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  1. sourab10forever

    4 Net bowlers that go with Indian team

    They can play A games any time in four years...WC comes only once. Especially Pant,Shaw and Gill who are almost sure starters for next WC
  2. sourab10forever

    4 Net bowlers that go with Indian team

    Just to have some backup options ready to play right away in England and also be in the mix. The experience they will gain just by being around in a WC will go a long way.
  3. sourab10forever

    New Kits for the Wc teams

    Worst : Australia Runners up : England and AFG Best : SL
  4. sourab10forever

    9 Reasons why India won’t go far this world cup

    Squad selection is decent. Hopefully team selection is right because there is not much choosing to be done. IPL fatigue isn't a big reason. 25 days of gap before the first match that counts...players with niggles can be rested. Biggest reason would be virats captaincy followed by Ravi's stupid advises. If we can overcome those then it's coming home.
  5. Jadeja Bowling+Fielding is more valuable than Shankar's Batting Pandya/Chahal will have bad days regularly...need jadeja in those times.
  6. sourab10forever

    Finch ponders tactics to counter World Cup run-fests

    Kuch bhi karlo Aayega toh Kohli hi
  7. RS SD VK Rahul MSD Pandya Jadeja Kuldeep Shami Chahal Bumrah
  8. I couldn't watch a match of IPL after RCB's 3-4 games because of this team's performance and this guy is saying that it didn't feel like a bad year You *ing lost 6 in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's literally can't get worse than that captain sahib.
  9. sourab10forever

    Match ka mujrim : RCB vs KKR

    What's the par score than? 250? 260? Kuch bhi. Chutiya bowling and worse captaincy.
  10. sourab10forever

    RCB OFFICIAL THREAD 2019 - Apna Time Aayega!!

    In terms of money spent,money earned ratio RCB is one of the best performing cricket franchise. That's all that matter to the owners
  11. sourab10forever

    Best tonking in IPL 2019 - 22+ runs overs only.

    Everything on the offside. Just brilliant batting. Not one hack shot. Not one fancy shot.

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