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  1. Top ranked team, top ranked bookies.
  2. Pace90

    Mohammad Abbas...

    He was taking wickets for fun in Pakistan FC cricket for many years but, because he was not Phast Phast , people were blaming the poor standard of pitches for tons of wickets he was taking.
  3. You folks have anything else to do in life other keep thinking about Pakistan ?
  4. Pace90

    Pujara & Miandad

    So you are attempting to join those idiots who compare Afridi with Sehwag.
  5. Here we go again, Pakistan bashing , favorite pastime of some (others are educated cricket followers ) here. I knew Miandad is not very popular here but now Imran Kahn too ?
  6. Pace90

    Pujara & Miandad

    I know Miandad is not very popular in India, one way to humiliate him is by comparing him with Pujara, who is not sure of his own place in his test team and not an ODI payer at all.
  7. Obviously because PCB is right in this matter.
  8. India needs to invent some new tricks, this " our bilateral matter" will not work any more, whether its Kashmir or cricket. When you don;t want to resolve the issue with one to one talk to Pakistan then this not a "bilateral matte" anymore, someone else needs to step in.
  9. Another area where India outclassed Pakistan, big time , captaincy, thanks to Sharma.
  10. Pace90

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Physio is working hard and result is showing that, they have the fittest WK in the work, even fitter than Pakistani WK.
  11. Pace90

    Should cricket be played with tape ball?

    Why not, and football to be played by balloons .
  12. If the target was to avoid 5-0 white wash, then its "outplayed".
  13. Pace90

    Guess the margin of defeat for India?

    English fast men won't be effective in 2nd inning and and mediocre English spinners can't run through Indian batting line up twice in the same test. India is likely to win, by 3-4 wickets.
  14. Time to grow up and use your own brain and don;t believe in all that Jihadi BS.

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