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  1. This is it : Kuldeep-Chahal are the new Ash-Jaddu

    would like to see how effective they are in England, Aus (where Warne was a real force) because that's type of conditions where next WC will be
  2. Lol @ anti-bhuvi brigade
  3. Yuz chahal

    Chahal got 3 wickets today...whilst even having 3 catches dropped off his own building (twice he himself was the culprit). On his day, clearly has the potential to run through a side, like he did against England in Bengaluru. Chahal and Yadav should be both backed to the hilt to see how they develop. Then before the wold cup we must make a decision about which two (or 3) to take to England out of Ashwin, Jadeja, Chahal and Kuldeep.
  4. Dhoni or Rahane: Who would you rather have in LOIs?

    Between the two, clearly Dhoni
  5. Really horrible commentator. Has no cricketing credentials and this combined with his annoying personality makes him horrible on screen and an embarrassment to India. please don't compare manju with harsha, I know manju has his moments but at least he can provide insights of an ex World Cup and test cricketer of India. Even if they are the insights of a nervous and insecure batsmen, they are still legitimate insights.
  6. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    I've said this on this forum before, bowls the glen McGrath length and is therefore suited to opening the bowling in LOIs and playing test cricket
  7. Hardik Pandya-The Murderer of Spin Bowling

    Agree he's not Tonking warne and murali on a wicket that's turning square....but in modern day Odis, you'll likely never face this situation and are more likely to come up against the types of spinner that pandya is already giving a phainty to. Therefore, he has fantastic potential to accumulate silly runs against a spinner.
  8. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Tests: Sehwag Gavaskar Dravid Tendulkar VVS Laxman Zaheer Abbas K Sangakarra (wk) Imran Khan (C) Akram Waqar Younis Muralitharan
  9. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    LOL...I think your're confused about how this whole language thing works. If you have an overall point (but also make tangential points- which in your case happen to be false), people will still discuss those tangential points. I personally suggest in future you post one point at a time so that you don't start crying again.
  10. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    Actually no, the medal is reserved for you...my only point was that AFL is clearly a niche sport as its sphere of influence is local (a point you earlier contested as 'laughable') and that IPL is more similar to EPL/NFL as it has an international audience.
  11. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    WTF? Are you kidding me? EPL is internationally renound and followed. Soccer happens to be the world's most popular sport. NFL has in last 10 years generated a huge European following. Nobody gives a crap about AFL outside of Australia.
  12. Indians in County Championship 2017

    IPL is low quality t20 cricket played on patta tracks hence likes of Warner will deskill. County is first class experience in conditions outside Indian players regular comfort zone- players will only improve or get sussed out for being HTBs. Agree that they shouldn't play entire seasons but should still play a good number of games.
  13. Wow...why don't we even retire the number 4 (tests) and number 1 (Odis) batting positions and play only only with 10 men? Some people need to get a life.
  14. Indians in County Championship 2017

    Good for Worcestershire and good for India- counties/our players need to facilitate further collaborations
  15. He's an excellent player, helping elevate a team previously considered no-hopers. If he played in a better team, it's likely he'd have better stats.

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