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  1. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    He seems like a suitable replacement for someone like Kedar Jadhav. Now all that's left is find a batsman who is ideal to bat at 5. That would take care of our limitations in ODI side.
  2. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    It seems that shameless Gavaskar has got some agenda running against him and to make it even more worst, our gutless selectors took a U turn and even listened to this so-called expert.
  3. If the team wants Rahul to bat at 4, he should've been given more time to settle down in that unfiliar order.. Someone need to kick out that old Gavaskar from commentary panel as he's trying to fool people with his biased views for Rahane.
  4. What an utter load of c this is and the selectors are bending backwards to whims and wishes of that Mumbaikar Gavaskar. LOL. Hope when we tour SA, they smash these overrated players.
  5. Let's use this thread to identify which players are best suited to play particular formats. There seems to be a inability on part of the selectors to identify the skillsets required by each format of the game. Batsmen: Kohli - Test, ODI and T20 KL Rahul - Test, ODI and T20 Dhawan - Test and ODI Rahane - Test and ODI Pandey - Test and ODI Vijay - Test Pujara - Test Rohit - ODI and T20 Jadhav - ODI and T20 Dhoni - ODI All-rounders: Pandya - Test, ODI and T20 Ashwin - Test Jadeja - Test Bowlers: Shami - Test, ODI and T20 Bumrah - Test, ODI and T20 Kuldeep - Test, ODI and T20 Kumar - Test and T20 Yadav - Test Feel free to add any left out players, IPL and even uncapped players.
  6. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    It all depends on which bowlers that we are going to take there. If it's an attack of Kumar, Ishant, Ashwin and Jadeja, they should just stay back home and hand over the trophy.
  7. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    To make sure India never wins another T20 Worldcup.
  8. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    The one thing I noticed with Ashwin is his lack of ability to extract bounce when there is no turn in the pitch and he bowls way slower than he did before. That's a recipe for disaster in LOIs and add to his fitness issues. He's done for as for limited overs are concerned.
  9. Its not just about youngsters, most of them won't even make it into Indian team considering the amount of players we have participating and not to mention the selector's reluctance to give youngsters a chance. Kohli selected the same set of players even in dead rubbers, so how will these guys ever hope to receive caps.
  10. Only grade-A crooks in BCCI can come up with this strategy and this guy is even taking a dig at Kumble. Kohli is only supporting this idea cuz for seniors to have some monopoly over the youngsters, that much is obvious.
  11. Wait a minute. If suppose an uncapped player, say, Thampi gets picked up for 5 crores and he need to share his money with Pujara? But where will all the broadcast money in BCCI goes? Shouldn't they be channeling that money to fund Ranji players?
  12. The current bunch of selectors are utter joke, just like that Sunil Gavaskar. They lack the basic understanding how the game works in this age, especially that old guy Gavaskar who's not fit to be in the commentary panel.
  13. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Not good enough. Their flawed approach is keeping us back, we will never be a truly dominant team even after having the right ingredients.
  14. We are blessed

    Only thing left now is for selectors to select the oldies over youngsters. What a tough job to do.
  15. Select your best T20 XI for India

    Rohit Pant Kohli Rahul Pandya Krunal Rana Kuldeep Chahal Kumar Bumrah

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