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  1. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Dinesh Karthik to JFRC members :
  2. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

  3. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Zainab Abbas
  4. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Kamran Akmal
  5. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Batsmen with highest SR for India in the last two years doesn't get a chance in the team.
  6. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

  7. Highest SR for India in T20Is since 2016

  8. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Karnataka on fire Mayank on fire
  9. Time to seal the series My changes to the 11 (and batting order) Dhawan Rohit Kohli Rahul Raina Dhoni Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeeo Chahal Bumrah
  10. Will be a major KLPD for AUS if NZ manage to win this after Aus won 4 in a row.
  11. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    Kohli is on his way to conquer all the three toughest overseas challenge that any sub-continent batsmen can face.. Kohli Stats Across formats : Last AUS tour : 1270 Runs(4 Tests 5 ODIs 3 T20Is) Current SA tour : 870 Runs(3 Tests 6 ODIs and 3* T20Is) Time to correct the last outing kohli had in England. Anderson and Broad..better be scared.
  12. Kuch nahi hone wala hai. Bottom line is there is no future for ICC without BCCI.
  13. Rohit and Dhawan ....test career future??

    Spell him correctly first
  14. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    This time will be different. Modi wasn't in power last time India toured Eng.
  15. Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    yeah lol...I was thinking about the same the other day.
  16. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Already 56 now. 11 centuries in less than 6 months
  17. Pakistan Super League - Pre Tournament Discussion thread.

    chill karo...just trying to get on the nerves of this Pakistani.
  18. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    Kohli says amen!
  19. Kohli chahal(Kuldeep if he doesn't play) Raina
  20. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    Just because the team can't win doesn't mean he should stop performing... what's the point? The point is that Kohli performing gave us at least a chance of winning and avoided us being ridiculed with sub-100 performances. At the end of the day, individual performances add up to a good team performance.
  21. SA need to come up with a proper domestic T20 league like BBL and IPL where domestic Players are exposed to International stars. The side looks weak. The new talent coming in looks average. Add to that the qouta rule and the recent injuries...SA's T20 program looks a major flop despite having a few good players.
  22. Pakistan Super League - Pre Tournament Discussion thread.

    This joke of a league is still running?

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