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  1. Seems to have developed a whole lot of power and match winning potential. Last time he played this well was IPL3!
  2. Umesh to Raina, should be interesting.
  3. Hardik Pandya...

    Ash and Jaddu overseas in tests together?? I thought you knew better than this. That move is straight out of 'MSD's/Srini mama's CSK tactical t20 test captaincy manual'
  4. Hardik Pandya...

    What alternative do you suggest for overseas tests?
  5. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    The reason I never rated maxwell is because I found him to be an absolute bully against medium/fast medium pace and finger spin but horrible against genuine pace/bounce and wrist spin i.e. like Afridi was in his youth when he was actually a good batsmen
  6. Hope Kishan is ok

    Guys, this could potentially be a sight/career threatening injury. Let’s hope that he makes a swift and full recovery. Can’t remeber the last time I cringed so much watching a cricket injury live.
  7. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    The first season he played for Punjab he was awesome. I think he single handedly won 3-5 games if IIRC. After that, a consistent let down.
  8. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    And you have the nerve to criticise others’ performance under pressure.
  9. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    Gotta admire the way you stick up for your own kind. After all, who better to understand the sensitivities of real doggies than the archetypal doggy himself.
  10. Hasan Ali taunting/Unprofessional @ Wagah border

    hypocrisy on show beggars belief. CT final loss was also one game but you don't seem to wanna suck it up.
  11. your posts are usually good but I would have to disagree with you on this one. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738067/Dr-Khan-likely-Asian-surname-common-doctors-Patel-second.html
  12. Hasan Ali taunting/Unprofessional @ Wagah border

  13. Kohli's captaincy is the reason for RCB's poor show every IPL

    no no..he has great tactical acumen. Its just Indian team were not ready to handle his tactical genius. Cue the Dhoni pooja wale.
  14. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    Coach Ponting used DD and their resources as a laboratory to invest heavily in Glenn Maxwell (so that Australian national team could later benefit from a the reformed version). As usual, he gives a sporadic return.
  15. Kohli's captaincy is the reason for RCB's poor show every IPL

    Dhoni was a great t20 captain unlike Kohli. Lets forget about SC investigations into operation of CSK and the doubt that surrounds the franchise and lets attributed any win they had to Dhoni's tactical genius. Can anyone tell me, where was MSD's tactical acumen during India's WT20 debacles of 2009, 2010 and 2012?
  16. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    Don’t recall you calling people doggy. You are very frustrated and Butt hurt though. Good show, honesty is always best policy.
  17. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    Koi baat nahin doggy, it’s likely gonna be a lifelong treatment for you, I can understand you’re frustrated..it’s ok, let it out.
  18. Punjab Sikh woman pilgrim converts to Islam, remarries in Pakistan

    Agree she is entitled to re marry. But not at her kids’ expense.
  19. Internet existed during Mahabharata period: Tripura CM

    Correct. This is called a rotational flap and it is a plastic surgery reconstructive procedure. It’s not used for cosmetics. It is mainly used to fill in defects in that occur following eg a cancer excision. Cosmetics is a only one branch of plastic surgery.
  20. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    latest formulation that your using. best of luck with the remainder of treatment
  21. BB Sran is back into recokning ?

    We have aspirations for him to be a high class left arm pacer, not a left arm spinner.
  22. he should have never have played in the first place. I remember a while back someone opened a thread about 'Kumble K factor watch thread', citing selection of Karun, KL and Manish all in a bundle as suspicious. At the time I commented, Karun and KL deserved their call ups (and although have been patchy at times- have also won games for us with individual brilliance). Pandey on the other hand....
  23. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    And so the Rasgulla doggy tag comes full circle!

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