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  1. with the current debacle caused by protecting Dhoni, I'm sure Mithun Minhas is confident about his chances.
  2. poor guy never got a chance... unfair to write someone off in ODIs until you've given them over at least 350 ODI appearances. Only then can one make a balanced judgement. Good on Rahane for calling out this blatant injustice. Entitled and overrated people like R Pant and KLR please take note.
  3. KLR and Pant have both been shockingly handled, and guess who is the main beneficiary?
  4. mancalledsting

    Caution Advisory:We lost with a full strength team

    can't be full strength without KLR also KLR and Pant need full backing and a run of games to be their full strength version of themselves
  5. mancalledsting

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    personally I still think he's been over bowled recently- that Australia test series was brutal on all bowlers. I would like to have seen Bumrah and Shami rested more.
  6. again disgustingly dropped, if any player in history was given one match at a time to prove himself, would he have ever made it?
  7. mancalledsting

    How can you waste 90 balls on such a surface?

    I've been calling out Rohit's tuk tuks for a while- no one seems to care as he has so much hype and immunity behind him. KLR makes one bad mistake and it seems to have devastating consequences for his career. As far as I am concerned, KLR has more talent than Rohit....so not sure where all Rohit's backing comes from.
  8. good to see that KLR has learned from Dhoni well, in that he is prioritising his personal accumulation of runs above the team aims.
  9. well I did start off my post by saying "generally..."
  10. mancalledsting

    To whoever wants a full scale war with pakistan !!!

    Velu, you never fail to surprise me. Every time I lose hope in you, you often redeem yourself with some great posts.
  11. because generally right wingers are selfish chewts, this is manifested not only in their political opinions but in how they conduct themselves in life in general. A common go to method for them is to manipulate the narrative, nationally or locally in their house/workplace so that prevailing thought suits their personal agenda/ambitions. As they often have a anything to get the job done mentality, wrongfully accusing innocent and good citizens is just another day at work for them.
  12. I have had a crush on her for a few years- it's recently started to wane. I still would though.
  13. mancalledsting

    Say sorry to Maahi!!!!!!

    even Ashish Nehra is capable of a good SR on such tracks...lol
  14. mancalledsting

    Umesh takes wickets, Bhuvi only saves runs

    Umesh is the next realistic contender in line after Bhuvi (if you consider Bumrah and Shami the other two certs). Otherwise who else you gonna pick? Unadkat? Khaleel? Siraj? Thakur? And believe me, in the Bhuvi out debate, there are ICFers who have cited Umesh's greater wicket taking prowess.
  15. Argument frequently cited, Bhuvi despite not conceding runs gives away more runs by not taking wickets but Umesh saves runs by taking wickets, despite leaking runs. Well congratulations, the merits of this theory was on its best display today. Bhuvi would have no doubt finished the job today.

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