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  1. Just when you thought PCB could not go down anymore. It is a bottomless pit
  2. Australia - here we come !
  3. I have heard Dravid is the highest paid BCCI Official. Even more than Ravi Shastri. Did anybody else hear the same ?
  4. Who the hell did these guys beat to be here in SF ?
  5. straight on to a railway platform
  6. Gokaraju Gangaraju is also reported to be a top contender
  7. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Kudos to him, we are separate nation today. Just imagine, being one country. A nation of 1.7 Billion, communal clashes probably every morning, cultural differences leading to tensions between neighborhoods, politics driven ONLY by religion -- our lives would have revolved just around that and not to mention India being called the "epicenter" of terrorism. We would have been where Syria is today. Thank you Jinnah, even though the motive for your separation was different, we got the benefits.
  8. All roads of Terrorism lead to one bloody nation on earth. In fact what is surprising is, if any act of terror happens without any connection to Pakiland
  9. We wish you resigned 20 years ago, bloody fat moron
  10. Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    You are like a Pakistani who is excited about CPEC, not knowing the Tsunami that is going to hit them in 15 - 20 years!. Only difference Pakistani are so deep down in the dirty ditch, that, that Tsunami is not going to make their life any more miserable than what it is today. Coming back to TN, this is what Jaya Amma did. Feebie culture and doles only go so far -- then you bring your machine to s standstill. What's worse - the people of Tamil Nadu did not need this Amma Canteens, Cheap Rice, Mixers and TVs. I am pretty sure TN with is solidly sound economy could have withstood that. But then we want votes don't we! Fasten your seat belts Tamil Nadu - ians !
  11. The beggar who comes to my door says -- "I am not begging, all I am asking you to stick to your basic human rights commitment of giving alms to a person in need".
  12. Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    For that you have to commend the govt. officials, bureaucrats and people who vote for them. TN in general is quite systematic & efficient. To begin with Jaya was good only in her last term. Don't forget how she abused power the 1st 2 times around. And lot of the populist measures she introduced, verdict is still out how good or bad they are. Assuming they are not removed, we will see how they pan out in the long run.
  13. Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    Please explain how and what you understand about this behavior. So, some politician dies and these guys are entitiled to come on to the streets, block roads, become violent, shut down shops ? What on the bloody earth justifies this behavior other than pure mental retardness. I would say, Election Commission should pass an order saying any disruption and from that district, constituency, AIADMK shall be banned from taking part in elections the next two times.
  14. Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    It is a circus on display in India. Seriously What drama for a politician
  15. Sarfraz at 16 looked like Jaya Lalitha

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