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  1. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    KSCA and professional
  2. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    True that. But they actually made millions out of that. Great investment.
  3. Need for stabilizers in the T20 game !!!

    Rahane Pandey Dhoni India team is more ready for the rare 120-130 low scoring game then the usual 170-180 T20 game. Add to that the slowness of Rohit at the start and inconsistent Dhawan..we are likely to lose 9/10 games chasing 180+.
  4. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    Feel sab for the people who turned up at the stadium. It's almost packed.
  5. To early to say that Ash and Jadeja should be only test players.
  6. A glorious career lasting 18 years True servent of Indian cricket.
  7. First cuttack and now guwahati
  8. I just hope that Rahul at 4 works.
  9. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    We trashed SL in tests in thier home...SL trashed PAK in tests in their home. Just imagine us playing PAK
  10. excessive handshaking

    Tera Kya ja Raha Hai Bhai?
  11. excessive handshaking

    WTF? And what is zampa doing ? He seems to be enjoying it.
  12. Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!

    It's a sin in this era to give the reason of not being prepared for a bowler. The video analyst should be kicked out.
  13. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    @Laaloo 1-0 Pakistan
  14. Nice to see that NE states like Assam are getting games now. It has been ages since a game was played here.
  15. Delving deep into Prashant Chopra’s maiden triple ton

    Ignored by selectors lol Every year we have 5-6 batsmen like him. You can't we having all of them in the national team. Most of them are one time wonders and then disappear. You have to play consistently for 3 years at least in ranji to be considered. Esp for batsmen.
  16. Making full use of the new feature on ICF...here is the first club. The club to the master of ODI chases. The Club of the future GOAT and the most successful Indian batsmen/Indian captain. Fan? Join Now THE VIRAT KOHLI FAN CLUB is here folks!
  17. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    @zakk @sscomp32 @Rasgulla @flat_wicket_bully @Sid_SuhaiL @Forever Indian @JaFanatic @India-KXIP fan and all others Join the ICF fantasy cricket club : Join Here All future Announcements will be made in the club and not via PMs!
  18. Absolutely amazed at the lack of fight shown by these players. SL players in SL were putting up a better fight. Don't feel satisfied even though we have played brilliant cricket and trashed them.
  19. Are we not aware of the importance of batting strike-rates in T20Is ?

    1. It's easy to say that Iyer and pant will not break the momentum but the reality might be very different. IPL and T20Is are different scenarios. Both have been inconsistent in the IPL itself. Change in the team doesn't always mean that the new players will perform. Dhawan is an established opener. You need to have strong reason to replace him. Iyer and pant both haven't performed extraordinarily or anything in the A-series or BP11 matches. 2. There is no proper keeper in your team. Pant/Rahul are half&half keepers. 3. Krunal isn't ready yet for International games. I would say Axar is a better pick currently as we more of their bowling than batting given the top 6 we have. 4. Raina has been out of the scene for a long time now. He also has ego issues by not playing Ranji and other domestics. Not fit as well. Can't have such players in the national team. Dhawan Rohit VK Rahul Dhoni Pandya Axar Kuldeep Chahal Bhuvi Bumrah 6 bowling options. 3 pacers and 3 spinners. 2 wrist and 1 finger-spin.
  20. Are we not aware of the importance of batting strike-rates in T20Is ?

    What is the average runs scored per Innings in T20s in India? That will give a fair idea. You don't see huge scores in international T20s in the subcontinent. It's always around 160-170. That is 8 runs an over and almost a SR of 140. Explains the lack of 140+ SR batsmen in the current team.
  21. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Like always
  22. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Lol there is no choke in T20s between top 6-7 sides.It's a lottery format.

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