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  1. https://www.deccanherald.com/amp/national/coronavirus-wont-disappear-like-the-flu-in-summer-who-812613.html?__twitter_impression=true Coronavirus won't disappear like the flu in summer: WHO
  2. Laughable thread. You sound just like Kohli after getting his arse whooped under his leadership.
  3. Did you expect them to score double centuries in their debut series?
  4. No Jadhav, Thakur, Dube.. Joshi - 1 Quotas and MSK - 0 Negatives: Dhawan, Jadeja and Kohli's captaincy.
  5. And who the * asked this question? Some butthurt Marathi reporter or one of fatass Sharma or Dhawan arranged it? As a job well done to Andhra MSK,
  6. https://lichess.org/hc0WPE7A
  7. 10 mins is too long. We can have increments, 5/10 seconds per move. I will always have someone knocking on my door when I am playing Blitz. It was good game though. @FischerTal held his nerves and didn't give me an inch with his defense.
  8. @Mariyam ready for the knockout game? Let' finish up today.
  9. https://lichess.org/ChtaYQfL
  10. Okay.. I am free now.
  11. We need someone to challenge Jadeja for that second all-rounder/spinner's place, and can hold his own at #7. Jaiswal has like 10 years to go before he can get a place in Kohli's team.
  12. Openers (1-2): KL, Devdutt, Shaw, Gill MO (4-5): Iyer, Pant, Surya Kumar AR (6): Pandya brothers, Shankar Spinners (7-8): Axar, Jadeja, Gopal, Gowtham, Kuldeep, Chahar Pacers (9-11): Bumrah, Prasidh, Saini, Deepak Chahar, Bhuvi, Rajpoot, Captaincy: KL
  13. Devdutt Padikkal.. with that a right-left combination. Let Pant bat at #4 and he should take the wicketkeeping duty.
  14. Please don't discredit littlefinger by comparing him to a dum-dum like Kohli. He and Varys were the true architects of GOT saga. King was just a name in GOT and they were easily replaced by one after the other.
  15. He should bat at no 4 or 5 in T20 WC. Give him a fixed batting position.
  16. lol.. forgot to mention his most important attributes. Arrogant piece of **** and a bratty bickering bitch. Kohli is a cross between Mad King and Joffrey
  17. Robert Baratheon led entire army to wipeout Targeryens and took Iron throne for himself while Kohli is yet to win a single trophy, unless you equate Iron throne to Indian captaincy. If I have to compare Kohli to a GOT character, it has to be Mad King. Paranoid, incompetent, delusional, brainless and destroyed his own clan.
  18. BCCI can afford separate coaches and captains for all three formats and improve the teams' performance which in turn helps with their brand. But they are only focused on short-term goals and that's never going to work in sports organisations.
  19. With the entry of new player, Coronavirus, the battleground has become even more intense. Go team sanghi.
  20. Hell with the zonal criteria. Just select the best candidates. That weak little **** Andhra MSK Prasad turned out to be a boot-licker of Marathis and filled the squads with them.
  21. They let them score from 90-6 to 300 in the first innings and rightly been knocked out. Captain Nair should take the blame. Anyways, good season for Karnataka winning two tournaments and reaching semis in Ranjis. Devdutt and Prasidh are among the best youngsters from this season.
  22. Bengaluru people should sue the **** out of RCB for using the name Bengaluru to promote third rate companies, brands and players.
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