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  1. mancalledsting

    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    we need to fit Rayudu into the XI somewhere.
  2. mancalledsting

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    Rohit Sharma since slotting him in as opener he is a little less sh*t
  3. mancalledsting


    the CSK cloud over Indian cricket continues. Shocking that a nobody like this could ever get selected. Shows the country is so backwards
  4. mancalledsting

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    lol at those idiots saying 3-1 loss in 2014 was better showing then 4-1 in 2018. Does anyone realised first match of 2014 was on a patta so flat that the ICC had to give a fine and a warning to the hosting ground. In 2014 we were comprehensively outclassed, in 2018 we just struggled to get over the line at crucial moments. No comparison.
  5. when will MSD Saab put forward the reason he never scored a century overseas....hahaha
  6. mancalledsting

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    Rahul is almost a total newbie in the overseas test arena (in fact this is his first full series)- still people demoting him to no.6 etc. I thought overseas tests was the main area of concern. We shouldn't have any problems finding suitable openers in India. Also minor tweaks is understandable but his back foot problem is a fundamental flaw.
  7. mancalledsting

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    yes- easy to say prospectively. How many are calling for KLR's head now? Also depends on his personality and how he reacts to set backs.
  8. mancalledsting

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    I though that too- but I am worried about ruining his confidence. I'd rather he be fully equipped before exposing himself.
  9. mancalledsting

    Why is no body blaming the BCCI?

    I've heard many reasons for our defeat: Virat's captaincy, Shastri's coaching, Hardik etc but nobody seems to be acknowledging the elephant in the room. The BCCI Bhaboos. On two successive tours to SENA countries they have failed to arrange adequate warms ups and have launched the test team into action cold. Why? First class warms ups are not a money spinner from attendance or TV rights perspective. BCCI don't wanna risk their cash cows on some warm ups...I know...get them to play t20s and ODIs as warm ups instead. That way they can have their cake and eat it. It was so obvious, play a two match test series vs Ireland as a warm up. Perfect- get to play in English conditions and build ties with Ireland. But no- we play tests vs Afghanistan on pastas instead. Great preparation. Not to mention relentless schedules - one of our best players in Bhuvi wasn't even available on this tour. With his lower order batting we probably would have won in Edgbaston and Southampton. BCCIs constant prioritisation of LOIs/IPL over tests is reason for this mess. Ishant, Chepu and Ashwin all played county and were all better off for it. Doesn't take a genius to figure out the obvious solutions.
  10. mancalledsting

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    im a big fan of shaw and he should go to the top. but and big but- has he sorted out his back foot sliding technique. If not- jimmy Anderson will make mince meat of him.
  11. typical post cricketer retirement India ki chamchagiri, Mitch Johnson looking to develop a long financial relationship with Indian cricket
  12. mancalledsting

    Ind's run chase ....

    Rahane and left handers will be sitting duck vs spin. Our best player of spin are KLR, Chepu and Kohli. One of these three needs to get a century if we are to have any chance.
  13. mancalledsting

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    sorry for what? He was told to improve his dot ball percentage (by being more positive with his strokes and improving running between wickets). Was dropped which gave him time out to think about his game and implemented all the suggested measures and it worked for him. What's there to apologise about? The old Pujara would rarely dance down the track and attempt to hit a spinner over his head let alone slog broad through the leg side and upper cut fast bowlers over the slips. Make no mistake- he's completely reworked his game giving credence to the accuracy of the previous criticisms.
  14. I think more than Ashwin under performing, it was about Indian batsmen under performing vs Moeen. Some of Moeen's wickets were absolutely gifted. That placed a heavy burden on Ashwin. This performance will be put into better context after Moeen's performance in the 4th innings.
  15. mancalledsting

    Does Ind need a new captain?

    Kohli's captaincy was suspect today, over bowling Ashwin just because of the rough and Moeen's performance. Only other option he had was to go to Hardik so that may not have worked out either. Sadly I still think he's the best option India have. He was also let down by yet another epic failure from his batting lineup.

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