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  1. sourab10forever

    Sachin Tendulkar Enters The ICC Cricket Hall of Fame!

    So soon? I doubt it
  2. sourab10forever

    Spirit of game.

    Why is the rule there in first place? Declare ball dead if the ball has hit the batsmen while running unless he could still be run-out. Deliberate attempt at blocking the ball or changing your path is anyways given out.
  3. sourab10forever

    Karma for New Zealand

    PAk has reached one in 2011
  4. sourab10forever

    Could have been India

    Ssup brother
  5. sourab10forever

    Cricket shows u both sides of Life

    Guptil caught Dhoni short Someone caught Guptil short
  6. sourab10forever

    Could have been India

    Coulda Woulda Maa Ch*da
  7. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    Going back to Binny would be a step back. Rishi Dhawan would be a better pick keeping WC2027 in mind.
  8. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    ouch...that hurt.
  9. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    It's was upset. Any person with even decent cricketing knowledge would say that India would have won from the stage we were at after 35 into the 1st innings. Only newbies and tukka-rajas would say that NZ would win.
  10. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    Apne baap ko Bhadwa nahi bolte
  11. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    mene kya kiya? Dhoni ko bolo
  12. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    tera sasural he kya ye?
  13. sourab10forever

    XI for Finals

    Chutiya Rain *ed things up
  14. sourab10forever

    Ashwin's County Perfomance Thread

    This is a warm up or are you allowed to play 12 members?
  15. sourab10forever

    Kuldeep's life cycle

    I would never want India to lose..but yes if I think the intent wasn't 100% then the win is less sweet

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