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  1. 2018 South Africa tour in Test matches. That's when I lost respect for Kohli and his captaincy.
  2. Lannister

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Only Ashwin and Jadeja lost their places after CT final. It should've been a couple more players. Playing two spinners on such a wicket and bowling first after winning the toss were the most idiotic decisions from Kohli. It was sad to see Kumble was forced out like this.
  3. Lannister

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    I'd rather watch a fit player struggle out there than an unfit player succeed with his lazy spin bowling on Indian wickets. Amit Mishra comes to my mind. These guys are always going to fail in overseas conditions.
  4. There's no hope for World Cup. It's just a waste of our time to back this team in LOIs.
  5. Lannister

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    He was defending Rahane because unlike KL Rahul, he doesn't sport Tattoos on his body and not because of his (lack of) abilities. The extent they go to defend their players is cringe-worthy and he's India's top respected spokesperson in Cricket.
  6. It's irritating to see that we have such low standards for a richest cricketing nation.
  7. No Jadhav please. It's like replacing one mediocre with the other. Dhoni, Rayudu, Jadhav.... what a team. I'd rather switch to some other sport like Ko Ko.
  8. They were always a cheats. Sometimes I wonder why other boards give lot of attention to these guys when you know you are being played for a fool.
  9. Lannister

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Although he's speaking some truth, it's annoying to hear from this grub. If it's been a Mumbai player, he would've shut his trap. He and Gavaskar are such a nonsense.
  10. Lannister

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    If he doesn't do well in England, I think that's the end for him.
  11. This is his recent average across 4 Test series against top 5 teams. He is clearly on a decline and these type of performances will not help anyone.
  12. I don't know how you can defend an average of 17 by saying it's better than the others. He was the most experienced player in the team and unlike Rahul and Dhawan, he was backed in all 3 Test matches. It's not like they didn't give him a chance. Even before coming into that series, he was going through a poor run of form, which is the indication that he's not going to get any better.
  13. We didn't win the last time when we were there either. After today's performance I guess he deserves to play 1-2 Test matches. We expect more from an experienced player especially when he's touring there second time. Rahul made his debut in Australia and it took him like 1-2 matches to get his first ton. I don't see an youngster doing any worse than how he performed in SA.
  14. Did you lose your candy again?
  15. There was no need for Pujara and Ishant to play this either, as they could've stayed back in England playing counties. Damn we missed a valuable opportunity to try out new players.

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