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  1. Yeddy's time is up and with that BJP's future in Karnataka. We will be seeing new regional parties overthrowing Hindi parties.
  2. These two shameless crooks need to shut their traps. It's not a Bambi lobby so you can dictate terms here. Stick to your aukaat.
  3. Lannister

    If TN had a seperate national team how would it fare ?

    Yup. Bring on TN vs India. Will be rooting for our neighbours.
  4. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27043645/they-do-want-morgan-do-kohli-fans-heckle-smith-warner And our entitled captain wanted to preach disciplinary lessons to Indian fans. The moron should look himself in the mirror and shut up and focus on his job.
  5. Their middle order looks so much better than the garbage we have.
  6. Why was Rahul so depressed just because he was batting slow. Should learn from these two on how to keep the composure and act like nothing has happened. Australia to win their 5th WC.
  7. What's happening. It's effing Afghanistan. Now Sharma is out.
  8. Lannister

    IOC lifts India ban after Pakistan visa assurances

    Haha.. Where is all the fake bravado? It was a stunt pulled before the elections and the sheeps fell for it.
  9. Commentary is a seperate gig and should be treated as such. Let the fully qualified professionals handle it. It's not like writing an article in some blog. It's embarrassing to see these so called commentators always get the players' names wrong.
  10. Commentators can infact influence team selections. You don't want these guys to be handling multiple roles.
  11. Lannister

    Rasikh Salam Banned for two years

    It's true that these players should be kicked out but are they being fair with this approach? Even some other players don't look like they belong to U19. I will not be surprised if it's entirely based on someone's caste or religion under our new shining India.
  12. Lannister

    Easiest Semifinal opponent.

    I'd rather we face erratic Starc than Boult. It will be Aussies for me. India have a solid record against Aussies in the recent years.
  13. We have couple of weak teams coming up. We can find out Shankar's form before the knockout stages.
  14. What's the point of Jadhav if he can't come at this stage? Shankar is not a power hitter.
  15. Yes and the same can be said about the rural people from Non-Hindi states. Do you think they are able to understand English? These people don't have an option when it comes to taking exams in their languages. Why should there be a special treatment for Hindi speaking people when it comes to government jobs?

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