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  1. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    The Key for AUS vs IND ODI'S is 1451662767 the website would be cricketweb,net
  2. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    Also were are all our FL fanatics - sabby ,sscomp,zakk,KXIP-India,JaF and others?
  3. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    great. will post the link right away. more User can join in. Will be fun with more guys. @SD are you okay with the points system or do you want it to be simple and sweet(then we can have just no of gold,silver and bronze).
  4. The Best of 2015- Cricket

    Update : Quotes of the Year - 2015 South Africa in 2015 - The Year in Review (Also find the link to other team reviews on the page itself-Mid right edge ) Cricbuzz Team of the Year 2015
  5. Site Feedback

    The home page says we had a record traffic on the 19th of Dec 2015....405 member were online...when the heck did this happen? every time I login there are max 10-12 guys online . Is this true because we had a similar bug in the older website.
  6. Bhatia T latest hotty

    Kya lame post hai...Upar se this is "Jokes section".
  7. Bollywood music for Workouts

    Monthly Workout playlist from saavn... english Hindi
  8. Whats app cricket group

    where are the likes of zakk and FI and sabby and JaF ?? they seem to be semi-active but never post.
  9. When you see the likes of dinesh hackthick going for 10 Cr....anything less than 5-6 Cr (Being a Oversees player) for dale steyn will be a shame for him.
  10. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    Great . I thought about having a track record for all the tournaments. What do you reckon? How should we score diffrent tournaments? I recommend the following scoring rules.. Bi-lateral series. * minimum 4 players for bi-lateral series. * Test have a BaseScore of 5. ODI's and T20s have BS of 3. * the points for top 3 finishes in a series is given by : 1st- BaseScore * no of matches*3 2nd - BaseScore*no of matches*2 3rd- BaseScore*no of matches*1 T20 leagues and Tri Series * minimum 6 players . * BaseScore of 3. * the points for top 3 finishes in a series is given by : 1st- BaseScore * no of matches*3 2nd - BaseScore*no of matches*2 3rd- BaseScore*no of matches*1 The overall winner to be announced based on the above points. For now let's restrict the tournaments to Indian series + WC + IPL .
  11. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    If even straight drive is interested then that makes it 4. VS319 is in too.
  12. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    Steyn ruled out of the second test....kya bimar atma hai ye. Escaped Indian tests and now Eng
  13. ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    As I said the next FL would be Ind vs Aus ODIs and T20. That is if we have enough teams. Sent from my XT1033 using Tapatalk
  14. Site Feedback

    -The quick chat text editor is not working properly. Backspace is all screwed up. - more emojies. - No section for Fantasy cricket or Quiz nor games. No timepass at all.No ICF$.Everthing removed. How do you expect people to stay?
  15. KXIP will defiantly use the right to match and get Bailey back especially after his good show in 5.
  16. Of course he'll get picked maybe not for wooping price this time but he will among the top buys. Sent from my XT1033 using Tapatalk
  17. Just imagine finch to RCB. Finch Gayle Kholi AB. Or starc+ Dale bowling for the same side.
  18. which is the best test match team right now?

    agree. After England it would be new zealand have been the best travellers this year .Test traveling has become a joke. Aus trash everyone at home.Get trashed outside by England. India did show some fighting in Aus though it wasn't enough by a large margin. But now that the team is permanently in kholi's hands we can expect better results abroad.
  19. Dinesh karthik and yuvraj singh have to be the :finger: that the owners give to the followers of these auction.
  20. BIG BASH From Australia 2015-16

    sorry my bad. had some problem with the audio.
  21. Notable players up for grabs in the 2016 auction : Yuvi,Mathews,Sehwag,Bailey,Tesera Parera,Ryan Ten doeschate,James Neesham,Aaron Finch,Alex Hales,Hazelwood,Ishant Sharma,Dale Steyn,Kevin Peitersen,Ravi Bhopara,Dinesh Karthik,Bisla,Rossouw,Sean Abbott,Daren Sammy,Praveen Kumar,LR shukla along with 39 more And all the CSK-RR left overs : Binny,Samson,Nehra,Irfan Pathan ,Mohit Sharma,Hooda,Negi,Morries,Southee and Watson.
  22. All transfer and players retained list.
  23. Ajinkya rahane - Scored top knocks with 4 centuries including a great 146 at the MCG on the boxing day.Twin centuries at Delhi and a match saving 126 at no 3 in colombo. Not to forget his 98 in Fatullah . Had a series average of 57 against Australia. Other good knocks include 81 at Brisbane and 62 at Adelaide. Always plays for the team . Worth to mention is selfless attitude shown by sacrificing his position.Has been the best slip catcher for India-22 catches. Scored 941 in the 12 matches played this year at an avg of 49.5 . Murali Vijay - The monk has by far been the best opener we had had in a while. Has been the most consistent and dependable batsmen . Scored centuries everywhere . Scored 924 runs this year with an average of 54 . Despite having scored only two centuries- one at Brisbane and the other at Fatullah- his other knock which were as good as any century include his 99 at Adelaide,80 at the SCG, 82 at Colombo,and 75 at Mohali on a difficult track. Ravinchandran Ashwin - Bowler of the year for his team. Literally spun a web of spin around the opposition.69 wickets this year . Fastest to 150 wickets. 2 ten wicket hauls and 7 five wicket hauls. He was the man of the series in both the Sri-lanka series as well as the SA series. Rohit Sharma -
  24. BIG BASH From Australia 2015-16

    Ironically-I actually have problem with the audio . Is it working fine for the rest of you? From what gilly said on the other day, it was a rare case where the commentators couldn't hear but the player could. yes was a great match.
  25. Ashwin,Vijay or Rahane-Who is India's Test player of the year?

    No doubt ashwin has bowled well but I don't seem too convinced (idkw) .Maybe because of the fact that the whole series for kind of set up for ashwin and other spinners. Even in SL,the tracks did help the spinners. I'm not taking anything away from ashwin but for me rahane was the player of the year for the reasons mentioned above. Vijay would be next .Ashwin is'nt far behind followed by kholi(for his captaincy).

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