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  1. Amla is now even more popular in Pakistan, he can play PSL in Pakistan, without any fear.
  2. Because BD has been losing to Afghanistan, they need to play with Zimb , Nepal----- and Hong Kong.
  3. Can't wait for those nail biter tests at home Vs Zimb and BD,
  4. Brilliant, must be a confident young man, not afraid of any challenges, wonderful, funny too.
  5. Rabada is super fit and will have a lone career. Bumrah is also is fit and strong, but with his action , hope he will not pick frequent injuries a bit later in his career. Abbas is a bit older and not as fit as the other two, so his longevity is a big question.
  6. Cricket needs superstars , and in Bumrah, we got one.
  7. Plus Abbas is Pakistani, ignore him blaming " just a purple patch".
  8. But Pakistan is playing with a non-playing captain.
  9. Pace90

    Congratulations Indians

    Congratulation to Indians on winning the Melbourne test.
  10. Pace90

    Congratulations Indians

    Good coach but the worst captain and wicketkeeper, who on current form wont make it to any decent club's first eleven in his native Karachi.
  11. Everything bad about Pakistan you guys have been saying on this thread might be true but one thing is sure, Pakistanis in general have a better upbringing, just look at the difference in the language used for Pakistan in this forum and for Indians in Pakpassion. At least they don't use low class language for Indians in that forum.
  12. Pace90

    Vihari against short balls

    Was playing like a school boy, he is not cut for opening job. Agarwal has been comfortable though.

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