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  1. He will be available once people cools down. Hence after thrashing of windies by india and people will forget world cup lose and he will be available and selected for next series.
  2. -Robin-

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    Where is Dhoni
  3. -Robin-

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Seems like Vellu's ID is hacked since last week lol
  4. Seems like Kohli will lose ODI captaincy. Rven times now comfirming the same.
  5. As i said nobody that except Dhoni fans. Dhoni has fans on ICF too lol
  6. -Robin-

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    I can see time is near. Even vellu and rasgulla not able to defen him anymore lol
  7. Dont think anything will happen. At best they will find scapegoats and will drop them like they dropped Jadhav after england match
  8. No point in replying on other points. But other than Dhoni fans nobody believed that india will win after 5/3. If not for Jaddu india would have lost by big margin.
  9. -Robin-

    Hats off to the finalist (WC19)

    NZ did not got 4 runs in donation. Otherwise even super over was not required.
  10. Can anybody explains to me this chutiya rule of donating 4 runs to batting side?? The throw should be dead right their if bowl hits bat unintentionally.
  11. Buttler and stokes running away with it
  12. Imagine chahal in place of Furgusion lol The fact is that you should add 30 runs to NZ total every time because of their fielding. They have 11 jaddus in field.
  13. When a troll gets wicket of your captain. You does not deserve to win lol

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