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  1. KKR Playing 11

    ^Narine can come up the order
  2. KKR Playing 11

    Uttappa Rana Gill Lynn DK(w) Russell Kuldeep Narine Chawla Nagarkoti/VK Starc
  3. K11P Playing 11

    Only Mayank was available for cheap. Rahul 11 Crs Pandey 11 Crs Uttappa 6 Crs Nair 6 Crs Agarwal 1 Cr All of them are top order players and RCB already had Kohli+AB and bought De Kock before these players came up. As far as previous season season go...In way it's good that these players are not in RCB. All of them have gone on to play prominent roles in their respective IPL sides...which might not have been the case in the batting heavy RCB.
  4. 7-2 : Second best LOI outing for India in the last decade?

    Most don't either. But thumpings like these will be remembered forever.
  5. From what it looks like now... he probably wasn't injured half the time he was claimed to be. Made up 'niggles'
  6. CT2013 was right up there...other than that is this the best stretch we have played away from home in coloured clothes?
  7. K11P Playing 11

    Karun Nair Rahul Mayank Agarwal Their core Indian Batting is all karnataka
  8. K11P Playing 11

    Mayank Agarwal is in red hot form. Mayank Gayle Nair Rahul Yuvi Miller/Finch (Finch moves up the order) Stoinis Axar Ashwin Tye Mohit Sharma Good sqaud this...
  9. Rahul needs to bat at 4 for KXIP and prove his point. There is no use even if he performs as an opener in IPL...he will always be a back-up opener. Punjab can open with Mayank and Finch/Gayle.
  10. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Dinesh Karthik to JFRC members :
  11. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

  12. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Zainab Abbas
  13. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Kamran Akmal
  14. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Batsmen with highest SR for India in the last two years doesn't get a chance in the team.

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