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  1. sourab10forever

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Black day in the history of Indian cricket. Only real whooping he have received from Pak ever. Humiliating.
  2. sourab10forever

    Captain Kohli and his love for past it cricketers.

    Kohli, please bring Kumble back as well... as a coach.
  3. sourab10forever

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    What a game yesterday
  4. sourab10forever

    Rahane's performance watch

    That's what happens when team shows confidence in Rohit and not in him.
  5. These Aussies spoilt the word sand-paper forever. Everytime I hear it...I only remember Steve Smith's crying baby face.
  6. sourab10forever

    Why is it that fans fervently prefer defensive cricket?

    I would pick D over Pant any day if it was about TEST MATCHES. Test cricket is all about defence. Of course, ppl will support defensive cricket.
  7. sourab10forever

    Kevin Pietersen delivers 6th MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture

    Test are at the top of the food chain. T20s are only money making version of cricket.
  8. sourab10forever

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    Bhai aapki age kitni he?
  9. sourab10forever

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    I always think these world 11s miss a point. SC has 4 countries. A subcontinental Batsmen will play 4 times the matches in favorable conditions. So if you are making a team to win most matches then fill your team sub continental Batsmen and spinners.
  10. sourab10forever

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    Ah...makes sense.
  11. sourab10forever

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    +Smith can also supply some sandpapers. Sehwag can do commentry as he said he would have loved to have been there commentating when sand-paper gate happened. Win-Win
  12. I have two tickets for day 2 but don't think I will be able to make it. If anyone needs them please let me know.
  13. sourab10forever

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Have a strong feeling fed will retire at the end of this Wimbledon.
  14. sourab10forever

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Fed to be #1 if he reaches round 3 of stuttgart
  15. sourab10forever

    Tickets for Ind-Afg test are available now (Rs 100-1000 per day)

    Booked for day 2
  16. sourab10forever

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    He had an off day.....
  17. sourab10forever

    ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    The official site isn't updated yet. We are waiting for it. Fandromeda has some weird rules this time.So we can't use it. The official comp is usually updated only a couple of days before the IPL starts(Like last year). All those who are interested please make your teams on iplt20.com/fantasy as soon as it is updated. We can create the group even after the tournament has begun.
  18. sourab10forever

    ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    Congrats Ankit Sharma... totally dominated this league right from the start. Well deserved. Zakk ka phir se KLPD.
  19. sourab10forever

    How much more it has to be clearer for Indian selectors?

    SV fan spotted...
  20. sourab10forever

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    Why the f did he the play the RR game if he was injured during the SRH game?
  21. sourab10forever

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    Just in...more to follow.
  22. Ee Sala Cup Namde More content coming up... All RCB bold fans join in
  23. sourab10forever

    KKR and RR aren't good enough to win 2 matches to enter final

    Pressure Knockout games naything can happen. I am backing RR to win IPL

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