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  1. Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    This was a 5 year bid, 2.55 billion for 5 years is just great.
  2. Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(

    Bhubi is playing.
  3. IPL players leaving in the middle causes trouble for the teams. BCCI or the franchise should offer a 10% bonus on top of deal amount in case the player is available for the entire period and plays half of the matches. Economics of supply demand should solve it.
  4. Even Haroon Logart wants to make Indians his slave

    4 month IPL, 2 month England, 2 month Australia. Rest 2 month could be distributed among others.
  5. CoA stops BCCI from serving notice to ICC

  6. Champions Trophy pull out unlikely

    Further - http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/champions-trophy-pullout-threat-gains-momentum-4639627/
  7. Tauseef takes dig at IPL, says PSL has ‘damaged’ it

    PSL indeed has damaged something. It's some bilateral internationals. People are more inclined to watch T20 leagues than the bilateral ODIs. In fact PSL final was watched by more Indians than Pakistanis.
  8. Champions Trophy pull out unlikely

  9. FYI - http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/bcci-ready-to-escalate-may-pull-out-of-all-icc-events-4636230/
  10. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Is anyone playing fantasy cricket in http://fantasy.iplt20.com/ also? I see serious bugs in that.
  11. First the scandals, then the Supreme Court and last the ICC.
  12. Why BCCI Is Likely To Lose The Battle Againist ICC......

    If not Srini, any sane person who takes up the job at the board would do it. Anyone from new generation would understand this. The problem is that most of the boards are stuck with old people who understands nothing but socialism.
  13. Channel 9 loses 40 million a year by televising cricket

    We'll see the numbers from Ten Network then - http://www.smh.com.au/business/media-and-marketing/ten-network-reports-232-million-loss-due-to-licence-impairment-20170427-gvtg66.html
  14. Full Members Received No Revenue Boost From Vote

    What about the schedule? What's about the freedom of expansion of IPL? Those are also gone with the new league- isn't it?
  15. Should BCCI send the Indian team to CT or No?

    Well guys just saw this - ICC proposed BCCI can choose the bilateral games, i.e. probably enough window for IPL expansion added on to money up to 400 million (Times of India reports up to 445 million). I think this one probably should have taken. I understand this is probably not fair, still, BCCI could focus on IPL if the bilaterals don't bother them that much. Waiting for more people to open their mouth ...

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