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  1. SL win by 21 runs!!
  2. Favourite TV shows

    Just watched the first 2 episodes of The Orville.Very interesting take on Star Trek
  3. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    Rahane insured for next 5-6 games
  4. Last 5 overs 18 runs
  5. Why play so many batsmen if there is no intention to start striking before 40th over?
  6. 339 is certainly chaseable,but can't have Rohit and later on Dhoni tuk-tuking.Rohit needs to rotate the strike
  7. Fed up with Ashwin negative bowling...
  8. R Ashwin hurts his knee before final

    is Bhuvi ok?he fell down in last over of the previous match
  9. any funny Pakistani media reactions to this game on Youtube?

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