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  1. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

    Source?? @PSB_Zone
  2. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

    6 ODIs?? Will be either 7 or 5
  3. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Ok uncleji..sorry mistake ho gayi.
  4. What terrific bowling that..anyone who saw his bowling yesterday would have noticed the difference between bhuvi that played in SL and this bhuvi.Made the pitch look like it was lush green. 2 great wickets up-front at that economy rate.. brilliant performance. Yes Kohli played a superb knock of 91 but he does that always...bhuvi should have got the MoM.
  5. What pisses you off?

    Two-faced ppl And ICF's dhoni brigade..
  6. Australia's last 12 ODIs away from home (latest to the right) L L L L L L L NR NR L L L
  7. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    8 consecutive ODI wins... Next best is 9 wins b/w 2008 and 2009
  8. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    Test ✓ ODIs ✓ Only T20s left..
  9. This is it : Kuldeep-Chahal are the new Ash-Jaddu

    Well if you look back at things...Ash Jaddu were also effective only in the subcontinent. Since these two are leg-spinners and not finger spinners, they will be more effective overseas as well.
  10. 2nd ODI IND v AUS | Eden Gardens | 21-Sept-2017 1:30 PM IST

    Jadeja Best fielder India has ever had.
  11. 2nd ODI IND v AUS | Eden Gardens | 21-Sept-2017 1:30 PM IST

    First Indian after Kapil Dev to get a hat-trick in ODIs Chetan Sharma Kapil Dev Kuldeep Yadav
  12. What finds these.. Kudos to the selection committee and the management for having trust in them in a big series..

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