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  1. mancalledsting

    Harmless LoI bowler award goes to Bhuvi !!!

    yes I agree- let's send out an SOS to Deepak Chahar or Jaydev Unadkat or some other theoretical bowler playing in Ranji who is seen to be 'clocking 145kph plus' but when he makes his debut is consistently in low 130s...e.g. Khaleel Ahmed
  2. mancalledsting

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    for anyone who has the potential to keep wicket and bat in ODI/t20s- the stopwatch starts as soon as their name gets picked in the squad...lol
  3. yeah that probably because Srini Mama's army come together like a colony of ants after a trail of spilt cheeni
  4. How good was Afridi's six hitting rate during his batting prime?
  5. Dhoni won CT2013 which coincided of inception of those new rules. He used similar tactics to reach semis of WC 2015. He was never an attacking wicket taking captain. Asia cup final vs Bangladesh- I wouldn't draw any conclusions about specific tactics based on playing Bangladesh as India normally defeat them come what may across all eras
  6. I can see this victory in your own head means a lot to you, enjoy! As it happens I didn't know what the hell you were talking about..what was I supposed to be showing?
  7. 20 runs extra conceded by one bowler not a big deal? you do understand that it adds 2 RPO on to a bowler's economy rate in ODIs right? (just to put it into perspective for you) before getting on a high horse would be good to understand other persons point of view in the first place. how would wickets stem the flow of runs when they are taken after the runs have already been conceded and there are only a few overs left? these are the circumstances in which most of Umesh's multiple wicket halls come.
  8. mancalledsting

    Ambati Rayudu to retire from longer version of game

    and we say good bye to one of the greatest players who ever graced the longest format. You will always be missed Ambati.
  9. mancalledsting

    Sehwag's Association with Kings XI Punjab Ends

    PCA always provided him with steady supply of butter chicken and saag/roti- can understand why he's so disappointed to be leaving.
  10. again- this narrow thinking is result of taking statistics and interpreting them irrespective of context. finer analysis would really observe what's happening at the ground level. in reality his 70 runs gets added on to the score conceded by remaining bowlers and his wickets often come after being taken apart and the other team having already established a good total. Most of his wickets are a result of people being confident to over attack him and give their wickets away rather than him getting them out. By that time significant damage already caused. 4-70 only useful if those 4 wickets come before 50 runs conceded because that means you used your wickets to create a dent in the opposition total. Umesh helps establish the oppositions total. Like his wicket of Steve smith in 2015 WC semi final- damage already done by then. His superior average won't save us in those instances.
  11. if other bowlers were similarly economical then cumulative effect would be wickets through collective suffocation of flow of runs- hence Dhoni was a good ODI captain but a horrible test captain. Other bowlers only get taken for runs as they are below standard- not because Bhuvi didn't take wickets. agree about the future- but my point is centred on WC2019. First we have to develop a better bowler than Bhuvi who can be our firm number 2 after Bumrah before putting Bhuvi on the bench. I don't think Bhuvi held back development of other bowlers, selections like Deepak Chahar, Jaydev Unadkat and repeat selections of Umesh and Shami did. Picking Shardul thakur also held back other bowler but he had to be given a trial- trials won't always be successful. But don't see how we can pin this on Bhuvi.
  12. best batsmen of all time but he's talking shite here
  13. mancalledsting

    Remove beef from India’s food menu: BCCI to Cricket Australia

    nothing wrong with that- India are their guests- their right to ask for their preferences as it is Padosis right to ask for Halal food
  14. His stats from NZ were skewed by Colin Munro going for him in final ODI- but he still delivered the killer blow at the death. If you look at his economy rate- it is second best after Bumrah. For me economy rate is more important in ODIs than average as being economical can bring wickets and means that opposition score is restricted. No point being like Umesh and getting 4 wickets for 70 runs (yeah average of 17.5 looks great but id rather take Bhuvi's 5rpo for 1 wicket). In tests I would prefer Umesh's figures (but tests are a different ball game). Odis are largely about containing. You don't have to take 10 wickets to win an ODI but you do have to take 20 wickets to win a test. Hence taking wickets in ODIs and having a low average not as important as economy (unlike tests). So you agree Bhuvi is our second best bowler- if that's the case lets cultivate a third good one- once he becomes better than Bhuvi we can drop Bhuvi if he doesn't get back to his old self- not till then

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