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  1. Very sad news- but it's better he rests and gets his injuries sorted once and for all
  2. In 10 years of IPL, which players has it truly given us: ie who were picked based on IPL performances and then performed well internationally Suresh Raina Yusuf Pathan Umesh Yadav- even that's debatable Ashwin so I don't think the IPL can be considered a huge talent generator. Talent is generated in grass roots, first class and youth tournaments. Still holds true to this day. Ok So the next argument- it allows India players to hone their skills. Who's game improved because of IPL? I can only think of 1 guy and that's kohli, maybe KL Rahul. Who's game declined? rohit vijay gambhir dravid ishant Pujara- temporarily can definitely say our ground fielding and fitness levels of our players have improved immensely because of IPL. Conclusion: allow at least 5 foreign players per side-and improve the standard of cricket. Fed up of Rajat Bhatia types playing every match
  3. So many greats missing Ian Smith Mark Nicholas Ravi Shastri Ian Chappell Bill Lawry David Lloyd
  4. ex quicks would be more reluctant to sign up to full time coaching job as one motivation for retiring is to avoid touring hence we end up with joe Dawes, David sekar types. Allan Donald might be a good one- he helped NZ previously.
  5. Are Kieron pollard and Dwayne bravo surviving? Their respective t20 drawing power went up following resignation from windies national team and they're earning well and working at less frequency and intensity. If top Indian players were to walk out- IPL and national team will become meaning less. Remember what happened in World Series, boards shouldn't push players tooo much and forget who really brings in the cash.
  6. No, this is an international sport and players have an international earning capacity. If kohli and others wanted, they could quit international cricket and play t20 leagues in England, Australia, Pakistan, Caribean, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and earn a very good living. Kohli and ashwin are amongst the best in the world at their jobs and deserve to be paid accordingly.
  7. ^ yeah that's kind of the whole point, you're supposed to say it before it happens.
  8. ht Watch 4:00-5:20
  9. Exactly. Indian cricket is progressively improving every 7 years or so
  10. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Yuvraj MSD Jhadav Pandya Jadeja Shami Bumrah Bhuvi KL Rahul Ashwin if fit and up and running- if not Chahal Pant- if performs well in IPL Umesh
  11. Go back in time. India just won the 2011 World Cup and had nearly won their first ever test series in South Africa. They were ranked number 1 in Tests and ODIs and were World Champions. Life couldn't get any better. Yes exactly……life couldn't get any better, but it sure as hell got a lot worse. Here are the key events that contributed to India's epic demise. A demise so great that arguably the ensuing embarrassment somewhat erased the previous fond memories. late 2010- Sehwag best batsmen in the world has a shoulder injury and needs surgery SA tour and world cup coming up surgery delayed because of these two major events draw in south africa and win world cup- arguably the risk and damage was worth ok now quick….go for surgery NO plays entire IPL and damages his shoulder further undergoes surgery and skips Windies test series Now india 2-0 in England with poor opening stands- Sehwag's rehabilitation hurried has a horrible performance in England and was never the same player again and struggled for the rest of his career Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam gambhir played against south africa played all world cup games have a rest in the IPL right? NO plays entire IPL skips West Indies test series never the same player again and struggled for the rest of his career lost 3 world class top order batsmen over the course of one summer, which team in history would that not devastate? Current generation: Kohli, Ashwin, Jadeja and Murali Vijay gave blood, sweat and tears in longest home test season ever When are they all recovering? during IPL, i.e. the least important of all Indian cricket activities how lucky we are that the new generation are showing how its done. It makes me so proud. Long live the prioritisation of international (and especially Test) cricket Sehwag, Tendulkar and Gauti will have to live with this black mark over the rest of their careers…unless they can prove it was BCCI pressure that forced them into making these stupid decisions
  12. No it isn't enough- if you're generating many crores more and paid less than your peers in the same industry. Sadly, most bbci money probably instead goes to improving infrastructure in Srini mamas dining room. Also what other profession only pays from about age 24-35? So on average these guys only get 11 years of their life to make money- it's their right to ask for much as possible
  13. Absolute joke. Make no mistake, without the players hardwork and talent, none of this stadia, no board meetings, no sponsors, no tv rights, no international eyes on India, no national pride, no ICF. They deserve a big slice of the pie as they generate the income...not some BCCI bhabu
  14. Rohit and Dhawan keep KL Rahul on standby for middle order in case dhoni or Yuvraj decline rapidly
  15. Warm up games (like we did last time) should do