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  1. Thanks to skipper Kohli, Dhoni is being allowed to play international matches.
  2. We need to find out who will be our 2nd seamer who is best suited to compliment Bumrah. Kumar at best can hold the role of 3rd seamer, who may come in handy when we play in overseas conditions.
  3. Dhoni or Rahane: Who would you rather have in LOIs?

    The problem is Dhoni is not a match winner either. If it wasn't for Pandya's superior batting skills, we would be 40-50 runs short. Even Bhuvi was striking at a much better rate.
  4. Dhoni or Rahane: Who would you rather have in LOIs?

    Rahane was almost similar in strike rates when he was batting at 4 and he's a very good fielder too.
  5. Dhoni or Rahane: Who would you rather have in LOIs?

    Like the time when Goenka booted him out of the captaincy. Must be a lot of profit to medical stores near to your place.
  6. Pick your player and state your reasons for it. Given a chance, I am sure the both of them won't make into teams like SA, ENG or AUS.
  7. The fuq Dhoni is doing! What good is 250 when you have a bowler like Kumar who can't take a wicket if his life depends on it. Dhoni is a disgrace in limited over internationals.
  8. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    I've always liked to have 6 bowlers, mostly because how weak our bowlers have been, constantly giving away 300+ scores and unable to defend huge scores. I am just going on a reputation here as I have never seen them bowl. Sangakkara is more suited to bat at 4 than Dhoni.
  9. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Jayasurya Sachin Kohli (C) Sangakkara (W) Yuvi Kapil Afridi Imran Waqar Murali Wasim
  10. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    First make sure you will remain in that post to make that call. If we don't win at least one series in our next overseas tour, you can kiss your post goodbye.
  11. And why did we need this thread again?
  12. lol.. That was so predictable. The story of his career.
  13. Indian team for 1st three ODIs vs Australia announced

    Stupid desicion to drop Shardul and even more stupidity to retain players like Kumar, Dhoni and Yadav.
  14. lol.. Why are you fixating on Shardul though? Yes he had a bad day but it was his debut series. Besides there are many more potential bowlers coming through and its foolish not to try them and depend on the current mediocre bunch.
  15. Didn't he bowl well in the recently concluded series against SA A? Success in T20s does not equate to success in one day format. ER is the important aspect in T20s while wickets in ODIs.

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