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  1. 4 + 2 fast bowlers? And we have Jadeja occupying one of the spots. lol
  2. Blame goes to morons like MSK Prasad and Kohli for selecting him in the first place, on the basis of IPL form. Hope Rayadu takes down Prasad with him. A win-win situation for Indian cricket.
  3. Lannister

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    It will be a mockery, if KL's role in the team is just to be a backup opener. Give him the position that he wants and let the senior players adjust to the different batting positions. It's not like we have Morgan, Buttler and Stokes batting in the middle order, to afford a talent like him sit out from the playing X1.
  4. Lannister

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    or they can kick Kohli down the order, and have KL bat at #3. Yes it depends on the form of Shankar and Karthik.
  5. Machi he is in. Just one more step to captaincy.
  6. Lannister

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Karthik and Jadeja - Two spots wasted (3 if we include Dhoni as well) They could've chosen one extra pacer in Saini. I wonder what's the role of KL. It's too late for him to bat at #4.
  7. Doubt Saini will be considered ahead of Yadav and even Ishant. I fully expect Dhoni's old pets to be back in the squad. It will be one last reunion and the same was said about 2015 WC. Sharma Dhawan Kohli Jadeja Ishant Rayudu (Food server)
  8. Poor selection as five quicks is an overkill. They needed a lower order hitter in Turner and maybe Handscomb in place of Carey.
  9. Lannister

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    The biggest wuss. Let him do it in an international match. They will clip his tail and put him in his place.
  10. So no place for Christians either. LMAO. Shocked to see the so called national party openly advocating for ethnic cleansing. I feel ashamed for voting for these illiterate donkeys in the previous election.
  11. Lannister

    Rohit Sharma injured; to miss World Cup? 

    Good riddance. It's not like India will win World cup with him in the side.
  12. Lannister

    Virat Kohli should rest remaining IPL??

    This. If IPL is not the priority for him, then he should just go home. Hundreds of other players are waiting to take that opportunity. It's a good riddance for RCB and it's fans too.
  13. Lannister

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    No such things will happen in a democratic country. This #HindiImposition, along with it's instigators, will soon be thrown into gutters and then everyone can go back to minding their own business.
  14. It's a matter of pride for US military, as it was one of their advanced jets which was claimed to be downed by Mig-21. Ofcourse they would seek to verify if it's indeed true. The whole episode was just cringe-worthy, the way the ruling party made a mess of it.
  15. Muslims and their backward culture When will they evolve from their stone-age mentality.

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