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  1. Atleast Kohli has proved his mettle in last two T20 world cups, carrying his team alone to knockout stages, playing some blinders against top teams. Rohit Sharma is a certified minnow basher who's only legacy is scoring some soft runs against weak teams. How is this going to help India in the long run?
  2. But he has been playing from a long time and there is nothing to show apart from his batting average which is pretty much meaningless as shown from his numerous failures in WCs. You don't need a special player to score runs against weak teams.
  3. Kohli was right when he said Pujara lacks intent. I guess this is mostly because of his limitations as a batsman. We should've invested in Karun Nair a long time ago.
  4. He has scored some easy runs all through his career, yeah big deal.
  5. The fact that you need to go back to the year 2013 to justify his place just shows how bad he is become as a player. We played QF against the mighty Bangladesh and yes he didn't miss a chance there to score some easy runs and we all know what happened in the next match against Australians.
  6. No. But Rohit Sharma is one of our problems because he don't have anything to offer against strong teams because as you said he is nothing but a flat track bully. Why do you want to keep such FTBs in the team? For me, Cricket is all about WCs and Test matches.
  7. Just answer one simple question. How many ICC tournaments did we win in last 4-5 years? Even SL has won one in that time.
  8. All I am saying that India can still manage without the need of Rohit Sharma. So what unique traits does he bring to the team again?
  9. But he has consistently failed to perform in important games. Was it because of tougher opponents? Anyone can get you runs against weak teams.
  10. But the individuals need to perform when it matters most. Not just score easy runs.
  11. India has one of the worst strike rates in power plays and that is because of Rohit.
  12. This is not about performing in one or two matches, and that too against weak teams. Does he have what it takes to win World Cup for India? Can he deliver it in knockout stages against top teams?
  13. If he's going to choke in World cups because he cannot handle pressure, then what good is he?
  14. CT was held in England last year, how much did he average then? He is an FTB and on top of that lack kajoons to perform when there's a little bit of pressure.
  15. He's never a match winner for us. So why all this hoopla for a mediocre player?
  16. 2018 South Africa tour in Test matches. That's when I lost respect for Kohli and his captaincy.
  17. Lannister

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Only Ashwin and Jadeja lost their places after CT final. It should've been a couple more players. Playing two spinners on such a wicket and bowling first after winning the toss were the most idiotic decisions from Kohli. It was sad to see Kumble was forced out like this.
  18. Lannister

    Skillful or not, there’s no escaping the yo-yo

    I'd rather watch a fit player struggle out there than an unfit player succeed with his lazy spin bowling on Indian wickets. Amit Mishra comes to my mind. These guys are always going to fail in overseas conditions.
  19. There's no hope for World Cup. It's just a waste of our time to back this team in LOIs.
  20. Lannister

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    He was defending Rahane because unlike KL Rahul, he doesn't sport Tattoos on his body and not because of his (lack of) abilities. The extent they go to defend their players is cringe-worthy and he's India's top respected spokesperson in Cricket.
  21. It's irritating to see that we have such low standards for a richest cricketing nation.
  22. No Jadhav please. It's like replacing one mediocre with the other. Dhoni, Rayudu, Jadhav.... what a team. I'd rather switch to some other sport like Ko Ko.
  23. They were always a cheats. Sometimes I wonder why other boards give lot of attention to these guys when you know you are being played for a fool.
  24. Lannister

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Although he's speaking some truth, it's annoying to hear from this grub. If it's been a Mumbai player, he would've shut his trap. He and Gavaskar are such a nonsense.

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