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  1. sourab10forever

    ICF - Chanders has volunteered to help you guys!!

    Lame af OP....
  2. sourab10forever

    ICF - Chanders has volunteered to help you guys!!

    still lost by 200+ runs. Kohli 149 and 40+ in the 1st test. what are you trying to prove here?
  3. sourab10forever

    Your cricket bucket list

    1. Watching test at stadium - check 2. Watching ODI - check 3. T20I - Nope 4. IPL (atleast one game in 6 season,4 in a 2016) - check 5. FC game - Nope(watched a domestic zonal game) 6. ICC tourney - nope 7. Ind - Pak match - nope 8. Venues - Only Chinnaswamy 9. Watched Sachin bat (IPL) - check 10. Venues required - Lords, Wankhede,MCG,Eden 11. Type of match required - IND v PAK 12. Player met : Kumble,srinath and syed kirmani(at inauguration of KSCA ground at my school,played a couple of balls of tennis cricket with them). 13. Players I wanna meet : Sachin,Dravid and Kohli
  4. sourab10forever

    F1 Any1?

    Anyone here follows F1?
  5. Hello ICFers, Starting this IND-ENG ODI series, we shall have one match-report published for every Indian game as an article on our home page. This will be assigned to one volunteer who is willing to give a brief 300-600 words analysis/report of the game. He can discuss any particular point/observation in detail, a performance of any individual payer or just the overall report of the game. The top 4-5 contributors will become part of the new team of writers/editors. Your articles will be posted on facebook and twitter and will be awarded a new badge to show-off on the site(like the ones that mods have). Please note that the entire article must be original and not copied from any other source. I shall set the ball rolling and give the match-report for the ongoing 2nd ODI between India and England. The 3rd ODI has been allocated to our chief @G_B_. All the 5 test matches are up for grabs. Interested members, please post below and get the game allocated to your name.
  6. sourab10forever

    Who Should be Standing at Slips.

    Going by our standards, Having no slips is more safer.
  7. sourab10forever

    ICF Write-A-Thon : Be a part of our team of editors

    Hey, @Austin 3:!6 You are up for the 2nd test. Feel free to make individual day reports if you can find time.
  8. sourab10forever

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    1000 runs in 4 matches(7 Innings) 5 centuries and a 90. 304*, 176, 23, 90, 133*, 173 and 134. Avg : 133 350 runs away from breaking VVSs' record of 1415 runs in a single season. Can he do it? Definate chance if Karnataka manage to qualify for Finals or atleast SF.
  9. sourab10forever

    Whether KL Rahul is the next Rohit Sharma ?

    It's always Hot or cold with him... No half measures
  10. sourab10forever

    Predictions - D3

    ENG 221/10 IND 30/2
  11. sourab10forever

    ENGvIND The dropped catches tracking thread

    Go on....
  12. sourab10forever

    How much can we chase here?

    225 is manageable...will require some effort. Beyond that is tough
  13. sourab10forever

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    Indian Bowling lineup Preview by @express bowling
  14. Need to win toss badly..
  15. sourab10forever

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Exposing Pujara to the new ball is not a good idea.
  16. sourab10forever

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Lol? Whom else do you want? Thakur? Ishant is currently our best bowler from the available lot and you dont want him. LOLOLOL
  17. sourab10forever

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Rahul Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane DK Pandya Ash Shami Yadav Ishant. Whats the point in changing the batting order that suits all Players?
  18. sourab10forever

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Great batting depth^^ Our lower order looks more strong than our top order
  19. sourab10forever

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Dhawan Vijay Rahul/chepu Kohli Rahane DK Pandya Kuldeep Ash Umesh Ishant
  20. sourab10forever

    Dhawan is almost confirmed starter for first test

    Maine pehle hi bola tha ki Dhawan is in...
  21. sourab10forever

    Stay Away from Social Media, MS Dhoni's Advice for Shreyas Iyer

    Stay away from MS Dhoni,my advise for Shreyas Iyer
  22. sourab10forever

    Waiting for Anukul Roy to make it big

    Keep waiting...

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