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  1. Pace90

    Should cricket be played with tape ball?

    Why not, and football to be played by balloons .
  2. If the target was to avoid 5-0 white wash, then its "outplayed".
  3. Pace90

    Guess the margin of defeat for India?

    English fast men won't be effective in 2nd inning and and mediocre English spinners can't run through Indian batting line up twice in the same test. India is likely to win, by 3-4 wickets.
  4. Time to grow up and use your own brain and don;t believe in all that Jihadi BS.
  5. Wonderful see two most talented young batsmen close to earn a test cap. Not only good for India but also for cricket overall. Both of them, particularly Pirthivi has talent to be a great player.
  6. Pace90

    Navjot Siddhu in Pakistan

    There is something in your water, you guys always talk about hate and hate, never give peace and love a chance. I know your history in painful, but time to move on.
  7. Mani is the most qualified and the best person ever to head PCB. Sethi was good , but like his party PML, he never been the cleanest person in handling the finances. Mani is honest, like Imran Khan.
  8. Kohli might not be able to make that many runs and tons, as ST did but Kohli will win more matches for India than Tendulak did. I would chose Kohli over Tendular in my eleven.
  9. Pace90

    23rd Test Century for Virat Kohli

    He probably will end up as the greatest cricketer India has ever produced, on his way to greatness.
  10. Welcome to Modi's India, the "secular" and the "democratic".
  11. He is India's Mohammad Hafeez. Never good enough to consolidate his place in team but somehow manage to linger on .
  12. Pace90

    Hardik's gesture

    Nice, wonderful gesture.
  13. Pace90

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    That was Imran Khan's way of picking raw talent.
  14. So they were not Indians, rather were Indian Muslims, so don't blame Indians or India for this .
  15. This must be very disappointing for many people here , who love to downgrade political process in Pakistan . Anything positive about Pakistan , not good for them.
  16. Pace90

    India's Best Friend

    How about Pakistan, ?
  17. Pace90

    Imran VS Modi

    There is is Ganga Ram hospital, there is Dyal Singh college and many institutions, roads and buildings named after non-muslims in Lahore and other places. Sorry I forgot , Pakistan bashing is some people's favorite pastime here.
  18. Pace90

    Imran VS Modi

    I understand your feelings Rajesh Kumar ( we ). You're just not happy with the prospects of Pakistan re-emerging.
  19. Pace90

    Imran VS Modi

    On Imran khan's victory, Pakistanis are overjoyed, Indians ( on this forum ) are sad. Negative comments all over, by Indian friends After all Afridi was right about big and small hearts.
  20. Pace90

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    Dhoni is wonderful captain and cricketer but doesn;t possess Imran's level of charisma, education, looks, personality, determination and leadership qualities, not a chance.
  21. Well said Rajesh Kumar.
  22. Looks like Indians know better about Imran Khan than Pakistanis who elected him and love him dearly, how stupid is that. Its like telling an Indian you don;t know Modi, Pakistani know him better.
  23. Please, for a change, share our joy and happiness. India and Indians have nothing to lose but Pakistanis are much to gain from the King Khan.
  24. Imran, the PM, best thing ever happened to Pakistan.
  25. Best happened to Pakistan, ever---------- Imran the PM.

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