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  1. What a pathetically negative mentality, just as a cricket follower, you could have said something positive.
  2. Return of international cricket to Pakistan

    For God sake, just for the sake of cricket, if nothing else , you guys could be a bit less negative .
  3. Misbah Awarded Honorary Life Membership by MCC

    What stability ? losing all the time, except UAE and playing extremely defensive cricket ? Keeping his regional buddies in the team. Only after he left , we came to know his negative effect on Pakistani cricket. Soon we will see, under Sarfaraz, the positive changes in the team approach after Misbag is gone.
  4. Misbah Awarded Honorary Life Membership by MCC

    Wasim , Waqar and above all Imran Khan were all ATG are enormously liked and respected by Pakistanis and also other cricket loving people. Misbah, was an average cricketer and captain, he had his ups and downs and as Pakistani, I'm not a big fan of this extremely selfish player who led us to so many defeats in other countries particularly in New Zealand and Australia. He would have earned my respect had he retired before the world cup or definitely after the humiliating tour of NZL and Australia but he was too selfish to let an easy tour and vacation go pass by and went to WI.
  5. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Although, Dhoni is much bigger player than Misbah ever was, but he is going the Misbah way, who gained some respect with some success but became greedy and delayed his retirement until he led Pakistan to humiliation defeats overseas and lost all the respect he gained. Dhoni is an ATG cricketer and hope selectors will make timely decision on him to save his legacy.
  6. Nothing is wrong with Kohli, this thread is a joke, , whats wrong with praising another sportsman if he is performing well. Kohli has no inferiority complex , that's the problem.
  7. NO, Afghanistan, Ireland, Uganda, Fiji and Bermuda will be plating test cricket.
  8. Afghanistan and Ireland Granted Test status!

    I'm afraid of my life otherwise would have moved to Afghanistan to become a test player, yes I play club cricket.
  9. Afghanistan and Ireland Granted Test status!

    Sad day for cricket in general and test cricket particularly. Countries with only few hundred registered players ( Ireland ) and one without a first class team now will play test cricket. Never imagined test cricket will become so cheap and degraded. In year gone buy, players used to score century facing bowlers like Lillie, Imran Khan , Waqar Younis, Kumble, Kapil Marshal and now century will be scored facing these Irish and Afghan bowlers which are not better than my club bowlers.
  10. Pakistani did the same. Misbah and Younis , after failing miserably against New Zealand and Australia, sent to WI, so they could score some cheap runs against a weak attack, and more importantly to take a nice vacation with their families. Yuvi and Dhoni's vacation in West Indies will serve only their personal interest but selector wasted a golden opportunity to introduce some fresh faces.

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