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  1. Both Chahal and Kulcha playing their 36th ODI match Chahal has 64 wickets @23.68,Kulcha has 72 @20.79
  2. Shami is a very underrated bowler, has 102 wickets in 56 games @ 25.67
  3. Vijay Shankar bowling 124 kmph but seems to be accurate
  4. Good start by India. 34/2 after 10
  5. Bhuvi bowling slow today,around 133k mark
  6. As expected,Dhoni hits a boundary to increase strike rate when the match is done
  7. Dhoniconda cant even hit Siddhu for a boundary
  8. Imagine needing 80 from 50 in the World Cup and Dhoni comes in to bat
  9. Excellent run a ball 50 by Jadhav,absorbed pressure created by Thala
  10. Expect Kohli to praise Dhoni in the post match conference,no matter the result
  11. Comment from twitter- "Dhoni aajkal khelta nahi bas izzat bachata hai"
  12. Dhoniconda will wait for the last over to hit a couple of boundaries(when the match is done and dusted) and increase strike rate to around 80 and take credit for the win
  13. Dhoniconda can't even rotate the strike these days

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