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  1. saviking

    Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    Well their past decisions already came back to bite them in the ass, seems they had little choice to reduce the penalty after the past was brought up. I think they definitely have to follow the route of what is done in Rugby with disciplinary hearings, where an independent disciplinary council does the hearings. And the rules and disciplinary steps need to be made more clear on what actions will get what punishments. In rugby you find that most fines/bans given out are much more aligned so there are rarely debates on whether the punishments fit the crime. I think the current ICC rules are very vague and can be interpreted in too many ways.
  2. saviking

    Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    I believe a big part of Rabada's defense was based on past incidents, one particular one involving Australia and England, etc. In those incidences the players got off with basically a slap on the wrist. So there defense was based on inconsistent application of the rule book, and that is what reduced the penalty for Rabada. Apparently the lawyer did bring up a lot of cases where the "big 3" got off with lesser punishments than the rest of the member countries for similar offenses. And in the end SA asked that the rule book should be made more clearly and that the ICC should simplify the way penalties are given and find a way to make judgement more even between all playing countries. If ever I need a lawyer in future... i want to have this lawyer
  3. Just for those who asked why the game was stopped for lightning before the rain started. in South Africa any outdoor sport is stopped when a lightning storm approaches. We have had whole soccer teams taken down by lightning as well as rugby players Its for that past experiences that they do not allow play to commence while lightning is close. Player safety. Lightning in SA can be extremely dangerous for sports people. This rule in SA overrides any international sports rules about weather.

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