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  1. Is Novak Djokovic the greatest of the BIG 3?

    It would it would be tough say who is the best , but he close to one if not the best I think Novak had tough at the start as he had to deal with Federer and Nadal in initial years specially Federer being so consistent made him it tough and made him better player , I think now it will depend how long can Novak carry at this level Couple of more years of this with this consistency probably you would probably put Novak on top other 2
  2. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    My captains are lfast becoming disasters Waner, today
  3. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    That was horrible disaster my batting captain(Rohit) bowling captain K pandya both got me negative paints and my scores also decreased
  4. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    Well I guess my place at top will end after this match anyway I was top atleast for day Good to hear the confidence in your plan Dekh woh kaise use karega
  5. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    I think you still have like 78 subs and there are still 45 matches go I think using 1 or 2 subs every match is pretty good way to go atleast I play like that
  6. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    Well that was great game for both my bowling star and bating star did great and Gujarat that also helps in my office(at work) prediction aswell
  7. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    This match was really hard to pick so many options specially RCB batting line up
  8. This is disappointing looks like another one side match I feel Delhi tried one to many shorts early in the game they should targeted around 150
  9. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    Thanks Zakk I joined it should be fun I , let see how it goes hopefully I will enough time
  10. Watched Jungle book the movie was great it looks great in 3D, CGI done well the story was nothing special but was executed well enjoyed the movie thoroughly kind of nostalgic watching jungle book although it was different from one which I watched in TV as kind
  11. ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

    I have joined fandromeda team name is Rising Bangalore how to join the league guys?
  12. That was different situation here he they knew target and he was under no pressure to hit the big shots was he was not trying hit the ball to hard the problem with Rahane when tries hit ball rather than time it he gets out of shape and ball gets nowhere I think he will have problems if Pune are made face big targets or he tries to hard while batting first
  13. Should be interesting with this new teams and with played in Mumbai expecting high scoring game
  14. RCB New jersey

    Add bit more of white would have felt like last years Ferrari(F1 car design) any I think the previous one was good but this is ok

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