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  1. Nice tonking by batsmen - Minimum 22 runs overs

    Gayle's 100 was his 21st ton in T20, not 12th. Bradman of T20s for sure.
  2. I have a feeling that if RCB wins this match they'll win this IPL. All they need is good confidence and winning this match will provide heaps of them. On the other hand, if they lose it, it wont be any different than the rest of the seasons.
  3. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    Dinesh Karthik's captaicy and his decisions are so poor that I am beginning to wonder if he is just a puppet captain and important team decisions are taken by the management.
  4. Dhoni was shielding young Billings against raging Narine and Kuldeep.Billing would have been toast against these two spinners.Dhoni made sure he was there to take the bullets and see off them. A true team man as always this legend. :D
  5. And Bancroft for nine months
  6. For this reason itself, I consider DK's innings is probably the best all time great Indian T20I innings.
  7. These are excellent points. Along with these comments, remember Warne, Olanga, Caddick incidents as well. Sachin might seem like a quiet guy but in his prime he was arrogant in his bat especially if someone opens mouth against him. Much more than Kohli ever was. Also true about trying to dominate the best bowler in the opposition in his peak years. Warne comes to the mind easily. Kohli on the other hand hadn't done anything like that. If anything, he plays safe against them and feeds off the likes of Faulkner, Wahab Riaz etc. He is very smart and his method is very effective which led to his success. We are blessed to have such batsman in subsequent generations.
  8. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    Rohit is the only Indian batsmen to reach double digits in all four innings.. Take that haters!!!
  9. I don't see anything wrong. If what that keeper has done was wrong, why was the batsman given out. And I don't buy into this Spirit of Cricket gimmick. If what was legal but not come under spirit of cricket, then the laws of cricket itself against the spirit of cricket, not the player.
  10. 8th wicket always been put up great partnerships for us in this series. Hope this is the grandest of all and push us to victory..
  11. Good thing is pitch is not that difficult like yesterday to score runs. Hope Sharmaji pulls this off.
  12. No maidens till now. Positive intent! :) Hope they slowly accumulate runs with watchful defense.
  13. This will be a easier task than Cape Town. Victory will be in our bag if we are not more than a wicket down. Of all the innings my gut feeling says ViJay and Pujara going to bring up one of their big partnerships in this game.
  14. Prediction: We Are Going To Put Up A Hell Of A Fight Today

    I honestly don't understand how can anyone give up hope on India's chance here. This pitch is basically Asian pitc hright now. And I don't see SA survive Ashwin today for more than a session. So we are chasing around 200 again. But this time we will do it. SA don't have enough bowlers to trouble us in the 4th,5th day crumbling pitch. Philander will be ineffective, Morkel will be tired. We can deal with Maharaj easily. Ngidi and Rabada might trouble for some time due to their pace but they also won't be able to sustain constant pressure like they did in Cape Town. We are winning this.

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