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  1. Sonix768

    Shameless Kohli now expresses Sympathy for Devilliers

    I can understand if he alone lends support to ABD, as both are contemporary cricketers and they have RCB connection. But why bringing Anushka in this public letter? if this is not promoting brand Virushka, I don't know what else is.
  2. Sonix768

    Shankar and DK (WC19)

    Yeah.. I don't know the rationale behind playing DK almost directly in the semis. They had been grooming Jadhav for over a year in the mid order only to drop him after one bad game to divert the animosity of the public from Dhoni to him. If TM wanted DK to bat in semis, they could have sent him up the order in Bang and SL match to get him some game time, instead of the same top 3 hogging 90% overs. And he wasn't even in the previous ODI series vs Aus as well. Knowing DK's limitations, expecting him to deliver in a crunch situation almost from the beginning of the innings would always end in disaster. Can't believe no one from TM saw this. Guess TM was in full panic mode since Afghan match. They muddled up the mid order and bowling combination ever since and settled with crap team in semis.
  3. Sonix768

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    Il ike many of the squads posted here but I am fully expecting to see Jadav, Dhoni, DK again in one of the T20/ODI squad, if not in the starting 11
  4. Sonix768

    Expect Kohli to cling onto Karthik if Dhoni retires

    Ha ha..Dhoni aint going anywhere guys...
  5. Sonix768


    Seeing DK inside 5 overs in a T20 is not a good sight, and he is a decent T20 batsman. And here we see him there in a ODI.. Anyway, I wont be too harsh on him today.He atlesst survived 25 balls including negotiating 2/3 Boult overs. And caught by a blinder. He should have never been selected in the first place. He wasnt given any decent run in middle order and was even dropped in the previous odi series vs aus. So expecting him to bat better in a pressure cooker situation without much lead up is useless. By the way they were bowling we would have been 4 down by the 10th over irrespective of who came at 5. Also, If I remember correctly, our brillisnt selectors said there was a unanimous decision that either DK or Pant will only play in th absence of Dhoni.And here we are at WC semi with three of them playing. Total useless selectors and captain.
  6. Sonix768

    I honestly think India will win this World Cup...

    Yeah, when I typed this I knew this will come back to bite me if India loses. But I honestly thought I assessed every scrnario and I didnt think we would end up losing against NZ. I even said there that NZ would be in the game only if they bowl with a bowling friendly condition in the morning. Well, thats what happened, only difference they had their favorable bowling condition in the morning WHILE DEFENDING TARGET which I never expected :( This was like a test match morning of a fourth innings, in which we have been sucking off late. Anyway, kudos to NZ bowlers and their brilliant fielding. India has been beaten fair and square. Ps: I have said in some other thread that NZ side is looking like SRH of 2018 that they win many upfront and choking in the later part but still qualify for semis but they will win semi only to surrender again in Final. 50% of that came true now.Hope at least this prediction of mine becomes reality :D
  7. Also I still feel NZ will troll Pak for one last time..:D
  8. I still feel we can win this one. Boult is not great at death. Jadeja has been playing a blinder. I would lose it if media tomo credits Dhoni for the win,saying he gave tips
  9. Thank KW that Ish Sodhi isn't playing today. Guy didn't learn his lessons from Pak match.
  10. I can only imagine the fireworks here if Kohli and Dhoni played like this... :))
  11. NZ batting is disgraceful. They should have learnt lessons from their previous semi finals that they totally suck at batting first in semis. This is going into the direction of their 1999 and 2011 semis.. Limping to a decent total only to see the chasing team win by 8/9 wickets without taking any risks.
  12. This is the first ever meeting between Ind and NZ in a WC knockout (and only the second ICC knockout ever, after the ICC Knockout Trophy 2000 finals) and I don't want it to be washed out, even that means India go through. I would love to see Ind beat NZ fair and square.
  13. Sonix768

    Happy Birthday Ganguly

    I am a fan of a version of Ganguly that almost no one prefers: Ganguly, the Test batsman. Yes, he has had his flaws in the test game but the way he overcame them and put up a fight in his twilight season (against SA and Pak) was commendable. Also, he was a great test player at the initial stages as well. Anyone remembers the 3rd Test vz NZ in 1998 @ Hamilton? We were trailing 0-1 and has to win the third test but the target was 415 in about 60 overs or something. I remember watching the match thinking we would be bowled out but the way Ganguly batted with Dravid and went for the mamooth target was the first sign of aggressiveness I seen in the fourth innings of a test at foreign soil. It was an exemplary innings by Ganguly scoring a 100 at run a ball with Dravid also made a great 100. We could only draw the match though but still that innings and that fighting spirit impressed me a lot.
  14. Sonix768

    I honestly think India will win this World Cup...

    Yeah, Agree. In fact, I have thought things over from their perspective as well. Had I been a NZ fan, I would thank heavens that we at least made it to semis. Just imagine being a NZ fan: Openers were non existent, Ross' form is inconsistent, KW had a good run but he too had couple of luck against SA and Bang otherwise chasing 240s itself a huge task, captain has brainfade moments while defending to a poor chasing team like Pakistan and bowls Munro of all people, failed to get another spinner in that turning track, bundled out without fight against Aus chasing another 240, let alone a 300 from Eng. And what chances would I hope for against the Top of the table team, whose top order is supreme form and bowling is no slouch either and catching is the best among all teams? May be cloudy morning, green pitch and a thundering Boult. Even that wasnt enough in the 5th ODI recently. Only positive so far is ability to recover from disastrous position to decent position, only to concede victory at the end though, or at the mercy of 6 inches against a low ranked team like WI. Had I been a Aus/Eng fan, I would have worried stiff against Semi first before thinking about Finals.
  15. Sonix768

    I honestly think India will win this World Cup...

    Yeah, I know..We lost the two 50 over tournaments (T20 is irrelevant here, so leaving it out) In 2015, to be honest, we were simply the third best team in the tournament. Its our luck that the other two teams were put in the other group. In the entire tournament, the only decent team we beat was South Africa. Rest all came against aging/below average teams. So no worries about that result. It was fair reflection. In 2017, it was simply due to the dumb decision to bowl first, team selection and bit over confidence. And luck had its part too. This time we almost sorted out the team selection, we learnt our lesson and won't do stupid "bowl first", and our confidence was kept on check. Luck is not in our hand anyway. So this time we won't do silly mistakes that we did in 2017 finals. That is why I feel it will be different story this time.

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