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  1. So the day has finally arrived and like we all thought it would be, the selectors yet again failed to come up with any proper plans keeping the Worldcup in mind. An ODI squad filled with has-beens like Karthik, Dhoni, Jadhav, and with no intention to groom new fast bowlers won't be worth of our time. The last time we toured SA, they crushed this team with the score-level of 2-0 and the majority of those players are still representing this squad, which tells you how ineffective and misguided our thought process have been. To make this thread more interesting, let's discuss the ideal combination of team Saffers and let's hope for the best they annihilate team Kohli.
  2. Its a good thing he is not playing in Kohli's team in IPL. He need to make that a priority and for now should forget about international matches. Kohli and co eventually come running for him.
  3. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    You are just clueless. Making it sound like we achieved something great by beating SC teams in CT.
  4. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Their opponents in CT was mostly Asian teams bar one match against SA. And they got beat soundly in final. I think its you who need to be updated about Cricket.
  5. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    His team selections will be his downfall. I am afraid he will ramain a choker for the rest of his captaincy.
  6. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Rohit Dhawan Kohli Iyer Pandya Pandey Rahul (W) Kuldeep Chahal Bhuvi Thakur
  7. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    No. I am not pledging my support to your home team, Bangladesh.
  8. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    Our middle order is in complete shambles, starting with that freeloader Dhoni. This type of team will not work in tournament-basis, where the top order is more likely to fail in more than one occasion. These chokers should be embarrassed of themselves for losing against this team.
  9. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Some superstar he is especially after BCCI sacked him in the middle of a Test series. They threw him out like some used toilet paper.
  10. Why would they bid for him when they had RTM card that they can use to get him back. The reason they didn't go for him was because the bid was too high. Don't we need players who can score hundreds at number 4 slot, and he has showed that ability in Aus. Big hitting is for lower-middle order batsmen, the area where we have been very poor for 3-4 years. He should be the next in order for #4 position before going on to try youngsters.
  11. He has been a constant player for KKR. Yuvraj played in some 2-3 teams in just 5 years. I feel this auction is the most accurate one and it closely resembles their current form.
  12. I think the latest auction is the more accurate one. The teams have been fed up with the pretenders and a complete overhaul was needed. In this IPL, the players are being picked up based on their potentials and current form, except for one/two like Dhoni.
  13. Lol. And Dhawan is not even a T20 player, a gateway entry through this series for him. I doubt anyone could afford to miss this series.
  14. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    No. This guy cost us the match.
  15. Why has he been constantly ignored? Surely after fetching 11 cr. deal in IPL, the team management should realize his importance in limited overs Cricket.
  16. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    Pandey is Rahane's equivalent of Test player in LOIs, not pleasing to the eyes but will get the job done. After his century in Aus, he should've been given longer run. Besides he's a gun fielder.
  17. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    I just don't know how Iyer managed to get into the mix ahead of Rahul and Pandey. Those two deserved a longer run and have better techniques when compared to Iyer. I feel like Kohli has got something against Pandey, since those two has played in the same U19 team. He needs to curb this childish attitude and look from the team's POV. This constant chopping is not going to help in the long run.
  18. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Phehlukwayo hit 23 (5), where as this hack choked his own team.
  19. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    Dhoni fans getting hurt. It's a fact that we lost this match because of his inability to score big in the last 10 overs. I for one thoroughly enjoyed this mauling. Keep them coming.
  20. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Saw last three overs when this hack was still batting. He has become an even bigger joke since I last saw him. Only blind morons would still defend him.
  21. BCCI babus just don't see any profitable outcome by letting Indian players wear ribbons. Maybe CSA should've offered them some money.
  22. KL Rahul would've been dropped twice if he played like this. Kohli- Dhawan-Rohit-Dhoni, seems like no one can break this bond.
  23. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    Yet again one more series went by and we didn't gain anything out of it, except for the spin department. WC is just an year away and we are stuck with the hasbeens. Just one loss all it takes to get kicked out of a tournament. Wish SA showed some guts and smashed these overrated bunch of cricketers.
  24. The fuq did I just read? If its not for COA, the crook Mama would have continued and Dhoni would still be captain.

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