    one of my favourites. Along with Shastri, really knows how to capture and amplify the moment.
  8. mancalledsting

    Where this game was lost?

    Tactics Spin was fodder on this track. Sticking to algorithms like 'England bad vs spin' and 'I love Kul Cha' messed us up today. Seam bowling was hard to hit today and extra spinner for a seamer would have limited England's total by some runs. Rohit and Kohli should have started accelerating in 26/27th over and put England under pressure earlier. No solid plans to Ben Stokes. Too many dot balls in first 10 overs. If boundaries weren't coming, could have at least rotated strike better. Fielding England were outstanding in the field and saved so many boundaries. India, starting with poor wicket keeping with MS Dhoni leaked so many extra boundaries. Think how much closer the absence of these difference would have brought the two totals? Selection MS Dhoni sapped all of Pandya's momentum. Pandya was on a roll and was slowed down by MS's arrival. No intent to hit out- again playing for averages. Missed a review call of Jason Roy too. Jadeja- with poor form of Kulcha and their useless batting, time to bring him back. Bhuvi obviously. Luck Bad toss to lose. Batting second would have always been tougher. Conclusion Actually good for India to suffer this loss now whilst we still have time to sort out the issues- otherwise another win would have further swept it under the carpet.
  9. mancalledsting

    Now tell me wise guys: prefer Bhuvi's economy or Shami's wickets?

    not really interested in Shami's better overall numbers which include vs Afghanistan and Zimbabwe types. In crux gams vs top teams e.g. NZ, Australia, RSA, Pakistan. Bhuvi invariably delivers.
  10. mancalledsting

    Now tell me wise guys: prefer Bhuvi's economy or Shami's wickets?

    yes random numbers with no explanation....what was I thinking?
  11. mancalledsting

    Now tell me wise guys: prefer Bhuvi's economy or Shami's wickets?

    How did nice try....it's not as if Bhuvi has ever done well in a big game on a flat wicket https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8037/scorecard/1022375/india-vs-pakistan-final-icc-champions-trophy-2017
  12. Let me just re iterate the concept- you want wickets as it reduces the number of runs needed. What's the point of someone like Shami who gets wickets but then causes more damage and upheaval with his runs leakage. Given me Bhuvi's economy and death bowling attributes any time
  13. mancalledsting

    Can't have jadav,dhoni and shankar together

    too many safaris
  14. mancalledsting

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    that's the spirit son, honesty is usually the best policy

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