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  1. Please tell me it was a typo for Rahul..
  2. Sonix768

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    Currently both Dk and Pant doesn't inspire any confidence. We shouldn't be carried over by the T20 performances of them, especially in this pocket size NZ roads. Both of them didn't do much in ODIs yet. DK might have slight edge due to the number of 30s (his max threshold, it seems ) and one cameo in a win against Aus. But a single freak inning by Pant (going by his track record, mostly in 5th ODI) might seal his spot. One thing seems to be certain. Both of them are too inconsistent and unreliable to be a No.4 (not that the TM would consider them to be but just in case) and other slots kind of pretty much sealed, can't see them in a starting 11 barring any injury to Dhoni/Jadhav.
  3. I don't think he is a problem that we have to worry. He is not going to be included in the starting 11 in the WC. By the looks of it, it'll be Rayudu, Dhoni, Jadav, H Pandya who is going to play from 4 to 7. At the max he will be included in the squad for the Reserve WK slot, a slot which could have been owned by Pant but he is also not dong any favors to himself at the moment.
  4. Sonix768

    in DK I still dont trust !

    Well , it seems we should only let him bat after 42nd over, irrespective of the batting order. He seemed a completely different player today.
  5. Awesome! Only if he had reliable batsmen other than Pujara and Kohli, this could have been a golden year of Indian cricket history. Batting folded each and every time when they saw a target.
  6. Guess he is still living in the 2000s. Current Aussie bats can't do jack ****. Anything over 400, they are done.
  7. Sonix768

    Kohli playing with poor Hanuma's career..

    Its actually Siddle who played with Vihari's career..
  8. Sonix768

    IPL Auction 2019 Live Updates

    Was shai hope in the auction?
  9. I saw a clip of Ishant and Jadeja have a go at each other. Is that from this match?
  10. NZ wickets tend to become roads in the 4th and 5th days, a complete reversal to subcontinent pitches. But credit where its due. Its an herculean effort to put such a determined batsmanship, esp the whooping they got from NZ batting for 160 overs and the overnight score was 20-3. Kudos to Mendis and Matthews. They can easily save the test now , which was a distant dream yesterday.
  11. Sonix768

    All I want tomorrow is

    I'd be surprised if Shami, Umesh, Bumrah, Ishant played 50 balls combined among them.. So the current pair is our last hope. However improbable it might be they have got to get us tha target or at least within 20 runs from the target.
  12. Vihari looks solid.But cant believe we are one wicket away from completely bundled out. What a long tail we have..!!
  13. Sonix768

    Despite all DK bashing the guy delivers in crunch time

    DK has been great iin t20s since the one off t20 in WI. He was very good in Nidhas series (not only final but the entire series),ipl and even in the WI t20 series. He is the experienced finisher we needed in the t20 setup. He should always be in the starting lineup in t20s. But ODIs are different. Longer time to think, Confusion on his role, Dhoni factor, better available players might play a role in his downfall there. So he should be in odis only if dhoni is not available and shd play at 6 or 7. Otherwise no
  14. Sonix768

    Favorites of the 2019 WC?? (Poll)

    I wouldn't count out Pakistan in England.

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