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  1. he does have scored runs in England with U19 Team, so potential is there.
  2. Shubham Mavi can also bat a bit. He is better then this chahar.
  3. Kohlifan

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    the way this poor man's bhuvi is going he will get their in some time dear :)
  4. Kohlifan

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    bhai seems you forgot we beat you T20 WC Final in 2007.
  5. Kohlifan

    Please respect our team!!!

    @beetle nahi hota bhai, pehle selectors ko sudharo then we can respect the team. what they are thinking is out of our mind.
  6. Kohlifan

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    The thing is, he just played a game against india after CT final, which is hailed by you guys like wasim has arrived. Fact is he is a good bowler who on his day can run through a team but that day will come once in a year like our bhuvi.
  7. raydu bhai aapko match bhi jitwa denge bhaijaan, raydu will eat whatever momentum we have then will get out trying to accelerate things.
  8. Yes i have read it somewhere that he has incoming delivery too for right handers.
  9. in Chu***on ko lagta hai ki humare saath anyaay hua tha, keval 1 ya 2 matches khila kar hume mauka nahi diya, but tumhari aukaat hi utni thi ye inko kisi ne bataya hi nahi
  10. Our selectors are playing musical chair, they will select these TTF again till 2019 WC.
  11. Kohlifan

    Duleep trophy 2018

    Does well in domestics. But selectors probably will never consider him at 130 or below 130 speeds. If only he can get to 134-137 speeds regularly, like bhuvi was able to up his speed... Vaas, Pollock also was in same range, but effective so we can never say this.
  12. Kohlifan

    India now have Pak like selectors

    With two new ball from both end its getting difficult to take wickets as white ball dont swing Sent from my vivo 1714 using Tapatalk
  13. Kohlifan

    India now have Pak like selectors

    Yep they are atleast now with MSK as chief Sent from my vivo 1714 using Tapatalk

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