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  1. As a Pakistani, loss against India in 2011 WC semi. We have lost to India in all the WC ties but that one still hurts as at one point we had a chance to win, but Misbah killed it. Since then, MIsnah is the player I hate most. He has been the most selfish one to play for Pak, ever.
  2. Pace90

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    Yes, I can see that , so many Indians are at the top in that graph.
  3. Pace90

    ESPN Cricinfo ODI eleven of the last 25 years

    Dhoni is ATG ODI wicketkeepeer, no question about that but Gilly has the best ever. In Gilly's presence why we need Dhoni.
  4. The Indians I know here in USA are very gracious hosts, but the way Indian cricket team treated their Afghan guests in the filed was very un-Indian.
  5. Really, what kind of cricket history you follow, India , Pakistan and SL were established cricketing nations with solid teams , good FC structure before getting test status. Only BD was given test status prematurely and they struggled for years. But, even BD had good FC structure and years of exposure to international cricket.
  6. Stats don't tell the real story all the time. Indian pacers have to bowl in unhelpful conditions where spinners bowl majority of the overs, but on current form, pace and improvement in recent days Yadev is likely to be India's best paceman for next 3-4 years, particularly on foreign soils. It will be a delight to watch him going full throttle in Australia, but captain's encouragement and confidence on him would be the key. I'm also hoping this new Pacer from Delhi will also make a quick improvement , he has all the ingredients to become of international class in an year or so. Lots of competition among pacers, "problems' for the selectors.
  7. So you're saying the kid has no resources to learn in school. lets give him the graduate degree.
  8. Giving Afghans a test status is like awarding Master Degree to a child who is performing well in elementary school.
  9. This guy is a real deal, has potential to become a 250 plus test wickets bowler.
  10. Pace90

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Umesh Yadev has the potential to become the best Indian fastman since Srinath. Captain and coach need to support him.
  11. But I'm still trying to learn why are they playing test cricket.
  12. Please grow up now, you don't need to this bring India-Pak crap all the time, can you not stay or comment on the topic. A test nation has to have a proper first class system and should have team of some standard. Not sure what ICC, saw in Afghanistan.
  13. Take test status back from Afghanistan, it must be a mistake, a typo may be, to award them a test status.
  14. Shame on ICC to give Afghanistan the test status, what a joke of a "test" match.
  15. If Afghanistan get test status, why not Uganda, Jersey, Tumbuktu-----or any place where 10 people play or watch cricket. Shame on ICC.

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