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  1. Devastating news. Feel sad for him.. Rest in peace.. :(
  2. Well, we need to accept that Jadhav isnt going to last the entire tournament.If not now, he will surely break at the half stage.So for knockouts we need to get a good replacements.
  3. I dont have any problems with DK but the thing is better alternatives are available. If the squad length is 17, and Pant and a 4th pacer been included I guess no one would have complained, as he is marginally better than the Rayudus and Axars.
  4. If Eng wants to get anywhere near the WC, they need to include Archer. Otherwise their bowling will outrun their batting almost always.
  5. Absolutely no interest in this match for me. Its deja vu time.. Mumbai bat first. Scores 160. CSK chokes terribly and scores 130/8. Congrats MI for the fourth title win.
  6. Sonix768

    Our WC Squad form in IPL

    Pandya - Great [9/10]. Exceptional hitting form. Fielding is good too. We don't expect him doing wonders in bowling anyway Rahul - Very Good [8/10]. Some bad innings from T20 perspective but could be very useful in ODIs esp in middle order Chahal - Very Good [8/10]. Considering he was playing at Chinnasamy regularly, he hast done really good. Yes, he has been hit for few sixes but he had come back strongly in almost all situations and didn't give up as we had seen him doing it previously. Shami - Good [7/10]. he looked a class above in that KXIP bowling unit. Dhoni - Good [7/10]. Its a usual business for Dhoni to look good in IPL only to annoy us in ODIs. Looks tired and getting fitness issues more often, might have been blessing had Pant is in the squad. Bumrah - Good [7/10]. Not his usual menacing self or consistent performances but still holds good. Dhawan - Above Average [6/10]. Must admit he has performed well above expectations in some of the games. Kohli - Average [5/10]. Apart from a ton and couple of innings here and there, this has been a pretty average tournament for him. Bhuvi - Average [5/10]. Shown glimpses but still an ordinary inconsistent performance overall. Rohit - Average [5/10]. Same as above. DK - Below Average [4/10]. One exceptional innings. Two or three good end over hitting/finishing and that is it. Rest all complete mediocre. But not gonna start anyway in WC and even if he does and comes only at 6 or 7, his form would be fine. Jadeja - Below Average [4/10]. Just couple of sixes at the end overs in couple games. Bowling wise, not much significant performances, did just ok. Just hanging in there because of the fielding. Kuldeep - Poor [3/10]. More than his failed performances, its his mental breakdown worries me. He hasn't done half as bad as other bowlers who has been hit regularly but that breakdown looked bad. If he himself opted out of the rest of the IPL and heals from the bad patch, it will be good. Shankar - Poor [3/10]. Just poor nothing else. The lack of trust in his bowling by his franchise captains themselves is a sign of worry. Jadhav - Awful [1/10]. Did he do anything of a footnote in this entire IPL? So, that is 82/150 for this squad [54.67%] . And a starting line up of Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Rahul, Dhoni, Jadhav, Pandya, Bhuvi, Kuldeep, Chahal, Bumrah is 64/100. Not shaping up good for us. But it will be useful for us to lower the expectation. :)
  7. Sonix768

    Make predictions for the WC

    India will lose one against one of Aus/Eng and one against less fancied Pak/SL. Will win rest. Eng, Aus, Pak will be the other three semi finalists. India - Aus final and India will be the first country since SL in 1996 to defeat Aus in finals and become Champions. Kohli will be top 3 run scorer and MOM in finals and put GOAT ODI batsman discussion to rest. Our bowlers will have exceptional tournament and mask the middle order failures. Dhoni will be stand out middle order batsmen even eclipsing one of the openers. It will be Warner, not Smith who will be MVP of Aus. Eng will have Morgan and Root as their MVP batsmen. They will score 450+ in two occasions and bundle out for 150- in another two occasions. Pak will have a encore of 2017 CT in the league stages only to falter in semi finals NZ will have a middling tourney SA will have an epic failure tournament with Steyn, Rabada, ngidi missing out action in the middle due to injury. Probably end in 6 or 7 and never in semi final contention Bang will surprise everyone and win at least three matches including WI and Afg SL will win 3. Most probably against only Afg, Bang, WI WI will win only 2 at max. Afg will finish last but not before showing heroic performances here and there
  8. Sonix768

    Foakes stumping

    Im in full support of this and Ashwin dismissals. Im interested in hearing the opinion of the Englishmen on this, who cried Butler didnt have intention of stealing a run there.
  9. KKR has been a great batting unit but had a terrible bowling unit this season. In the 6 matches losing streak, they lost 5 by batting first and 1 they lost while chasing was a close match with them almost pulling off 213. Part unlucky and part terrible Team management.
  10. Wow. Dickwella and Chandimal not in SL squad? They were already in shambles in ODI and they dropped these two experienced batsmen? Interesting.. I remember both of them doing well in a macth against Eng recently. And Dickwella even scored some fifties against NZ in NZ earlier this year IINW.
  11. Sonix768

    Pandya with our tailenders

    Come to think of it, the tail of Kuldeep, Chahal, Shami, Bumrah can be cleaned out in a single Rabada/Starc over. Guess we are the only team who couldnt be trusted to chase even 25 runs when 6th wicket fall :(
  12. Sonix768

    That one game in the World Cup!

    2015 WC Final. Yeah, Aus was too good in Aus pitches but would have loved to see a new champion for a change
  13. Wow.. Jadhav seems to be totally out of form. Has he played even a single noteworthy innings in this ipl?
  14. Disney and looney tunes (WB) are totally different.. The cartoon wolf you posted are from various cartoon incarnations of classic Little red Riding Hood/Three little pigs folk tales.

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