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  1. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    Chill dude, Same logic doesn't necessarily apply to spin bowlers in this tourney. Sri Lankan's (3-0 victory at home vs Aus in tests) and Bangladeshis (1-1 draw at home to England and Australia in tests) are solid players of spin. Therefore this counts as a decent performance. Added to the fact the wickets have been very flat. In 2009 when Bangladesh played England home and away, Tamil Iqbal destroyed Graeme Swann (during his peak years). Sundar cleaned him up the other night when he was looking to go after him, so let's not diminish these performances. Backing him is not solely based on these performances alone. He did well in IPL last year (including the final) and got the wickets of Steve Smith and Maxwell during a BPXI game. He's also done well in Ranji. He's also regarded as one of the stars of his cohort in the domestic scene so early signs are good
  2. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

  3. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    He is so effective because of the following: 1. he is tall and bowls with a high arm action and so gets a lot of flight and dip, something modern off spinners tend to lack 2. he's capable of bowling quick Yorkers when batsmen are looking to get after him 3. he has control over the degree of turn he want in a given delivery, also has a well disguised straight ball which he bowls at an angle and so it behaves like a doosra 4. is very accurate and tends to attack the stumps 5. knows what delivery to bowl as he has good sense of where batsmen trying to hit him early days yet, I remember Axar Patel was unplayable first season of IPL and then he got sussed out. I'm hoping Washington goes from strength to strength.
  4. Dravid was a much better slip fielder than Kohli but Kohli is a slightly better outfielder.
  5. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    I know. Last year, until the last over it looked like they were losing. that's why I meant by the phrase 'they were losing'
  6. so nice to see Archana Vijay again after all these years. Really enjoy her detailed analysis of the game.
  7. I know he's only played against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (however playing spin bowling is their strength) in his limited career so far, but have been very impressed by his temperament, his ability to anticipate what the batsmen is trying to do and his skill to execute the intended delivery. Heard his batting is good too, if so, he could become our wild card pick come 2019 World Cup. I know Chahal and Kuldeep are our attacking options overseas but I feel on rain affected games, they can be a huge liability as control for leg spinners with a wet ball can be a major issue. With Sundar's simple and repeatable action, I reckon he can even maintain his skill during rain affected games as he did the other night with dew on the ball (when Chahal was struggling). Jadeja's bowling I feel is ineffective in ODIs and Ashwin's fielding is a liability. Either way, the more competition for spots the better.
  8. that's fine, as long as you give people courtesy to clarify what they mean, as you have done nicely here.
  9. I see, but I have defended Dhawan extensively in my 'Rohit shouldn't open at the top of the order overseas thread' so my explicit statements in those threads take precedent over assumptions in these threads
  10. you can't see, but don't worry, I can help you. My post read: "OMG...Dhawan, Rohit, Raina, Pandey...same old crap at the top of the order. No Pant, no Hooda. " Yes, as a combination that top order is crap. Crap in personnel (Rohit shouldn't be opening, Raina has short ball issues, can't play 3 at international level, Pandey, less said the better)and crap in terms navigating future direction of Indian cricket.
  11. This is getting ridiculous now, have never said Dhawan was a failure..not sure where you got that from? So Pandey after having an extended run in the side, performs ok against Lanka and Bangla, that too looking very laboured and suddenly he's a good performer. Than again, your hero is murderer of Thissara Perera, so at least you're being consistent
  12. of course you can't, there was no logic in the first place. My logic (and the sound way to make the correct decisions) : judge players based on sufficient evidence.
  13. No. There is absolutely no logic to what you are saying. So Pandey fails to impress for so many games over so many months with repeated opportunities, does ok in one match vs Bangla and another was Lanka and suddenly I'm judging him after he's performed. Regarding Shikhar, we know what he brings to the team, his place in WC2019 almost assured, so what are we achieving by playing him here? Fair enough, you need a critical mass of experienced players, enough to ensure a victory, but in that pursuit we don't have space to accommodate Rohit or Shikhar both at 1 and 2. One had to be rested or move down the order.
  14. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    So Rohit and Dhawan put 70 on the board after 10 overs!! This approach is so damaging. How are they able to get away with such low strike rates and poor intent. Plus it stops us from seeing how the youngster do. Waiting for Pandey to come in and eat up loads of balls now.
  15. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    Again no Pant and Hooda today, crazy!

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