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  1. When Mitchell Starc debuted for Aus I seem to remember him being slower. He quickly added pace... hope Arshdeep can do the same
  2. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    Is this true about Zaheer? I know Sunny G made a similar remark and it made me absolutely furious.
  3. Bat: Rahane, KL Rahul, Vijay (first to third choice) Bowl: Bumrah Field: Pandya
  4. Now there you go viewing everything from your personal experiences again....
  5. That's right...I'm literally crying my eyes out; give me 6 years, I should be over it by then
  6. Kohli needs to mark his players and back them to Build a good team.

    Problem is accentuated by dynamics of Indian cricket: In India, you can play 2, even 4 spinners outside SC, rarely are you justified in playing more than 1 spinner Chepu: ATG in India, flop outside of SC Rahane: very good batsmen outside of India, poor against spin Bhuvi: swinging conditions predominant bowler The only real selection blunders I can think of during his test captaincy are: playing Rohit for Rahane and Dhawan for KL.
  7. Sounds like your speaking from a position of experience...but in all serious, no medicine required. Just need to read a few of your Dhoni posts and that should do the trick
  8. Well said...honesty is always the first step on the path to rehabilitation
  9. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22141506/virat-kohli-becomes-second-indian-900-test-ranking-points ICC Cricketer of the Year ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year ICC Captain of the year for Tests and ODIs Now second ever Indian to 900 ranking points.... IN TESTS alongside the great Sunil Gavaskar (one the the ATGs from any country) Captaincy clearly not a burden on his personal performance When will the torture end? oh Bhagwan Ji please remove us from this hell that you have bestowed upon us with a player/captain like Kohli
  10. Of course you can't help...you were just making stuff up.
  11. Have we now resorted to random words devoid of context or application? I think you should quit whilst your behind
  12. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    @Gollum thanks for pointing that out; how to edit?
  13. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    The first part of your username bears resemblance with the content of your posts
  14. Shameful attempt at revisionist history. Ponting captained Australia in 2 world t20s. I know that may not be adequate sample size for you, but not everybody is as blessed as Dhoni Saab to be granted 6 attempts! ATG Ponting removed by CA after 2 failures and Dhoni removes after 5 failures. Hmmm... I wonder why that happened
  15. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    Exactly, Leads from the front with batting and by example with his fitness. Despite this, some would prefer a captain who sounds like a constipated duck when he shouts “Rai naaa” in a really high pitched girly voice
  16. Was Ricky Ponting a good t20 captain? What did he win in Tests and ODIs as a captain... I’d happily settle for that under Kohli
  17. True...IPL. That's where the real, high quality cricket is at.
  18. Also named captain of the year for Tests and ODIs, but some still want him removed from captaincy.....only in India!
  19. [Video] How many times SA have come close to winning in India- Kohli

    I’m not racist and am not prejudiced on the basis of religion therefore that makes me not a patriot. Keep your ideas of what it means to be an Indian to yourself.
  20. of course Dhoni was calm, he didn't give a damn about the test losses...money in the bank was racking up; that was his only concern
  21. All said and done, we are just not good enough

    Geebz. I truly believe if our fielding was better and we played KL and Rahane from the start....we MAY have scraped these two tests in our favour. Despite that, it doesn't mask the fact that our batting for the most part is woefully out of depth.
  22. Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    ok... so please find and cite the post where I praised Sachin as a captain...ever? you're just making this up as you go along and hoping something sticks
  23. Team for 3rd test

    In that case, Rishabh Pant.
  24. [Video] How many times SA have come close to winning in India- Kohli

    great..my work here is done. Your suggestions discredit themselves.
  25. Team for 3rd test

    Vijay KL Rahul Rahane Kohli Shreyas Iyer (fly him in and move this team forward) Saha Pandya Ashwin Bhuvi Shami Ishant

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