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  1. Talk about devaluing one's own achievement by comparing him to a much inferior player.
  2. Is KL Rahul mentally shot?

    I am looking forward to his IPL stint. Hope he makes good use of the opportunity. He will be playing as a top batsman in his team, so that should give him some freedom.
  3. Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain India will never have.

    I feel he's a natural leader. Why not make him a captain in a format that he's good at. Kohli's captaincy comes with too much baggage.
  4. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    That is abnormal. We should play as less as possible with these lunatics.
  5. KKD hatsoff

    Just looked up into his age. He's already 32. Saala Dhoni, how many players has he screwed up with his arse firmly planted in Indian team.
  6. DK>Dhoni

    oh no, we don't have a ready-made player yet who can replace the mediocre T20 player like Dhoni. In-fact, every other wicket-keeper is now embarrassing him. LOL
  7. The Unadkat mystery

    No matter how many times they give chance to these kind of bowlers, the end result will remain the same. Thought our selectors would have already learnt, by now. Somethings never change with Indian Cricket.
  8. For me, there antics don't seem to change how I view their team, in-fact it's worsened after seeing their cheap behavior.
  9. This is all looks cheap. Not my cup of tea as I lost interest in the finals.
  10. Glad, they are thinking with their heads. Shami's personnel life has no way related to his selection.
  11. Buggers deserved it. It's not like everything was going well under the current office bearers.
  12. The way they whined about the state of their own wickets, I think they deserve all of this.
  13. 176 is a very mediocre score seeing the number of wickets taken. Sometimes Kohli plays like this too. They have not learned anything from the last two Worldcups.
  14. Rabada suspended for two tests after code of conduct breach

    That's why he went all out in this match. Some of his celebrations were really aggressive. He knew he was getting banned, so didn't hold back.
  15. ICF T-shirts

    Looks like a baniyan, need to change that. So how to get one of these?

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