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  1. Lannister

    KL Rahul's 50-overs conundrum

    Kohli should grow some balls and bat at #4. A little sacrifice to the team's cause will come a long way in changing the perspective of how weak he comes across as a captain. At this rate, he will remain a failure for the rest of his career.
  2. @velu stop detailing the thread. There are other ways to let someone know if you find their posts offensive.
  3. When you harbour mediocre players within the team for so many years (aka Dhoni), then you will have to compromise with the standards. Don't expect anything from this team in the next world cup.
  4. Lannister

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Chahal is a waste. If you look at last three matches, seamers have taken more wickets. So Khaleel should be playing in place of this mediocrity.
  5. Lannister


    Didn't watch his batting in this tournament. But let him play this whole tournament and fail properly before discarding him. The musical chairs of giving one or two chances need to stop. Back the players for atleast one full series. But I have to say this is the dullest period in Indian Cricket.
  6. His methods are clearly not working, be it in Tests or LOIs and he's too stubborn to learn from his mistakes and reassess where he is going wrong. He is not a captaincy material to me.
  7. He has clearly other things going on his mind, so he will not be able to do what's best for Indian cricket. There's just no point continuing with him.
  8. I hope after the world cup, Kohli will be sacked. BCCI shouldn't let him to become another Dhoni. or else the cycle will just keep on repeating. I have already come to the terms about our chances in the world cup and Kohli's captaincy, in general.
  9. lol... Gavaskar? He is another shameless guy. He is busy trying to get Rahane in the team.
  10. But team politics still remains the same under him. Atleast play Khaleel ffs. He got you a win against HK.
  11. I see Rohit is tactically very good. Many sides have won batting second on this pitch. So it's a good decision.
  12. Nope.. Rahul shouldn't stoop to the level of these nobodies. I would rather have him sitting on the bench than coming up with this sh!t.
  13. Maybe they should've just kicked out Bang'LOL'desh from the tournament citing for the reason that they are just a waste of time.
  14. Nothing much to see here. He didn't even ask the most obvious question. How did Jadeja earn his ODI call when he has not done anything in domestic cricket. Kaul and Chahar being T20 selections are right. But he did manage to suck up to his fellow Mumbai player Thakur by calling him out-and-out seamer. Lol. You gotta be kidding me.

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