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  1. for MSD: it would be jadhav now :)
  2. Please keep him away fro Dhoni baba, he will return to his normal speed. BTW he does have history of Injuries.
  3. congratulations lala bhai... enjoy the stay at top... you guys deserved it.
  4. We have selected a coach who was commentator, had no previous coaching experience. How he got the job is actually a concern coz he was neither a great batsman or bowler to begin with. but ye he seems good at something which others are not i guess.
  5. Kohlifan

    Things we Learn watching Indian Cricket thread

    we should send him in olympics, ek medal to aayega athletics me kam se kam
  6. bhai aap free to selector ban jaao, in chu**oon ko to akal hai nahi, meaning less odi ko kaise use karte hai
  7. Only in Indian team a 33 (in world cup 34) Year old budhau can cement his place. why pant, gill, vihari are playing cricket after this wc i am afraid selectors will pick parthiv patel to bat at 4
  8. Kohlifan

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    Ya man, every time dhoni collected the ball(when batsman left alone) he as saved run for Indian team which no wicketkeeper would have done.
  9. bhai dhoni in untouchable till WC 19.
  10. Its looks like today its rohit's turn to play with tale.
  11. Kohlifan

    It’s time to let go of MS Dhoni

    in his dreams now may be. this man is as good as Macgrath with bat now a days
  12. Kohlifan

    It’s time to let go of MS Dhoni

    if you remember Sachins 100th 100 against Bang bros which we lost. It was due to his slow innings we were below par. He was a great batsman, but he did prolonged his carrier.
  13. as we can not drop dhoni we dropped pant and chahal for jadhav and jadeja
  14. Kohlifan

    It’s time to let go of MS Dhoni

    To represent country is huge honer, its not like Dhoni is bankrupt so he need backing. To me as of now he does not fit in playing eleven i know he has good experience but that is not enough to win you matches, he has became a noob with bat in hand. which is derailing team from good totals big time.
  15. WI will get walkover in this match. just rest Kohli, sala akela khel raha hai indian team mein.

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