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  1. We are blessed

    Look SL was the only board to support us during the ICC vote earlier this year. BCCI is rewarding them with dual tours in a single year. CSA ka major KLPD ko Gaya...BCCI clearly saying that SLB is more important than them.
  2. India's Fertility rate state by state

    South Indians are saving India.
  3. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    Regardless of the ability, hatsoff to nehraji who is still fit and available for selection at that age despite being a fast bowler and having played for almost 2 decades and having undergone 12 major surgeries.
  4. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    IND v AUS final standings : @zakk ka KLPD ho Gaya @sscomp32 ODIs me LKC did not expect this from you.
  5. Was just wondering..what would the next 4th format be? What are your thoughts? Rule : 1. 10-10s and 5-5s are not allowed. Please be creative.
  6. #30 for the king Holds the record along with ponting(in half the number of innings) ATG!!
  7. What finds these.. Kudos to the selection committee and the management for having trust in them in a big series..
  8. Rahane and Rohit are our slowest opening partners in last 20 years

    Surprising numbers..
  9. Shivam Mavi: u19 bowler

  10. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    4 in a row. Bingo,we have found a new talent-Malcolm Merlyn!
  11. Official Statement : Link : https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/482544
  12. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Lol 'workload' is a role now All that is true...but only in the ODIs. There are other 2 formats as well. He did noting good but for keeping in those and that's why he will never make it into the top 5 Indian players ever.
  13. Multan Sultans : The Sixth team in Pakistan Super League

    Cricket ke toofan
  14. How to Make ODI cricket more relevant ?

    Easiest way is to keep everything the same and just get rid of most Bilateral series and keep only triangular/quadrangular series. Make being ranked higher in the ranking have some use. Maybe : Only the top 4 should qualify automatically for the WC. All others need to play the qualifiers.
  15. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    So overall <5% yes..other no. The answer is right there.
  16. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Nah...ODI will dying before tests. Neither is there entertainment nor it is testing like tests. World cup is the only thing saving the format currently.
  17. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Yuvi is a better ODI player than Dhoni..so that's atleast 3.
  18. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    +GOAT in mocking reporters at press conferences instead of answering the damn question.
  19. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Don't mix captaincy with other aspects. GOAT in terms of LOI captain. GOAT keeper ATG in ODI batting Avg in test captaincy,test and T20I batting. Far from being the greatest Indian cricketer.
  20. 11 wickets and 130 runs Dream game for him.
  21. Your favourite aussie players from the current team

    Nathan Coulter Nile.. Highly underrated
  22. How Many Matches Will Rahane Cost Us, Before He is Dumped?

    TBH I don't see his Innings as the reason for today's loss. 53 off 66 as an opener when the other opener is going at 120 SR. Both openers played well. We sucked in the middle overs.
  23. Aur shikhao bacche ko
  24. Definitely yadhav's 71-4 If those 4 wickets haven't come towards the end of Innings. Yadhav's 71-4 ensured that other bowlers had ERs around 6..
  25. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    @Malcolm Merlyn Tera thread hit Hai Please make similar threads for dhawan,Rahul and other

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