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  1. BlackMamba

    Avesh Khan bowling close to 150 k in IPL 2018

    Question is how many fast bowlers did anybody produce without using Teeth, Soda Caps and Sandpaper. It has been about 5 years since the video cameras are prominent and we all know who is producing what dont be.
  2. BlackMamba

    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Delhi IPL Team is a reflection of Delhi's cricketing culture, where politics, nepotism, incompetence and mismanagement rules
  3. Meanwhile in some other news - I am not going to become the President of USA, even if I am offered the White House. My House is better than the White House.
  4. It is very obvious the team wants to pocket their 25K each and go about their merry way
  5. If Pakistan continues to do this, it will only be a matter of time before their public will turn away
  6. BlackMamba

    Jason Mohammed to lead Windies on Pakistan tour

    They do not have a whole lot of a choice - do they? Cost of supporting and nurturing terrorists is costing them big. My point is - they still have not learnt their lessons. If they stop today, all countries will start visiting them tomorrow.
  7. Now what will King Gay Khan do ?
  8. BlackMamba

    Sandpaper Trolls !!

    One Australian sent a suggestion to Cricket Australia "If you actually want to punish Smith, Warner and Bancroft, replace their Toilet Paper with Sandpaper for next one year. Then they will realize what Tampering is".
  9. BlackMamba

    Ozzie sanctimony is nothing new

    Finally somebody hit this on the head. Bloody it is Steve who nurtured this putrid culture in Oz Cricket. Please let us not look anywhere else for reasons Steve Waugh started it and supported by their crooked board - who made it what it is today.
  10. BlackMamba

    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    And the heads begin to roll. I'll still stick by what I want --> Truth but nothing but the truth. 1) How long has OZ been doing this? 2) What other games have been tampered with? Put a gun to Steve Smith's head if need be to get answers
  11. BlackMamba

    Twitter messages

    Michael Vaughan is having a field day. NJoy Michael
  12. BlackMamba

    Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    This is like trying to explain a donkey how to do math. You will never succeed
  13. BlackMamba

    Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    I have been saying that for the longest period of time. And I firmly believe the big reason is - their respective boards, who were either not strict and/or looked the other way when crimes were being committed. In case of PCB they even defend the tainted players. Even to some extent CA did
  14. Is Ravindra Gaikwad pregnant ?

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