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  1. Averages 56 in Australia with a century and half century, so not bad, ODIs. In t20Is he’s done well against everyone and in tests he didn’t do too badly in South Africa. He’s still young and improving.
  2. Potentially Pakistan’s best bat all time all formats.
  3. kallis had potential with the ball, not saying he would’ve been an all time great or anything but he could have if he had chosen to of still had an international career as a bowler, although would’ve been tough as a pace bowler and playing for SA. He was used as a core batsman who could be called upon with the ball whenever they wanted another pace bowler, they did use him sparingly and in short bursts for the most part in the latter half of his career so from that clearly a batting allrounder. sobers was a different type of all rounder, a more aggressive batsman, batted lower for the most part, and with the ball was relied upon for a lot more overs and in different ways with his pace and two types of spin. i tend to rate genuine all rounders I.e. imo players who are cores as both batsmen and bowlers ahead of batting allrounders or bowling allrounders. pretty much I’ve got sobers, kapil, Procter, rice, botham, cairns, miller etc as those type of players. But pollock, hadlee, kallis type allrounders are close to being genuine allrounders due to talent and stats it’s just they didn’t get used in those roles for their teams. kallis is a monumental cricket player for longevity and stats but when I think of top allrounders he doesn’t pop up in mind until after a few others.
  4. And I’m applying your own logic to Kapil and what potentially may happen in the future, I’m not looking for an argument either, just looking for reason.
  5. Ok, so let’s say USA get test status one day, or become solidly implanted in the odi and t20 cricket culture, you’d have to take points off Kapil because he never played against them or in their backyard. will Tendulkar’s record be any less impressive in 100 years if there are a lot more test and odi teams? We will no longer be able to say he performed well everywhere, against everyone, in all conditions. Do current greats automatically get a higher ranking because t20Is are common which includes a World Cup? It’s an entirely different format which previous generations from a certain point didn’t have to deal with.
  6. Then in 10/20/30/40 etc years be sure to take points off Kapil for not playing in Afghanistan or Ireland because that part of him will be inconclusive. i was simply pointing out that miller is an all time great, not jut a random.
  7. Miller isn’t random, from a 50+ test career he averaged almost 37 with the bat and as a fast bowler averaged about 23, miller is one of the best of all time, a real pure all rounder. Also averaged near 50 with the bat in domestic Aussie cricket.
  8. Botham was awesome at his peak, as far as someone performing at the same time both as a batsman and a bowler and you can add in his slip fielding to that, I’m not sure anyone has been better. A real shame procter didn’t play more international cricket and same with Clive rice, procter especially I think would’ve given botham a real run for his money. imran did well over his career as a whole with regards to batting and bowling, sobers did well as far as being the most rounded allrounder if that makes sense as he could bowl two types of spin, bowl pace/swing, was an exceptional fielder and batsman as well but his bowling i don’t think ever reached the peaks of a botham or imran or Hadlee for example. the incredible thing about botham is the amount of 5fers and centuries he was able to produce, if you were to blank out his averages you would think that with that many 5fers that he was an all time great bowler, and if you were to add his centuries to that you would probably comfortably place him as the #1 all rounder of all time. Kapil’s impact as a batsman’s ith his high strike rate and his ability to bowl long spells is also a speciality not to be forgotten. shout out to kallis and pollock who were incredible as well. chris cairns not bad either, a player often forgotten in this discussion.
  9. A good series from anmolpreet could put him in contention for higher honours, hasn’t put a step wrong so far.
  10. gazza

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Any insight on anmolpreet singh, bit of a stats king (strike rate over 100 and average nearly 60) and only 20 but is/will he be any good?
  11. Not true, might depend on what opposition you consider but against Australia, England, India and south Africa rahim averages 31.44, dhoni against the same opposition minus india averages 34.07, so both of their averages drop. Its a difficult comparison though because dhoni has played much more against those opposition but 39 innings rahim has 2 tons and 5 half tons, dhoni in 90 innings has 2 tons and 19 half tons.
  12. A case of an ian botham?
  13. gazza

    At Oval, should Pujara-Shaw open?

    Rahul by showing his slips catching has probably bought himself more time. Fine to try shaw since the series is dead but if you want to properly decide on Dhawan and Rahul then play both, if they fail there can be no excuses for them anymore, if they make runs then they buy themselves more time. i’d probably go with rahul for the slip catching and shaw, but Dhawan has been better than Rahul with the bat this series so it’s a bit harsh on him. dhawan and rahul have pretty similar experience in tests.
  14. Should’ve picked gill for a middle order spot.
  15. gazza

    Zahir Khan (chinamen) from Afghanistan

    No video sorry, might be something of qais Ahmad on YouTube from u19s, he’s playing in the CPL this season, he just got belted for 24 runs off the 2 overs he bowled. He’s playing for the st Lucia stars.

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