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  1. sourab10forever

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Time for dhoni to return?
  2. sourab10forever

    Predict India in Eng series results

    1-1 in tests? It's a 5 match series dude. I am expecting results in all 5 if it doesn't rain.
  3. sourab10forever

    Captain and Vice captain !!!

    Errr....I don't think we have ever had any 6 series wins on the trot under Dhoni. Maybe Dhoni never listened to his seniors. Kohli atleast acknowledge the fact that dhoni is better and more experienced than him at this and cares to listen. Kohli is a great leader in the making.
  4. sourab10forever

    Manjrekars obsession with 100 !!!

    You mean Boobie.
  5. sourab10forever


    3 hundreds in 77 Innings Mantri has 3 in 41 Innings(almost half) Rahul has 2 in 17 Innings
  6. 3 Karnataka boys doing well...nice
  7. ENG are scared about the tests. Good.
  8. IND A and U19 teams need to face defeats from time to time.
  9. Credit where it's due : brave call and it has paid off big time. Probably the one good thing that Virat has done to the LOI team as a captain. Good forward thinking on that occasion. It's been all backward otherwise.
  10. Look,Ash-Jaddu were senior players and they had done well for India for so many years. It would have been a difficult task for any Indian captain,let alone a new young captain, to ask both his main spinners to completely move aside and make way for two young inexperienced guys. India relies highly on it's spinners. It was a tough call and good on Virat that he took(or atleast didn't stop this decision from being taken).
  11. Starts with the 3-match T20I series next week....here are the details for the comp : Site: cricketweb.net/fantasycricket League Code: 1530108202
  12. sourab10forever

    ICF Fantasy cricket thread for IND tour of ENG 2018

    Just a few more hours to go! Enroll now.
  13. sourab10forever

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Federer off to a great start...wins first match comfortably. FED bt LAJOVIC 6-1 6-3 6-4
  14. sourab10forever

    Team for 2nd T20

    My Team : Get in all those wolho missed ou tin the first game so that everyone has atleast some match time under them. Rahul Virat Kohli Raina DK Pandey MS Pandya Sundar Umesh Kaul Chahal/Kuldeep
  15. sourab10forever

    ICF Fantasy cricket thread for IND tour of ENG 2018

    @Forever Indian
  16. sourab10forever

    Team for 2nd T20

    He said that Rahul and DK will get their chances in the next game,so those two are definitely in....unless there is another strange 'niggle'
  17. sourab10forever

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    1000 runs in 4 matches(7 Innings) 5 centuries and a 90. 304*, 176, 23, 90, 133*, 173 and 134. Avg : 133 350 runs away from breaking VVSs' record of 1415 runs in a single season. Can he do it? Definate chance if Karnataka manage to qualify for Finals or atleast SF.
  18. sourab10forever

    Can pujara ever do this???

    The Thread is about Pujara Playing as good and Innings that you have mentioned in the OP...not some other Innings. If it was so then why would you not quote it in the first place? As I said...not good at Analysing stuff...
  19. sourab10forever

    Can pujara ever do this???

    Lord Analyst is pretty poor at Analysing stuff...
  20. sourab10forever

    Epic (verbal) comebacks in cricket

     Credits : Scoop Whoop
  21. sourab10forever

    Comparing Football coaches with Shastri

    Shastri any day over lal chand rajput.. Sounds odd but the head coach shouldn't actually be a coach..needs to be a man-manager. Batting -Bowling coach can take care of the technical stuff.
  22. Most of these pics are from post 2003(The era I was part of) with a few older ones that I remember from videos/interviews . Feel Free to add your moment(s). These are pictures when you felt proud as an Indian Cricket fan. They might be about a single Indian cricketer's on field achievement or team moments or just good pictures that have stuck in our memories. No discussion please.Just pictures. Here They Go : In no particular order............... No better Pic than this that defines Indian cricket. A shot that stopped a billion hearts at once. The picture perfect shot. In the background : "Dhoni Finishes it off in style......" The celebration that followed and Sachin being carried. Shree's catch in the first ever T20 WC and the Indian victory celebration. In the background : "Its Shreeshant under it....." Sachin's 200 In the background : "..and its the superman from India..." Yuvi's 6x6-SA '07 Kapil Dev lifting the trophy-'83 WC Kapil Paji's catch to dismiss Viv Richards-'83 Yuvi-kaif partnership and Dada's celebration -Netwest Finals '02 Yuvi's Roar after the QF against AUS-A picture depicting his fight against cancer. THE FIRST EVER BOWLOUT-Uttappa bowing made it look that much more memorable (IND 3-0 PAK) Sehwag's 300-Multan ka Sultan bana viru India's CT2013 victory and Cheeku's dance Shreesant's Dance after hitting that 6 off Andre Nel The Dravid-Laxman Show-Kolkata 2001(A partnership of 376) Tendu takes apart Australia(and Warne)-Sharjah '98 Venky's Revenge Kumble get's them all(10fer)-kotla '99 Indian perth victory-'07 CB series victory-'08 The day Kohli announced himself-Hobart '08 IND vs PAK WC Clash- SA '03-The most memorable rivalry clash ever India becomes no1-The long Streak of unbeaten tests. Kumble Showing his dedication-Antigua '02-A picture that jaw-drop's you. Kohli asking rahane to share the tropy '17-India Complete a memorable home season Two of the finest T20 innings you will ever see-Masterclass session for the rest of the world. 1. Kohli vs SA - WT20 SF '14 2. Kohli vs AUS- WT20 '16 THE MASTER bids Adieu -The moment every Indian cried.
  23. sourab10forever

    Which was our most successful tour to SENA countries?

    Note this is about 'tour' and not 'test series'.Although Tests are the most important but LOI series should be given at 50% of the respect that is given to Tests. 5-1 is a brutal domination by any away team over any team. Why SA 2018? We won a test. We were never outplayed in any tests. We were close to winning the 1st test(and hence the series). Totally dominated them in ODI amd T20 series. Hands down our best Overseas tour.

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