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  1. mancalledsting

    Can't have jadav,dhoni and shankar together

    too many safaris
  2. mancalledsting

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    that's the spirit son, honesty is usually the best policy
  3. mancalledsting

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    over the years Indian and Pakistan players have maintained healthy friendships, irrespective of political differences. Kapil, Sunny and Imran Sanju Manju, Shastri and Wasim Akram Afridi, Yuvi, Habhajan, Shoaib, Zaheer, Sehwag Kohli is no different so lets not single him out. Yes it was wrong move to walk when he didn't knick it- but he was trying to set example of fairness and justice for both nations- so the intention was good. I prefer this behaviour to Amir Sohail, Sidhu types who go all out MC BC. As cricketers come to end of their career, they generally tighten up their ethics e.g. Ponting as they don't want to leave a tainted legacy. If you think he deliberately walked because he somehow wanted Pakistan to have a chance in the match then you need to lay off the recreational drugs a bit.
  4. mancalledsting

    Cometh the hour cometh the man

    He’s done well so far- needs to carry on
  5. mancalledsting

    Yuvraj singh announces retirement from international cricket.

    6 sixes, 70 off 31 in t20 semi final vs Australia and his performance vs England in 2008 ODI and test series are my favourite moments in full flow- the most elegant and one of the biggest six hitters the game has ever known
  6. mancalledsting

    Say sorry to Bhuvi!

    Two good games, where he’s significantly contributed to help India over come two top teams. In a World Cup where Aus, Eng, SA, Pak, WI have already lost- that’s pretty good going.
  7. mancalledsting

    Steve Smith hands down is the best batsman in the world

    like I said before, South Africa test series 2018 sussed out warner's and smith's deficiencies. Warner, don't go round the wicket and keep it tight on off stump. Smith, never feed him anything on middle or leg, just keep it on off and he will get bogged down. Steve Smith's lucky Kohli is a Unicef ambassador and gave him a charity over from Kedhar Jhadav today as welcome back gesture, or his innings would have looked even more pathetic.
  8. mancalledsting

    Will virat kohli inning prove costly for india?

    yes with margin of victory it proved costly- he should have hogged strike a bit more and racked up another WC century for India. Needs to learn more from Rohit and MSD. Never mind...next time.
  9. mancalledsting

    Better to bat/bowl first in big games?

    World Cup Finals: Bat first win percentage: 7/11 (64%) Bowl first win percentage: 4/11 (36%) World Cup Semi Finals: Bat first win percentage: 12/22 (55%) Bowl first win percentage: 10/22 (45%) Champions Trophy Final: Bat first win percentage: 2/7 (29%) Bowl first win percentage: 5/7 (71%) My conclusion, with increasingly higher stakes (i.e. WC final > WC semi final > CT trophy final), batting first gives a slight advantage.
  10. mancalledsting

    Say sorry to Bhuvi!

    Yes exactly, one of our gun opening and death bowlers but yet often received by nothing but negativity. Sure he has been poor since past 14 months due to injuries but all he needed was game time. In an rare instance, I think IPL actually helped here.
  11. Bumrah early leader, long tournament tho
  12. Anybody up for 22 yards today? @Trichromatic@jalebi_bhai@velu@SLICKR392
  13. When is the next session?
  14. @Trichromatic sorry stuck at work during those hours in UK!
  15. When’s this guy’s next dope test?

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