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  1. same old story, people start worshiping players. He is not going to be the same dhoni again, that he once was. He should retire period.
  2. Kohlifan

    Coutdown for Dhoni retirement.

    send him to open the innings then, this way we will sure to loose all the matches, may be then he will get dropped.
  3. Kohlifan

    Coutdown for Dhoni retirement.

    agree, but why before next series he should have retired after WC over for us. knowing our selectors & dumbo cap he will not be dropped if he stays.
  4. Kohlifan

    Coutdown for Dhoni retirement.

    I thought he will retire just after WC ends for us, but as of now no official words. He has been great servant of our country but his time is up now as we can start planning for next WC. I believe he should be there with team for few series to pass on the knowledge he has to new keeper as mentor/ keeping coach.
  5. Kohlifan

    Pujara at no 4

    Shubham Gill should have been tried. We had this tradition fro Yuvi to Raina to Kohli. Every good batsman of U19 gets fair trial at senior level. but this Kohli seems to be failing at this.
  6. Kohlifan

    Rayudu retires from all formats

    on a side note, he just might have seen himself in mirror from those "3D" glasses he ordered for world cup. I never liked him as a player. if 80 required from 50 he always was a burden.
  7. Man, i am very nervous for this match. All the batsman of Windies are capable of winning the match on own. I would say lets chase this with Killer Kohli is in beast mode.
  8. Kohlifan

    Backdoor pant entry

    Our selectors & Captain do not have balls to do this. It needs courage, which they lack.
  9. bhai aap undercutter ko bhul gaye.. The Champ
  10. congratulations to everyone. The journey just has started. I would love to win in SA too, where no asian team has won..
  11. bhai maro ab to 390 in almost 2 day's is as pathetic as Pakistanis batting in UAE.
  12. Kohlifan

    I haven’t done that badly in the IPL: Jaydev Unadkat

    to do bad, you need to perform well first Undercutter. your 120K thunderbolts can only decimate a child.
  13. Kohlifan

    KL Rahul cant bat saala !!!

    isko gali bhi nahi de sakta main, Rahul naam mitti me mila raha hai ye ladka, hatao ise team se Sent from my vivo 1714 using Tapatalk
  14. Kohli the captain is looking worse. Hand the captaincy to Rohit he is better captain.

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