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  1. Zestian

    The Royal Challengers Bengaluru 2017 : Namma Thread

    Just in - ABD is surely playing tomorrow and Kohli haven't yet arrived in Indore so I don't think he will feature in the playing XI... Source - My Friend is there at the stadium for some management thing and he was able to have a chat with some manager who confirmed that and is playing tomorrow for sure ...
  2. Zestian

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    My Team would be - Iyer Pant Billings Nair Samson Anderson Carlos Morris/Rabada/Cummins Mishra ZAKK Shami ZAKK + Shami + One of those three should bowl in powerplay (6 Overs) Then the middle overs can be handled by Mishra Anderson and Carlos... (8 - 10 Overs) And then the death bowling by Zakk + Shami + one of those three... (4 - 6 Overs) And Batting is the thing we all are excited about... Would love to see Iyer and Pant doing good in this season... Edit - If it's a spinning pitch then Zakk or and Carlos can have some rest and Nadeem/Jayant/Ashwin shall come in.
  3. Zestian

    The Royal Challengers Bengaluru 2017 : Namma Thread

    My guess for playing XI would be - Gayle Mandeep ABD/Head (If ABD is not fit) Sachin Baby Watson Jadhav Binny Negi Chahal Mills Arvind/Aniket/Patel (Would love to see Avesh Khan though) Doesn't seems too bad to me... With AB fit and Kohli Coming in later would be really cool.
  4. Zestian

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Par mujhe ye game khelne ka man tha...
  5. Zestian

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    @sourab10forever I can't.... Won't be available for full tourney...
  6. Zestian

    Deodhar trophy thread | Champions Tamil Nadu

    What's the match timing btw ? Espncricinfo and Cricbuzz both are giving different timings.
  7. Zestian


    Please convert all my runs.
  8. Zestian

    Dharamsala pitch for the 4th Ind-Aus Test

    After considering the look on the pitch and all the talks, history of the ground, temperatures and atmosphere it seems to me as if it will be a hard track with a bit of swing early on everyday for the first 3 days and then it will start helping spinners a bit on day 4 and 5... Seems like another draw coming in unless curator surprises everyone in the last moments...
  9. Sunny Gavaskar actually said that Australian Media has always been a support staff for Australian Cricket team. And hence players should never mind anything coming from Australian Media. That's a very good observation I feel.
  10. Rahul Vijay Chepu Kohli Rahane Nair Saha Jaddu Kuldeep Shami Umesh Assuming Ashwin is injured or else Ashwin in place of Kuldeep
  11. Zestian

    Shami Might be Coming to Lead Attack in Dharamshala

    Yes he looked good in the practice match too... Should have given him a game atleast.
  12. Zestian

    Your favorite team as a neutral fan??

    Make it 6 for SA now.😶

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