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  1. Sonix768

    Favorites of the 2019 WC?? (Poll)

    I wouldn't count out Pakistan in England.
  2. The heck Jadhav.. If you just gonna do dot ball and single why come out at all with handicap of running. Few slogs from taileneder would have sealed this game already.
  3. I don't know whats worse? A defeat at the hands of Bangladesh in a final? or India win, then media all over hails "Great win through two experienced batsmen's guidance (DK, Dhoni) at the middle and the fantastic finish by two all rounders at the end" and we stuck with them forever
  4. First I laughed at the thought, but I am slowly fearing Rahane might be back at no 4 sooner
  5. Man, what happened to Bhuvi. he used to be a decent bat. now looks completely clueless
  6. Pandya and Jadav, the only middle order guys who could hit at 90SR are unfit. This is some surreal **** in our batting order.
  7. Hopefully this is the last time we saw DK as pure bat in ODI. Guy just cant seem to scale the 40s and he bats at no.4 As I'm typing Dhoni also gone. Just great.
  8. Its amazing to see how consistently DK's shots are going straight to fielders.Special talent indeed Anyway, he scored more than his average. Done his part.Expect him to get out soon.
  9. Bangladesh winning will be good for Asia Cup popularity.So thats one silver lining. And for heavens sake dont chsse in a tournament final if you win toss,like EVER.
  10. Dhoni time... Run rate for next 20 overs wont cross 3.25
  11. DK inside 10 overs doesnt inspire confidence. Actually I fear the worst. I feel like our fringe middle order is going to have a collective meltdown and Dhoni is either going to get us home in the last overs or top score with 50sr in a losing cause. Either way, this innings is going to justify his selection and "prove his worth" as a batsman and hes gonna stick with us for years.
  12. I expect a closer contest than everyone thinks. Might even lose to Bangla if we are careless. If we win toss we have to Bat first. Afg match proved batting second might become a problem if the openers gone quickly. Fizz is in good form.
  13. Like every 90s kid, its Sanath Jayasurya
  14. Sonix768

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    We cant rely too much on openers. If they get out early, then its doom for us even when chasing about 225. So I would also vouch for bat first. Even if the openers fail, our mid order can scrap their way to a 250 wgoch can be defendable jn a final with three spinners and bumrah
  15. Sonix768

    Jadeja missed a golden opportunity of becoming a hero

    If anything, its a blessing in disguise. Tie was the fair result, Afg got at least something to cheer after their wondetful performances and more importantly we are spared from Jadeja being hailed as the all rounder we were all craved for.

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