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  1. What's the point of tuk-tuking, you sh!t heads. They have declared 10 overs late.
  2. Sometimes I wonder why shouldn't I join politics. Love to cleanse Karnataka and clear out all the rodents.
  3. It's not reflecting in your posts. Giving troll votes to posts written to expose your Delhi players? Seriously? I know you are trying hard, but it's not enough. There are still lot of gaps visible.
  4. These two are playing for their half centuries. What a losers. No wonder we suck so much as a team.
  5. Ah Delhi juices are overflowing here. You need to reign in a bit before someone acuse you of Deshdrohi.
  6. They need to put Australia for atleast 20 overs today. 450+ is more than enough runs to not lose here. They will get another 40 overs to add 200 runs on the board.
  7. How pathetic of Warner to involve an youngster to do the dirty deed. And this guy is their senior player. Just kick him out, everything will be fine.
  8. Only a born losers will hate a talent like KL. Good on you.
  9. That's why they are ranked 7th and yet competing better than us in SA. lol
  10. But that didn't stop Dhawan from getting selected for England tour. It was a nice picnic. I am sure you are proud of the result.
  11. Pakistan have also done well in England and they are ranked 7th. As someone pointed out, our cricket is in a mess after Kohli took over.
  12. First test will set the trend for remaining matches. There was no point in playing Dhawan if they were planning to drop him for the remaining matches. Someone else would've got the hang of the playing conditions before going into the second Test match.
  13. Yeah, even I thought the same. Pakistanis are wetting themselves calling him the second coming of Bradman.

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