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  1. Sonix768

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    We cant rely too much on openers. If they get out early, then its doom for us even when chasing about 225. So I would also vouch for bat first. Even if the openers fail, our mid order can scrap their way to a 250 wgoch can be defendable jn a final with three spinners and bumrah
  2. Sonix768

    Jadeja missed a golden opportunity of becoming a hero

    If anything, its a blessing in disguise. Tie was the fair result, Afg got at least something to cheer after their wondetful performances and more importantly we are spared from Jadeja being hailed as the all rounder we were all craved for.
  3. Till Dhoni is there, DK should be used only in backup plans in ODIs, that too a no.6 batsman or finisher or reserve keeper. He doesnt cut out for a proper middle order bat in ODIs.Guy struggling to score a fifty, let alone a hundred, cant be playing at Top 5. Since no 6 is currently taken up by Jadav(whom im not yet convinced fully as his bowling would be smashed in England) and 7 by Pandya/Jadeja type all rounders, there is simply no place for him in the starting 11. Ideally Rahul should play in place of him,esp in the finals. However, since he averaging around 50 since his comeback and our team managaement would ve impressed by such number, may be he will be retained in the starting 11 at least till WI series I suppose.
  4. In final, Rohit and Dhawan should be back in place of DK and Pandey, considering Dhoni is not going anywhere. Im afraid Jaddu will be retained as theres no decent no 7 available.
  5. A deserving result at the end. This innings showed what our batsmen are really made of. Rahul, while on a good touch, can throw awy his wicket anytime. Rayudu, Im afraid, is here to stay for a while. DK is good enough for safe 30-40 runs with 75sr.Nothing more. Should never be a in starting 11. Dhoni is hopeless against spin.Even if he had been given not out he wouldnt have survived long. Pandey is very inconsistent. Jadeja is not an all rounder, let alone finisher. Stupid shot to play when 1 off 2 needed. Reminded me of the Bangla t20 where they screwed their chase against pandya.
  6. I dont agree that Pak CT win was fluke. You dont win agsinst SA, SL, Eng, Ind on trot by fluke. Lucky may be (SL's pathetic catching,rain vs SA, Kohli's blunder at toss, Bumrah no ball) but no fluke. they won fair and square.
  7. Sonix768

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Two close matches for Afg where they came so close but missed out due to smaller mistakes. Hope they learn from this experience. Sad to see them out of the tournament but they can surely held their head high.
  8. For the sake of exposing our exploding middle order, I wish Pak to score 275+
  9. I feel whoever bats second will win tomorrow. Pak done well is a relatively tougher 250+ chase at slow Abu Dhabi yesterday. So they will do better in chasing in Dubai, esp Malik who has been having a special liking for India. Also, India is not exactly equipped to set the world on fire while batting first. So unless Rohit is on crazy 200 mode, I dont see us setting a target of more than 270.
  10. No. Even if he had been duck out in the last innings, I would have campaigned for him. Mainly because he can score big at faster rate than anyone else in the current mid order, which we would really need in the England pattas.I wouldnt trust this mid order to score 300+ if the top three didnt fire
  11. Next Mohit Sharma will be replacing Khaleel
  12. Sonix768

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Cant do anything on this series. Will have to deal with them. But for WC, I don't think Rayudu or DK will be starting, provided they are selected in the squad. Our main problem for middle order is Dhoni is going nowhere and he will be slotted in no.5. His batting esp against slow bowlers has regressed a lot and this is major disadvantage. To counter this, Virat should bat at no.4. This will have its own advantages. 1. This will mean KL Rahul to play at No 3, which means he wont be slotted in the middle order 2. Kohli can compensate Dhoni's slow batting at No5, by rotating the strike or making quick doubles. He is better in this aspect than anyone else in the team. Also, he wont panic by Dhoni's slowness and play mad shot like others. 3. This might allow Kohli to play in the death overs more often and he is probably only middle order bat from our team who can score ultra quick runs at death. 4. Kohli has a stellar record in No 4 as well, with 7 tons from 37 innings with 59 avg, 90 SR. I expect this will be our batting lineup XI in WC Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Dhoni Jadav Pandya + 4 bowlers
  13. Sonix768

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    I guess Jadav cementing his place as no.6 for WC.. His major advantage is he is providing a bowling option. Handy spin option in England where we might not gonna play two spinners. And has couple of decent batting performance other than that England 100, like 75 ball 90 against Eng in the same series, 26 ball 40* in WI, couple of quick 50s against Aus. But his overseas outing (CT and SA series) didn't induce much confidence yet (esp CT final).
  14. Sonix768

    Please respect our team!!!

    Not sure if its a serious post or troll post.

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