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  1. Well, this must rank as one of our most embarrassing overseas defeat. Losing with one full day remaining when one full day was already washed out and some 35 odd overs only available in one of the day. Guess the entire test was played for less than 180 overs. So we basically bundled out in less than two days. For the rest of the matches, I might take Dhawan over Vijay for next test, provided he doesn't stand in slips. Vijay is completely lost his confidence and Anderson with new ball against Right handers under cloud is deadly. So a left hander at least has some chance scoring some runs. Rahul is new to England condition. So I'd wish him play all 5 tests in opening slot. I feel no one is better at no.3 than Pujara in the squad. Guy at least can play for 50 balls. Just need to put away bad balls. Kohli is fine but I'm afraid we won't see another century unless theres a flat pitch with sun fully out. Rahane has regressed a lot. His mode of dismissals shows signs of low confidence and that would be deadly in difficult batting conditions with relentless bowling attack. So I might play him one more test. anymore failure, then Nair should take his place. Pandya is fine. getting us 25 runs more often than not, which cant be said for many other top order batsmen. For a 4th seaming option, he is decent. Pant should replace DK from next match. DK never induced confidence as a test wk/batsman. This should be his last test. Having said that, I'd hate to see him dropped from LOIs because of test performances. I still feel he could be decent lower order batsman in LOIs, provided he is not shot menatlly due to the test performances. Ashwin/Shami should play all. Bhuvi is a must if fit. Otherwise its juts a lottery with Umesh/Ishant/Bumrah. We wont know which version of them would turn out. I dont think, even they themselves dont know that.
  2. Sonix768

    Fire in Babylonia

    Only way to get fire in our coach's belly is if he eats too much chilly chicken.
  3. Sonix768

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    England 136 all out. India 124/6
  4. Pujara in for Dhawan and Rahul to open. This is my guess.
  5. Sonix768

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    Both team's batting sucks. So whichever team bats first have huge advantage just like SA series. So lots depend upon the toss
  6. DK once again proved he is Bradman of practice matches Seriously, I would play him all the 5 matches and give him a consistent run.
  7. Sonix768

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    PCB has done a great job to get rid of the likes of Nazir Shamshed, Ahmed Shehzad and get a younster like him and introduce in a high profile tournament. Now he has become an asset for Pakistan providing quick runs. More than his 200 and 500+ a series against ZIM, I admire his achievement against Aussies in the T20 tournament.
  8. Sonix768

    Karn Sharma Lucky Mascot

    Only guy with three consecutive trophies. And Harby, Rohit, Rayudu are the ones with most trophies I guess (4).
  9. Will be a repeat of last year IPL where Pune beat MI three times but choked in the finals. Same thing gonna happen between CSK and SRH
  10. Sonix768

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    No. Give the cup to the eliminator 2 winner as I don't see CSK winning the cup. Yet another final defeat coming up. It's surprising that everyone praising that they entered 7th final but no one mentions about failing to win last 3.
  11. Sonix768

    Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    Carlos move made sense. He gave less than 6 rpo before his over. His or Kaul wouldn't matter at that time. What Kane missed was not bowling Bhuvi in the 19th. He would have been against Thakur. If he could have picked a wicket or conceded around 8 runs or something. Kaul/Sandeep anyone would have fancied defending around 15 in the last over. Kaul was kind of a mistake but again who would have thought Thakur would end up with three boundaries in that over.
  12. I liked when Kohli said "the teams are afraid to face them" or something in the interview, when they won..
  13. Dhoni's insights and thoughts are all fine but for god's sake cut down the length. He keeps on talking ad boredom. He is like the guy who writes essays for a 2 mark questions.
  14. Sonix768

    Flop season for uncapped batsmen

    I missed to mention it but, except Tripathi and Shaw I agree with rest of your assessment
  15. Sonix768

    Flop season for uncapped batsmen

    I wouldnt call Tripathi a flop. He hasn't been given a decent run at the top. And from whatever chances he got at the top he performed decently. And Shaw was more than decent.
  16. Nope. They haven't beaten MI for quite a long time
  17. Sonix768

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Yuvraj Singh. Hands Down!! Any other player had at least one worthwhile moment in any of the discipline But no, not Yuvraj.
  18. Mohit Sharma. He heroically defended 17 runs against rampaging Dhoni. That would earn him national call.
  19. Sonix768

    Playoff scenarios , your pick

    KKR will not beat SRH at Hyd. RCB will trounce RR MI will beat DD CSK will beat KXIP Both Kohli and Rohit comes to Playoff and one of them become a different beast altogether and goes on to win the cup. So the real final is the eliminator #1 between MI and RCB, guys!!
  20. Good thing for CSK is that they would know the exact specification on how to retain the top 2 spot even if KKR somehow surpasses their NRR as CSK are playing the final game of the league.
  21. Ever since CSK chased 200+ against RCB, they are winning and losing in alternative games. And the trend continues today as well. So en route to fail in yet another finals.. awesome!!
  22. Bravo would be happy that the losing margin is going to be more than 26 runs..
  23. Looks like CSK not interested in winning this match. Would be funny if they lose against KXIP and KKR win with great NRR and CSK goes to third position and have to play the eliminators
  24. If this is the last match for Jos, then all RCB has to do is win somehow against SRH and they will be all set for Playoffs
  25. Sonix768

    Hey RR, Thanks for playing!

    Buttler at opening and Archer to an extent has worked wonders for them. They can still make it. Wish they dump Short for once and all.

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