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  1. A good series from anmolpreet could put him in contention for higher honours, hasn’t put a step wrong so far.
  2. gazza

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Any insight on anmolpreet singh, bit of a stats king (strike rate over 100 and average nearly 60) and only 20 but is/will he be any good?
  3. Not true, might depend on what opposition you consider but against Australia, England, India and south Africa rahim averages 31.44, dhoni against the same opposition minus india averages 34.07, so both of their averages drop. Its a difficult comparison though because dhoni has played much more against those opposition but 39 innings rahim has 2 tons and 5 half tons, dhoni in 90 innings has 2 tons and 19 half tons.
  4. A case of an ian botham?
  5. gazza

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    Rahul by showing his slips catching has probably bought himself more time. Fine to try shaw since the series is dead but if you want to properly decide on Dhawan and Rahul then play both, if they fail there can be no excuses for them anymore, if they make runs then they buy themselves more time. i’d probably go with rahul for the slip catching and shaw, but Dhawan has been better than Rahul with the bat this series so it’s a bit harsh on him. dhawan and rahul have pretty similar experience in tests.
  6. Should’ve picked gill for a middle order spot.
  7. gazza

    Zahir Khan (chinamen) from Afghanistan

    No video sorry, might be something of qais Ahmad on YouTube from u19s, he’s playing in the CPL this season, he just got belted for 24 runs off the 2 overs he bowled. He’s playing for the st Lucia stars.
  8. gazza

    Zahir Khan (chinamen) from Afghanistan

    Qais Ahmad and Amir Hamza a couple of other afghan spinners to watch out for.
  9. gazza

    Shubman Gill- time to step up, your country needs you

    He should be in the A team, should be preparing him for a middle order spot for the up coming WC.
  10. Should be giving Gill oppprtunities leading up to it, could be the middle order bat they need.
  11. TBH they all warrant selection to some degree as batsmen but probably from this IPL you’re looking at dhoni or pant as the keeper mainly because Samson hasn’t been as consistent as the others so probably doesn’t get a look in atm and is much more used to fielding anyway than the other keepers are, same with Rahul (fielding wise, he’s been immense with the bat this IPL). DK probably misses out because if you want experience it’s dhoni, if you want youth it’s pant...
  12. Narine never really focused on tests much plus he’s been called for chucking how many times now? He’s still a good t20 bowler but he doesn’t get the turn he used to since changing his action so even if he wanted to play tests (I don’t think he wants to tbh) and even if he then gets selected I don’t think he’d be nearly as lethal as he would’ve been early in his career when he got a lot more turn more often. rashid is very good, he’s been playing for awhile now and is still getting very good results, test matches will be a new test for him but in combination with mujeeb I think Afghanistan are going to have a formidable bowling unit.
  13. gazza

    KL Rahul's batting is absolute treat to watch

    Yeah Rahul is terrific, would like vohra to get more chances, he’s also a treat to watch and Gill and Samson play proper cricketing shots to.
  14. gazza

    Who is Jofra Archer?

    Terrific allround prospect who dreams of playing for England. I’m sure if he wanted to play for WI he’d probably already be playing international cricket.
  15. gazza

    KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    Kohli is one of the most talented of all time, so is an de villiers. KL is exceptionally talented, sad that he hasn't got more opportunities than he's already had but hopefully from here on he can prove himself and secure a spot in all 3 formats.

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